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[08/10/17]   Congratulations to the class of 2017


Happy New Year.

[12/25/14]   The Perfect Christmas Gift

Today we celebrate the Holy conception the angel foretold
The Virgin Mary would conceive our Lord and Saviour the greatest story ever told
Via the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus the Christ would come to be
The King of Kings, Emmanuel delivered; to set the captives free.

Initially afraid and troubled by the angels words
Mary questioned the Angel regarding what she’d heard
Provided with the explanation; she would deliver God’s only begotten son
Mary humbled in awe; praised and rejoiced God the omnipotent one

In a dream Joseph was made aware of Mary’s miraculous state
Filled with God’s child via the Holy Spirit; left no room for Joseph to negotiate
Mary was bestowed an awesome privilege a Holy gift to bear
For Joseph a Jewish carpenter; parenting rights he would share

Caesar Augustus decreed a census of every person be taken
Little did he know this would return Joseph to Bethlehem and history in the making
Perhaps due to the census there was no room at the inn; therefore no place to stay
Baby Jesus was born in a stable on a bed made of hay

An angel of the Lord appeared in a field; oh what an awesome sight
Startling the shepherds who were tending their flock of sheep on that blessed night
The world received a perfect gift; announced by a brilliant star
Christ the King saving light shone in the East; seen both near and far

A host of angelic beings appeared with the angel and began to sing
Praising God our Father for the birth of our new born King
The angels announced to the shepherds; go to David’s town
Foretold in the scriptures Bethlehem is where our saviour would be found

The shepherds travelled to Bethlehem to see this Christ-child
They found Mary, Joseph and the baby in a stable; praising Him with a smile
God so loved the world He give a perfect gift; more than we deserved
Sleeping in Mary’s arms was the saviour of the World

The Magi travelled to Bethlehem with treasures of gold, myrrh, and incense; all to worship Him
Bowing down and praising the saviour who was born to cleanse our sins
Christmas is good news for all of God’s children across this great nation
Jesus the good news and gospel providing hope of eternal salvation

Saints rejoice with me as we lift up holy hands and let the praises ring
Let us worship and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the new born King

Merry Christmas
©2013 Katherine J Myers


Arise America: Churches Join "Black Lives Matter" Movement


This past weekend churches around the country joined in with protesters by wearing black and recognizing the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Bishop John Bryan...

newjimcrow.com 12/20/2014

newjimcrow.com | The New Jim Crow


newjimcrow.com The New Jim Crow is a stunning account of the rebirth of a caste-like system in the United States, one that has resulted in millions of African Americans locked behind bars and then relegated to a permanent second-class statusdenied the very rights supposedly won in the Civil Rights Movement.

[11/28/14]   God Is Still In Control

Colonization ripped me from the mother land and has robbed a Black nation
My brother’s shot down in the streets and you question my frustrations
With a satirical tone you question my bitterness
While treating me like an animal found in the wilderness

The anguish and painful suffering we have had to endure
No wonder many are confusing their cultural identity so that you can feel secure
Oppression a bitter pill to swallow, from whips and chain and lashes
Implosive, self-destructive caged birds we have become in the masses

Values set aside as I assimilate to the hypocrisy of your ideologies
Shackles removed from my hands and feet now I’m chained to your technologies
Any attempt to liberate my people from the chaos and confusion you have instated
Is immediately erased with the bait and switch tactics you have created

My people it’s time to look within and find out who we are
Liberation from the oppressor can be achieved it’s not that far
We have suffered from an identity crisis for far too long
Closing the gate after the horse have left the stable. We keep singing the same old song

Burning looting and destroying where you live is not the means to and end
Defeating the oppressor starts from the inside out its where it begins
Acting like an animal because you have been treated as such
Telling the police you know your right while you are standing in cuffs

Wake up my people, there is a dominant culture in this land
I am just thankful that the world is still in God’s hands.

©2014 Katherine J Myers


Happy Thanksgiving to you all may God continue to bless you and keep you and your families. For all who are traveling during this holiday season, we pray that God grant you traveling mercies.


Touching Lives

[10/28/14]   Happy Birthday Tracy Cross. God bless and have a wonderful day.

[10/27/14]   Praise Report
Let’s congratulate Agnelis Reese on being appointed St Luke AME Church. Congratulations Agnelis to God be the glory.

[10/27/14]   I've Got My Reservation
Never shall a day go by
That I don't look upon the heavenly sky
Thank the Lord for what he has given me
A life filled with so much glee

There are those who think I'm naive
Because I wear my heart on my sleeve
God's blessings and mercy shall keep me whole
No one but God controls my soul.

When times seem tough and I can't go on
I wake each morning; and GOD has given me a song
God has never left me; He is always by my side
Be it in the house or during a long car ride

People will come and go
There will be good and bad times; this we all know
You commit to them with no hesitation
Trust in the Lord; He holds the ultimate reservation

It's okay to talk and share your feelings
In the end its God you should turn to for healing.
Don't always let the right hand know what the left hand is doing
People are cunning; it should be God you are pursing.

God works in mysterious ways
Keep your enemies close and your friends at bay
There will come a time when you have to repent
Watch everyone carefully; you don't know who is really heaven sent.

Users are those who do not care
You are a victim just another to share
Don't be a fool; God has a plan
It doesn't matter if you are woman or a man

God cares for you with all his might
Just trust and believe even though he's out of sight
Stop telling everyone all your troubles
Turn to God he'll be there in a double

Man will listen; and maybe even try to manipulate your soul
The devil is smart; trickery is his only goal.
God is there for every nation.
Surrender your will to God; remember your heavenly reservation
©2011 Katherine J Myers


Happy Birthday Jeri Wright. God bless and have a wonderful day.

[10/23/14]   Go With Who You Got Left
Often times we become intrigued in the ideologies of mankind
Warring against principalities sometimes conceived in our mind
Your academic achievements or socioeconomic status
Plays no part in rescuing your thoughts from this depressive mental apparatus
Go with who you got left

As a believer one must acknowledge God and believe
You shall not be afraid God is with you; you can achieve
The inability to move forward because you keep looking back
Clinging onto negative thoughts of all you think you lack
Go with who you got left

Convinced you cannot move on without validation
What has God shown you? Content submitting to the will of procrastination
Preoccupied with the metaphysical ramifications of your current situation
Change your prospective; allow God to move you to the next station
Go with who you got left

Concentrating, meditating but far too often you’re spending time vacillating
In your season of transition don’t allow everything to be so aggravating
Understand the rules of warfare, when you find you’ve been placed on the front line
Lift your head up and look in front; God is ahead and never behind.
Go with who you got left

Perplexed, confused and unclear memory; why is everything so contradictory
God did not give us the spirit of fear; remember that it is God that gives us the victory
When you have found yourself in Egypt; you’re not alone
You have a direct line to Jesus; Prayer is the answer… No need for a mobile phone
Go with who you got left

Doubting your ability to move on; mourning the loss of the departed
God will not forsake you; he has been with you since it started
Don’t allow yourself to become amongst the ranks without a vision
Steadfast devotion and persistent prayer should be your mission.
Go with who you got left
©2011 Katherine J Myers

[10/22/14]   Psalm 97:10a Let those who love the Lord Hate Evil”
Does your heart not bleed with anger when God’s words are misused abused and mangled?
Keeping the oppressed minds of Gods original people perpetually entangled…
Enslaved by the ethnically structured institutions of racial discrimination
Hatred of oneself spiraling into an abyss of destruction was not Gods intent for creation…

Blatant disregard of its existence brushing it off as a simple annoyance
Listen, Prejudice discrimination antagonist behavior toward my people is a poison….
The characteristics of your superiority complex is the essence of my resistance
Failure to capitulate to your demands warrants the attempted extermination of my existence?

The rancid fumes of the bloody battered flesh of my ancestors in my heart a gaping hole
Your insensitive nature is rather indignant of you; the vitriol nature of it all pierces my soul….
Repeated diatribes against my people has polarized a nation
Royal priesthood oppressed Lions trapped in a cage; now you question my people’s frustrations?

Mighty warrior spirits, drums betting from within shall release love from the tomb
Hatred you created in the flesh is not something that stemmed from the womb.
Collapsing under the weight of your subjugation many have merely given up on trying
Rotting internally from centuries of your cantankerous disease; everyday one of us is dying

Take a sip were the instruction; yet from the cup of evil you drank a double portion
The reprehensible nature of this hatred cannot be confused by the media with all of its distortion….
To the adversary the people of God has placed a bounty on your head
We shall not stop praying until the fruits of your evil hatred is eradicated and dead….
©2014 Katherine J Myers


Congratulations on the launch of the New Brunswick - Payne AME Center for Theological Studies...

[10/09/14]   I pray all is well with each of you! Please keep me in your fervent prayers, as I have been struggling with issues with my eyesight. Also, all who are able, please join my family and me on our Thursday morning Prayer Initiative, 7:14 a.m. EST, 6:14 a.m. CST: 857-232-0158, ***NEW ACCESS CODE 476429. As God continues to work miracles in this personal struggle for social justice, we pray You celebrate with us and join in this struggle through our prayer initiative. God bless you!

[09/30/14]   Good morning! I pray all is going well with each of you. Please join my family and me as we praise God for all God is yet doing in our lives, in the midst of our battle for social justice. We pray for God's miracles to continue to manifest as the injustices unfold, and justice prevails. Just when it looks like it's over, remember God ALWAYS has the last Word. Please calendar our Wright Prayer Initiative Call every Thursday morning, 7:14 a.m. EST, 6:14 a.m. Central. The information is: 857-232-0158, access code 690721.
Thank you to each of you who has been praying with us each Thursday. I look forward to sharing more with you in the very near future. God bless you!

[09/05/14]   Tracy Cross, thank you for this week's praise report!!!


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