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Literally Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci's Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. The Media Just Doesn't Want You to Know When Trump criticized Fauci, he wasn't ignoring the experts. He was finally starting to listen to them.

To Mask, or not to mask? That is the question

This is by far the best article I have read in regards to this issue......eventually we will need to take a stand sooner than later. One of the primary tasks of a free citizenry is to resist encroaching tyranny – even of the ‘soft’ variety - for once we’ve given up our rights, ‘tis very difficult to get them back

The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny » Post Topic » Columbus Statue, Removed “Under Cover of Night” in Norwalk, Was Centerpiece of St. Mary’s Celebration

Maybe I would join.....I would like to see some strong action first..... Under the prior management of St Mary’s parish, a Columbus day procession to this nearby statue was an annual event. Above is a set of pictures from the 2009 procession. It features several prominent former members of the parish, living and deceased, clerical and lay (including the current pastor ...

Catholic Church in Germany lost a record number of members last year

We need to get back to basics.....Just teach the truth. Catholic Church in Germany lost a record number of members last yearIn the diocese of Limburg, headed by Bishop Georg Bätzing, president of the German bishops’ conference, 9,439 people left the Catholic Church in 2019, 1,459 more than in 2018. June 26, 2020 Catholic News Agency The Dispatch 0 Pri...

BLM EXCOMMUNICATED: Priest Denies Communion to All Members of Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter is a terrorist, Marxist organization which promotes abortion and homosexuality. This wicked group was founded by lesbian feminists, and has received tens of millions of dollars in funding from the atheist George Soros. To support Black Lives Matter is to turn away from Christ, and...

The Church Collaborates in Its Own Destruction It aligns itself with an anti-religious movement. One might think the Catholic Church would stand against the orgy of iconoclasm that we are witnessing across the country — toppled statues, defaced churches, and the like. But, no, the feeble voices of priests and bishops join the creepy chorus of ...

The Day has come......

Sad but true!

Trump tweets Archbishop Viganò’s open letter published by LifeSiteNews: ‘I hope everyone…reads it’

Unfortunately the Archbishop is one of the only TRUE catholic Bishops left.... So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me, wrote the President in a Tweet

The Cult of the Mask

Nope.....Not doing that!....ever. THE CHURCHES ARE open now in the Archdiocese of Detroit for “public Mass,” but Catholics have not been set free. The rules for being permitted to kneel at Calvary are in perfect accord with the rules of the state. Check-ins. Reservations. Social Distancing. Face covering. Every hollow one of the...

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warns the president that the current crises over the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd riots are a part of the eternal spiritual struggle between the forces of good and evil.

Timothy Gordon lost his job organized by Brego Gordon

Unbelievable....I just made a donation!!!!....please Help This campaign is started by the Gordon family. The funds will be used to help cover living c… Brego Gordon needs your support for Timothy Gordon lost his job

Eduardo Verastegui

Saint Junipero Serra House of Formation

Please Join us in the Rosary....

Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary with us!

Leftist Vaticanista: 30% of Church Against Pope

It’s probably higher....His leadership has been a complete disaster...... Alleges a right-wing conspiracy at work

Hypocrisy in Victorville


Archbishop Viganò: Plans for a New World Order must be ‘unmasked, understood, and revealed’ The idea of plans for a New World Order under which countries and ordinary citizens saw their identity taken away by a powerful elite might have seemed absurd until a few years ago

Ex-Con, Gay Activist Urged Church Shutdown

This is the crap we are dealing with right now.....We need to wipe the slate clean of anyone and I mean anyone that has done this to our church......Wake up Catholics! Cdl. Nichols 'guilty of appalling negligence'

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic The contrast between 1968 and 2020 couldn’t be more striking. They were smart. We are idiots. Or at least our governments are.

When your Bishop/Cardinal that has denied the sacraments to you during Wuhan Virus is telling you to FAST....Its clear they have been on a good fast...or fast food.....not sure...We need a GREAT AWAKENING!

URGENT: GRAVE Warning In Rwanda - In Fatima - WARNING FOR TODAY!

You can become a PATRON and help us reach more lives! CLICK HERE: GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU! The warnings of the grave chas...

06 May 2020 The Most Evil Woman in the World

1, 2, 3, 4) The evilest woman in the world is connected with all the rich and famous Pizzagate, Marina Abramovic, and spirit cooking explained

Can someone go find our church because its missing....🤦‍♂️

Nun implores bishops to reinstate Sunday masses

I have talked about getting a crow bar with some of my friends and prying open the doors......time is running out but I implore our priests to STAND UP....I will eventually break open the doors and you can have me arrested. Mother Miriam implores bishops to bring back public masses during this time of great need.

Catholic priest: It’s time to put abusive government power into lockdown

Its time for our priests to stand up....WE SUPPORT YOU!!!....this is your time to show the world why you entered the priesthood.....OPEN THE DOORS to the heart of JESUS!!!!!! For the past few weeks government has kept society pretty thoroughly locked down. Now we have to think about locking down government power.

Urgent Appeal to the bishops of the world: Feed your flock We encourage our bishops to declare that the sacraments are an "essential" part of Catholic life, and to organize creative and safe ways to administer them to the faithful.

Former EWTN News President: Communion in the hand leads to desecration at every Mass

A lot needs to be addressed and business as usual in our churches can not be accepted when they finally decide its ok to return. Stop receiving Him in a matter that is destructive, that allows for the stealing of the host...and the trampling of the Lord under our feet! Burke exclaimed.

COVID19: Globalism's Perfect Storm

Good news! If you are infected with COVID19, a new report says you have a 98% chance of recovering from it. Why is the mainstream media not reporting the goo...

LOCKDOWN: Easter Mass in the Parking Lot

THIS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART....I call on more priests to use this beautiful example of courage and holiness....This is it....this is exactly what we need.

Forced out of his own church, the "parking lot priest" offers Easter Mass for his faithful in the parking lot. In the course of his powerful sermon and despi...

The Swords of St. Michael Archangel's blade processed through streets of Gargano to combat virus

Exorcist: Priests have ‘obligation’ to give sacraments to dying, ‘regardless’ of what bishop says Fr. Chad Ripperger said a priests obligation is the person’s salvation over his own physical well-being

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

“The Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.” />

A REMNANT INTERVIEW: Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Church’s handling of Coronavirus

A true catholic Leader... Bishop Athanasius Schneider ROME, March 26, 2020 — As the coronavirus panic continues to spread, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has urged priests to imitate Jesus the Good Shepherd and, for the sake of souls, even disobey the unjust orders of bishops whom he says are now behaving more like “civil b...

Throwing the Pachamama idols in the River Tiber part 2

This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, his blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of ...

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Curbside Street Ministry Christian Fellowship Curbside Street Ministry Christian Fellowship
15251 Jeraldo Dr
Victorville, 92394

Curbsides Street Ministry fellowship

Iglesia Pentecostal Rios De Agua Viva De Victorville Ca. Iglesia Pentecostal Rios De Agua Viva De Victorville Ca.
13265 El Rio Rd
Victorville, 92392

Iglesia Pentecostal unida un legar de llamamiento y unión familiar

Casa De Redencion, Asambleas de Dios Casa De Redencion, Asambleas de Dios
14411 La Paz Dr
Victorville, 92395

Bienvenido (a) Cristo Sana, Salva, bautiza con su Santo Espíritu y viene otra vez Creemos en el Padre, Hijo y el Espiritu Santo!

HDC VV3 High School Small Group HDC VV3 High School Small Group
14954 Sorrel Road
Victorville, 92394

HDC VV3 fellowship, and God's great word you can find both here.

The Lord's House of Prayer - Victorville, CA The Lord's House of Prayer - Victorville, CA
15740 1st St
Victorville, 92395

High Desert United Reformed Church, Spring Valley Lake, CA High Desert United Reformed Church, Spring Valley Lake, CA
12975 Rolling Ridge Dr
Victorville, 92395

Phone 760-951-0809 Sunday 10:00 AM Communion service Sunday 12:00 PM Catechetical service

Church of Restoration Church of Restoration
14830 Bonanza Rd
Victorville, 92392

A place of community, family, friendship, encouragement, Word, and worship.

Iglesia Bautista Bíblica Iglesia Bautista Bíblica
12626 1st Ave
Victorville, 92395

Iglesia Bautista Bíblica Baptist Church Victorville Ca. California

The Victorville Living Word Community Church The Victorville Living Word Community Church
15493 Hesperia Rd
Victorville, 92395

The word of God is His will, His will is His purpose, His purpose is His plan, know it for your life.

The Gate Church of the High Desert The Gate Church of the High Desert
11783 Amethyst Rd.
Victorville, 92392

A Community of Disciples in Passionate Pursuit of King Jesus, His Kingdom and His Righteousness!

Iglesia Universal Victorville Iglesia Universal Victorville
12241 Industrial Blvd Suite 104-105
Victorville, 92395

Centro de Ayuda Espiritual - Abierto todos Los Dias.

California Southern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction - COGIC California Southern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction - COGIC
16570 E. Street
Victorville, 92395

Official page of California Southern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC). Bishop Roger Thomas, Jurisdictional Prelate Mother Ida R. Martin, Jurisdictional Supervisor

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