Crossroads United Methodist Church, Ashburn, VA Video December 15, 2019, 11:44pm

Videos by Crossroads United Methodist Church in Ashburn. Our desire is that everyone - whether they enter our doors or not - would discover the sacredness of their own story, celebrate their spirituality, and fully enjoy an everyday life with God.

More from Mary Helen’s 100th birthday celebration!

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In case you missed it, Dave was on the news regarding the recent UMC proposal.

More from Mary Helen’s 100th birthday celebration!

A sneak preview of some of today’s awesome music (featuring a guest appearance by Steve Gresko). Come join us at 10am when Pastor Dave reminds us how Jesus modeled self care.

We knew that Kevin can make coffee, cut bagels and bake cookies, but not until yesterday did we know he can play the violin like this! Thank you Kevin for blessing us with your talent!

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