Freedom of The Met, Columbia, SC Video March 7, 2020, 1:31am

Videos by Freedom of The Met in Columbia. We are formerly known as Strong Tower Ministries. We are now known as Freedom of the Met !!!

Be Free to Love, Be Free to Grow, Be Free to Give .....Be Free to have Peace and Joy! Join FREEDOM “The Movement.”

Sow your seed today

Other Freedom of The Met videos

Come hell or highwater .... Jonah 1 and Jonah 2. Happy Mother's Day

Recap.... Mezmerize but not exercised .. Gospel John 6.... Pastor Ron

Title :Cross Examination Proverbs 18:17 Job 13:9 ~ Pastor Ron

U Knighted! Thats the way I wanted to spell it. We stand as Royalty together. A 2 edged Sword!!!! Mr. & Mrs./ Senior Pastor & Co-Pastor Ron & Tam Waters #FREEDOMOFTHEMET

Be Free to Love, Be Free to Grow, Be Free to Give .....Be Free to have Peace and Joy! Join FREEDOM “The Movement.” Sow your seed today

A YES Today is far more great than your yesterday. Job 8:9 ; Job 6:14-23

Preach Pastor Ron!

A long Distance Relationship. Subtitle: The closer I get to you Luke 15:11-22

Another portion of "Pressed but not Crushed" Pastor Tam of Freedom of the Met

Our Co-Pastor Evangelist Tam Waters. Pressed but not Crushed Subtitled : Pressed for the Test John 15: 1-17

Glory to God!

Pastor Teaching That Word! Our Pastor is Amazing!

This Women’s Conference is going to be Explosive!!! This will be one of the MOST POWERFUL Conferences of 2020! REGISTER TODAY!

When your life is in a Crisis, your life is in Christ’s! Glory to God! Be encouraged!

Preach Pastor! When your life is in Crisis, your life is in Christ!

Please share this word you never know who maybe going through a Crisis. Title :When your life is in Crisis, your life is in Christ’s. John 14:1; John 1: 1-14 John 6:63-68 Psalm 34: 15-22

Pastor Dr. Latrice Armstrong, “Mary", another Women of Zion that you don’t want to miss at The Great D.A.M.E conference. Come out and be blessed! Grab your tickets today at

Prophetess Lakiesha, “Abigail", another one of our Powerful Speakers of The Great D.A.M.E conference. Get your tickets 🎫 today! It’s going down March 7th, 2020.

Overseer Adrianne Spain “Deborah", One of the Powerful speakers of The Great D.A.M.E.S Conference you don’t want to miss this! Get your Early Bird ticket today

Preach Pastor Ron! Title: "You are now Tuned in" Subtitle : "You are now part of A choir/Aquire" 1 Corinthians 14:7 and 2Timothy 2:20-22

Glory Preach Pastor Ron!

Glory Preach Pastor Ron!

Our phenomenal Pastor Ron Waters Glory to God!

Preach That Pastor!

Here is a snippet from Today’s Message by our Phenomenal Pastor Ron Waters. Title: I’d Rather Lose a Member- My salvation out weighs your validation. Colossians 3:5 and Mathew 5:30

Another clip from Sunday’s message by our awesome Pastor Ron Waters. Title: God is Plan A never plan B. Genesis 12: 1-15

A snippet from Sunday’s word.... Preached by Pastor Ron Waters

Our Pastors Tag Teaming in the Holy Matrimony Series.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! Our name is Freedom!

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