Church of the Infected

We spread the Virus of Love. Jesus is the giver of the Pure and Clean Virus of Love. We pray that His Love goes Viral inside of you! We are the infected.

We are here to infect you with the Viral Love of Jesus Christ. We are followers of Jesus and we live to walk in His steps. We examine everything against the Word of God aka the Bible. We are here to learn each and every day to Live and Love like our Leader Jesus Christ. We pray we can show you the Way of our Viral Jesus.

Operating as usual

What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant 08/17/2021

What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant

Education is key to stopping the bad variants! The more you know. #jesuswouldmaskup #jesuswouldgettheshot #BeLikeJesus #COVID19

What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant Several COVID-19 variants are acting uniquely enough to qualify as a distinct strain. And you might have heard about one on the news: the Delta variant. Toda...


This is not the Way. #notjesus

This is not the Way. #notjesus

08/09/2020 07/25/2020

After hundreds gathered at a California faith event without masks, officials ask them to self-quarantine

Stop this. You are not being like Jesus here. #FakeFollowers Video from a Northern California outdoor religious concert shows hundreds of people crowding together and most of them not wearing masks -- drawing criticism from a local health department that says the gathering violated state coronavirus rules.


He's not Jesus nor does he represent Jesus in anything he does. Don't confuse a Religion associated with the name of Jesus with a relationship with Jesus.

07/14/2020 06/19/2020

Report: Bible Belt Christians Are Dying After Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines

This. It's from people choosing to ignore the science and the words of Jesus. Selfish people who choose religion over being like Jesus. Live like Jesus and wear your masks. Sad: After ignoring coronavirus social distancing guidelines, conservative Christians in the Bible Belt are dying in “frightening numbers.”


Who do you worship?


"What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray?
Matthew 18:12" If you are a follower of Jesus, you are for #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeNow #BeLikeJesus 06/03/2020

Catholic activists protest Trump's visit to St. John Paul II Shrine Catholic activists, nuns, laypeople and local residents protested in front of St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington during President Donald Trump's visit there June 2.  Trump's visit ca... 05/25/2020

As Trump Pushes for Reopenings, Congregations Choose Safety Over Haste

Yes. This. Houses of worship are balancing the desire to reopen and worship together against the health consequences of moving too fast.

[05/23/20]   Church Services are not essential. Being the "Church" during the pandemic is. #BeLikeJesus #pandemic #COVID19


Did not gather at Churches Today. Be the Church and show the world you love them by staying at home and giving your money to those in need. #belikeJesus #Stayhome #shelterinplace #washyourhands



Claremont UMC Nativity


This is how you live like Jesus. #whatwouldjesusdo 11/14/2019

Faith leaders: Trust betrayed after Dallas police arrest those seeking shelter

What would Jesus do? #socialchange #requiresheartchange Dallas sheltered hundreds from freezing temperatures Monday and Tuesday nights when they opened the downtown convention center to the homeless -- but some...



Sharing from Beyond Walls




The differences are quite obvious. #choosewhoyouwillfollow #jesus #trump Original post from Huffpost will be in the comments.


What if this was Jesus? #Jesuswasaimmigrant #jesuscametoyourdoor

I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.'
Matthew 25:43


It may feel like you are going to never get through the darkness but there will be light soon! Keep fighting by being the light.


This. #LovelikeJesus #BeLikeJesus #RealChristians


Jesus was not and isn't American. #haveyouevenreadthebible #NoAmericanJesus


Let's not play this game.


Yes. It's the cure. True Love.


Don't argue with those that won't love you like Jesus. Move on and let love be your guide. #lovelikeJesus


What if...


He's right.


This. Let this be in every Jesus Freak. #filledwithlight #nothate


If you call yourself a "Christian" and think that I support the caging and taking children away from their families. Maybe you forgot the words of Jesus on causing children to stumble. #lovelikeJesus #Godslawsaregreater #Isaidtolove #immigration #Christians #Jesus

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Jesus Loves You. #RealLove #PrideinLovingYou
Real Love and Living It.
The meaning behind the Church of the Infected. #virallove
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Prodigal Son Orthodox Catholic Church Prodigal Son Orthodox Catholic Church
4809 S Colony Blvd.
The Colony, 75056

Prodigal Son Orthodox Catholic Church is an Inclusive Orthodox mission parish of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, located in the Dallas, Texas suburb of The Colony, Texas, under the Omophorion of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Ioannis Gregorios.

Odeelia Church Odeelia Church
4700 Nash Dr.
The Colony, 75056

Nuestro modelo como Iglesia es muy simple: RELACION•SOLUCIÓN•INDICACIÓN - SOMOS UNA NUEVA CULTURA DONDE “NUESTRO ENFOQUE ERES TÚ” Amar y Servir! Pastores: Chuy y Ana Laura Cantu

Heatwave Communist Anarchist Federation Heatwave Communist Anarchist Federation
5289 State Highway 121
The Colony, 75056

From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.

First United Methodist Church Preschool & Parent's Day Out First United Methodist Church Preschool & Parent's Day Out
4901 Paige Rd
The Colony, 75056

Preschool & Parent's Day Out Program @ First United Methodist Church, The Colony

Cornerstone Church of The Colony Cornerstone Church of The Colony
5151 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, 75056

The Stone

Ministerios Nueva Vida Ministerios Nueva Vida
4000 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, 75056

Ven y comienza una Nueva Vida.

Sar Shalom N. Dallas/Mansfield Sar Shalom N. Dallas/Mansfield
5220 Blair Oaks Dr
The Colony, 75056

Under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Sar Shalom’s Saturday Sabbath services offer a unique blend of standard Jewish Sabbath fare, punctuated by a host of connections to the New Testament—enabling folk to get the absolute best of both worlds.

Ministerios Nueva Vida Casa De Misericordia Ministerios Nueva Vida Casa De Misericordia
4000 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, 75056

En Ministerios Nueva Vida no hay miembros, hay familia. Escucha Radio Misericordia 24hrs/7dias de la semana en o

Crossfire Youth FUMC The Colony Crossfire Youth FUMC The Colony
4901 Paige Road
The Colony, 75056

Youth Activities! Online through June Join us on zoom on Sundays for Sunday school 9:45 Youth 6:30-8:00 Check back for other events and activities for the summer!

Mercy and Grace Ministry Mercy and Grace Ministry
6301 Duck Creek Dr, # 2375
The Colony, 75043

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Restoration Fellowship Church Restoration Fellowship Church
5151 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, 75056

The official page of Restoration Fellowship. A new, dynamic ministry where reconciliation, repentance and restoration brings us back to Christ!

First Baptist Church, The Colony, TX First Baptist Church, The Colony, TX
4800 S Colony Blvd
The Colony, 75056

First Baptist Church The Colony, TX is a vibrant, growing, Biblically committed church fulfilling the Great Commission by the power of God's Spirit.