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This channel features videos created by ABAmedia, a ministry of Unity Baptist Church in Texarkana, TX. We have primarily provided media services to Missionaries around the world since 1999 with the use of our studio as well as filming on location. We help our churches and their members SEE the lives of our hardworking dedicated Missionaries, HEAR the heartbeat of the people our Missionaries serve, & CONNECT with our Missionaries to help provide for their needs! We also produce teaching material in various languages, highlight unique ministries, create outreach videos, and design promotional material such as business cards, postcards, flyers, banners, and more for Missionaries, Churches, and Ministries throughout the American Baptist Association. Your support helps pay for our plane tickets, cameras, field gear, editing equipment, salaries, traveling expenses, and other operational expenses. With a growing ministry and a growing need of our services, we need your support!

Revival Online 2020 - Night 5

Bryan Sellers
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
P.O. Box 97, MT. Enterprise, TX 75681

[email protected]

[04/10/20]   Bryan Sellers
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
P.O. Box 97, MT. Enterprise, TX 75681

[email protected]



The video didn't stream for some reason, feel free to go to our website to watch live.



[04/09/20]   Pastor: Dr. Terry B Parrish
Music: Marque Black

Spring Creek Baptist
19200 Interstate 30
Benton , AR. 72019

[04/09/20]   Pastor: Dr. Terry B Parrish
Music: Marque Black

Spring Creek Baptist
19200 Interstate 30
Benton , AR. 72019

Revival Online - Night 3

Micah Carter
Calvary Baptist Church
80 Hwy. 79 North
Magnolia AR 71753
Office (870)234-4405

[04/08/20]   Micah Carter
Calvary Baptist Church
80 Hwy. 79 North
Magnolia AR 71753
Office (870)234-4405

[04/07/20]   Northern Hills Baptist Church
6000 Sammy Lane
Texarkana, Arkansas
(870) 773-3580

[04/06/20]   Eric Sutton
New Home Baptist Church
Wetumpka, AL

Watch live tonight at:

Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary


Since the events recorded in the book of Acts, the last month has seen the most rapid shift in how church ministry is conducted. This has caused many in ministry leadership to say they wish they had taken a class called Pandemic 101 in seminary. While we can’t go back in time and create it, Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary is designing a webinar to help leaders with the struggles they are having. We are asking for your help in the topics that should be covered. Please complete the form above. Responses will be accepted until Friday, April 3, at 11:59 p.m.


Your Church Is Now a Blank Slate - ThomRainer.com

"You will never get to return to your church.
Let me be clearer. When you return to gather for worship and fellowship and study, it will not be the same church before the coronavirus pandemic."

This article ask 10 hard questions that should have been asked already for many churches.
In the last two years I have had the freedom to try and address these issues and many others.
I think anyone that is honest with themselves would admit that something had to give or force a change.
COVID-19 has forced us to reevaluate what is important and focus on the fact that we are losing a generation.

Tomorrow ends my time with ABAmedia. I have loved the opportunities it has afforded me. I am thankful that this has pushed me to involve myself with different areas of ministry.
Being a part of this ministry has open doors for me to work in Pro-life, Domestic Violence, drug rehab, suicide prevention and rescue those in Human trafficking.

ABAmedia was started and exist to support missions, missionaries and churches through technological support and in this time it is needed more than ever.

The above mentioned ministries are my passion now and it seems my focus is there. Trying to work with ABAmedia to carry out their vision and my callings divides my time and I feel that both will suffer.

I have started a new ministry called Hope Restored which seeks to address these and many other mental health and captive sins destroying so many we love.
You can find this ministry on my page called:
Hope Restored 2day

Working with experts we will seek to provide Biblical answers to worldly problems. I firmly believe that answering the problems makes for a strong church and a strong church makes for a sending church.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback for the last two years and pray for one another as we seek to win the lost for the Lord.

Joel "Bud" Dillahunty

thomrainer.com You will never get to return to your church. Let me be clearer. When you return to gather for worship and fellowship and study, it will not be the same church before the coronavirus pandemic. The world will never be the same. And neither will your church. For certain, we don’t change our views on ...

[03/30/20]   When a church fails to plan for the future, it indirectly plans for decline and discouragement.

[03/29/20]   FYI, many churches now Live Streaming and sharing recorded messages give their physical address.
They also inform members they can mail or drop off their offering at the church address.
Please make sure that someone checks the mail daily to collect the offerings. Sadly many might take the opportunity to help themselves if they know there is a chance they can.
We would also suggest that there be a presence at the church building to help others and discourage people from doing the wrong thing.



Why Giving to Your Church Right Now Might Be More Important than Ever - The Stone Table

thestonetable.org Keep giving to your local church. Perhaps I’m the right one to say this as I have no direct personal upside from the conversation. What I do have is a deep belief in God’s Word, a love for the mission of God in the world, and a network of dear friends leading this charge in …


The FAQs: Answering Tech Questions Pastors Are Asking

Another great helpful article

thegospelcoalition.org Here's everything you need to know about livestream, technology, and how to use it to shepherd your congregation.


8 Tips for Leading a Ministry Team Remotely | Facts & Trends

Good advice

factsandtrends.net COVID-19 has scattered our churches and we're now faced with the task of leading our ministry teams in a completely new and foreign way.


3 Critical Actions to Prepare for a Socially-Distanced Easter Sunday | Facts & Trends

factsandtrends.net Facing the prospect of not physically gathering for Easter Sunday is daunting. But we, as Christ's Church, could be poised for our finest hour.


Concord Baptist Institute – Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Each week we will post available information on seminaries as listed on
In order to be fair we will post in alphabetical order by state as listed the ABA website.
If your school would like to send us any promotional videos, pictures or information we would be happy to include that.

concordmbc.com Concord Baptist Institute is a seminary that provides access to learning for individuals across the state of Oklahoma. Faculty consist of experienced pastors from across Oklahoma who are able to impart wisdom to other preachers or those who have a desire for more in-depth bible learning. A schedule....


Dear Church Leaders, THIS Is not the Crisis—It Is Time to Get Prepared for the Crisis that Is Only Weeks Away

Every church leader and member should read this.

christianitytoday.com It is time to move from focusing on the current challenge of doing church and turn to the crisis weeks away from our communities.


One Church’s Response to the Coronavirus - ThomRainer.com

Shout out to Justin Gatlin and Alvin Missionary Baptist Church! Thanks for allowing Dr Rainer to publish this for all to see! Good ideas for other churches to consider.


thomrainer.com Justin Gatlin is the pastor of Alvin Missionary Baptist Church in Alvin, Texas. He is one of the 30 men I mentor personally. He sent me an update on his church’s proactive work to address the pandemic. It is a great example of one leader tackling these challenging times with both faith and works.


What I Use to Record & Edit My Sermons

If you are looking for simple ways to record and broadcast on Facebook or YouTube this is a great help.
Thanks Bro. Bryan Marler for your help.

Here's a list of equipment that I use: DJI Osmo Pocket: shorturl.at/gzDF4 Osmo Pocket Mount & Phone Holder: shorturl.at/dgC13 Tascam DR-40X Recorder: shortur...

[03/23/20]   It was amazing seeing so many churches Live Streaming yesterday.
Keep it up with video update during the week.

Also, please please please mount your phone on a tripod or something so it is eye level. We saw up the noses of way to many preachers yesterday!


3 Types of Online Givers to Reach During the COVID-19 Outbreak | Facts & Trends

Great advice. Do it all now

factsandtrends.net As churches of all sizes are going virtual, digital giving is a must-have. But having online giving may not be enough to facilitate faithful giving.

[03/22/20]   For churches live streaming, make sure you give your viewing times on your “about” page.
Keep reposting during the week what times you will be on.

Changing in a Fast Changing World

Today we will discuss some simple tips and changes to help your church during this difficult time.
Comments are welcome, we will try to address each question asked.


6 Tips on livestreaming your Sunday service - NAMB

Good advice here.

namb.net Send Network Blog 6 Tips on livestreaming your Sunday service Phil Thompson03.17.20 In a season where large group gatherings are scarce, God is kind to give us a way to still meet together as His people. When it comes to livestreaming a Sunday service, the plethora of options can be overwhelming. Be...


Online Giving Platform for Churches | Faithlife Giving

For those that have resisted online giving because of the very small fee included (which is about what a bank charges for accounts, this may help.
FaithLife is waving fees for six months to help you get set up.
Now would be a good time to look at other online giving sites to see what they are offering as well.


Photos from ABAmedia's post

[03/20/20]   What are you or your church doing to help the elderly, single moms and others that will be facing hardships in the next few weeks?
Please share so that some may get the direction they needs to minister.


Live Streaming and Recording Recommendations - Package 3.pdf

This is the last package I will post. If you are looking for a fairly simple/easy to run, 2 to 3 camera setup with the ability to add graphics and room for future needs, then this is a great setup! This list is NOT comprehensive. You will likely need to customize a few items and add some longer control cables for the some of the camera's.

Also, you will need 5Mbps upload minimum 10Mbps upload recommended from your internet provider.

If you are looking to do a big production... look elsewhere!! :)

Please note the following:

- This is just one of many, many, many suggestions but is my personal favorite.

- Primary purpose of this setup: to be a 'simple' setup, easy to run with minimal training and a fair amount of practice!

- Intended to provide flexibility, room for expansion and a semi-professional production.

- While you can do more advanced stuff with this mixer like overlays, animated intro's/outro's, bugs, etc, you probably won't be happy with this if that is your intent. You will probably want to look at a more expensive switcher and control board as those are much easier to control the advanced stuff.

- Please, please do your homework on this stuff if you have more advanced uses for it.

- If you consider yourself a more advanced user and have a good understanding of this stuff then you will want to customize this package or throw it out all together.

Let me know if there are any questions or if we can help in any way!




Live Streaming and Recording Recommendations - Package 2.pdf

Here's a 2nd recommendation for a church with a need for mixing in additional cameras and/or graphics from a computer.

Again, there are many ways to do video streaming/recording. This is just my suggestion based off my experience working with various churches/seminaries.

This package is intended for a group that wants 2 - 3 cameras and to mix in graphics from a computer. It's very simple to run for the average user and takes up very little space.

Please note, you will need a minimum of 5 Mbps UPLOAD speed from your internet provider. Recommended 10 Mbps.




Live Streaming and Recording Recommendations - Package 1.pdf

Here is a recommended Live Streaming / Recording package for your church. This is package #1 and should cost around $1,200. I will be sharing a few other packages also with more cameras, a mixer, etc included. This is just the basic 1 camera setup with room for growth later.



Our Story

Since 1999, ABAmedia has provided affordable media services to churches, missionaries & ministries of the American Baptist Association. Because of monthly financial supporters, we have been able to work on location, around the world, as well as in our studio in Texarkana, Texas (built in 2012).


Our goal is to assist the churches, missionaries, and ministries of the ABA in using media. Whether that be in Video/Audio Production, Technical Training & Installation, or in producing Scriptural Teaching Tools.


It is our belief that with the proper use of media, we are better able to SEE, HEAR, & CONNECT with the world around us.


  • Highlighting unique ministries

  • Creating Outreach and Promo videos

  • Graphic Design (Business Cards, Prayer Cards, Flyers, Logos & Banners)

  • Technical Training (Sound Engineering, Lighting, ProPresenter, etc.)

  • Installation (Live Streaming, Projection, Sound, Video/Audio Recording, Lighting, etc.)

  • Producing teaching material in various languages.

    Your support helps pay for plane tickets, cameras, field gear, editing, equipment, salaries, traveling expenses and other operational expenses. With a growing ministry and a growing need of our services, please consider supporting us monthly!

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    Changing in a Fast Changing World
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    Minute Manna Week 3.06 - Rebels deny God - 1 Samuel 15:23
    Minute Manna Week 3.04 - New Music - Psalm 40:3
    Minute Manna Week 3.03 - He Can Make You New Today - Isaiah 65:17
    How to end Roe v Wade in Your church
    Minute Manna Week 3.02 - Walk the New Life - Ephesians 4:22-24
    How Abortion has hurt our culture and church




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    We are a local family church of people who are "touched" by His Amazing Grace.

    FLC Youth Happenings FLC Youth Happenings
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    Wednesday night NightLife with middle/high school kids!! 5:30pm-7:30pm

    Brotherly Love Ministries Of Texarkana TX Brotherly Love Ministries Of Texarkana TX
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    A church that promotes love among one another thru the Love of God and Jesus Christ Hebrews 13:1- :let brotherly love continue.."