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Andreia Whytsell and Rebekah McClintock are speakers who travel from place to place locally and internationally at no charge to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our organization is filled with many different walks of life who believe in the power of faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ who live by these primary principals. As far as Brazil and as close as home in Texas, in unruly times and in times of great celebration there is always at least one man or woman who walks with GOD near you, and it is our duty just as it is theirs to reach out to the poor in spirit and to the needy, from poverty to the hard working middle class to the wealthiest. We are here regardless of the standards of society.

Outreach Organization

Mission: To take their hand and place it in Jesus's hand and let go. Watch them soar like the eagles!

Bill Johnson

When the Queen of Sheba saw Solomon’s plates, his servants’ clothing, the food on his table, and his stairway, she became breathless. She was a queen—not unused to splendor— but when she saw these everyday things touched with God’s wisdom, they prophesied to her about the presence and nature of God. #creatingwithexcellence #workisworship #Godisgood

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How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking

A part of a Derek Prince video called, How To Be Delivered From Demons And Demonic Oppression.

Journey Back to Eden Dec 3, 2017

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Happy veterans day!

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Journey Back to Eden Ep 2 Vid 5 Oct 26, 2017

Christ Community Church of Bowie, Maryland

To mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, adoptive and foster mothers, aunts, mentors, and neighbors who give love and support as a mother would, Happy Mother's Day!

21 Day Inner Healing Journey

An incredible journey of Healing. The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey is your personal path to peace with God and others. This unique program will guide you through 21 daily plans, including over two hours of original video content from Jimmy Evans.

[04/21/17]   GOOD MORNING FAMILY!!!

We hope all is well with you and yours.

Nehemiah 8:10

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Think about how much Joy the Lord has, all of His Positive Aspirations and Loving Kindness. And from there ~ your perception will change and you will not fear the darkness that tries to coil around your mind, heart or body.

Good morning! Jesus is the same.

Jesus said to her: "I am the resurrection and the life.
The one who believes in me will live, even though they die". #JESUS is #risen!

From the heart of Joel Osteen to yours!


You are strong because the strength that is in you is Christ alone.

To ALL the single Dads, the single Moms, the Foster Parents, the Adoptive Parents, Mentors...anyone and everyone who has ever graced the life of a child and made some sort of an impact...

Yes we make good decisions, Yes we make the wrong decisions...

I still remember the text she sent me a couple of years ago. I've caught myself repeating it more and more lately, I've shared it on FB, I've sent it to my sons in a text when they are having a difficult day at school, I call people and leave them a message with a summary of her words or I hold people in my arms and repeat it to the best of my ability as I look them in their eyes.

"I know you are hurting, hiding behind the smile (I didn't realize how true this statement was till several months later when I confronted myself with the bitterness inside), just know that all the broken pieces of your life are the same pieces that you are able to put back together. And, that shattered life is actually the beautiful mosaic of your life. Just know that you are ok and you are going to be ok and everything is ok." (Katie Uhlaender)

The little bit of time I got to spend with her was God's way of opening up my closed mind to a stronger more realistic version of myself - a true depiction of who I was restraining myself from becoming.

Sometimes He sends us modern day disciples who are just as human as we are. Sometimes they have grown up on the other side of the tracks and their lives open our eyes broader horizons of His kingdom here on earth and EXPAND his healing grace from person to person which brings all us from glory to glory.

If this is you today...

Father I pray that whatever denial we are all hiding in whether it is known to us or unknown, whatever is limiting us and stopping us from elevating our eyes to you be COMPLETELY destroyed and all of hell is shaken at the sound of our praises, cries, and prayers as we worship you in joy and in sadness. I pray that our little seeds of hope no matter how small or seemingly minute, in our hearts fully develop as we watch our faith in YOUR ability through us, (not our own) grow, explode and set a fire to the desire that is hidden in all of us for you. Impact us Lord so we can impact for you, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

God Bless You & Yours Today.

"To the mom hiding in her bathroom, needing peace for just one minute, as the tears roll down her cheeks..

To the mom who is so tired she feel likes she can't function anymore and would do anything to lay down and get the rest she needs...

To the mom sitting in her car, alone, stuffing food in her face because she doesn’t want anyone else to see or know she eats that stuff…

To the mom crying on the couch after she yelled at her kids for something little and is now feeling guilty and like she is unworthy…

To the mom that is trying desperately to put those old jeans on because all she really wants is to look in the mirror and feel good about herself…

To the mom that doesn’t want to leave the house because life is just too much to handle right now…

To the mom that is calling out for pizza again because dinner just didn’t happen the way she wanted it to…

To the mom that feels alone, whether in a room by herself or standing in a crowd...

You are enough.
You are important.
You are worthy.

This is a phase of life for us. This is a really really hard, challenging, crazy phase of life.

In the end it will all be worth it. But for now it’s hard. And it's hard for so many of us in many different ways. We don't always talk about it, but it's hard and it's not just you.

You are enough.
You are doing your best.
Those little eyes that look up at you - they think you are perfect. They think you are more than enough.

Those little hands that reach out to hold you - they think you are the strongest. They think you can conquer the world.

Those little mouths eating the food you gave them - they think that you are the best because their bellies are full.

Those little hearts that reach out to touch yours - they don’t want anything more. They just want you.

Because you are enough. You are more than enough, mama.
You. Are. Amazing."💙💚

To support our mission, pre-order the Love What Matters book in time for Mother's Day:


Credit: Latched and Attached

Phillippians 4:13

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

Love this one!

Andreia Whytsell Washington, DC & Annapolis, MD

[01/04/17]   Need someone to come to your area and speak to your audience about JESUS for FREE???

Rebekah McClintock is available, all travel expenses are paid by her.

"One thing I learned from my Pastor is a very profound statement that has hidden itself deep within my heart is which she uses while mentoring me, 'I take their hand, I put it in the hand of Jesus, and I let go.'." Rebekah A. McClintock

Hey Fam!!!

My name is Rebekah and I would love to come to your neck of the woods and speak to your audience. Whether you have youth, teens, young adults or older I am here to help inspire and encourage the love, audacity, and life of Jesus Christ.

We are meant to be "Warriors" wearing the Armor of Light and Armor of God in this Spiritual Warfare and I am here to pump your group up!!

I also have 2 teen boys who are more than willing to reach out to your kids and teens too; whether it is one on one, small group or larger settings.

Give us a call at 843-816-0095, we are located in the Texarkana, Texas area and we will come to you with no expense!

God Bless You & Yours!!!

Rebekah, Channing & CJ

Love and Pray Ministries

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[12/20/16]   MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!!

It is Dec 20th, 2016 and we just want to give you a shout out. This month we are currently engaging in Aslyn Raine's 31 Day Ladies Devo "Closer", led by Pastor Whitney Jackson!!!

Jump on over to her page to check it all out.


Love and Pray Ministries

[10/07/16]   Falling Chains Women's Conference

The 2016 FALLING CHAINS WOMEN'S CONFERENCE hosted by Love & Prayer Ministries will be held at the Texarkana Convention Center in the Texarkana, Texas area this November 4-5.

Fall has just begun and those chains are coming undone!!! So, register with us or just stop by. The event is free and a light breakfast and lunch will be provided both days. Come join us and experience of His presence!


Bible Gateway passage: Isaiah 54 - New International Version

This spoke to me on a very deep level tonight. As I lay here tonight trying to recover I found my soul wanting. I want my Father to know how much he touches me and how speechless I am, lacking in words for the reason he brought this passage to me. I remember the passages and warmth from Mrs LaNell when we would discuss Bible verses and I find hope, warmth and confidence in them.

Sleep sweet tonight LPM Fam!!!

Beck. The Future Glory of Zion - “Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband,” says the LORD. “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide...

Our Story

We are an Outreach Organization here to help resource assistance programs for those in need. We work with various local groups, organizations and churches to spread help, love and most of all the Truth about Jesus Christ.

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Texarkana, TX

General information

We are grateful for any donations made specifically to our organization, all monies help provide transportation for travel and assist us with providing for other agencies. Any type of additional monies that are offered to us outside of a specific donation to Love and Prayer Ministries (LPM) are given to such. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we ask that you tithe PRAYERFULLY to your local home church and donate your alms and offerings to a local shelter, an educational program for the youth such as Teen Challenge or to an organization within your own communities. There are so many organizations out there that need your support just as we do; we only ask that you help support others and us by providing in a manner that is directed to you from God regarding your financial situation. Your support could be a simple intercessory prayer, a bag of groceries on someone's doorstep, mentoring the neighborhood bully, or just a simple act of kindness.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 15:00
Thursday 09:00 - 16:00
Friday 09:00 - 16:00
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