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Welcome! We’re glad you have visited us “virtually” and would love to get to know you in person. Visit our website to learn more.

Welcome! We’re glad you have visited us “virtually” and would love to get to know you in person. Visit our website to learn more.

OPC Home Missions and Church Extension

Another new addition to Home Missions Today!

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — Calvin and Connie Keller
We are excited to bring before you Harvest OPC in Winston-Salem, NC and church planter Calvin (and Connie) Keller. The small seed that would become Harvest OPC began in 2014 when families commuting to OP churches in Mount Airy and Greensboro started a Bible study. They hit many bumps along the way and even considered closing the mission work before it started. But God had other plans. He prospered the work. In October 2018, Harvest in conjunction with its mother church Covenant Reformed OPC called Rev. Calvin Keller to be an assistant pastor/evangelist. Harvest is excited about Calvin’s twenty-five years of pastoral experience and his zeal for evangelism.

Because the church is near Wake Forest University, they hope to reach students as well as the Winston-Salem community. Calvin plans to begin open-air evangelism at the university and local venues, using an easel-based gospel presentation, which he learned from Rev. Bill Welzien twenty years ago when they preached the gospel on the streets of Santa Cruz, CA.

Calvin requests prayer that they would grow together as a body, have a burden for the lost, and, above all, that God would be glorified among them.

The Church continues to work!

PARADISE FIRE REPORT - "overwhelmed by the way God is caring for them"

Deacon Gordon Robbins (Roseville, CA) reports on Dec 11:

"I was able to give Pastor Josh Lee a relief check from Reformation Fellowship today ($10,500). He said they are just overwhelmed by the way God is caring for them through their brothers and sisters. Pastor Lee said he had immediate applications for the funds. Some in his flock have resisted taking help, saying “others need it more”, but now have gotten themselves in a financial bind (e.g. maxing out their credit cards due to all the extra expenses of living without a home)..."

Please consider contributing to this worthy cause. Gifts can be given directly to:

Or send your gifts through the OPC

Reformation Fellowship OPC
P.O. Box 1182
Roseville, CA 95678

Payable to: RF OPC Deacons Fund
Designated: Camp Fire in Paradise

Beautiful to see our Church recover Puerto Rico!


I have never before been so encouraged to have to stop at a red light! These functioning traffic signals represent the fact that so much of the impact of last year's Hurricane Maria has been remedied in Puerto Rico. Power is mostly back. Traffic lights are functioning. The plants have pushed out new leaves and the trees are even bearing fruit.

Praise the Lord for the redemption that is evident in this part of His creation. And for His loving care of his saints in Puerto Rico.

I give thanks for the teams that have come and those planning to come and encourage in the next month.

Come vacation in this beautiful part of the US, and visit one of the 3 thriving OPC churches on the island!

OPC Disaster Response

This Hurricane Maria Relief Team of 3 men from Frederick, MD, and 4 men from Royston, GA, spent a week in Puerto Rico doing hurricane relief reconstruction and repair work. They are standing between their hosts for the week - the parents of local OPC Pastor Bradney Lopez.

Hey Folks!

Want hear all our sermons and teachings in one place? Well, now we have that option available on our website:

Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: The use of hospitality in sharing the gospel

Happy Lord's Day Folks!

Just a reminder that our first film is available at our website! It's the first but it will not be the last. Continue to pray for us as we look to add more content through God honoring creativity! A film Produced, directed and scored by Jeremy Seth Colón. One of the most practical, useful and biblical methods in gaining ground in the cultural battle is undoubtedly through hospitality. This is a key ingredient that differentiates our worldview from the rest because it is not grounded in a vac...


Hey Folks!

We are very proud and excited to share our new website! New things coming soon! HOME

Hey Folks!

We are excited to announce our Saturday Night Fellowship this coming Saturday! Interesting topic to discuss, bring a friend! feel free to share the add!

Dr. Pipa is with us this Lord's day sharing about Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and will also be preaching. Come join us!

Hey brothers and sisters!

Although today we could not meet for our saturday night fellowship, we are happy to report that brothers Eric S. George and Jeremy Seth Colon Arroyo went to a local Barnes and Nobles to engage in evangelism. They were able to connect with three different people and talk on a veriety of topics. From business and the nature of man always defining himself according to an ultimate authority to the nature of poetry and how all our artistry at it's core is derivitive. They managed to get the personal contacts of all three and hope to continue the interactions.

If your interested in joining them in their evangelistic efforts, feel free to speak to them and plan accordingly!

Due to unforseen circumstances, tonight's fellowship is canceled. We will reschedule and announce the next meeting soon.

For the next activity, please consider confirming your attendance by commenting on the post or by contacting Pastor Proctor. We look forward to the next meeting!

Hey Brothers and sisters!

We are more then excited to anounce we are continuing our evangelistic outreach this coming saturday with this topic in mind; Two Kingdoms.

Come join us this Saturday evening at Pastor Phil's house. Topic: 1,600 years ago, Augustine of Hippo wrote the "City of God" in which he spoke of 2 distinct kingdoms: Rome and the Church. Was he right? How does this distinction affect us as Christians living in today's society? Oh yes - Pastor Phil is making pulled pork BBQ - bring a friend!

Sterling Presbyterian Church

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Amen! Let us be a light and a witness for it wherever we might be brethren!

A good exchange is coming up on Mormonism!

Don't miss this, friends! This Friday at 11:30amPST we will be live-streaming a discussion between Dr. James White, Jeff Durbin, and Kwaku (one of the "3 Mormons"). Kwaku is a Latter-day Saint and will be with us in studio to discuss some important issues. Let the world know! We'll see you on Apologia Studios' YouTube channel at 11:30am:

We all must face the hard reality that we often wrestle with the idol of Comfort.

The boldness you’ve prayed for will come the day you begin loving people more than you love being comfortable.

Maui and Oahu Brace for Hurricane Lane. Here's What to Expect Up to 40 inches of rain in some parts of Hawaii.

Is Mormonism a Cult?

Given how active this counterfeit faith is in Virginia, here's some apologetic content against the false gospel that mormonism teaches.

We fully recommend this channel (apologia studios) for apologetics in general.

Don't miss this important message delivered by Jeff Durbin at a conference on Christian Apologetics. Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church/Radio/TV, spoke on how t...

OPC Disaster Response


From Pastor Gene Crow, pastor of Redding Reformed Fellowship OPC in Redding, CA:

"The Carr Fire continues to burn, though containment is up to 65%. Most evacuations have been lifted and the growth of the fire is in areas that are not populated. The focus of Redding and the surrounding areas has turned to sifting through the rubble and starting to think about rebuilding, or not. School starts this week, so that will be a blessed return to some normalcy for children displaced by the fires.

Samaritan's Purse has a trailer and command center at a local church and is organizing volunteers to help locals with various tasks.

Along with prayers for the ongoing efforts associated with the Carr Fire, there is a new fire that has cropped up just north of Shasta Lake, and there are dry lightning storms in the weather forecast, which every year start many fires in the mountains around Redding.

Again, we are grateful for all of the prayers and offers of assistance that have come from God’s people. "

Outward Stories From the Field: Sterling, VA

A great article about our evangelistic efforts on Friday nights. We took a break from it but if you'd like for this to continue, let's find ways to get together and invite unbelievers. It was an excellent means of not only evangelism but also getting to know each other in the heat of exchange. What would it take to get a group of maybe 5 non-Christians along with 5-10 Christians into your home to talk about spiritual things for a few hours every Friday night? For Phil Proctor at Sterling Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Sterling, VA it’s a free dinner and some intentionality. Two months ago...

OPC Disaster Response


Pastor Gene Crow of Redding Reformed Fellowship OPC in Redding, CA, reports the following today:

"This fire we have burning here in Redding, dubbed the Carr Fire, started a couple of days ago and over night on Wednesday exploded from around 6500 acres to 22,000, and this morning it was put at over 44,000 acres, and containment is currently at 3%. It is a very aggressive, quick moving, and unpredictable fire. Firefighters with years of experience are saying that they have never seen anything like it. Two firefighters have been killed battling the blaze. Though the official number of structures lost is at 65, a local news reporter says that he has seen more destroyed homes than that just in a short walk through one neighborhood. We are hearing of several friends and friends of friends that have learned that their homes have been destroyed.

The fire has moved from West of Whiskeytown lake into Redding proper, and is burning eastward and is also spreading to the southwest. Over 10,000 have been evacuated, although because of the nature of the fire, authorities have said to not wait for official notices and to just get out of town if you feel it is dangerous. The fact that this fire has jumped Hwy 299 and the Sacramento River shows how dangerous it is. It was 115 degrees yesterday with low humidity, and the forecast for today is 113 degrees, 5% humidity and shifting winds.

A full half of our congregation have either been ordered to evacuate or have evacuated voluntarily. The owners of our church meeting location got hold of me just a short time ago and told us they are using the building as a facility for firefighters and so it will not be available to us this Sunday.

Please pray for all of the needs that you might imagine are present in such a situation and that God would be merciful to the area.

Thank you for your prayers."

Click here to support Help Jesse Walk Again organized by Elisamuel Colón

Good afternoon brothers,

As most of you know, Jeremy's brother had an accident in his home while grilling. He's suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over his body. We have been praying fervently for him and his family during this whole process of healing. This go fund me was created to cover life and travel expenses for his family to care for him as they travel back and forth from New York to take care of him. Consider helping anyway you can. This is Jesse David Colón, a young husband and father of two young children. Jesse is dedicated to the service of the Lord and as he was hosting family and friends at his home he had a grilling accident last week. As a result of this tragedy, he suffered 3rd degree burns on both legs, one arm...

A great time of fellowship within the men the Lord has blessed our church with. We talked about a lot different topics that effect the church today; from baptism and worship to encouraging each other in our growth towards a community driven church! What a blessing!

'Pure Genocide': Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly Women and Children

Let us put things into perspective in our own lives and let us pray for our brothers who are suffering persecution. Church leaders in Nigeria have said that Christians are experiencing "pure genocide" as 6,000 people, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Fulani radicals since January.

OPC Home Missions and Church Extension

Interesting points on how to consider some modifications to the way we do things for the purpose of being a more welcoming church.

The "10 Things I've Seen" series from Outward OPC looks at the first example of how we can be more effective at welcoming visitors.

check out the post here -->

Michael S. Horton

Things to consider when we're constantly overwhelmed with what's wrong with the Church. Always remember, your sin is also involved in that same frustration so always examine your heart.

What to Do If You’re Chronically Frustrated at Church

This past Lord's day we had the pleasure of welcoming brother George and Norcaris to our congregation. They are a transfer membership from our sister congregation in Puerto Rico, Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada del Caribe - San Juan, PR

10 Things I’ve Seen: Intro & Background

This is A MUST read folks! There are more of us that know we have much to learn from other gospel centered churches that are not presbyterian. We are going to begin an extended series throughout the summer on practical ways to be more effective and helpful for visitors. Before digging into the ideas and examples, this series needs some context. (Note: This is Brad Hertzog writing) Because of the flexibility of my work and some of the speci...

Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: The use of hospitality in sharing the gospel

This is the second part of the series filmed by brother Jeremy Seth Colón.

In the first part, "Into the wilderness" expresses the doubt, the disregard and the failure of the church in seasoning the culture with the gospel. But it does not end there. No matter how dark our days may be, It ends with our great King and Savior conquering death and sin with that great cross 2,000 years ago. Christ has promised to keep us and sanctify us through out history.

One of the most practical, useful and biblical methods in gaining ground in the cultural battle is undoubtedly through hospitality. This is a key ingridient that differentiates our worldview from the rest because it is not grounded in a vacuum or an ethic for the sake of ethics. It is grounded on the most powerful, life changing message of all time: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace" through Pastor Philip T. Proctor, seeks out to present this simple solution as a means for the church to start opening its doors, to begin to bridge this gap of miscommunication and false gods in order to season the lives of our neighbors.


Into the wilderness: a reflection on the church in a post christian culture

This is the first of a two part series filmed by brother Jeremy Colón.

Into the wilderness is a description of our current cultural climate and the lackluster response of the church in the wake of these challenges. Brother Jeremy dives deep into the frame of mind of the church and the different reasons of why the body is struggling to impact with the gospel.

here are the lyrics:

We couldnt hear passed the bombs
I mean, I can't even remember where
We went off the rails...
It all happened so fast,
like a train
Ran right over us
And all thats left of us is
Pain, regret and sorrow
Wait, Is this tomorrow?
We saw this coming and we did nothing
How could we? I mean were always late.
Foot on the gas pedal
And settle for a mediocre level of community
It Doesnt matter what the gospel is
As long as we respect our little worlds
As long as we look the other way
Out the proverbial window, its all ok
Were all so civil
So busy with our careers
Our desires,
Our gods,
Theres no time for that
I mean what are the odds
We loose our charge?
Our great commission is sealed
By his accomplished mission
On that great cross
Hold on...
when did sloth equal sovereignty?
When did procrastination equal predestination?
This is our nation
These winds came with warnings
But we are still mourning the loss
Of our heroes of old
They faced this cold, hard stare
And were prepared to defeat
This same dark day
That seems to take hold
This can't be real!
My Lord is king over death
Lies and false zeal
We will overcome
Because He has overcome
But lord we're in this storm
Are you awake? Will you forsake?
We lost our way, I cant explain
Has it gone too deep? are we your sheep!?
Lord, kill this doubt!
My soul cries out!
How can we go back?
How will we get home?
Can we start again?
Where do we start...

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Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: The use of hospitality in sharing the gospel
Into the wilderness: a reflection on the church in a post christian culture
Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: Second Trailer
Romans 8 - The Future Glory
Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace Trailer




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