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Welcome! We’re glad you have visited us “virtually” and would love to get to know you in person. Visit our website to learn more.

Welcome! We’re glad you have visited us “virtually” and would love to get to know you in person. Visit our website to learn more.

A great part of our children singing to the Lord!

Our Covenant children praising God for coming into the world to save his people!

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Happy Thanksgiving!

A good read that goes along our Sunday school series on evangelism. Do we have a desire to rescue the perishing?

"What if our Lord does grant our prayer and saturate us through and through with an undying zeal for the souls of our fellow humans? What if we do commit ourselves to rescue the perishing? What would that look like?"

Read more:

"Rescue the Perishing" by Larry E. Wilson, November New Horizons

A powerful article. The idol worship in our very communities poured out in drug abuse is undeniable. We are the people of hope living in those very communities. May this article inspire you to be a hope for your neighbor who knows nothing about Christ and his gospel.

"Often, the very community Christians suffering from addiction need the most is the community they most wish to avoid. We need to cultivate a culture of embracing broken people as broken people."

Read more:

"Ministering to Those in Addiction" by OP elder and addiction psychiatrist Dr. James Berry, October New Horizons

Hey Church!

This is the first part of our report on the most recent evangelistic events in our church.

On September 11th at 2 Silos in Manassas, we decided to have our meetup group on the topic “How can a good God allow evil?”. For the christian perspective, it was Eric and Becky George, Isaac and Heather Robeson, Jeremy Hefner and I (Elder Colón). For the unbelievers perspective, we had three atheists named Aaron, Eric and Samuel. We engaged on the topic for three and half hours into the night and it got very personal at the end of it but in a very good way.

Brother Eric started off the conversation by reading a horrific story as in to give an example of how real evil is and then proceded to ask the christians how do we make sense of evil?

Brother Jeremy Hefner answered the challenge by giving the an account of the events of creation and the fall in sin. That Adam chose to disobey God of his own will and sinned against him therefore the evil we encounter is the consequences of our choice in the garden. Aaron, the atheist, responded that God still created everything with the knowledge of the fall yet still proceded with the act of creation hence making him responsible for evil. Then I responded with a brief paraphrase of our confession that states:

“God, from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of his own will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass: yet so, as thereby neither is God the author of sin, nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures; nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather established.“

Nothing arouses our rebellious and sinful nature quite like God’s sovereignty. The reactions of our atheist friends was of complete disregard and disbelief. We, as fallen human beings, simply cannot accept a God that decree’s evil and yet is not the author of sin. He cannot have a good and moral purpose for it and this cannot be HIS story. By our sin nature, all of creation needs to orbit around man. A creature from the dust rather then the self sufficient, all powerful Triune God. I asked Aaron what was his background to get a temperature of his soul and what has lead him to embrace the faith of atheism. Aaron was kind enough to respond candidly and said he was the son of a fundamentalist pentecostal pastor. He grew up with a radical extreme of Christianity and was clearly deeply hurt by it. I expressed to Aaron with love and respect, that he has not stopped being religious. Man cannot help but be a priest and worship. The issue is whether we fall at the feet of Christ or at the feet of idols. Aaron saw that his passion, zeal, and worship for “nothingness” was evident in his life and his facial expression was surprising. He took a moment to think about it and then continued to put God on the judgement seat and continued to suppress the God he knows is there...

More to come later.

Jeremy Colón, Ruling Elder,
Sterling OPC

Hey Church!

This is a post from our denominations camp schedule at Machen’s Retreat and Conference Center. Head over to their page to contact them for more details on these upcoming events. We’re happy to report that this particular avenue is thriving to be a channel to reach and minister to the youth and other groups.

Updated schedule for the 2019 Machen conference season

Hey Church!

Today we had a great time hiking in the Appalachian trail! Beautiful sights and fellowship with both familiar and new people.

We had a wonderful exchange with Eric, an ardent proponent of atheism. He’s part of the Beltway Atheists group in Northern Virginia. We began our conversation at the peak of the hike as I (Elder Colón) raised the question of consistency between the atheistic worldview (no God, no ultimate purpose. We are meaningless matter simply reacting over time) and the religious nature of the most outspoken prophets of atheism that preach as if there was ultimate purpose and transcendent meaning to people and the world. If atheism is true, then nothing ultimately needs to be true and meaningful hence the inconsistency between what they profess to believe and how they actually live.

Eric did his best to justify the transcendent nature of humanity in living for things that go beyond mere matter but brother Justin Stone graciously exchanged with him reminding him of how thats not possible without the Triune God of the scriptures as the foundation and starting point of all things.

The conversation was very gracious and cordial but filled with salt and light. Eric was enjoying the exchange and we left it open ended to leave room for more conversation in the next meetup. We thanked him for coming and spending his time with us and we both looked forward to the next one!

Something Different - A hike on the Appalachian

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

This Saturday the Manassas Evangelism Team is going on a hike! Please consider coming and inviting a friend. If not, please pray for our efforts to reach the lost in the Manassas community. If you would like more information, please send us a message!

In Christ,

Elder Colón

Join me at Something Different - A hike on the Appalachian Sat, Sep 7, 2019, 10:00 AM: With Labor Day officially behind us that means Summer is coming to an end which means hiking season starts!The plan: we will be doing the Ravens Rocks Hike (https://www.hik

A nice day to watch Polo! A providential Sterling OPC activity! Everyone just kind of planned the same thing, coming to watch Polo!

MANASSAS BIBLE STUDY | Sterling Presbyterian Church (OPC) | Home

Hey folks!

We just opened up a section on our website for the Manassas Bible Study! Its a brief description of what is our aim for this labor. We hope it can give a good idea of who we are to visitors. Share with anyone in that area looking for a body to join!

What is the Gospel?

What is the gospel?...

A question many in this day and age would like a clear answer to from us christians. Jeremy Hefner, our brother who is leading the Manassas bible study, answers this vital question with the hope it might start some gospel engagement. Share with your friends!

for those who do not know, we are currently laboring to establish a church plant in Manassas, VA. If interested, please contact us for more info.

[07/22/19]   What is the gospel?...

A question many in this day and age would like a clear answer to from us christians. Jeremy Hefner, our brother who is leading the Manassas bible study, answers this vital question with the hope it might start some gospel engagement. Share with your friends!

for those who do not know, we are currently laboring to establish a church plant in Manassas, VA. If interested, please contact us for more info.


Hey Manassas folks!

We continue to engage unbelievers in the area! Come join us for this second session.

Join me at Q&A Session 2: Getting to the Question

I think we can all agree that our culture is hostile to the christian faith and I think we, the body of Christ, can also agree that we need to build bridges to communicate the most powerful message to the people in the world. Hospitality can be that bridge to reach the lost. Arguments and debates will come and go, but a consistent modeling of the gospel through hospitality adornes the truth of Christ beyond what we can say and demonstrates that truth in action.

Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace seeks to exposit this ideal through our Teaching Elder, Philip T. Proctor. If you enjoy it, share it!

A powerful clip of our Pastor Philip T. Proctor expositing the centrality of the gospel. Give it a hear and share!

Manassas Christians Answer Your Questions (Manassas, VA)

Hey Manassas folks!

Check out Manassas Christians Answer Your Questions on Meetup This is for anyone who is a Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Antagonist, Bible thumper, Rabble Rouser, or anyone that just enjoys lively (but friendly and respectful) conversations.If you're prepared to

While men build monuments, God built the ultimate monument on the cross. While men build capitals, God spoke his gospel to the world...

How do we navigate the issues that plague our culture?...

What is Social Justice?...

Come join us for this vital discussion. Bring a friend!

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"We lift up God's glory because there is one Lord, and we lift Him up." ~ Pastor Philip T. Proctor of Sterling OPC during our closing session of this year's Spring Theology Conference. #gptsconference

Hey Church!

Just a reminder that if you would like to hear our pastor or any of his teachings you can definitely search by speaker, topic or date on the website!


Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

OPC Home Missions and Church Extension

New visitors and a renewed focus on evangelism in Puerto Rico...

(Home Missions Today) ARROYO, PUERTO RICO — Bradney and Eileen Lopez
Things are going well at Iglesia Presbiteriana Sola Escritura. Bradney shares, “Like any mission work, we have our ups and downs, but the Lord has been good to keep sending new visitors our way.” In January and February they had five new visitors, most of them coming because members of the church were faithful to invite them. Among those visitors were Cristian and his mother, Sylvette. The two came from a Pentecostal background and were looking for a Reformed congregation. They’ve been coming to worship for about a month now. Pray that they would continue to come and stay at the Arroyo mission work.

The church has renewed their focus on evangelism. They’ve just created new church handouts for members to give out, and at the end of the month they plan to start up a weekly Sunday evening study on evangelism. Pray for these efforts. Ask God to touch hearts and open doors for people to know Christ. Also, please keep praying for the health of the Lopez family and that God would provide for their needs.

Hey folks!

Just to let you guys know, we’re working to develop the church website to optimize some user traffic! Now anyone can chat with us through the website!

More things coming soon!

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Sterling Presbyterian Church

Apologia Studios

A powerful testimony of calling the government to repentance!

THIS! This is how a woman should be. This is how we do this. This is courageous womanhood. #Feminism #ReproductiveFreedom #ProChoice #PlannedParenthood

OPC Home Missions and Church Extension

Here's how the Guardian (a major media outlet with no conservative leanings) is reporting on the persecution in China. Interesting to read.

OPC Home Missions and Church Extension

Another new addition to Home Missions Today!

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — Calvin and Connie Keller
We are excited to bring before you Harvest OPC in Winston-Salem, NC and church planter Calvin (and Connie) Keller. The small seed that would become Harvest OPC began in 2014 when families commuting to OP churches in Mount Airy and Greensboro started a Bible study. They hit many bumps along the way and even considered closing the mission work before it started. But God had other plans. He prospered the work. In October 2018, Harvest in conjunction with its mother church Covenant Reformed OPC called Rev. Calvin Keller to be an assistant pastor/evangelist. Harvest is excited about Calvin’s twenty-five years of pastoral experience and his zeal for evangelism.

Because the church is near Wake Forest University, they hope to reach students as well as the Winston-Salem community. Calvin plans to begin open-air evangelism at the university and local venues, using an easel-based gospel presentation, which he learned from Rev. Bill Welzien twenty years ago when they preached the gospel on the streets of Santa Cruz, CA.

Calvin requests prayer that they would grow together as a body, have a burden for the lost, and, above all, that God would be glorified among them.

The Church continues to work!

PARADISE FIRE REPORT - "overwhelmed by the way God is caring for them"

Deacon Gordon Robbins (Roseville, CA) reports on Dec 11:

"I was able to give Pastor Josh Lee a relief check from Reformation Fellowship today ($10,500). He said they are just overwhelmed by the way God is caring for them through their brothers and sisters. Pastor Lee said he had immediate applications for the funds. Some in his flock have resisted taking help, saying “others need it more”, but now have gotten themselves in a financial bind (e.g. maxing out their credit cards due to all the extra expenses of living without a home)..."

Please consider contributing to this worthy cause. Gifts can be given directly to:

Or send your gifts through the OPC

Reformation Fellowship OPC
P.O. Box 1182
Roseville, CA 95678

Payable to: RF OPC Deacons Fund
Designated: Camp Fire in Paradise

Beautiful to see our Church recover Puerto Rico!


I have never before been so encouraged to have to stop at a red light! These functioning traffic signals represent the fact that so much of the impact of last year's Hurricane Maria has been remedied in Puerto Rico. Power is mostly back. Traffic lights are functioning. The plants have pushed out new leaves and the trees are even bearing fruit.

Praise the Lord for the redemption that is evident in this part of His creation. And for His loving care of his saints in Puerto Rico.

I give thanks for the teams that have come and those planning to come and encourage in the next month.

Come vacation in this beautiful part of the US, and visit one of the 3 thriving OPC churches on the island!

OPC Disaster Response

This Hurricane Maria Relief Team of 3 men from Frederick, MD, and 4 men from Royston, GA, spent a week in Puerto Rico doing hurricane relief reconstruction and repair work. They are standing between their hosts for the week - the parents of local OPC Pastor Bradney Lopez.

Hey Folks!

Want hear all our sermons and teachings in one place? Well, now we have that option available on our website:

Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: The use of hospitality in sharing the gospel

Happy Lord's Day Folks!

Just a reminder that our first film is available at our website! It's the first but it will not be the last. Continue to pray for us as we look to add more content through God honoring creativity! A film Produced, directed and scored by Jeremy Seth Colón. One of the most practical, useful and biblical methods in gaining ground in the cultural battle is undoubtedly through hospitality. This is a key ingredient that differentiates our worldview from the rest because it is not grounded in a vac...


Hey Folks!

We are very proud and excited to share our new website! New things coming soon! HOME

Hey Folks!

We are excited to announce our Saturday Night Fellowship this coming Saturday! Interesting topic to discuss, bring a friend! feel free to share the add!

Dr. Pipa is with us this Lord's day sharing about Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and will also be preaching. Come join us!

Hey brothers and sisters!

Although today we could not meet for our saturday night fellowship, we are happy to report that brothers Eric S. George and Jeremy Seth Colon Arroyo went to a local Barnes and Nobles to engage in evangelism. They were able to connect with three different people and talk on a veriety of topics. From business and the nature of man always defining himself according to an ultimate authority to the nature of poetry and how all our artistry at it's core is derivitive. They managed to get the personal contacts of all three and hope to continue the interactions.

If your interested in joining them in their evangelistic efforts, feel free to speak to them and plan accordingly!

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What is the Gospel?
Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: The use of hospitality in sharing the gospel
Into the wilderness: a reflection on the church in a post christian culture
Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace: Second Trailer
Romans 8 - The Future Glory
Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace Trailer




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