Faith Harvest Chapel, Sterling Va., Sterling, VA Video January 1, 2020, 5:00am

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We rejoice at the progress being made, and we continue to pray for one another in the days ahead as we begin to go back ...

Happy Father's Day to Makers Church hero’s and role models. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do f...

You are invited

Don’t miss the fun day. Get your T-shirt, invite a friend, volunteer, and bring the kids it’s going to be fun galore

“New season of destiny and triumph “ #Makerstouch

Makers Touch with Apostle McDaniels

Red Rope Summit | Easter at Makers Church
Easter at Makers Church, Virginia Worshipping Faith Harvest Chapel, Sterling Va.

Success Revelation | #TudorBismark

Please watch our first families video promoting our founder's day . Please Like and share 😍👌🙏

When the drummer suddenly find his calling, during rehearsals. Lol #NewBirthChoir

Recent visit to Ghana. African Educational Renaissance // Pastor McDaniels Gyamfi being presented with receipts of first...