Potomac Baptist Church, Sterling, VA Video September 14, 2018, 12:00am

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Come this Sunday!
Service starts at 9:30 am and connect groups will follow afterwards.

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Come this Sunday! Service starts at 9:30 am and Connect Groups follow afterwards at 11:00.

Come this Sunday! Service starts at 9:30 am and connect groups will follow afterwards.

Come this Sunday! We have barbecue. Service starts at 9:30 am.

Come this Sunday! Service starts at 9:30 am.

What Do You Like About Connect Group?
Check out what some of us think abouot Connect Group and give it a try! Connect Group is the part of our Sunday mornings where we discuss the sermon in more depth and ask any questions we had about the message!

Walking with the Psalms: God is our refuge and strength!

A brief thought from Pastor Jeff on Psalm 44:1-8

Good evening everyone! Check out this message from Pastor Scott regarding this Sunday's sermon. Don't forget worship is at 10:30 AM, and bring a friend!

Good morning PBC family! Would you like to pray like Jesus prayed? Well, in our attempt to be more Christ-like, Pastor Scott will be talking about that in todays sermon. The first part of a three-part series... you don't want to miss it! πŸ™ Worship is at 10:30 this morning, bring a friend!

Good afternoon PBC family! Do you seek approval? If so from whom? Pastor Jeff will be addressing that in tomorrow's sermon... Worship starts at 10:30 AM, bring a friend!

If you haven't heard, Mothers Day is this Sunday… Pastor Scott has something to say about that. As usual worship is at 10:30. Bring on the Moms!

Do you have enemies? Pastor Scott tells you about God's love being perfected in us through our enemies... Don't miss it! And as usual, worship is at 10:30 AM tomorrow morning. πŸ™

OH NO! Pastor Scott gets slapped! Watch and find out if he turns the other cheek... that, just happens to be Sunday's sermon topic. 😊 Worship is at 10:30 A.M. Sunday morning!

Pastor Scott tells us about Sunday's sermon! Be sure not to miss it at 10:30am tomorrow!

A message from our Pastor Scott. A sneak peak at tomorrow's sermon. :) Worship is at 10:30am tomorrow. Don't miss it!

Another message from Pastor Scott! We hope to see everyone for Easter services this Sunday! EASTER SERVICES Good Friday, 4/14 - 7PM Sunrise Service, 4/16 - 7AM Breakfast, 4/16 - 8AM Worship, 4/16 - 9AM & 10:30AM

Pastor Scott is back from sabbatical and has a message for you! Don't forget, Palm Sunday worship service at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday. Come worship with us!

A message from Pastor Jeff... a sneak peak at Sunday's sermon! As usual, worship is at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning! Come worship with us and don't forget to share this post! :)

A sneak peek at tomorrow's sermon from Pastor Tom. Worship starts at 10:30 am tomorrow morning. πŸ™ Please share this post and Gods glory!

The chairs are going up very fast for tomorrow's worship! Please share and God's glory! πŸ™

A quick message about this Sunday's sermon. Here is Peter Mun, PBC's Church Planter Apprentice talking about it… Worship services are at 10:30 AM. Please 'share' our message! πŸ™

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