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Adonai asks us to enter into His rest on Shabbat, because He cares for us and wants us to be restored, renewed and enjoy His love, His Presence and His Peace. Baruch HaShem!
I saw that Tim Hegg has reviewed the book Wake Up! God's Prophetic Calendar in Timelines and Feasts" as "excellent book". I am so impressed by this book. This is one of the books that is so jewish messianic though written from a protestant point of view and building a bridge to the Messianic community, showing christians how Christ is available in the Biblical Feasts, how impressive their new covenant meaning is, how prophetic the autumn feasts are, how the Law of Christ relates to the Law of Moses, how the Ancient Jewish wedding fits in. It is 550 pages with beautiful details and it reads like a novel. In the Netherlands alone it sold 25.000 copies and really turned a lot of things upside down. It is a very honest book with regards to the Church History and how part of the Church became disconnected to its original roots. A must read and would be great to read a review on Messianic Publications. This book is a bridge builder and now availabe in english on
Do You Want To Be Excited and Thrilled Or Fed and Satisfied? When we come to Galatians Chapter 5 and verse 1, we read further and deeper about our freedom in Christ. This is basically what Paul has been wrestling with in this profound, if not exciting, letter. Some people like to be excited and thrilled when it comes to the Christian Faith - all the time - but there is a need for being serious and profound and biblically sound. Those who like simply to receive the bread can disappear when there is no more bread. We learned some weeks ago in John Chapter 6 that Jesus is the bread. What a day to preaching and teaching on freedom - when so many people look for freedom and peace - but we are reading of that freedom which comes from Jesus Christ - and speaking of that peace which comes only from Jesus Christ. We can experience this - even when sadness seeks to imprison us - or when demons attempt to enslave us - or when men try to limit or restrain us. "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." Jesus does not set us free so that we will become slaves to surrounding situations. Jesus does not set us free for us only to revert back to norm - to weak and miserable principles, and religious rules and regulations. Freedom is one of the hardest things to get - and one of the easiest things to lose! The world is crying out for freedom - I want to be free to do what I like. That is not freedom - that is slavery. Many want freedom of speech - freedom of thought - freedom to express ourselves - freedom from want - freedom from poverty or financial restraints - freedom from ignorance - freedom for political action - and even freedom from GOD! Jesus enjoyed perfect freedom - and yet He says - "the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it" – John Chapter 12 verse 49. What to say and how to say it - "I know what You want Me to say to those people, but Father show Me how You want it said. What is the tone to be? How is it to sound?" That is perfect freedom - when our liberty is under the total control of our gracious and loving God - and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Real freedom - is not to do what I want - but to be set free from "me" - to be set free from SELF - to do what Jesus wants me to do. We can be in chains to self - but Jesus sets us free - releases us - delivers us - to be what God would have us be. In Galatians, Paul is arguing for and pleading for the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ - the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Lord, the King. That reminds us of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Speaking of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in these present times is becoming increasingly dangerous. It was in the first Century, and it is becoming more so in the twenty first Century. How do you stand with regard to the reality? "Almighty God, our loving heavenly Father, help us to stand firm and strong in these days, when there are pressures and stresses to compromise, and give in here and give in there." Amen. (This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be read at and - in the 'Archives' section - every prayerful blessing.)

Our goal is to strengthen the body of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) with solid, biblical resources. Visit our website:

Messianic Publications seeks to strengthen the body of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), both Jewish and non-Jewish alike, with resources that will help strengthen, encourage, and equip believers to live holy (set apart) lives, and bring the Gospel (good news) to the nations. This includes the good news of Yeshua ha'Mashiach's (Jesus Christ's) securing the forgiveness of sins by his death and resurrection, and the good news of the Messianic Kingdom to come. We uphold the lasting importance of the Torah for today (Matt 5:17-19, Rom 3:31), the covenantal inclusion of all believers within the commonwealth of Israel (Deut. 32, Eph. 2:12), and believe there is One Torah for all who believe - both native and non-native alike (Ex 12:49, Num 15:15, Deut 32).

Mission: We seek to publish scripturally and theologically grounded articles and resources from a variety of different Messianic teachers and perspectives.

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David Wilber

May you all have a blessed Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles/Booths)! Chag Sameach!

"The secret matters belong to YHWH our Elohim, but what is revealed belongs to us and to our children forever, to do all the words of this Torah."
- Deuteronomy 29:29


"A lot of our Christian brothers and sisters keep more Torah than we do. Let us not forget this."

What about Christians who "don't keep Torah" like Messianics do? This snippet is from Tim Hegg's series on the New Covenant. Learn more here:


"Let us pause for a second and ask ourselves honestly—do we think that somehow because we are attempting to obey God through a Torah-pursuant lifestyle we are actually earning our salvation? If even a hint of such a thing adheres to our belief, we have diminished the glory of Messiah and disregarded the agony of His atoning death on our behalf." If we are to take seriously the warnings we are given about legalism, we must first of all understand what the term means, and this is a problem. It's a problem first of all because it seems clear that people use the term differently. And secondly, the definition of "legalism" is difficult because t...

Many use the term "Judaizer" today without understanding its first century historical context -- namely, that the Judaizers demanded that Gentiles convert to Judaism via a proselyte ritual that involved circumcision, in order to be saved.
Read more here:

Isaiah 53: God Rests His Case | Messianic Publications

"Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend a Messianic Jewish synagogue. There... I heard Messianic Jewish people tell of ways some of the rabbis would dismiss this passage’s unmistakable meaning. They reportedly would say that Isaiah 53 was about Israel — not the Jewish Messiah." I first became aware of the Isaiah 53 text during junior high and high school, while having the sweet experience of singing excerpts of Handel’s Messiah in choirs. At some point I became aware of the brief passage of Handel’s masterpiece that is based on Isaiah 53. It is called simply “Surely ...

Is Sunday “the Lord’s Day”? | Messianic Publications

The "Lord's Day" is believed by many to refer to Sunday, because this is when most Christians believe Jesus rose from the grave. But do the Scriptures support this view? J.K. McKee offers an in-depth analysis of the questions surrounding this important topic. It appears on countless church bulletins, newsletters, and is frequently referred to by many Christians, both Protestants and Catholics. It is “the Lord’s Day,” believed to be Sunday when most Christians believe that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) was resurrected from the dead.1 Because of ...

Question: Did the Apostle Paul Preach the End of the Law? | Messianic Publications

Short Answers to Short Questions Video Series: Did the Apostle Paul preach the end of the Law/Torah? Ariel HaNaviy explains: Did the Apostle Paul preach the end of the Law? The short answer is “no.” Paul not only DID Torah, he also taught others to DO the Torah.

Paul’s Message About Torah Remains a Mystery To Many | Messianic Publications

Galatians and Romans can be hard to understand. So what should guide our interpretation? Should it be guided by the full weight of prior revelation or by the NT only? Ian Hodge weighs in. The ideas offered by some of the commentators, however, halt between an outright declaration that the Torah is out completely for the New Testament believer, or else there is equivocation on explaining just how the Torah might be used today.

Yom Kippur is a reminder that our atonement was procured at great cost by our King.

May your fast be meaningful and Yeshua reign supreme.

70 Biblical Reasons to Keep The 7th Day Sabbath

Six new reasons to keep the 7th day Sabbath just added: #6, 24, 48, 53, 61, 62. Many become preoccupied with finding reasons not to keep the 7th day (Saturday) Sabbath. This article side-steps these debates by listing as many biblical reasons to keep the original commandment as possible.

Who Separated Passover from Easter? | The Stream

The quartodeciman controversy is indeed critical to understanding the separation of Passover and Resurrection day (aka First Fruits, Pascua, Easter, etc.). What do you think of Michael L Brown's proposal of bringing the two back together again? My radical proposal for reconnecting these severed roots.

[05/16/17]   “The reality is as clear today as it was in the days of Yeshua: the enemy of our souls will do all in his power to render us useless for the kingdom of God, to besmirch the Name of the Holy One by effacing His image in us. Moreover, he hates nothing more than that we should constantly live out the victory that was won for us by Yeshua, and he will therefore apply all of his power to tarnish the trophies of God’s grace we are destined to be. Recognizing both the war in which we are engaged, and the power by which it is won, will secure his defeat.”
– Tim Hegg, comment on Matt. 12:25-27, from _Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew_ vol. 2

Intro to Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement

"Yom Kippur, if understood correctly, is not a day by which our atonement is realized, as much as it is a day to be reminded that our atonement was procured at great cost by our King..." An introduction to Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), and how this day might enhance and strengthen a believer's faith.

On Walls and Oneness: Reflections on the Book of Ephesians

The Gospel brings down cultural walls that separate God from His people. The Gospel brings down cultural walls that separate God from His people.

How I Helped My Boys to Become Christian Men

Christian scholar Vern Poythress, on how he helps his sons transition from boyhood to manhood with a ceremony modeled after the Jewish Bar Mitzvah celebration: by Vern S. Poythress, Ph.D., Th.D. 1999 God gave me two boys to raise, Ransom and Justin. Ransom is now 14 years old and is already a Christian man. Justin is a Christian boy 12 years old, a…

The early followers of Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) kept the Biblical Feasts!

For Polycrates' full, unedited letter, see Eusebius' Church History, Book V, Chapter 24:

It is Often Said: “Two Thousand Years of Christianity Cannot be Wrong”

Many assume that the wholesale rejection of the Law/Torah of God by many modern Christians represents historic Christian thought, but nothing could be further from the truth, as Tim Hegg explains.
#ItHasntAlwaysBeenThisWay Many assume that the wholesale rejection of the Law/Torah of God by Christians today represents historic Christianity, but nothing could be further from the truth, as Tim Hegg explains.

Help me choose my new design!

One of our contributors, Jason Salas, wants your help picking a cover for his latest book that best represents his work. I’m running a book or magazine cover contest on 99designs. Designers have submitted 67 designs so far. Please vote on your favorite as I’d love to receive your feedback.

May your Sabbath rest be blessed!

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In The Way: Yeshua for President

With all of the current political discussion, it's important to remind ourselves who really reigns as King. "In The Way" is a Messianic comic strip by Jason Salas, created to encourage believers in Yeshua and keep His commandments as laid out in the Torah.

May your Sabbath rest be blessed!

In The Way: Shabbat Calories

Remember: No counting calories on Shabbat! :D "In The Way" is a Messianic comic strip by Jason Salas, created to encourage believers in Yeshua and keep His commandments as laid out in the Torah.

Matthew 5:17-20: Yeshua’s View of the Law

Matthew 5:17-20 are the clearest statements that Yeshua ever made, explaining the relationship of His ministry to the Law (Torah) of God. This is a detailed, line-by-line commentary on those verses. "For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Lawuntil all is accomplished." -- Matthew 5:18 The following article originally appeared on and is reproduced here with permission. Matthew 5:17-20 is a central text for our cons...

What are the “Elements of the World” Paul Refers to in Galatians 4:3, 9 and Colossians 2:8, 20?

Many interpret the phrase "elements of the world" in Galatians 4:3 and Colossians 2:8 as referring to God's Law/Torah. But is this understanding historically accurate? J.K. McKee weighs in. Some interpreters believe that "elements of the world" in Gal. 4:3 and Col. 2:8 refers to God's Law/Torah. Is there any truth to this claim? J.K. McKee weighs in.

An Investigation Of “The Lord’s Table”

With Passover just around the corner, here is an article that helps explain the origins of the Eucharist/Communion, and compares it to the Passover. What is the background of the Eucharist, commonly known as "The Lord's Table?" This series offers an historical inquiry and suggests that the "Lord's Table" was the product of the emerging Christian Church as she left her Hebrew roots. It will show how 1 Corinthians 11 refers to the Passover celebra…

Michael Rydelnik | A Messianic Jewish Perspective on Holy Week

Why do Messianic Jews and non-Jews celebrate Passover and not Holy Week? Dr. Michael Rydelnik (Professor of Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute) explains at Wheaton College.

April 8, 2009 • For more 2008-09 Wheaton College chapel messages, visit

It is with great sadness -- but also with great joy -- that we celebrate the passing of Ian Hodge into the presence of God.

Our readers know Ian Hodge as a contributing author at Messianic Publications; he was also a loving husband and father, and a gifted scholar (Ph.D. Whitefield Theological Seminary) who's interests and writings were diverse, spanning the areas of theology, economics, politics, music education, and business management, among others.

Ian was a passionate, public defender of the faith, frequently engaging in both written and street-evangelism; he was also passionate about exploring Yeshua and the Apostles' view of the Torah/Law of God in its first century context.

You can read Ian's work at Messianic Publications here (more articles are forthcoming):

And his blog and other writings here:

Denying That Messianic Jews Are Really Jews: My Rejection From Taglit-Birthright Israel

Many are not aware that mainstream Judaism not only rejects Messianic Judaism as a valid sub-sect, but also denies that Messianic Jews are even actually Jews -- a fact which has led to the exclusion and marginalization of thousands of Messianic Jews around the world. Mainstream Judaism has yet to recognize that Jews who believe in Yeshua are still Jews, marginalizing thousands of Jews around the world.

The Adoption: A Short Story

A Christian family, hoping to adopt a baby boy, is shocked to find a strange Jewish man named Yeshua standing at their door. A Christian family hoping to adopt a baby boy is shocked to find a strange Jewish man named Yeshua, standing at their door.

A Community or a Congregation: For What are We Striving?

Is attending a local assembly a necessary part of the faith? What about the roll of the modern pastor? Is it biblical? And is it possible to establish generational communities? Tim Hegg weighs in. Recovering a Biblical view of the Torah also requires recovering a biblical ecclesiology. But what is the nature of the biblical ekklesia/assembly? Tim Hegg explains.

Compare what God says about His Torah/Law and what man says about it and ask yourself: who should we believe?
- via Torahresource

How to Study the Torah

Ariel Berkowitz offers some helpful guidelines for studying God's Torah (Law) for today. Contents: Part 1: Reasons to Study the Torah Part 2: Six Basic Hermeneutical Rules for Studying the Scriptures Part 3: Six Rules for Specifically Studying the Torah Part 4: How to Teach the Torah Anyone who has attempted to read and appreciate the Torah has discovered that sometimes the Torah is…

Rob and Caleb Show

Rob Vanhoff & Caleb Hegg look at the history of Christianity and the Reformation to tackle the question of whether Christmas is pagan. Tune in now or join the chat room to hear more. The live chat room will be open on Weds starting at about 9:00am until the show ends. Don't forget, join Rob and Caleb LIVE! Weds mornings at 10am PST. Complete with a live chat room so you can ask questions and make comments. Click on the small icon in the lower right-hand corner of the…

[12/22/15]   A Theology Cheat Sheet

Dispensational Theology says that the Law/Torah was relevant only to a certain “age of law,” and after Christ’s death, we are now no longer in the age of law, but in the age of grace.

New Covenant Theology holds that since the Bible speaks of God's Law/Torah as a unified whole, after Christ's resurrection the whole Law is done away with, and is replaced with the Law of Christ.

Covenant Theology says that there are divisions in God's Law/Torah between 'moral', 'ceremonial', and 'judicial' categories of law, and that only the 'moral' category (and sometimes the 'judicial') is to be kept in perpetuity.

Messianic Covenant Theology says that God instructs Israel to never add to nor take away from His Law/Torah (Deut. 4:2); that He never intended it to be too difficult to follow (Deut. 30:11; Matt. 11:30); that Israel should be careful to follow "all the words of this Law" (Deut. 31:12, Psalm 119:160); and that they should do so forever (Deut. 29:29, cf. Matt. 5:17-19, Rom. 3:31).

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