New Life Church - Join us this Sunday! Our Sunday worship services are held at 207 E. Holly, Sterling, VA 20164.

We invite you to learn more about New Life Church and the exciting ministry opportunities that await you! Our Sunday worship services are held at 207 E. Holly, Sterling, VA 20164. The service starts at 10:00 AM. Our purpose is to glorify God by incorporating all people into the present and coming Kingdom of God; this is accomplished by teaching biblical truth with power, boldness and clarity. We are dedicated to equipping the people of God to minister to and faithfully serve others. The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of this ministry, and we desire to perform our work as unto Him and reflect the love of God to all those we encounter. We look forward to worshipping with you soon!

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[05/13/12]   Sometimes we go to the wrong source for wisdom and God is our last resort. Pray to God for wisdom and not anyone else.

[05/13/12]   When you go through trials you will be less judgmental of others

[05/13/12]   Can you count it all joy when troubles come?

[05/13/12]   Sermon for May 13, 2012: "Resources for bad times": Proverbs 31:26 and James 1:5-8~Pastor Cary E. Johnson, III

[04/29/12]   To live a resurrected life you have to determine to own your convictions.

[04/29/12]   To live a resurrected life use Godly wisdom. You don't have to be obnoxious when making a statement for God.

[04/29/12]   To live a resurrected life make a decision in your heart not to conform to the world.

[04/29/12]   Sermon for April 29, 2012: "How to live the resurrected life and not just talk about it." Daniel 1:5-10~Elder Terrence Bogans

[04/22/12]   To live a resurrected life you must discard your false righteousness and get the righteous of God in Christ Jesus.

[04/22/12]   There are no shortages in God.

[04/22/12]   When God looks at you He sees Christ and not your failures, faults, or your past. In Him, I can live beyond my fears. In Him, all my needs are met.

[04/22/12]   You can see all the benefits that God has for you when you are in Him.

[04/22/12]   Some people go to church every Sunday and are still out of position. Many people come to church but are not in Him. Only Jesus can save you.

[04/22/12]   Can you give up some church traditions?

[04/22/12]   To live a resurrected life you must be willing to write off some relationships that hinder you from your intimacy with God. What are you willing to sacrifice for Christ?

[04/22/12]   You must work with your brothers and sisters. You cannot be effective in ministry alone.

[04/22/12]   You must work on your strengths. You can reach your potential. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

[04/22/12]   You must work on your priorities. Keep God first!

[04/22/12]   You have to let go of all the things that keep you distracted from Christ. Work on yourself. You can be your greatest asset or your worst liability.

[04/22/12]   Point 1: If you are going to live a resurrected life you must count some things as loss for Christ. What are you willing to count as loss for Christ?

[04/22/12]   Resurrection Sunday should not have been just an event but a life changing experience.

[04/22/12]   Sermon for April 22, 2012: Philippians 3:7-11: "Living the Resurrected Life" Part 2 ~Pastor Cary E. Johnson, III.

[04/08/12]   We can live beyond our fears when we realize we have heavenly angels working on our behalf.

[04/08/12]   Is there anything too hard for GOD. We have access to the chief corner stone, Jesus

[04/08/12]   Don't look at the problem, look to the problem solver!

[04/08/12]   We can live beyond fear when we change our perspective and look up to God. Stop looking down and all around... LOOK UP!

[04/08/12]   The most difficult 'stones' in your life is the stone of rejection.

[04/08/12]   The 'stone' could be the people in your life or circumstances.

[04/08/12]   The women at the tomb of Jesus faced a large stone blocking the entrance of the tomb. Today, what is blocking you to get to God?

[04/08/12]   People of purpose have to rise early.

[04/08/12]   The women brought spices for the purpose of annointing Jesus. So what we bring to Christ has to have a purpose.

[04/08/12]   At some point we have to deal with our fears but when you have an encounter with the resurrected Jesus we can stand beyond our fears.

[04/08/12]   Some of us have fear of dying or fear of a bad diagnosis. We are also fearful of leaving others behind or being alone. We can also have fear of not being accepted.

[04/08/12]   Sermon for April 8, 2012: "A Resurrection Encounter: Living Beyond Fear" Mark 16:6-7~Pastor Cary E. Johnson, III

[04/01/12]   In all we do; do it in the name of the Lord. Hallelujah is the highest praise.

[04/01/12]   Anyone who calls on the name of Lord will be saved.

[04/01/12]   Hosanna in the highest! Lord save us!

[04/01/12]   The Lord has need of me. If He did not need me He would not have created me in His own image.

[04/01/12]   Loose me and don't be bound by anyone again.

[04/01/12]   Loose me from past failures, move on. Loose me from my bad attitude, stubbornness, laziness, controlling, worrying, discouragement, bad habits destroying my life, and from doing it my way.

[04/01/12]   We should have a binding and loosing ministry. Whatever is bound on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever is loosed on earth will be loosed on earth.

[04/01/12]   We settle for hand-me-downs when God wants to bless us with new blessings.

[04/01/12]   Do not despise small beginnings. Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem.

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