Raj Khalsa Gurdwara

A home for the Guru inspired by the teachings of the SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

The Story of Raj Khalsa Gurdwara The roots of Raj Khalsa Gurdwara were planted approximately 40 years ago in Washington, DC. Yogi Bhajan, also known as Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, established a community that was based on Sikh and yogic practices. It was his mission to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and to help people live healthy, happy, and holy lives. The community attracted mostly young Americans who were spiritual seekers, and who wanted lives of meaning and service. Yogi Bhajan inspired us to live according to the Sikh Rehit. We rose in the Amrit Vela to recite Japji Sahib, to practice yoga and meditation and to chant the Guru’s bani. He introduced us to the Sikh principles of Bana, Bani, Simran and Seva. We began to wear turbans and to dress in noble bana. We studied Gurmukhi, we learned Gurbani Kirtan, and we immersed ourselves in the Sikh way of life…not just as a philosophy, but as a daily practice. Most of us took Sikh vows and participated in an Amrit ceremony to be initiated into the Khalsa. Our community at that time was called Ahimsa Ashram. In 1970 we opened a vegetarian restaurant which we named The Golden Temple Conscious Cookery. Our restaurant was very successful and we served delicious vegetarian food there for about ten years. As our community grew and many of us married and had children, we decided to move from the city, and in 1979 our community moved to Herndon and Great Falls, where we still reside. Our children have been raised as Sikhs and have been given a strong identity of what it means to live in the purity of Khalsa consciousness. From 1978 – 1986 we operated a Khalsa pre-school and we then built a school in Amritsar, India called Miri Piri Academy where most of our children have been educated. Please visit: www.miripiriacademy.org We established a Gurdwara in 1980 at 6 Export Drive in Sterling, where we hold Sunday Gurdwara services. In 1998, as our Sangat membership grew, we increased the size of our space, quadrupling the square footage, and adding a kitchen and Dharma school room. We asked the Siri Singh Sahib at that time for an official name for our Gurdwara, and he named it Raj Khalsa Gurdwara, the royal domain of the Khalsa.

Mission: Provide a Gurdwara where all are welcome, all may serve, and the Shabd Guru is exhalted.

“Be relaxed with everyone. People love to talk to you, if you experience relaxation, if you believe relaxation, if you are a relaxed being. All it takes is for you to just talk to somebody and that person will be relaxed right there and then.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/2/73 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Ask yourself these questions, ‘Who am I? What am I doing? What is my object? What is my subject? What is my distance and what is my destiny?’ That is how you should start the day. It is called ‘Starting to realize the Self.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1/9/95
©YB Teachings, LLC

“Your job in the Age of Aquarius will be to understand your own self, your self-dignity, your self-esteem, your self-morality, your self-ethic, your self-spirit and rise and resurrect yourself to the point that you can lift by sight, touch and word.”
~Yogi Bhajan 5/4/94 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“What a woman can do with one smile, you would need a very expert doctor to do. Her divine healing power is more than even she understands, because God has given her the status of a mother. If she’s not a mother, she’s a mother in potential. Therefore, her mechanism, her life, her clarification, is basically divine.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/9/84 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“This is the time for the virtue of your breath to be in control of yourself. This is the moment you have to create all power within yourself. Concentrate on the breath. Feel God within you with each breath. Feel the universe around you with each sound.”
~Yogi Bhajan 8/8/2000 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Nobility is such a virtue. You can conquer the whole world with it. It is a code of conduct to be noble. Nobility is self-determination to not be corrupt. It is a self-declaration.”
~Yogi Bhajan (© YBTeachings, LLC)

“Life was given to you to experience life. Life was not given to you to experience traumas. Life is a caliber. It is given to you once, and it's not meant to be wasted in games.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Human caliber must decide what it wants. If you want to run after things, things will not run after you. If you become still and steady and make your mind to be your mind, then everything will come to you.”
~Yogi Bhajan 5/15/78 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Just remember every soul is a God and every soul is a test for you. Every soul is testing how you are behaving; how you're reacting; how you're projecting; how your aggression and progression is.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/22/94 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You must understand when somebody talks to you, if you are not willing to hear them out, you are foolishly going for an unsuccessful future. The first principle of success is, when somebody is talking, hear it. Don't interrupt. Let him complete the sentence; hear him properly. When they are done and you are asked to speak, do not answer the question if you cannot uplift the person. If your answer uplifts that person, you shall be prosperous.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“If you want to pass the test of time, life, self, grace, projection, and reality, you must decide to keep up, no matter what. There is no other way. And you have to keep up in the face of everything.”

~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“When we cannot listen, we cannot speak. This head has a working mechanism. It only becomes elevated when you listen.”

~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Nothing can change the pattern of human destiny until the devotion is so strong that one is willing to sacrifice his patterns. And when that occurs, life is greatly changed. Elevated consciousness is a surety. Happiness is around the corner.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"The act of kindness is such a powerful weapon that it is endless in its scope. You can never run out of kindness. Kindness is the supreme gift of the elevated person. It is the beauty of the beauty of the beauty.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Truth is nothing but giving your values of earth away and taking the values of ether to you. Truth is nothing but your strength of your commitment. Truth is your security.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/6/77 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

Traducción en Español::

La Verdad no es más que regalar tus valores de la tierra y tomar los valores del eter. La Verdad no es nada más que la fuerza de tu compromiso. La Verdad es tu seguridad.

Yogui Bhajan 06/10/77
Traducido por:
Gurubachan Kaur Khalsa

“Once a person gives himself to the righteous path of divinity and decides to be a soldier for righteousness and a saint for humanity, that person has achieved God-like grace. It is a mental capacity. When you reach a state of consciousness where nobody can reach you, nobody can buy you, nobody can have you, then you are priceless.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1975 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Creativity blossoms when every word becomes respectful, using a respectful language is the power to prosperity, is path of ecstasy, is life of joy.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Inhale deeply with reverence, love, compassion and kindness. Communicate with your breath that it must give you peace of mind, peace on the mother planet Earth, peace and oneness with God and His creation.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The greatest beauty in you is that if you become sacred, your price will go up. If you want to protect your future, never act cheap. If you want to be free, never control anything—it will drag you to death. If you want to be respected, never nag. And if you want to be loved, then deliver. Let your words mean what you say.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/4/95 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The first stage of higher consciousness, is the state of equilibrium where neither praise inflates you nor slander depresses you. You may love the praise, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. You may dislike slander, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. A person who lives in this state is super-sensitive therefore he is grateful. This attitude of gratitude makes a person great.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“In old times God used to speak from the sky and men used to listen and act. God spoke to Ibrahim, God spoke to Noah, God spoke to many people. God might have spoken many times to Jesus. God spoke to Buddha. I was not there with a tape-recorder, so I don't know whether He spoke or not, but in this Age of Aquarius, your consciousness will speak to you all the time. If you have not ears to listen, you shall always be in pain, trouble and face a very painful destruction.”
~Yogi Bhajan 5/4/94 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You can lie to everybody but you cannot lie to your consciousness. And you cannot deny your intuition.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1/26/94 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The greatest blunder I have seen that almost everyone makes is to just speak their mind. It doesn't make any sense. They sound like squawking ducks in a pond. The mind is not meant to be spoken. The mind is mostly waves of thoughts and sensations of many sources. The mind is meant to know the truth. Know your own mind and use it to speak the truth.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You have to learn only one thing. This planet belongs to God. God rotates this planet. Let God take care of your routine. Do not interfere. Spare yourself from pain, tragedy, desperation, and desolation.”
~Yogi Bhajan 2/8/95 (YB Teachings, LLC)

“Give Mother Earth the chance to be in peace. Give mankind the chance to live. Give children of the future a chance to enjoy the faculty that the Creator has created for us. At this time your mental projection in peace can change the warring minds. Peace has a price—the head and heart of all of us. Let us pray.”
~Yogi Bhajan 6/10/89 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Transformation in the game of love requires a complete reorientation to the rules of the game. In order to truly experience love and union, we must begin by playing with a new rule book. In the West, we have been trained to look for that one person—our soul mate—who can fulfill our longing, who can give us what we believe we need or want from a relationship. To truly love, we must first fulfill that longing within ourselves with the Infinite, the love of God. Anything less will fall short. No human being can fill that particular hole—not even a soul mate.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)


Wahe Guru! Tune in this Sunday. 🙏

Snatam Kaur Khalsa is not only nominated but is performing at the Grammy's!

“When an obstruction comes into our lives, we feel very upset. We suffer. We think everything is ruined. No, it’s not true. A car without brakes is not going to be driven on any road. These obstructions, these negativities, these nuisances are part of the game. They give you a chance to cross over them. But you can’t cross them, because you have not acquired friendship with your own spirit.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/5/73 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You now have an action to take, you must achieve your own fulfillment so that your inner satisfaction will be strong enough and your courage will be strong enough that you can let the world know that there is a place where we live in total reality. There is an achievement that a man can accomplish, not ritualistically, but in a total reality, and it is that total reality which shall prevail tomorrow.”
~Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1989 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Appreciation is an art and a lifestyle; a source of happiness and fulfillment. It’s called gratitude, an attitude of gratitude. A person who develops an attitude of gratitude is absolutely divine. You don’t have to sweat. If you have achieved the attitude of gratitude, everything in the world will come to you. If you make it a point to have an attitude of gratitude, it could be the greatest achievement in your life. Gratefulness will make you great. It takes away any discrepancy, any negativity, any bother.”
~Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1984 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Even if life is lived with purity and piety, in happiness and in abundance, still it’s the journey, which we are supposed to take and supposed to finish. Let us finish it with victory, so nothing falls short in our lives. God has given us this chance with every breath of life, every moment of life.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002 (YB Teachings, LLC)

“What can you give to your child except the values of self-justice, except self-identity and self-sovereignty. A child must be told in a practical way how to behave and must be treated to be self-sovereign. Otherwise you are absolutely not giving self-respect to that child. If you take away self-respect, after childhood, the child reacts and then needs psychologists, psychiatrists, mental hospitals, and the like. In childhood we have to be taught about life and justice. We have to be asked to relate to the reality of life in practical sovereignty, and to our independence. We have to have a system of judiciary within ourselves so we can have the experience of it.”

~Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1985 (YB Teachings, LLC)

“Misery doesn’t need appreciation. Misery needs to give you pain. The purpose of misery is to put you through pain. As soon as you start appreciating misery, its purpose is lost.”
~Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1984 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Kindness knows no defeat; caring has no end; and touching a person's heart is the only language God knows. I hope God and Guru will bless you throughout this time, here and hereafter.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Facing the life decides whether you are fulfilled or not. When you face your life you win, you are fulfilled. This is the secret we all know and this is the only thing we do not want to do.”
~Yogi Bhajan 4/9/91 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Seva or service is infinite giving. Service is not finite giving. If you do some service and say, ‘I served,' then you have totally missed the point. Service is when you feel honored by doing something. You don't feel honor in the company of many. You feel it within your own self. That is service. Seva is when your inside is honored, when you honor yourself. When I am honored in my consciousness for doing something, it is seva. When I stand before my consciousness, I feel good, and I say, ‘Well, I am so blessed that I could do it.’ That's Seva.”
~Yogi Bhajan, 7/22/78 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“I know you have passions. I have passions, too. You have thoughts, I have thoughts, too. Can you match your thoughts—sort them out? And only take the good and leave the wrong? There is a test for it. Whenever a thought comes to you, you ask yourself, will it make me noble or will it make me inferior and take away from me the chance to be exalted? These are questions you should ask.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Religion is a state of reality in which a man when he is challenged for limited values, he stands tall with infinity.”
~Yogi Bhajan 11/6/88 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“God is nothing but universality in experience. When you experience a universal consciousness in your finite consciousness, that is what God is all about. When you say ‘In God we trust,’ it means, ‘we trust in our own universal consciousness'.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Every day of your life your tolerance should be ready to cope with your circumstances.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1977 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You know, the only thing man knows is to stimulate the glandular system, the guardian of health, and the muscular system to build strength and keep on being strong. But that's not the answer. There is another thing in the body, which is called mind. The mind can take you through such a hell that you can never know. The mind is very powerful. The mind does not measure time. The mind is given to the soul to connect the Infinity to the finite. The mind is a swing. It can take you anywhere you want to go. That's why your fantasies sometimes are stronger than your life. The mind affects your life and can take you either way.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/27/94 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Do you know how comfortable it is when you walk and God is walking with you? Talking what God is talking in you? That should be the standard. That should be the elevated sense of God. Your behavior, your manners and your virtues should be that of Infinite Divinity. You know how comfortable it is? How powerful it is? How marvelous it is?”
~Yogi Bhajan 6/30/2002 (©YB Teachings, LLC)


My Sikh Interfaith Journey

In recognition of World Religion Day 2019 on January 20th, Guru Amrit Kaur, a 2nd generation American Sikh, shares what inspires her in her interfaith work:

"...I draw my inspiration to do interfaith work from a rich Sikh history, and many Sikh interfaith heroes. Guru Nanak, the first Guru and founder of the Sikh faith, is famous for saying “There is no Hindu and no Musalman” – his first words upon reappearing after his enlightenment. Guru Nanak taught that the only divisions among humanity are imagined constructs of the ego, and that we all come from one Creator.

Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh Guru, built the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, the most sacred site of Sikhism, with four doors, one on each side, to signify that people from all faiths and walks of life are welcome.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of interfaith activism among Sikhs lies with the legacy of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the ninth Sikh Guru. Guru Tegh Bahadur made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life so that another faith community, the Hindu pandits of Kashmir, could practice their faith, thereby preserving freedom of religion in 17th Century India.

In my life as an interfaith activist, I continually draw on Sikh shabads, stories, and larger than life figures for inspiration.

I am a second-generation American Sikh, born to two parents who were originally Jewish and converted to Sikhism after falling in love with the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and joining 3H0 communities on the East Coast. My father became a Sikh when he was 19 years old. My mother was 30. I grew up in a home full of love and devotion for the Guru.

I also grew up with Jewish grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We would celebrate Jewish holidays together. I will always treasure my memories of Passover Seders around my grandmother’s table, of eating potato latkes, lighting the menorah and playing dreidel with my cousins during Hanukkah. I attended Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India where I was steeped in Sikh practices and traditions, and then I finished high school at a Catholic school in Fairfax, Virginia.


“Love without trust is a river without water. And all of you who try love, love, love, I am tired of listening of this love. You neither know love nor understand it. Love fundamentally is the most powerful ecstasy of consciousness, and even if a person goes blind, there is no question when you are in love.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/13/89 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“In the Age of Aquarius, learn to call on yourself. Learn to be yourself. Learn to vibrate and become prayerful in attitude.”
~Yogi Bhajan 3/29/96 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

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