Raj Khalsa Gurdwara

A home for the Guru inspired by the teachings of the SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

The Story of Raj Khalsa Gurdwara
The roots of Raj Khalsa Gurdwara were planted approximately 40 years ago in Washington, DC. Yogi Bhajan, also known as Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, established a community that was based on Sikh and yogic practices. It was his mission to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and to help people live healthy, happy, and holy lives. The community attracted mostly young Americans who were spiritual seekers, and who wanted lives of meaning and service. Yogi Bhajan inspired us to live according to the Sikh Rehit. We rose in the Amrit Vela to recite Japji Sahib, to practice yoga and meditation and to chant the Guru’s bani. He introduced us to the Sikh principles of Bana, Bani, Simran and Seva. We began to wear turbans and to dress in noble bana. We studied Gurmukhi, we learned Gurbani Kirtan, and we immersed ourselves in the Sikh way of life…not just as a philosophy, but as a daily practice. Most of us took Sikh vows and participated in an Amrit ceremony to be initiated into the Khalsa.
Our community at that time was called Ahimsa Ashram. In 1970 we opened a vegetarian restaurant which we named The Golden Temple Conscious Cookery. Our restaurant was very successful and we served delicious vegetarian food there for about ten years. As our community grew and many of us married and had children, we decided to move from the city, and in 1979 our community moved to Herndon and Great Falls, where we still reside. Our children have been raised as Sikhs and have been given a strong identity of what it means to live in the purity of Khalsa consciousness. From 1978 – 1986 we operated a Khalsa pre-school and we then built a school in Amritsar, India called Miri Piri Academy where most of our children have been educated. Please visit: www.miripiriacademy.org
We established a Gurdwara in 1980 at 6 Export Drive in Sterling, where we hold Sunday Gurdwara services. In 1998, as our Sangat membership grew, we increased the size of our space, quadrupling the square footage, and adding a kitchen and Dharma school room. We asked the Siri Singh Sahib at that time for an official name for our Gurdwara, and he named it Raj Khalsa Gurdwara, the royal domain of the Khalsa.

“There is a difference between revolution and evolution: Evolution is the law of nature, revolution is the law of ego. A revolting mind is a filled ego mind who seeks destruction, who believes in death and life. Evolution mind believes in transforming its existence into the Higher Being.”

~Yogi Bhajan 5/ 7/81 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Our relationship will always be happy if we keep on expanding. Touch every heart, bow your head, bless everybody and you shall be blessed.”
~Yogi Bhajan 2/1/99 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"The whole world may give you support....but if your own mind does not support you, you will not be in a position to do anything in life. Your own mind cannot be controlled and guided and give you the support until it is brought to a discipline. That word which brings a mind to a discipline to support you is called "Mantra". Man -Tra...to bring discipline to the mind. That is why we do Japa (Repitition of Mantra/Bani). Japa creates the heat. That is called Tapa; Tapa, that heat burns the karma. Out of the karma grows the kindness and it becomes Dharma. Out of that it grows the compassion. That is called "Sidhi", that is called "power". From that comes the word "Sadhu" who has controlled himself through the all aspect of life and that is what we call "sadhana". Which you do not normally want to do. How many of you are doing regular Sadhana?"
~Yogi Bhajan 6/25/1987 (YB Teachings, LLC)

“People want gimmicks, people want help, people want somebody to give them something, they do not understand they have everything in them, simply they have to go in and get it out.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“It is the elevation of others which makes you useful.”
~Yogi Bhajan 8/30/89 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“There are a lot of ways you can maneuver your life, but you have no life, you are rather a burden to life when your axle breaks. And every life has an axle, and that is the spirit of God, the breath of life... the most important thing the mortal has to see is that immortality is the axle of life.”
~Yogi Bhajan (YB Teachings, LLC)

“Forgiveness is an attitude.
Forgiveness is essential.
Forgiveness is a right of every soul.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/6/97 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“We are going through a change of age and we are participating in it. If you look at the evening news you will find that disasters are happening everywhere. But you are changing. You are changing to challenge the ultimate challenge—to help humanity through it.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“A God-conscious man is a universal man - mobile, flexible and fitting into everything. His flow is like water – you can pour it into any pot and it takes that shape. And whatever the material of the pot, it remains water. Similarly the basic human ingredient is soul, and that soul is part of the Universal Soul.”
~Yogi Bhajan 8/7/75 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“This world is a mirage and because of this mirage many people temporarily or permanently are falling apart. It is a mirage and a gorge too. Once you slip, it’s bottomless, endless. Life is very positive when there’s contentment. Life does not come to you because you are very wise; life comes to you when you are very content. Then you are trustworthy; people like you. They open up their hearts to you and they give you the opportunities. But unfortunately, some people in their own realm of consciousness are short-circuited and they do not enjoy life and the light of their souls.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“So people think that if they live long, live healthy, live rich, live powerful, all that etc, etc, etc, that is the sign that they are people, they are human. Not true. Not true. A person is a person... per his sun, he has seen the light within and without. If a candle does not light another candle, it breaks the continuity." If you have not done one good thing today to elevate one person, you have wasted your day. If you have not inspired one person today, if you have not served one human today, if you have not smiled at one person... take all good qualities of you. If you have not used them all today, one way or another, you have lost a part of you. And it is each day. And that's the difference between an animal and a human. Human has an impulse of consciousness to ignore light -- or be lit with it.”
~Yogi Bhajan 3/13/90 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The act of kindness is such a powerful weapon that it is endless in its scope. You can never run out of kindness. Kindness is the supreme gift of the elevated person. It is the beauty of the beauty of the beauty.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1/19/76 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“This is the time for the virtue of your breath to be in control of yourself. This is the moment you have to create all power within yourself. Concentrate on the breath. Feel God within you with each breath. Feel the universe around you with each sound.”
~Yogi Bhajan 8/8/2000 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“This world is not evil, we are not born in sin, we are born through His grace and we are born in His image and nobody is superior than you, nobody is inferior than you and you are nobody but you.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The problem with walking on the spiritual path is that you are tested at every step. Each step expands you, lifts you, and gives you elevation. But on the neurotic path, the path of ego, you enjoy every step, but every step is just flat. No lift, no elevation. You get so tied into it that soon nothing can reach you.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"As people cannot tolerate a mirror, they cannot tolerate a teacher either. Because a spiritual teacher is nothing but a mirror of consciousness, where are you at. Spiritual teacher cannot give you a thing. All it can tell you is where are you at."

~Yogi Bhajan

“In virtues and in misfortunes, time is nothing but the test. In prosperity we make friends, in adversity we test our own self in relationship to our time. I will not see tomorrow that we can overcome our emotions, our feelings and I am willing to share with you to that extent, I don't think we will even overcome our corruption. I don't think it is possible not to be corrupt. Because normally, what is a corruption? It's a temporary satisfaction at a proper time and a proper space against the values, which are permanent and forever.”
~Yogi Bhajan 12/30/85 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Whether you are naked or you have a golden robe on you, that doesn’t make any difference. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful- great and full - that you are alive, and you enjoy it.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The best resurrection is when you get out of your own idiotic nature, when you get rid of your own insecurity, when you rise above on that cross where are you are nailed and then you forgive people, that is called Christ.”
~Yogi Bhajan 6/28/87 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“You cannot hate anybody. You can't. Because the hate you are hating is in you, that is the inner hatred which cannot take infinity. It is your inner meanness which cannot take infinity. It is your narrowness, it is your wrong. You don't want to take the height and take the horizon.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“What I am seeking from you is a very simple reflection of you. Be innocent, be radiant, and keep your mind unpolluted. Stop scheming and start living.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/25/82 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

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“Your soul and you become more and more remote. Your soul, your most intimate friend, seems very remote in time. Then, acting by commitment and grace becomes remote in space. Then you lose face and grace and ultimately the race!”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Praise God and blame God. Do whatever, but keep talking with Him, that's the bottom line. Let your ego not stop your communication with God in good times or in bad times.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Don’t just talk to a person, don’t just befriend a person, don’t just shake hands with a person. Serve that person. Elevate them.”
~Yogi Bhajan 4/4/1997 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“If your emotions and feelings, which are very limited of you, guide you, then you have not yet learned to grow. And constantly refusing to grow means, in society no one will trust you, nobody will have faith, nobody will think you are going to deliver, and fact is, one who cannot deliver himself, and cannot deliver, will end up destroying.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

[09/26/18]   Ten Sacred Secrets of Success

1. Learning is not a weakness.
2. If someone is avoiding reaching you, you reach out.
3. Be the altar not the alternative.
4. Let your manners speak for you, and let your deeds prove you and let your deliverance impress you.
5. Work never waits; those who wait have not started yet.
6. Excuses, avoidance, delays will not stop the consequences.
7. Pros and Cons: Check properly, it will save you from con games.
8. Be a statesman and a diplomat.
9. Your individuality, your attire and your attitude – that all counts above all.
10. Act three ways: action, support, and cover.
~Yogi Bhajan 4/14/92 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“There is only one simple fact: On the spiritual path you have to pass through your mind, your power in experience, to reach the soul. But mind is not bound in time and space. So you must create a focus, an identity, a sensitivity to be beyond time and beyond the challenge of space. Then the soul is always immediate and present. It gives you a flow and makes your presence glow.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"You have to do first things first. If you do not accept your own dignity as a woman, all external trappings shall mean nothing. It has nothing at all to do with any man or with any relationship. Once you accept your own dignity, the whole world will come to you."
~Yogi Bhajan 7/1/96 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"We claim and hope for a lot of things. When it comes to the test, it is very difficult. We claim we commit to marriage and a graceful relationship. When a problem comes, we run away and become rude and difficult. Each neurotic drama becomes a choice between temptation and consciousness. Which should win? Consciousness and your spirit! But often you know this, and you still let the temptation win and you lose your self. How can you fail your own conscious being? How is this betrayal of your own consciousness possible? It is the same answer: There is a joy in ego because it is now. But the ego is also blind, and that is why there is pain in life.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“The mind loves to feel its power and have you pay attention to it, rather than to you and your soul. The mere touch of the wisdom and blessing of the Guru protects me and gives me the power and opportunity to train my mind to remember Har—God's Name. When the Infinite penetrates the mind, it dyes you in the same way. You become vast and see the light of the soul everywhere. Then it is truly true: if you don't see God in all, you don't see God at all.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Throughout all your activities, you have to relate, connect, and keep your soul with God. When you are eating, living, waiting, driving, anytime. Remember, let the word guide your mind to synchronize with the Infinite under every mood. With this attitude established you can embrace life and feel the ecstasy of the creation with clarity, humility, and happiness.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Guru's Shabad (word) is words and rhythm and meaning that give you an automatic stamina whenever you face a test, a situation, or a temptation to betray your consciousness. When you train the mind with the Guru's Shabad, you develop a faculty called ‘naam chit aveh’—the identity of your spirit, and God comes to you instantly in your mind. Those words come to you when you are in difficulty, in pain, in trouble, or you are in a good situation. They come in your mind automatically, like a sprinkle of water. Then it blossoms in you. It establishes an attitude of gratitude. And that gives you a balance and an antidote to the egomaniac mind.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Anybody who wants to rise must pay for it. If you want to levitate your personality, then the art of sacrifice has to be mastered. It is only in giving that you receive.
That is the law of conscious existence, for any person at any stage of mind. If someone only wants to get and does not want to give, it won't work out for him.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/5/73 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“There is a state of mind in which when somebody is negative to you, you do not become equally negative to him or her, you just tolerate it. And in that tolerance there is a very great patience; in that patience there is a great prayer. That prayer is: this neurotic idiot, this confused person, is, after all, Your creation.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/6/80 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“I hope you will give a chance to your future and see your future, and you will put every negative, positive, neutral, nothing, everything into it. So that when your children become people tomorrow, they should pray for you.”
~Yogi Bhajan 1/7/90 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Your power is exactly how you communicate. A communication which has no spirit behind it, has fear and anything with fear will create a handicap for you.”
~Yogi Bhajan 10/24/2000 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Dharma is the discipline of living the truth; not knowing or reading the truth, not gossiping, discussing it, not the logic of it, not the reason of it.”
~Yogi Bhajan 12/3/77 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Make your mind so vast, so neutral that it can uplift even those whose destiny it is not even written to look towards God.”
~Yogi Bhajan (YB Teachings, LLC)

“Project yourself in one way only. That in God you dwell - you are God's people. Forget about that you are American, forget about that you are even Sikh, forget about that you are a woman, forget about that you are a man, forget about that you are rich, forget about that you are poor, forget about everything about you. But remember one thing about you - that you are purely and basically God's people...Tell all the world, all the living world, that you are God's being. If your children know that you are a divine person, you do not understand how much love, reverence, and respect they will give you.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/8/81 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“To live in the highest Self is what human life is all about, but we waste our life on small things. Our poverty doesn’t hurt us, but our neighbor’s richness does. We are always competing and comparing and planning and imagining things. We rarely allow the flow of life as God wants us to flow with it.”
~Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

"Putting down people and putting down other people and putting down a situation is not a Sikh way of life. The Sikh way of life is the opposite of it. The Sikh way of life is those who are put down are down, lift them up, excel them."
~Yogi Bhajan 10/2/88 (©YB Teachings, LLC)

“Every human being who wants to excel and to develop the character and caliber that upholds the values of the soul, needs a direct, fundamental relationship to the mind.”
~Yogi Bhajan (©YB Teachings, LLC)

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