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Why isn't the afternoon meeting today online today? It say's, Off Air!🤔😓
Howdy Dear AUC Friends: Happy New Year… hopefully it’s off to a great start so far for you! Do you know that Thayer Performing Arts Center is still running at the AUC campus (within the historic, handsome Thayer Hall / Conservatory). It’s known as “TPAC” (affectionately pronounced “tee-pack”) and is currently the only functioning academic program remaining on campus; but it has had to become independent and self-sustaining as there is no more budget money coming from the college, conferences or Atlantic Union to fund its edifying music ministry programs. Over $10,000 has already been donated to help meet heating and other operational costs for this school year, but we are yet in dire need of raising another $20,000 immediately in order to retain the director and secretary for smoother and fuller operation of this special non-profit organization. That is why I’m specifically reaching out to you and some 200 other potentially interested persons and humbly asking you to please consider donating $100 to help TPAC retain its director and secretary (both part time positions, but essential none-the-less). With just 200 tax-deductible donations of $100 each the full amount can quickly be raised, especially with your help. Please let me share with you some more details. TPAC has been operating for over four and a half decades now, formerly known as The Preparatory School of Music (at AUC’s Thayer Conservatory). That’s nearly half a century thus far of magnificent music at Thayer! Today it operates under the direction and auspices of the popular Youth Ensemble of New England (Dr. Connie Rittenhouse-Drexler conducting). Earl Raney, TPAC Director, is no stranger to Thayer. He has served as TPAC director for the past several years, having begun his affiliation with Thayer back in the 1980s when he first started serving as a talented trumpet teacher (which he continues to do while also administrating TPAC). Earl’s friendly expertise and professional experience have been tremendous assets to TPAC and the students studying there. Without his capable and creative administration we shudder to think how TPAC may suffer in properly providing its music ministry mission to the Lancaster community and northeast region. Please help us retain his valuable services and leadership with your kind and generous tax-deductible donation today. It is easy to give! Please do so now… either online at or by sending your check to Thayer Performing Arts Center, PO Box 511, Lancaster, MA 01523. Won’t you please donate $100 to help keep the director and secretary employed at TPAC? If not, perhaps you’d still consider giving a smaller amount? Whether your donation is $100, or an amount greater or lesser, the sooner we raise the money needed to keep the director and secretary on the better. Because TPAC wasn’t certain it could continue operating within Thayer Conservatory building until nearly September of last year (2018), valuable time was lost to do fuller recruitment and solicitation. Hence our urgent need now to close the unfortunate gap in this year’s budget. Despite this handicap there are currently 104 satisfied students benefiting from this important music ministry this school year. Praise the Lord! You may visit TPAC’s website for a brief overview of TPAC 2018-19, including the various musical offerings and staff who help make this a successful endeavor: TPAC’s music ministry is unique, not only for those making it happen, but likewise to the thousands who are blessed in attending the many concerts, recitals and special music performances the students and staff share not only in the local community but throughout the region on frequent tours. Won’t you please help us continue functioning full throttle with our dear director and his secretary? Thank you for your consideration and hopefully also for your much appreciated contribution. Your prayers too are valued and needed. God bless, John C. Schumacher-Hardy (774-415-1201 / [email protected]) TPAC Historian PS: Again… please send a donation of $100 to TPAC today… either online at or by sending your check to Thayer Performing Arts Center, PO Box 511, Lancaster, MA 01523 (simply make your check payable to “TPAC”). AND feel free to please share this letter with anyone you know who may likewise be interested in supporting the music ministry at TPAC. Thank you! 
FYI REGARDING AUC CAMPUS DEVELOPMENTS -- Here's a Digital version of a recent document regarding a proposed new educational program at SLA / AUC - There will be a public meeting on this for SLA constituent members (for anyone belonging to local constituent SDA churches such as College Church of SDAS, South Lancaster Village Church, Leominster SDA Church, Sterling SDA Church, South Lancaster Portugues SDA Church, Clinton Spanish Church, etc.) at South Lancaster Academy this Thursday evening (27 Sept 2018) at 7 PM.... I hope the AUCollege Board has been included in these discussions. I'm concerned about the AUC and SDA historical items on campus being safeguarded (especially items within the Oscar Schmidt Adventist Heritage Room at AUC's G. Eric Jones Library, Founders Hall and contents, miscellaneous items stored throughout campus, etc.) and also wondering why there isn't a single thing noted within the proposed curriculum for SDA and / or Christianity studies in general. AND would this proposed agreement allow for additional programs on campus such as the TPAC (Thayer Performing Arts Center) continuing at Thayer Conservatory and also any possible other SDA educational and/or medical missionary work operating on campus simultaneously, now or in the future??
Hi Pastor David Dennis, Were you able to get an address for Roland Shoemaker's children? We wanted to send a card and note to the family. Thanks again for your help in this request. Blessings, Nan & Art Schu in TN
Multi-Media DVD Presentation of Kenneth Cox Ministries THE TIME OF THE END Each DVD presentation of this series lasts one hour, to be followed by a brief discussion Hosted by Christopher and Valerie Schad Coming Saturday, July 7, 2018 Saturday nights 5:00-6:00 pm in the Youth Chapel College Church of Seventh-day Adventists 337 Main Street South Lancaster, MA 01651 Kenneth Cox is a pastor and evangelist with a heart for saving souls. He has conducted evangelistic meetings around the world and produced programming for 3ABN and other television networks. He is a pioneer in multi-media presentations, and his unique approach and engaging personality have brought thousands of precious souls into God’s kingdom.
LIVE TELETHON: Tune in Tonight, September 30th from 5-11 pm to support and offer your donation to the SNEC ACS Telethon as we raise funds to bring relief to the many hurricane victims of Puerto Rico and its surrounding islands. Live Stream link:
GREAT NEWS for AUC! Around $400,000 Is Being Refunded to AUC! The Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board ruled in AUC's favor regarding AUC's challenge to Lancaster's errant property tax billing from 2014, 2015 and 2016. This decision was made by the MATB on 19 Sept 2017. There were 12 separate properties which AUC had challenged the Town of Lancaster regarding their errant tax billing. The total amount of money Lancaster must now refund to AUC is just under $400,000. AND it's confirmed that AUC's tax exempt status applies to the properties in question so they will not be further taxed going forward... representing significant cost savings for AUC. Praise the Lord! :-) Note: I'm sharing here a digital image of the document for just one of the subject properties (showing for the one with the highest amount being refunded)... the other eleven documents look similar, but have differing amounts for their refunds.
Question? Does Puerto Rico donations go to local community services since it's not in NAD? US territory but not a state? Or to somewhere specific?

This page is meant to report in part the wonderful things for Jesus which are being accomplished by His people in the Southern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Mission: Advancing the Kingdom of God

Just inside the main gate to the camp meeting grounds.

01 Aug 2020 — Today Pastor Ervin Ochoa was ordained to the gospel ministry at the Lynn Central Church. Ervin and Andressa came to SNEC about 18 months ago where he was working as a Bible worker in the Idaho Conference. Pastor Ochoa also had about five years of pastoral experience before coming to SNEC. We are happy for this family and we were glad to recognize his call from the Lord.

The Treasury department has calculated the offering remittances from the churches for the month of June. When June 2020 is compared to June 2019 we saw a GAIN of 22% of tithe.

Cumulatively for the year we are 5% down. This number is a comparison of Jan-June 2019 and Jan-June 2020.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Let us praise God for what we have.

With the churches starting to re-open in June we believe there are members who faithfully held their tithe until the time they could return back to church.

Healthy shopping is as easy as ABC LANCASTER - A Better Choice has been offering a variety of health food options to the community for over 150 years. Opened as the Adventist Book Center

July 9, 2020-Special Edition: G. Alexander Bryant Named North American Division President (video interview included) On July 9, 2020, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s General Conference Executive Committee met virtually to receive the name of G. Alexander Bryant, the recommendation for division president of both the North American Division’s nominating committee and executive committee. Read the news release...

SNEC Office is opening up, partially.

Effective, Monday, June 29, 2020

We will be open to the public

Monday - Thursday: 1:00 to 5:00 pm

Please call for appointments.

Please no walk-in visits

This is to maintain the amount of

people in the office.

Visitors should wear a face covering.

50% of employees are working M/W

50% of employees are working T/Th

To open up more than 4 hours a day

would require us to do an extra cleaning

during the day.

Employees will continue to work their remaining hours remotely.

The Treasury department has calculated the offering remittances from the churches for the month of May. When May 2020 is compared to May 2019 we saw a GAIN of 2% of tithe.

Cumulatively for the year we are 10% down. This number is a comparison of Jan-May 2019 and Jan-May 2020.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Let us praise God for what we have.

The Adventurer Spring Escape & Pathfinder Camporee which had been tentatively scheduled for September have both been cancelled.

Sadly at the conclusion of our walk for peace and justice event Mr Don Lewis died. As best I can piece the information together shortly after the event concluded Don walked over to the sidewalk to head back to where his car was located. He had driven to Lancaster from New Hampshire. At the corner of Main Street and Sterling Road he collapsed. He was obviously seen by someone who called the town EMTs. He was brought to the hospital and did not survive.

He and I had spoken on the green at the town hall. He was there to document the event on video. He was very happy to be there. Don and his wife Diane frequently interact with this page.

I just received Diane’s contact information and will be reaching out to her.

Can you please ask our Lord for prayers of comfort for Diane?

(I do not know who took these photos but I am grateful they were sent to me.)

We will start walking at noon on Thursday, June 4. All are invited.

Memorial Day Flashback 2013

Adventurer Spring Escape 2017

Lord, thank you for the parents and leaders who make these joyful events happen for our children

Since the start of the COVID19 crisis 8 SNEC employees have lost their jobs through termination or furlough. Considering timing issues and rates of pay this means 4.5 full time salaries have been reduced from the budget.

It hurts to make these decisions to dedicated, service-minded workers for Christ.

Please pray for our employees. Like everyone the economic situation is scary.

Today the SNEC AdCom approved a grant to every organized Church, Company, and Group. Churches under 400 members will received $150. Churches with over 400 members will received $200.

The money is to be used for preparation for reopening. The local church board can decide how best to use the funding.

This may seem like a small amount. The total conference-wide is $30K.

The Treasury department has calculated the offering remittances from the churches for the month of April. When April 2020 is compared to April 2019 we saw a loss of 15% of tithe.

Cumulatively for the year we are 12.6% down. This number is a comparison of Jan-Apr 2019 and Jan-Apr 2020.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Let us praise God for what we have.

The business side of the church work is being treated differently than what can happen in the church buildings.

With Governor Baker’s Guidelines we could bring 5 or 6 employees into the office. On a daily basis, because of the needs of the office, 5 or 6 employees are usually in the office at random times. Thus, until the restrictions are changed we will maintain the current configuration.

Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13

In early March as the COVID19 panic began to take hold of people the phrase “Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13" began to circulate on social media. I will admit I rolled my eyes at first. But I understood the sentiment of people trying to be serious, and their genuine concern for people and their health.

The phrase “Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13" was meant to convey two thoughts. One, the government’s call to stop meeting in groups, namely as congregations, was not a government plot to take away our first amendment right to freely exercise our faith. And secondly, that we should be good citizens and quarantine ourselves for the safety of other people. I believe that those who promoted the “Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13" slogan did this with the best of motives.

Motives aside the slogan revealed bad Bible study and instruction. I plan to take up the subject of “. . . not Revelation 13" at another point in time. Presently I will concern myself with the “Leviticus 13 . . .” part of the slogan.

Leviticus 13 describes the rules of isolation for an individual who has contracted leprosy. Leviticus 13 fits into a section of rules which designate the people as clean or unclean. The clean and unclean designation revolved around worship at the sanctuary. The section includes Leviticus 12-15. In Leviticus 11 the clean and unclean distinction is made concerning foods. This is a distinction known Biblically as far back as Noah.

All this distinction between clean and unclean and access to the sanctuary for worship leads to Leviticus 16 — the Day of Atonement. The Day of Atonement was the holiest day of the Hebrew worship calendar. It was the day when the Lord mercifully judged His people. The whole assembly of the people were to participate. It was a horrible thing to be unclean and outside the camp of people on the Day of Atonement. For it was outside the camp where the scapegoat was taken and destroyed. Thus, the strong emphasis on being clean is presented leading up to Leviticus 16 so that one can participate in the Day of Atonement and be mercifully judged by the Lord to be spiritually clean.

It has been long established that Leviticus 16 and the Day of Atonement is the center of the five books of Moses. In other words, this is the theological focus of Moses; to be mercifully judged to be spiritually clean and in right relationship with the Lord. The clean and unclean discussion of Leviticus 12-15 is not incidental but paramount.

The isolation of the leper was just one reason for being considered unclean. In Leviticus 12 a female could be considered unclean, and thus not qualified to worship for having given birth. And in Leviticus 15 both males and females would be considered unclean because of bodily discharges such as semen or menstruation.

Being unclean caused the possessions owned and used by the individual to be considered unclean. Thus, isolation, or quarantine for a period of time was prescribed. Throughout all this uncleanness the role of the Levitical priests became central. They became the arbiters of the clean and unclean designation. The priests were used because they were protecting the community of worshipers at the sanctuary.

The chapters are clear that it was the unclean person who was isolated and quarantined, not the clean and healthy people. Isolation was to have a minimal effect upon the larger community. Isolation was to have a minimal effect upon even those who were designated unclean. These chapters describe in detail the work and investigation the priests were to execute to ensure that the least amount of damage happened to the possessions, including the home, of those who were isolated. Even the woman who gave birth and designated to be unclean, if she was poor, could offer a pigeon for her burnt offering, and not an expensive lamb. The effect of quarantine was to be minimized. The whole process was to be restorative in order to bring the person back into the larger community with minimal hurt. Restated, quarantine was not to be punitive.

As stated above, I believe the motives of those who used the “Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13" slogan were pure. But the theology was bad. From a Biblical point-of-view quarantine and isolation is for the sick not the healthy. And if we are going to apply a virus as equating to leprosy, do we then need to start applying the rules for giving birth, seminal and menstrual discharges as qualifying for quarantine too? No rational Bible student would make such a claim. Then why do we apply rules of leprosy to viruses? Why apply rules of quarantine to the healthy and not the sick? Quarantine rules applied to the healthy are punitive and against the entire spirit of the isolation principle.

In my estimation the really frightening part of this exercise has been the wrongful use of religious principles to give justification to enforce questionable government policies. Certainly when it comes to the moral law we find agreement with government enforcement. But never has the quarantine of healthy people been used as a policy to restrict the freedom of people. And we allowed a never tried policy to be used and justified with our poor Bible study.

We did not even stop to have the discussion or do the Biblical study before we rushed to proclaim the slogan “Leviticus 13 not Revelation 13". I understand we want to be relevant. The gospel needs to be relevant each and every day in each an every Christian’s life. But we have to be Biblical. We have to be right. We cannot be sloppy in these things.

Please let us commit to be better at this.

The “New” Normal

Normal is very personal. Normal is societal. Normal is simply a calculation in our minds of all the things which attempt to influence us; the things which influence us without our consent; and the things which we allow to influence us. We may consider normal to be good, bad, or indifferent. I suspect most of us compartmentalize the good and bad normals to various areas of our lives.

For the Christian we are to live in a state of expectation of a new normal each day. For he who is in Christ is a new creation. The Christian experience is not to be static. In Christ there is potential to see change and hope for positive growth. The Spirit’s influence should be appreciated and accepted.

For the disciple of Christ the new normal always regards the past influence of the Lord in our lives as paramount. God builds on a foundation. Normal is constructed over a continuum. A new normal does not appear out of nowhere. When the apostle Paul when struck down on the road to Damascus he acknowledged that God had been leading him to the point of the new normal in his life. Today’s new normal does not toss away His past leading. Scripture itself stands as a foundation of what is normal. This is a principle.

When the phrase “new normal” is tossed around there is a certain glee in some societal voices to want to toss away all past understandings of normal. This is dangerous. It is not anchored. A new normal which is not rooted in the foundation of what we have learned to be good and helpful is chaos. It will cause confusion and more suffering. This is true both personally and as a society.

Please let us be careful.

Four years ago in May the newly purchased and refurbished Greater Hartford Ghanaian Church was opened in Bloomfield, CT.

Adventist Camps in the North American Division Provide Summer 2020 Camp Report | North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Every summer throughout the North American Division, Adventist Camps hosts summer camp evangelism at about 60 camps. With the impact of COVID-19, and the uncertainty of how life will be throughout North America this summer, our camp directors, camp boards, and conference administrators are making ha...

13 May 2020 — Today the Atlantic Union Conference Executive committee approved the ordination of Pastors Ochoa, Rojas, and St. Natus. Ervin, Ronald, and Valery have worked very hard and suffered for the gospel. Their families are wonderful and supportive. The SNEC Administration was very grateful to present these names.

The individual ordination services will be as soon as practical.

Instead of 2 weeks out we approved the remote configuration for one week.

It was a wonderful experience to worship with the Braintree Church this morning.

Pathfinder Camporee in May 2015 held at Camp Berkshire

A Sabbath afternoon surprise stopped by to say hello

08 May 2020 — Big day at the Cabo Verde Church in Brockton. The new chairs for the sanctuary arrived — about 300 chairs had to be unpacked and hauled up 2 flights of stairs.

The newly refurbished building is almost ready to open.

Good job Pastor Felix Félix Monteiro

08 May 2020 — Today if the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. This was the day the allied forces were able to get the fascist forces in Europe to capitulate.

The photo is of the World War 2 Memorial in Washington, DC.

Most of the veterans of this war are now gone. If a veteran was age 18 in 1945 he would be 93 years old today. I praise God for those who sacrificed. They fought to keep their buddies alive and they ended up saving the civilized world.

The 75th Anniversary of VJ — victory over Japan — will be this coming August.

04 May 2020

From: SNEC AdCom

To: All SNEC Full-time Employees

Subj: Continuing COVID19 Response

Dear SNEC Employees

It is with sadness that AdCom has made a decision to reduce the base rate of pay of all full time employees by 2.5%. Teachers, who are working under signed working agreements, will not see this reduction until the new contract year. For all others this will be implemented during the current payroll period.

With the 30% reduction of tithe inflow during the month of March SNEC’s ability to meet payroll is going to be strained in the coming weeks. Already reserves are being used to meet current payroll demands.

This latest action comes as all programming expenses for the current year have been eliminated. Travel budgets have been reduced. The next place to go to reduce costs is payroll. The 2.5% is shared by all full time employees.

This is not happy news. The Lord excels working in bad situations. He will see us through this crisis.

Our members are faithful people. Many have lost their jobs and are not capable of giving to the church. Some do not trust the on-line giving. God will bless them to bless us. Let us be grateful for the opportunities we have to share the gospel. Let us always be grateful for what we have.

Thank you for your continued efforts to advance the mission of the God’s church.

Sincerely and with respect,


04 May 2020 — This past weekend the SNEC Administration spent several meetings talking with the elders of the local churches. This was accomplished through several meetings and working in the language groups. We have one more this upcoming weekend.

For if either of them falls,
the one will lift up his companion.
But woe to the one who falls when
there is not another to lift him up.
Ecclesiastes 4:10

Church-State Relations | Preamble God is love. His rule of this universe is based on the willing obedience of His creation evoked by His magnificent benevolence. Only a faith that

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