Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin (Community Sacred House of Energy) is the direct legacy of Casimira Rocha y Sánchez and her ancestors. We are dedicated to sharing this wisdom with respect and integrity to all whom seek it.

Through reaffirming ancestral beliefs of the healing process, we affirm the holistic treatment of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Through reconnecting to our Mother Earth and Father Sky, we reconnect to one another by honoring and respecting all life: animal, mineral and plant, so our equilibrium in this universe may be restored. Through remembering that we are conduits of higher sources of cosmic energy, we have faith in the ancestral methods of our abuelitas and abuelitos in relearning how to heal ourselves, each other, and our communities, by sharing this medicine with our present and future generations. ©2000KTOLFranklin

Mission: We are a group of men, women and families who are affirming, reconnecting and remembering the traditional ancestral methods in which people empower their own healing.©2000KTOLFranklin *If you are an apprentice or attend our workshops, there will be NO certificate. This medicine is passed down orally and with hands on training NOT meant for institutionalized paperwork*

Felix Luna Nueva on this week filled with blessings ❤️

“Power-up your game plan"! The new moon partial solar eclipse is particularly powerful because it forms an alignment of five planets in Capricorn. When you have an eclipse it has a tendency to create a thrust of energy and a major shift or change in your life during its cycle. It is the difference between using a 20 W bulb and 100 W bulb to light up a room. This cosmic power burst is trying to form structure in your life. In the Native American way it is creating the sand painting ,and in mysticism it Is forming a vision board or a roadmap to your goals. If you don't stand for something or know where you're going you fall for everything and get side tracked. The vibrations of earthy Capricorn start energizing events helping us build new foundations, set up goals and initiate plans on how to achieve them. Your finances are highlighted and you will examine investment planning and monetary goals. Put more energy into your career and review your professional outlook. You will feel motivated to accomplish goals.Stay organized. Identify and recognize limitations and boundaries. Solidify your resolutions for the new year. This aspect will impact all the Cardinals signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.via our friend Cynthia Hess 🌹

Kalpulli Teocalli: Ancient Healing Arts

Feliz Noche Buena (Happy Christmas Eve)

World Blessing 🌹
LOVE to all beings: To the East, To the South, To the West, To the North, Up and Below. LOVE to all beings. (A Moment of Silence)

COMPASSION to all beings: To the East, To the South, To the West, To the North, Up and Below. COMPASSION to all beings. (A Moment of Silence)

JOY to all beings: To the East, To the South, To the West, To the North, Up and Below. JOY to all beings. (A Moment of Silence)

SERENITY to all beings: To the East, To the South, To the West, To the North, Up and Below. SERENITY to all beings.
(A Moment of Silence)

Bendición Mundial
AMOR a Todos los seres :Al Este, al Sur, al Oeste, al Norte, arriba y abajo. AMOR a todos los seres.
COMPASIÓN a todos los seres :Al Este, al Sur, al Oeste. Al Norte, arriba y abajo. COMPASIÓN a todos los seres.
GOZO a todos los seres :Al Este, al Sur, al Oeste, al Norte, arriba y abajo. GOZO a todos los seres.
SERENIDAD a todos los seres :Al Este, al Sur, al Oeste. Al Norte, arriba y abajo. SERENIDAD a todos los seres.

Lighting a candle for each direction on this Holy Night as a reminder that we are all HOLY PEOPLE, we are Sacred Directions of the Universe, Sacred Elements of Mother Earth and carry the medicine of the Sacred Winds to Father Sky...A'ho, Amen, Namaste, OMETEOTL!

Que tu Luz siempre sea brillante, May your Light always be bright!!!
With deep love and respect,
Maestra CC & all the KTO Members across all our sacred lands ❤️
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts


"Cuetlaxochitl, a Gift of Rebirth and Light from Mexico"

Shared with love and respect.

D'Santi Nava
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

curanderismo.org A few years ago, the people of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico proclaimed December 7th as the day to honor the beautiful flower that today many people associate with Ch

Tlazocamati Gracias Thank you 🙏🏽 to all that have donated, shared and supported Maestra CC’s medical GoFund for her Stage 4 Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma metastasized to both lungs. Grueling, painful and depleting medical procedures have left her weary facing death with severe pain and bleeding She will return to Md Anderson last week of January for about a month to discuss palliative care as needed.

A recent $49thousand medical bill rolled in and your monetary GoFund donations can alleviated a bit of the financial burden by this massive healthcare system. Please donate and continue sharing during this holiday season. We still hope for a miracle so her grandchildren can make new memories with her. Tlazocamati A’ho Ometeotl 🙏🏽🌹❤️


From all our hearts ❤️🌹❤️🌹
Members of Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

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Although many people associate "luminarias" with the holiday lighting of candles placed in small, brown, sand-filled bags, luminarias first appear historically around the 16th century, as a Spanish tradition of lighting bonfires (farolitos) along the roads and churchyards to guide people to Midnight Mass on the final night of the celebration of Las Posadas.

The night of Las Posadas (Spanish word meaning lodging or inn) is a traditional, festive celebration that first introduced to the native people of Mexico by European missionaries, and is the reenactment of the story of Mary and Joseph's search for lodging in Bethlehem. The tradition continues into modern times. The decoration of rooftops, walls, sidewalks and driveways of individual homes with luminarias is used as a way of guiding travelers to their destination.

The candlelit brown paper bags is the Spanish word for little lanterns. In the early 19th century, U.S. settlers on the Santa Fe trail brought Chinese paper lanterns to hang from their portals and light their entrance ways. They were beautiful but expensive, and eventually, the paper bag version became the tradition.

Today, luminarias and farolitos have become an American holiday tradition and a southwestern tradition of welcome. As well as the traditional paper bags with candles, modern day versions also include the electric luminarias or farolitos .Some people in the Southwest call the paper bag lanterns luminarias, while others insist the correct term is farolitos since "luminarias" were the bonfires lining the roads.

Whatever you choose to call them, honor the history of luminarias by setting some out this Christmas and adding a new tradition to your holidays regardless of where you live.

Wishes of Love, twinkling lights, warm hugs, loads of laughter and many blessings. Have a peaceful evening!

With respect,
Maestra CC ❤
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

Photo of Old Town's Gazebo, Albuquerque, NM

Kualli Tonalli, Buenos Dias, Good Morning,
Wishing you a stress free Sunday as you prepare for your Holiday Season.

Con mucho respeto,
D'Santi Nava
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts


The Ancient Aztec Celebration That Became A 9-Day Christmas Party

Sharing with love and respect in celebration of Huitzolopochtli 🌞

D’Santi Nava
Kalpulli Teocalli Olin: Ancient Healing Arts


culturacolectiva.com In Mexico, Christmas starts on December 16th with a nine-day celebration known as “posadas.” These celebrations commemorate Mary and Joseph’s pilgrimage before Jesus’ birth, but it originated in an Aztec tradition.

Tlazocamati Gracias Thank you 🙏🏽 to all that is Holy, divine and sacred for the strength given to me so I could return to my ancestral lands and ascend to the Sun Pyramid with my KTO tribe. My prayer of gratitude on 12/12 at 12:12pm was for rest in whatever form that is and laying my sword down to what will come by full healing or an easy transition.

I completed part of the protocol at Md Anderson for my Stage 4 Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma metastasized to both lungs. Grueling, painful and depleting. But I was able to travel and come full circle facing death with severe pain and bleeding I will return to Md Anderson last week of January for about a month. I have decided to not continue anymore treatments; western or traditional healing. I will receive palliative care as needed. I am deeply humbled for all your support. The bills are rolling in and your monetary GoFund donations have alleviated a bit of the financial burden by massive healthcare system bills. There is no more to do but make memories and hope for a miracle. I will continue to live, love and laugh. A’ho Ometeotl 🙏🏽🌹❤️


Desde mi corazon,
Maestra Cc
Cuauhtli Cihuatl y Itza Izdan
Founder and Elder of Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin

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A little humor 🤪
D’Santi Nava
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

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"The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit."~Angeles Arrien

As I sit by the sacred fire, I am immediately visited by La Virgen de Guadualpue (Tonantzin). She sits next to me, smiles and illuminates her light into my soul. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of her smile in my heart. The connection of motherhood between her and I is deep and profound.

Even with my eyes closed, I can see visions of ALL our children across the universe. Children coming together with no perceptions of color, gender, culture, race etc. all together to honor Mother Earth. These visions are coming forth as children of ALL nations met one another at Standing Rock; they saw one another's heart and not generational hate or prejudices. Children coming together to save our Sacred Water; to protect our livelihood, to nurture the droplets that also run through our viens and to stand in unity for Nuestra Madre. I open me eyes and Tonantzin is not next to me anymore for she is NOW in my heart.

Madre Tierra; Mother Earth; Holy Mother of God; Mother Mary, Virgen de Guadalupe, Tonantzin all the names we have given to her; she is in us always protecting us and guiding us BUT now she needs our support and love. It starts with us and our children ❤

May your heart be at peace, your dreams be sweet and your spirit be filled with fire for a new tomorrow.

With deep love and respect,
Maestra CC ❤
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

Painting via Being Chicano

“With gentleness,
Overcome anger.
With generosity,
Overcome meanness.
With truth,
Overcome delusion.” ~The Dhammapada

Veils, mirrors, falsity, masks illusions of delusional beings. Truth can be difficult for people to accept for everyone has their own story, their own version and interpretation.

Gentleness can diffuse anger.
Generosity softens meanness.
Truth triumphs over delusions.

Virgencita Madre de toda nuestra gente guide us to always stand in our truth and learning from the smoking mirrors around us. Releasing all that doesn't serve us any longer.
Honoring all those that are healing their "smoking mirrors" and who walk with dignity and grace.

Many Blessings,
Maestra CC

"Am I not here who am your mother " Coatlaxopeuh to Cuauhtlatuohac, (Juan Diego) 1531. On the hill of Tepeyac

On December 12, 1531, on a hill called Tepeyac in Mexico, a middle age Indian named Juan Diego saw a vision of a lady whose garments gleamed of light, color and splendor. She spoke in the native tongue of the Aztecs. It is said that she summoned Juan Diego to tell the Spanish Priests to build her a temple at the sight where she had been worshiped by the Aztecs and known by her people as Tonantzin, mother of the Gods and of the Earth. via centroculturalaztlan.com

Before the fall of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the hill where Juan Diego had his vision had also been the site of an ancient temple to the Aztec goddess Tonantzin (Our Revered Mother), later leveled to the ground by the Spaniards.

According to the great Franciscan ethnographer Sahagun "Our Mother" Tonan was also known as Ilamatecuhtli (a noble old woman) and Cozcamiauh (a necklace of maize flowers).

Aztec deities could not only be of double gender but different names represented different facets of the character of the same deity. Tonantzin, therefore, may be associated with the dread goddess Cihuacoatl (a serpent woman), whom Sahagun identified not with the Virgin Mary, but with Our Mother Eve and her encounter with the serpent of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.

Like most other Spanish missionaries, Sahagun was absolutely convinced that all Mesoamerican gods and goddesses were manifestations of the Devil. In the clash between Christian saints and Mesoamerican deities, it is not surprising therefore that the original Virgin Mary was eventually transformed into a beautiful dark-skinned Virgin encountered by Juan Diego.

Depending on the source, Juan Diego was either a humble peasant lad wandering over the hill of Tepeyac or one of the most influential and powerful men in the Aztec Empire at the time of the Conquest.

When the Vatican decided to canonize him, their investigation reportedly revealed that the humble Indian lad had actually been a prince, the son of a king of Texcoco, who helped Cortes defeat the Aztecs. His royal blood and social standing are sometimes said to account for the large numbers of Indians who were baptized after the apparition of the Virgin in 1531.

In this particular account Juan Diego is a royal prince and a warrior, called the Tlacateccatl (he who commands the warriors), an honorific title given to the general in command of a troop of 8,000 men. One may indeed speculate that Juan Diego could have been transformed from a noble to a peasant under the influence of the Spanish missionaries to make his supernatural encounter on Tepeyac more congenial to the natives and thus encourage their conversion to Christianity.

Juan Diego was canonized by John Paul II on July 31, 2002; his feast day is December 9. By Ronald A. Barnett

Con Respto,
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

Image by Richard de la Osm

“Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and in the service to your people." ~Tecumseh

Many of you have asked for more information about smudging and sacred herbs for honoring the Virgen de Guadalupe. Our KTO uses many methods and sacred herbs. The photo has bundles of herbs with flowers, lavender and other scented floral arrangements. Make some for this wonderful day, for your love one and smudge one another to bring in love, light and healing into your relationship.

Smudging is one of the most powerful tools that we have available to use. Any time we open our self to energy, we must be sure that negative energy is cleared. Smudging is the process of burning the dried plant or resin and fanning the smoke over your body with sacred intention. Smudging is best known as an indigenous ritual, but it is found in many cultures.

Smudging is a way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. The smudging involves the burning of sacred plants either passing an object through the smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place. When we smudge, we are asking the spirit of sacred plants for assistance and we must pay proper respect to their healing power.

Using a sage stick or bundle to "Smudge" is a simple and powerful way to clear your energy field and remove negative energy from the area. Light it carefully and let the smoke start to rise, it carries your prayers to Great Mystery.

Rub your hands in the smoke to cleanse them; scoop the smoke into your hands and bring it to your head, so you will think good thoughts - no anger, jealousy, hate; to the eyes so you will see the world around you in a good way; to the throat so you will speak always in kindness and in non-judgmental ways; to the ears, so that you will listen truly listen to each other instead of 'waiting to speak' which we so often do; to the heart so you feel connected to all living beings in a loving way; to the solar plexus so your emotions connect with the Earth Mother; Women to the womb, so your life giving energies go out into the world in balance and harmony. Finally under the feet, this way the dark side of your soul and the world will not follow in your footsteps.

Desde mi corazón,
Maestra CC

Good evening,

Have you ever had a week or two or even just a few days where you found yourself extremely emotional, crying, exhausted, sore, irritable, where everything that was said to you made you upset to the point where you just wanted to left alone? Where even though nothing major or traumatic has happened but it seems as though your world is falling apart and you just can't seem to get grounded or find reason for the way you are feeling?

You may be going through a type of purging. You may be going through a period of releasing old past emotions or experiences. When we are consciously trying to heal ourselves and understand that the surfacing of past experiences is necessary in order to release and heal them, this purging of emotion is a great thing. Something to be grateful for. You may never really know exactly what it was you were releasing but you can bet once it has past you will feel better...lighter than you did before.

While emotionally purging allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling and give yourself full permission to cry whenever you feel the need. This is how most of our past pain is released. Take extra care to try and eat healthy foods, even if only in small amounts. Herbal teas are good for this to, many of them have cleansing properties that help in cleaning out whatever you are releasing. Baths with candles and essential oils are good for this. Most of all ask for Spirit help. This can sooth you in your deepest moments, speed up your purge and possibly even help you understand what you are feeling. Sometimes we need a good limpia as we purge emotions.

Be grateful for this healing as hard as it may feel because the pay off is you no longer are carrying those emotion within and you never will again. Once you are feeling back to yourself you should notice a change in yourself, one of lightness or raised vibration. If you notice this thank Spirit for the opportunity of releasing old energy and relish in you new found lightness.

I should mention purging is not a one time thing, some are longer than others and some seem more difficult but no matter if your intention is to heal then the release of these old emotions is essential for your journey. Welcome these periods and try to remain as positive as possible as when they pass you will feel better than you did before.

Desde mi corazón,
Maestra CC❤
Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin: Ancient Healing Arts

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