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Red hi to u and Pattie I hope all the family is well. I hope we all can get together soon. I know it will most likely be in May sometime. Praying that this virus is over very soon and that u will be able to keep the out post going. Love u and Pattie and your family .Love all of u Bertha 😍🙂🙂
https://www.facebook.com/SandSpringsLeader/photos/a.155574297608/10155183843267609/?type=3&theater ** Don't forget to vote for 5 West Outpost! Find Quality of Life, then Entertainment category, then type in 5 West Outpost.
I thank God for 5 West Outpost. And brother Red. For all the prayerr
enjoyed music on Friday and saturday
halo jordan
Hey guys ! Do you think I could fit in at 5 west outpost ? new radio single
Red, you guys would do a Great job on Del Way's Swinging Doors
Had a great time last night seeing Reggie, Kat and the whole 5 West Gang!!! I love meeting everyone and plan on making another trip there hopefully soon!! Thank you for having us!!
Thanks so much for bringing Rockin Reggie Vinson to 5 West Outpost for all of us to enjoy! Great show as always tonite!
INCREDIBLE show tonite!! Many thanks to all the artists!!

Non profit Faith based Gospel Music Venue! Bringing in some of the best Country Gospel artist in the ministry. Admission always Free! Cowboy hats welcome!

Operating as usual

Outpost Family has lost one of our own today! It’s with great sadness to say goodbye to Pat Boudreaux picture here with Her husband Phillip. No more pain, no more sorry and we will all be together again one day. The hope of glory!

Please pray for Phillip and the entire family. We love you!

[02/17/21]   THE OUTPOST will be open Saturday February 20, 2021!

Should be a bit warmer this weekend, if things change we will adjust.

So come on out and join us!





We have decided to close our doors on Saturday February 13, 2021.

Stay home and stay warm, enjoy your time with your family. We will be open again on February 20th unless you hear different.

Pray for us and you can send you love offering/gift to:

5 West Outpost
P.O. Box 705
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Or PayPal



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[02/03/21]   This coming Saturday February 6th, 2021 at ‘5 West Outpost’ come join Halo Jordan, Emily Polston, with special guest Aaron Ray Polston... its gonna be a great night of music and ministry!

Door will open at 6:00
Ministry will begin at 7:30

5 w 41st street
Sand Springs, OK 74063



This coming Saturday January 30th, 2021 at ‘5 West Outpost’ come join Halo Jordan, Kristy Moore and Emily Polston, with special guest Aaron Ray Polston... it will be another great night of music and ministry!

Door will open at 6:00
Ministry will begin at 7:30

5 w 41st street
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Next door to Minute Man Pizza
Come at 5:00 and have a pizza, and when your finished walk right next door and enjoy the music!


Here is the original art, and then the finished product!


The Outpost is more than just a building, it is a place where many come and sit in the ‘peace’ of God and listen, and receive from the Lord. It’s all about one man, one man only, and His name is Jesus!

You are welcome to come and sit in a chair and be ministered to in music and ‘in word’... you might receive something from the Lord and be forever changed, and we pray that you do. Then again you might visit, and go home the way you came in. We have no control over what happens. Our prayer is always that no one leaves the same as they came, that what ever it is that brought you to this place would be gone forever.

There is a core group that we have noticed that come every Saturday night that believe God to be in this place. We are inviting you to come and sit with us as we wait upon the Lord to renew our strength, come be apart of something new and refreshing.

It’s not about this building, it’s just a place where many have decided to gather, but it is about Jesus!

Make plans to join us, and let’s watch what God does!


‘5 West Outpost’

‘Emily Polston’
appearing ‘LIVE’
Doors open a 6:00
Ministry begins at 7:30

Also performing

Saturday January 23, 2021

Admission is always free!

5 w 41st street
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Next door to Minuteman Pizza
Have dinner, then walk next door to catch the ministry!


‘5 West Outpost’ will be open Saturday at 6:00, Begin at 7:30
Emily Polston will be performing .

[01/02/21]   ‘5 West Outpost’ will be open on January 9, We will celebrate Patti’s birthday!

Have some great music, have a dessert and enjoy some much needed fellowship!

Make plans to join us!


Merry Christmas

Rockabilly Hymns
Rockabilly Prayer
Not Many Cowboys

Three cd’s $25.00. Plus $5.00 shipping.


Simple Gifts - The Sawyer Family Band

Y’all come on out and enjoy the fun!!!!

Christmas Concert at 5 West Outpost
Saturday, December 19 at 7:30 pm
Sand Springs, OK
The whole band will be there (not just Leah and David - I like this pic of the 2 of them)
Plenty of room to distance. Masks encouraged.
Getting ready for the coming of the Christ Child.

2nd Annual:

This Saturday December 19th, 2020....

Door open at 6:00
Show begins at 7:30

Come on out and join us! Where admission is always free!

We take all precaution to maintain a clean environment. We highly recommend that you wear a mask, it is not mandatory. There is plenty of room for social distancing!

Join us for some Christmas fun!

5 w 41st street
Sand springs, OK 74063


Pay Red Polston Ministries, Inc using PayPal.Me

If your looking for a Year End Tax deduction or simple want to be a blessing, please consider ‘5 West Outpost’.

God has a plan! Be apart of it!


Or if your sending a check:

Red Polston Ministries/
5 West Outpost
P.O. Box 705
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Or contact us

God Bless you!


paypal.me Go to paypal.me/redpolstonministries and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.


Pay Red Polston Ministries, Inc using PayPal.Me

Good morning Outpost Family!

Here is our latest up date. As far as wearing mask and social distancing., the Outpost will remain safe and clean. We will continue with our right to worship God in the manner we see fit.

There is plenty of room to social distance, and we recommend for your safety and the safety of others that mask be worn. Refrain from hugging and touching and use your elbow bump to greet others.

We will begin at 7:30 and the doors will open at 6:00!

We hope you will join us but we understand if you do not.

Feel free to PayPal or send in an offering to help with expenses!

PO Box 705
Sand Springs Ok 74063



Or drop an offering in the mail slot at 5 West Outpost...

5 w 41st street
Sand Springs ok 74063

paypal.me Go to paypal.me/redpolstonministries and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

This Saturday night December 12th, 2020...

‘5 West Outpost’ presents:
Roger Rister, Emily and Halo JORDAN...
Doors open at 6:00, begins at 7:30

Come out and join the fun!!

‘5 West Outpost’ will be open this Saturday night, at 6:00 the doors will open and at 7:30 we will start lifting up the name of Jesus.
Emily Polston, Roger Rister and Halo JORDAN will be ministering in song!

Come join us, make plans now!

5 w 41st street
Sand springs, ok 74063


‘5 West Outpost’ will be closed on November 28th......we will reopen December 5th!

[11/22/20]   5 West Outpost going Live in 7 minutes

This Saturday night November 21st at ‘5 West Outpost’... Faithfultoo will be in concert. Joined by Emily Polston and Roger Rister!

Door open at 6:00
Show begins at 7:30

Located at 5 w 41st street in Sand Springs Oklahoma...

See you there

Admission is always Free!

‘5 West Outpost’

Bob and Alta Courtney are bringing Redneck Revival to 5 West Outpost tonight. November 14th 2020...

Doors open at 6:00
Show starts at 7:30

Admission is always free!

This Saturday evening November 14, 2020 at ‘5 West Outpost’ Pastor Pudge and Sister Sludge and Redneck Revival will be live on stage. Along with Emily Polston, Roger Rister and Halo Jordan so make plans to join Bob and Alta Courtney!

Doors open at 6:00
Music begins at 7:30

Admission is always Free!

5 w 41st street
Sand Springs, OK 74063

[11/07/20]   5 West Outpost is open tonight!

See You there!

[11/03/20]   Spoke with Tim Menzies yesterday, and Tim will he joined on stage by ‘The Peacemakers’ this Friday night only. Their sweet blend of vocal harmony will accompany him on several of Tim Songs.

It’s gonna be a great night!

And on Saturday night Emily Polston will open up the night with her powerful anointed voice!

Make plans to join us at ‘5 West Outpost’...doors will open at 6:00 and we will kick things off at 7:30.

Admission is always Free!

[10/31/20]   See you at The Outpost Tonight!!!

November 6th-Tim Menzies
November 7th-Tim Menzies
November 14th-Pastor Pudge
Sister Sludge
November 21st-Faithfultoo
December 19th-Sawyer’s

Emily Polston Mark Staggs Halo Jordan Red Polston Roger rister Johnny and Rivea Dawn Surber Harger and many others...

Open ever Saturday night!!!

[10/27/20]   It was so good to have Pastors Sonny Moody and Trish Moody Saturday night! Thanks for the word you delivered. We had several people got healed Saturday night! Maybe we will have a few testimonies next Saturday!


[10/25/20]   Sheila Polston dialed in the sound last night at ‘5 West Outpost’ we had another anointed night of presenting the gospel both in word and song and with demonstration. The new Stage lighting looks awesome as Ethan Polston had the lighting board programmed just right, thanks buddy for such a great job!

From the very first minutes of the evening, during the greeting and opening prayer. The word of knowledge begin to operate, and as I begin to call out things as the Lord reveal them to me, several people came up and gave testimonies as to how God had healed them during the opening prayer. And I believe next week we will have people sharing those testimonies of how God has healed them. This is only the beginning of what’s coming.

Emily Polston open up the night with her anointed voice and as always, brought the house down!

Pastor Sonny Moody exhorted and shared a word from his heart before Halo JORDAN performed. Sonny has been a great friend and one of many pastors in the Sand Springs Tulsa area who has prayed and supported The ministry of the Outpost.

There is no competition here, we are a Kingdom ministry and our soul purpose is to further the Kingdom of God, encouraging people, praying with them and for them. Lifting up one another, and making ourselves available.

Aaron Polston ministered a call for salvation casting the net out and praying a prayer of salvation.

Small crowd, but it’s not about the numbers it’s about the results!

People are still afraid to go out, don’t let fear of something you can’t see keep you closed in. Take all the needed precautions, wear a mask, wash and sanitize your hands, don’t shake hands bump elbow, keep your distance and you can at the Outpost because there is plenty of room to separate yourself! Everyone is being respectful of others.

Every Saturday night doors open at 6:00 and we begin at 7:30... come have a cup of coffee put your feet up and let’s see what God does!

God bless you and keep your eyes open and listen for the voice of God because He wants to use you! Your not done yet! Your only beginning!

Keep Reaching one!


[10/24/20]   ‘We are open tonight’
Doors open at 6:00
Begins at 7:30

Admission is always free

Saturday, October 17th, 2020

This Saturday Evening October 17th, 2020... we are open ‘5 West Outpost’.
Emily Polston, and Halo Jordan will be on stage.

What a great night we had last weekend in Jesus!

God is in control, we are looking forward to seeing what He does!

Come out and join us expecting a move of the spirit!




The Official Press release for The Outpost is as follows!

We recommend that everyone wear a mask, but it is not mandatory. We recommend you practice social distancing as best that you can.

We have mask at the front door should you need one. We have cleaned throughly throughout the entire building. Please bump elbows in place of hand shakes. Hugging is not allowed....LOL (Hug at your own risk)! We suggest air hugs!

Use hand Sanitizer often, it’s located at many locations within the building!

Covid 19 is very real, but it’s also under the blood of Christ! Be safe, be cautious and use wisdom.

The Outpost will not be the same, haven’t you noticed, things have changed.

This night will be another great night of, Fellowship, singing, sharing a word, and hanging with some friends. If you don’t feel safe, and decide not to come, we will not be offended. We love our Outpost family!

Make plans to come out and join us!

Doors open at 6:00
Begins at 7:30
As always ‘NO CHARGE’
‘5 West Outpost’
5 W 41st street
SandSprings, OK 74063
Next to Minuteman Pizza

[10/12/20]   While some thought we would be turning our keys over to the landlords at any moment, I guess they never considered God has a plan for ‘5 West Outpost’....be watching!


Get ready!! Revival is at hand!

Let me share something with you if you haven’t already figured it out!

We are in no competition here at ‘5 West Outpost’... there is no, ‘your people, my people’, we are all God’s people.

‘5 West Outpost’ will be open tonight, doors open at 6:00 and we will begin ministry at 7:30...

There are those who will come to the Outpost and not go other places and we want to be there for those,

That being said, let me tell you about something else going on in Sand Springs tonight.

Freedom Ministry will be having their 7th night of revival services behind Walmart at 6:30.

Our friends ‘Faithfultoo’ will be performing tonight. And we encourage you to attend. They will join us November 21st at the Outpost!

Pastors Sonny Moody and Trish Moody have built a beautiful stage to provide a place to gather and worship, have meetings and hear some great music.

Support them by attending! Now there may be other things like this going on in Sand Springs tonight that we don’t know about, these are just a few!

And of course if your in Pratville Sand Springs south across the river the Outpost will he having Emily Polston and Halo Jordan tonight at 7:30...

There is something to do tonight! Don’t be afraid, get out and watch what God does in your hearts!



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Merry Christmas
‘Outpost Family Strong’  BRANDED




5 W 41st St
Sand Springs, OK

Opening Hours

Friday 19:30 - 22:00
Saturday 19:30 - 22:00
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