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Yesterday was another tremendous day in our services. We had the privilege of baptizing 8 people yesterday. This past week a former member of the church, of many decades ago, was saved on Sunday a week ago, then Sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost the next Sunday. That same Sunday that she was saved, the move of God continued as it has, every Sunday, for the past 4 years, as people came to the altar. Then, another woman testified that she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That same morning, that these two women received the Holy Ghost, a child about 11 or 12 years old received salvation, with his arms raised and shaking under the power of God. This Sunday's service, a dear sister, who came in with an ailment she has had for several years, and which been prayed for many times, as she was prayed for today, she arose and began to walk around the building praising God, when earlier she could barely walk. She walked around the building once, twice, three times with her hands raised, praising God. She testified later how that God had begun to move in her at the altar, and He just flooded her soul with his spirit; and her leg, that hurt so bad, well, she began to shake that leg, and kick it around, and say it doesn't hurt anymore. Another young man had fallen a day or two ago, and came into the church limping. So, as we began the worship service, once again, with no altar call, he and some others came to the altar. And as he was sitting on the altar, prayer was made for him. And as we prayed, he began to lift his arms up, as the power of the Lord came over him. After a while he testified that he was healed completely. Our former member, who had just received the Holy Ghost a week ago, had her son go into the hospital the following Wednesday. So some of our members went up to pray for him, with a couple of our ministers, and prayer was made. As one of the ministers prayed for this young man he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost right there in the hospital. Both he and his mother were baptized yesterday in that group. His grandmother, his mother's cousin, his mother's grandson, and 3 others came to see them get baptized. And as the lord was moving in the altar service, both this former member's mother and cousin got blessed. the cousin got saved again, the mother testified, that a heavy weight had been lifted off of her. Another man, who had come several miles from Pawnee, was slain in the spirit and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. This man testified that he had never felt such joy as that which came over him there at the altar. You could hear him laughing on the floor for a long time while the altar service continued. There are no words to describe, what has been happening here at Restoration cogop, continuously, these past four years, except to say, that the Lord has done this, He has done great things for us wherever we are glad. All I can do is marvel at this four-year move of the Lord in "every" Sunday service. There is such joy in our church, there is such family, such happiness. This is not a quiet church, indeed, this is the House of Prayer that the lord called or described his church as. And as we, God's people, get together with God In prayer, for real, indeed, we have been experiencing a harvest like I have never seen before. As a pastor I look around at these people who are members or friends here, or just visitors, and I see that there are children everywhere, there are new people all the time, there are people saying we've been many places before, but we've never seen or felt this. People are driving an hour or longer to come to church, the reason for that is that they're coming to encounter almighty God. The report I'm giving now is for this week, but although it was different people last week, it was the same awesome, fantastic move of God, then in both the morning service and the evening service, and indeed in all those many, many, many weeks before, indeed, God has come, and moved mightily in both the morning and the evening services. We do not know what all is going to come, we expect the devil to fight against us, but one thing we know for sure if God be for us, that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the church. I will say this one last thing; there is a river flowing in this church from the Throne of God, and the joy of the Lord that is among our people, is our strength. For His glory alone, now and forever, amen.

We at Restoration Church feel that our ministry is to the community, that it is a ministry ot reconciliation for all needing Christ.

Restoration Church is a ministry of reconciliation for all those who need Christ, for those who are hurting and for those who need a place to fulfill the ministry God has placed in your heart. God loves you and we love you. God has a place for you here. If you have the desire to plug in to some part of this ministry for the Lord, please come visit us.

There are so many, possibly even you, who feel like you can never get free from your old ways after God has saved you. This is a continual battle between your spiritual mind, and your flesh desires. This can make us miserable as Christians. But there is an God given answer to this. Sanctification, is that 2nd work of grace, following salvation. it is there, to help each newly born Christian, be free from the thing that caused them to sin in the first place. Be blessed as you listen to this answer to this miserable problem many Christians suffer from
Pastor Robert A South
Restoration Church of God of Prophecy
8120 Old North Road, Sand Springs, Ok 74063

I want to share a word of encouragement with you today about your place in the Lord. For everyone, who feels like they are out of place, or you may have lost your place in God, let it be known that God has or still has a place for you, where you can forever be with him.
God Bless You. Pastor Robert Alan-Sheila Brennen South.

Don't Lose Your Place In The Lord

I want to share a word of encouragement with you today about your place in the Lord. For everyone, who feels like they are out of place, or you may have lost your place in God, let it be known that God has or still has a place for you, where you can forever be with him.
God Bless You. Pastor Robert Alan-Sheila Brennen South.

God's, Christ revealing church, is this world's best and only hope,

Wednesday 4-15 -2020 Church Unity

This message is about the necessity of the biblical unity of Christ's church. This subject has perhaps not been given nearly enough consideration, nor nearly enough action taken to bring about this church unity worldwide. But in these final days, we need this unity, Jesus prayed for it, and it will happen no matter what. But we who are leaders and members in the body of Christ, we need to pay attention, to this need, and to do our best, under God's direction, to come together as one in Christ throughout the entire church. It is my desire that this message, be a help to get us together God's way, so the world will believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, sent from God. God bless you.

Restoration Church of God of Prophecy, 8120 Old North Road, Sand Springs, OK 74063
Mailing Address: 8120 Old North Road, Tulsa, OK 74127
918-245-6869 & 918-461-9311

Encouragement From The Lord

Today the all important blood of Jesus Christ needs to be made known. Far too many do not know the power of this precious blood. So we heartily want to begin to speak about the all powerful blood of Jesus to truly change us into the person God created us to be. This truly will be a life that is more abundant. That is the life we believe people want.

Changing our online live platform to facebook live

This will give you instructions on our change in our streaming platfrom from to facebook live. we will be streaming live for the forseeable future at 6:30PM Wed and 11AM Sun.

[03/03/20]   This Sunday morning—March 1, 2020, the service would be one of the greatest services we have ever had. A week ago, we had a real attack from Satan in our congregation. But, much prayer went up between then and this Sunday. Much, much prayer has been going up for our congregation to come into unity in the Lord, and to see the mighty power of God, where our children would see God moving with their very own eyes.

What I saw yesterday, was so great, I'm still in amazement as I write these words. We entered into our time of worship about 10:45 AM, being led into prayer by one of our sisters. The presence of the Lord began to flow. Then we had prayer for the sick. The power and presence of the Lord continued to flow mightily. Somewhere in there, our praise and worship team began to sing the song “God's not dead”, he's living on the inside roaring like a lion. The altar call never came from a man, but people began to come to the altar. Soon I saw one, and then two, slain in the spirit, then I saw another dancing and shouting in the spirit and then running around the building. I saw others, who hadn't been in church recently, come to the altar for prayer, they were described as weeping and crying in the presence of God. I asked one brother to come up and help us to pray for another young man, but he was so much in the spirit back there at his seat that he almost didn't make it up there to the altar to pray for this man. He told me, he almost fell to the floor under the power of the lord, as he tried to come up to help pray.

One precious man, who we had been praying for, who was a member of our church, but who had not been there literally for years, but he had come the second time this Sunday, somewhere, while others were praying at the altar, and others were being prayed for around the building, he was seen to be praying back there on the back rows.

And when he was seen to be praying, two of our members who had known him all these years came to him and began to pray with him. Somewhere during the prayer, he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and that with fire. And later on, came to help us pray for other people. This move of God went on, and on, and on. Then another young man came forward for prayer, who had been prayed for earlier at his seat, but he came for more prayer, which was gladly done.

All over the building from the sound booth and to the stage the move of God was going on, and on, and on. Then another young man came, and we had prayer for him to be saved, we will continue to pray for him.

Children were in the altar. This service began around 10:45, but it did not end until after one o'clock that afternoon. This move of God was so tremendous that it changed our whole church in one service. The joy of the Lord that was being experienced continued on in the evening service.

Oh yes, at the end of the AM service, we baptized a precious 70 year old woman, who had recently been saved in one of our services. We also baptized two of our leaders who felt like God had recently changed them, and that God, indeed, he had done a work in them so much so that it changed their lives, and they wanted to be re-baptized. What joy was felt by the church, as each one, was baptized in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. Some of them came up out of the water praising and magnifying God.

There was no preaching in this morning service at all. But, oh glory be to God, thanks be to his name, God did more in that entire service than any preaching anybody could do.

When we came back for the evening service, after some words of exhortation, by the moderator, we had prayer. This would be prayer for various personal reasons, and so some of us came forward for prayer, including myself.

And as they began to pray around us, you could hear the rising sound again, in the Church, of the people praying, it sounded like a roar. After a while those of us seated on one altar, were joined by others who sat on the other altar. And then again, just like in the morning, prayer went on and on and on and on. God moved and moved and moved and moved.

The move of God went on so long, that I did not believe we were even going to have a message this evening,

So, following that tremendous time of prayer, we had a time to testify for God. And, there were so many wonderful, spirit building testimonies.

Then, the moderate began to say these words, under the presence of the spirit of God, he said, “I feel good”, and he said it again “I feel good”, the next thing you know, he was bent over in the spirit and jumping up and down in the power and the joy of the Lord that was all over him. He would testify a little later, that he had been carrying a lot of weights on him, but He felt so free now.

The whole church that evening was full of joy, some said some things like this,-- we've never seen it like this for a long time, some said I've been to service elsewhere recently but it was nothing like this.

When I came home last night, after all of this, I knew I was not going to be able to go to sleep, because of all that I had seen. As I lay in bed, I could not stop thinking about all the souls that God had blessed this day.

Finally, I just had to get back up, and go to praying some more, because I had to have more and more of this outpouring of God’s spirit. And I determined in my heart, that I was not going to let anything God did, I was not going to let any of it seep out, or dribble out, or in anyway, let any of it get away from me now. I am going to keep what God gave me, and I am going to do all that I can to encourage our church family, to keep this that God so richly poured out on us this Sunday.

I hope this is a blessing to all who read this. God is doing something all over the world right now, and we here at Restoration Church of God of Prophecy, we don’t intend to miss what he is doing. Thanks be to God, Thanks be to God, Thanks be to God.

Oh yes, I forgot this, one precious member also received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in the PM service. To God be all the glory. Amen.

[05/03/19]   As some of you may know, we had scheduled a revival with Dr. Cathy Payne, our organization's Global Missions DIrector, for the dates of May 19-May 24.

Well that date has had to be revised. OUR NEW REVISED DATE IS WED MAY 15- SUN BOTH AM AND PM MAY 19.


So, we are asking everyone to come, including all of our churches in the area, and all others churches. This is to be a Revival, of Restoration.

So much needs to be restored in the lives of so many today. I especially felt the Lord to direct that we ask for people, whose hearts have been broken, to attend this revival. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit, in Luke 4:18, to meet people's needs in several areas, but one of them was, that he was sent to heal the brokenhearted.

If your heart has been broken, I ask that you make every effort to attend this special time of healing.

Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you, for all who will bring souls to this revival, to receive help from the Lord, who will go back and be a blessing in their local churches.

God bless you all.

[03/23/19]   We would like to announce the memorial service of

Eli DeWayne Bell

Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 11 AM

at Restoration Church of God of Prophecy

8120 Old North Road, Sand Springs, OK

This is located at the intersection of

81st W. Ave and Old North Road, in Sand Springs, OK


[02/20/19]   Well it has been quite a while since I last posted anything from our church. But that does not mean in any way that we have not been experiencing a river of God's move, because we have. This move has continued right up to this past Sunday.
This past Sunday was awesome in the AM service, where once once again the altar was filled with seekers, the sanctuary had people all over with arms raised, seeking and receiving blessings from the Lord.
There were new people there this AM and many preceding Sundays, who are coming, several, and I repeat, several former attenders, have recently returned, several receiving blessings, weeping as they sit in the presence of the Holy Ghost.

This move of the Holy Ghost has not let up since my last post. The altar services have not diminished in their power, where people are continually coming to reach out to the hem of Christ's garment. Our members are being built up and built up in the spirit.
Our new member/discipleship/leadership sun am class, has been one where some students say, they wish that it would never end. Truly the teaching of God's word is attractive to new converts, and new members. This class is one of the most wonderful fulfilling classes I have ever taught. It allows me to actually deal with truth, before they get into error. it allows me to teach foundational truths, knowing that these students are going to face all kinds of false teachings, all kinds of questions, and they need to be prepared for this before it happens. What an opportunity this is.
This class has allowed me to actually teach on and lead in by example, concerning actual outreach. The "GO YE" of the great commission is being taught to them, and indeed the entire church, as being indispensible, to the body of christ, and that means this local church.
I cannot thank the Lord enough for having a church, that is actually a "go ye" church. This church is doing this, they want to do it, they love to do it, and new people are showing up at our church because they are doing it.

You would have to have been here last Sunday PM to see two young men, receive from God at the altar. This time of prayer lasted approximately 2 hours, but when the power of God broke in finally on them, both of them went down on their knees before God.

both are on fire of the lord right now. One of them, had such a power of God on him, that he cried out in tears, and squeals of joy, his body shook under the delivering power of God. Even after a lengthy time in the altar, when he arose, he arose still under the trembling power of the Holy Ghost. He was pretty much under that same spirit and power as he left the building.

This move of God, was 3 days ago. It was something to behold.
Our whole church is in this move of God, as we look forward to a revival that is scheduled to take place in May with Sis Cathy Payne.

If you need revival, restoration, or a place where the presence of God is allowed to move without restriction, we welcome you to come to Restoration cogop in Sand Springs, Okla. at 8120 Old North Road, at the intersection of 81st W. Ave, and Old North Road. 918-245-6869

You can see our webpage at restorationcogopss. com

There is truly is such a move of God here every sunday that I have not seen the like before. I know we have more to grow into, more to receive, but I cannot thank God enough for His presence that has moved among us, every Sunday for several years. The Lord is building his church, and we are a part of that, to God be the glory for it all. Praise His Name.
Please come visit and worship with us, I feel that you will be blessed.

God bless you all. More reports are there, just need to write them.

[05/29/18]   Well, I did not expect to making another post quite this soon, but we just had a wonderful event at Restoration, and I would like to share this good report.

Sunday PM May 27,2018
The spirit was high, as the music was playing, as we began our fellowship service, Sunday PM at Restoration cogop, with our Bartlesville sister church, pastored by Brother Brad Marshall. There was much fellow shipping as the people clearly were so happy to see one another. Our former pastor at Virgin Street and his wife were there, Tulsa Family Church was represented, an thankfully there was a wonderful crowd size.

I must repeat, the wonderful joy of seeing one another, and hearing the buzz of the people, was just soul stirring.
We began the service singing some wonderful songs, one was "I went to the enemies camp"; and the Holy Ghost quickly moved in. He was all over us throughout the building, and we just let Him have His way. Finally, we entered into testimony service time, and how precious it was to hear the testimonies as each one testified of God's blessings.

Praise and worship then began, and my , my, oh the precious move of the Spirit of God filled the house, as hands were lifted up everywhere. Several came to the altar as we prayed for those who were not well. What a time that was. Children were in the altar seeking God on their own.

Finally it was time for the word. Bro Brad brought a word from God on Offended-ness. He preached that we need to stop being so offended at a lot of things, but one in particular was about being offended by the way people look, so offended that we can't show them the love of the Lord, because we can't see past how they look or for some other reason.

At the end of the message, one precious sister spoke up and said that this very same message was preached in her church, in Texas, that very morning.

Surely this moving presence of God is what the church is in need of, and our people are so very hungry for. It was indeed a pleasure in all ways to get together. Our senior bishop Bro. Pense set as his convention theme that "we are better together"

We at Restoration cogop will be going to Bartlesville cogop as soon a date can be arranged.

As alway, in all these things, it is to God almighty that we give all the glory, for he has made us glad, he has made us glad, and we will rejoice for he has made us glad.

If anyone reading this would like to visit us, or is looking for a church full of the Holy Ghost, we would like to welcome personally.
Our address is 8120 Old North Road, Sand Springs, Ok
Our phone 918-425-6869-church--
our Website is at

God Bless You All.

More good reports are still coming shortly.

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Wednesday 4-15 -2020 Church Unity
Encouragement From The Lord
Changing our online live platform to facebook live




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