Angus Church, Sand Springs, OK Video April 12, 2020, 1:56am

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A Little Easter History with Pastor Bobby

A Little Easter History with Pastor Bobby

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Update on Church Services
I know many have been wondering when we will start meeting in person again in light of new recommendations. Here is a little update on the plans.

Moses & The Red Sea
Hey parents! We want to you invite you and your kids to join us at 10am for Story Time with Morgan! She will be sharing the story of Moses & The Red Sea.

Pray for Sand Springs leadership: Mayor Jim Spoon Police and Fire - Police Chief Mike Carter - Fire Chief Mike Wood Hospitals - Doctors and nurses Schools - Sherry Durkee - teachers - parents Businesses - managers/executives - small business owners Churches - pastors/lay leaders

Story Time with Morgan
Join Morgan as she shares a Bible story from Daniel chapter 3. Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego!

Easter 2020
Join us for Easter @ Angus Church!

A Little Easter History with Pastor Bobby
A Little Easter History with Pastor Bobby

Good Friday 2020

Morning prayer

Story Time with Morgan
Hey parents! We want to invite you to sit down with your kids and listen to a Bible story with Morgan Poletek!



Important News from Pastor Bobby
As a church, we want to partner with you as parents to help point your kids towards Christ. Here are some resources that you can go through with your kids!

Faith Through The Storm

Buenos Dias!!

Take 2
Take a few minutes and listen to some thoughts from our pastor.


Worship @ YEC

We missed you tonight Bobby Morford!


God is not done with you.
Take 2 minutes and think about this.... God is not done with you yet!



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