Congratulations - You're a Finalist in the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program! Register Today for the Nov 14th ‘ASTORS’ Awards Luncheon at ISC East, the Unmanned Security Expo & Infosecurity North America in NYC! Please see
Congratulations - You're a Finalist in the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program! Register Today for the Nov 14th ‘ASTORS’ Awards Luncheon at ISC East, the Unmanned Security Expo & Infosecurity North America in NYC! Please see
Congrats on being featured in our 2019 10 Best Tech Startups in San Jose!
Congrats on being featured in our 10 Best Tech Startups in San Jose!

CipherCloud is a cloud security company. Our aim is to protect sensitive cloud data in Salesforce, Gmail, Office 365, Box and more!

CipherCloud provides revolutionary patent-pending Cloud Data Protection technology that helps organizations to leverage the power of cloud while addressing the most complex challenges around Data Security, Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance. CipherCloud is a strategic OEM Partner.

CipherCloud knows that the cloud is no longer optional – it is a business imperative, to remain agile and competitive. But at the same time, it’s critical that you protect your sensitive data. CipherCloud understands that cloud data security has to be dynamic, persistent, and be seamless to users by preserving the application usability functionality. CipherCloud is a pioneer in delivering cloud information protection and enabling you to overcome risks to data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliance and deliver better business results. Using ground breaking technology we protect the entire lifecycle of your data including discovery, encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated), tokenization, data loss prevention, malware detection, and ongoing monitoring and anomaly detection of your users’ cloud activity. CipherCloud solutions are used by leading organizations in banking, insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, supply chain, telecommunication, and government. CipherCloud has earned customer confidence, and multiple industry awards by combining advanced product development with outstanding services and support.

3 CASB use cases for securing data and maintaining compliance in ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a great tool for increasing workflow efficiency across your business, however, there are risks that are inherited with all cloud apps,Join us on January, 23 for an informative session on how organizations can secure ServiceNow with a data-centric approach while preserving user features and automated processes. ServiceNow is a great tool for increasing workflow efficiency across your business, however, there are risks that are inherited with all cloud apps, specifically around data. CipherCloud has partnered with ServiceNow to address these risks. While ServiceN...

Is your lack of control over multiple #SaaS and #IaaS deployments creating security blind spots and risking data leakage? CipherCloud #CSPM comes to the rescue!

Why CyberSecurity Budget Should Focus On Data-Centric Security - CipherCloud

Data is changing the way we work, live and play. Are you implementing right security controls around your data? Read this blog to understand why #datasecurity deserves a greater share of technology budgets in the coming years. #cloud #cloudsecurit Data will continue to increase in value Today, digital-first approach adopted by major organizations has elevated “Data” as the new king. This is the mantra that drives the tech industry. While data has become the single most important valuable commodity in the industry, the proliferation of the...

Three steps to stop data loss and maintain compliance on Slack

Without the right set of security tools, data and user control can become a nightmare for enterprises. Join us at 9am PST on December 18, 2019 for a live webinar discussion on how CipherCloud CASB+ enables end-to-end data protection and compliance in #Slack. #CASB #ZeroTrust #DataProtection #CloudSecurity

Registration Link:
Date: December 18, 2019
Time: 9 AM PST Slack today has emerged as one of the most popular SaaS applications for internal communication and collaboration in workplaces, reaching 10 million active users in 2019. While Slack complies with some of the leading certifications and regulations, their ...

CipherCloud CASB+ For CCPA

The deadline for California Consumer Privacy Act (#CCPA) is fast approaching. Download this guide to understand the law, how it impacts your organization, and best practices to comply with CCPA. #DataPrivacy #Compliance Top Challenges for Protecting Consumer Data with Third-Party and SaaS Applications

Loose Lips Sink Ships - Securing Slack with CASB+ - CipherCloud

With millions of active users in #Slack, sharing anything from random thoughts to sensitive documents, how do you continuously monitor the Slack environment to prevent accidental data loss or exposure? #SaaS #Collaboration #DataSecurity The New Way of Corporate Communication Although email still dominates communication between organizations, the tides have turned for internal communication in many companies. Whether it is Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat, Discord, or some other SaaS communication tool, odds are that some sort of Saa...

A Round-up of Data Breaches in November 2019 - CipherCloud

Massive data breach exposes personal information of 1.2 billion people! Read more in our latest post on data breaches and updates for the month of November '19. #DataBreaches #CloudSecurity Massive data breach exposes personal information of 1.2 billion people In what could be one of the biggest data breaches till date, personal information of about 1.2 billion users were exposed on an unsecured server. The discovery was made by dark web researcher Vinny Troia who found the data includ...

Wishing you a deliciously sweet Thanksgiving Day surrounded by the ones you love and the ones you cherish. May you have a grand holiday season! #Thanksgivingday #thankyou

CASB Innovations for Email, SaaS, and IaaS applications - CipherCloud

Cloud security requirements are evolving, so is our CASB+ platform. Check out the latest product innovations at CipherCloud, leading us to be recognized as the only visionary by #Gartner in 2019 CASB Magic Quadrant. #CASB #Office365 #SaaS #CSPM Adoption of cloud applications and services has been on a constant rise across industries. Right from accessing corporate emails to storing customer records and intellectual property, cloud services and applications have become the default answer for all business operation needs. Cloud Access Securi...

New Security Innovations That Enhance Data Protection and Reduce Risk

Join CipherCloud for a live webinar discussion on latest #CASB innovations that addresses major security gaps in cloud-based collaboration, emails, SaaS and IaaS applications. #Office365 #SaaS #CSPM The cloud security market is continuing to evolve as enterprises accelerate the adoption of Email, SaaS and IaaS applications. As mega breaches become the norm, it has never been more important to protect data, both intellectual property and customer/cons...

2020 SC Awards Trust Awards Finalists | SC Media

Follow #Ciphercloud on #scmagazine Awards Announcing the 2020 #SCAwards finalists! for #Best Cloud Computing Security Solution. #cloudsecurity Best Authentication Technology Cisco Systems ForgeRock Jumio RSA SecureAuth Best Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery SolutionArcserve Deloitte &

CipherCloud CASB+ Demo: Adaptive Access Control

Smart SaaS applications require smarter security controls. Watch the Video to understand how our intelligent and adaptive access controls perform continuous risk assessment of users accessing sensitive data in the cloud. #CASB #ZeroTrust #UEBA #AAC

CipherCloud CipherCloud is committed to building trust in the cloud. Our revolutionary cloud encryption gateway technology is enab...

Zero Trust CASB+ Adaptive Access Controls - CipherCloud

Can your security investments ensure instantaneous risk identification and mitigation? Are the basic security controls enabled by cloud service providers enough to protect your data in the cloud? Read our latest blog Enterprises are rapidly migrating to the cloud, marrying their business operations with the speed, agility and accessibility provided by the cloud applications. By 2020, more than 80% of the enterprise workload will reside in SaaS and IaaS, amplifying the user base, applications and data hosted in t...

CipherCloud Achieves Highest Gartner MQ Critical Capabilities Scores - CipherCloud

#Gartner #MQ Critical Capabilities results are in & we have received the highest product/service ratings for #CASB! Read this blog and find out how #CipherCloud scores across six critical CASB functionalities. When it comes to choosing the right cloud security controls, it’s clear the only option is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution. Gartner has done a great job this year keeping up with cloud security market as it continues to evolve and mature with the release of the 2019 Gartner CASB MQ ...

CipherCloud CASB+ Mobile Connect - CipherCloud

How would you put controls around mobile and BYO devices accessing sensitive information in the cloud from any location? Read our blog post on CASB+ Mobile Connect and enable secure connectivity to cloud apps. #CASB #CloudSecurity #DataProtection “Cloud-first” is one of the frequently discussed strategies in every boardroom today. While migrating resources to cloud brings more agility and flexibility to business operations, securing those resources is a completely different ball game and opens multiple pathways for accessing cloud-hosted...

Learn how CipherCloud’s Data Encryption Solution Protects Sensitive Employee Records in SAP SuccessFactors. #CASB #SuccessFactors #CloudSecurity #Encryption

CASB+ recognized by CyberSecurity Breakthrough as the "SaaS Security Solution of the Year"! We continue making waves with our powerful Zero Trust platform meeting comprehensive cloud security requirements. #CASB #ZeroTrust #CloudSecurity

CASB Zero Trust Cloud Security for Data and User Access Controls

There are two aspects areas of cloud security to reduce risk, stop breaches, and maintain compliance in the cloud apps; data visibility and protection & user access control and behavior monitoring. #casb #cloudsecurity #zerotrust Data breaches, Insider threats, Account hijacking - these are the most critical cloud security threats in the past few years. While cloud migration gives your business the much needed agility and flexibility, but how do you ensure continuous protection of...

Watch our latest webinar on how CASB+ works with IAM solutions to address the two critical pain points in cloud - verifying cloud user identity, and ensuring 360-degree protection of sensitive data. #ZeroTrust #CASB #IAM #DataProtection

Is your data in the cloud compliant with the requirements of CCPA? Watch our Podcast series to understand the toughest data privacy law in the USA, going into effect in less than 100 days. #CCPA #DataPrivacy #CloudCompliance

Save the Internet with Zero Trust

The internet is replete with flaws, the most significant of which today concern #cybersecurity. Save the Internet with CipherCloud’s Zero Trust CASB+ platform. #dataprotection #cyberattack #CASB #zerotrust #encryption #cloud The internet is replete with flaws, the most significant of which today concern cybersecurity. The underlying infrastructure, based upon TCP/IP, was never designed with security in mind and never anticipated the cyberthreats we face today. Of course, rebuilding the internet from scratch does not see...

Migrating to cloud? Learn why CASB is essential for securing your cloud assets and ensuring your organization remains compliant with the data residency laws of the host nation. #CASB #Compliance #CloudSecurity

Read how CipherCloud can protect your Salesforce cloud against data breaches, account hijacking, malicious insiders, malware, advanced persistent threats, and more. #Salesforce #DataProtection #Compliance

Managing your cloud in the face of the California Consumer Privacy Act | SC Media

Check this article by Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO at CipherCloud to understand how to manage your cloud data in the face of the most stringent upcoming law in data privacy - The California Consumer Privacy Act. #CCPA #DataPrivacy #Compliance The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) was approved by the California State Governor on June 28, 2018, and goes into effect on January 1,

Get your ultimate global guide to data protection laws to understand Privacy and Compliance Requirements in More Than 80 Countries. #DataProtection #GDPR #CCPA #Compliance #Regulations

Do you use Microsoft Office 365 for your business? Is so, you need to read CipherCloud's CASB+ solution brief for Office 365. #Microsoft #Office365 #CASB

Coming together is a beginning.Working together is success. #Team-activity #strength #ciphercloud @Ramoji_FilmCity

The bad: The most expensive industry for a #databreach is healthcare. The good: 3 of the Top 5 U.S. Health Care Providers trust CipherCloud to protect their data. Learn More: #HIPAA #DataProtection #CASB

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 corporate employees uses an Office 365 cloud service? In this webinar, you'll learn how to protect your sensitive data in Office 365. #Office365 #DataProtection #Webinar

CipherCloud CASB+ has integrated G Suite in its SaaS clouds portfolio. Check out our Solution Brief for G Suite to understand how your organization can securely collaborate using Google Apps! #SaaS #GSuite #DataProtection

Let’s salute the martyrs for the sacrifices they made and thank them for giving us our freedom.Independence day celebration at CipherCloud India Office .#independenceday #2019 #ciphercloud

As an organisation are you heavily invested in cloud and does this breach concern you? Register for Upcoming Webinar and understand critical security controls that must be in place. #cloud #security #dataprotection

CipherCloud CASB+ for Office 365

Check out the demo of our latest Zero-Trust CASB+ offering for Office 365, with multi-cloud and Microsoft Azure Information Protection support, ensuring data protection even on non-Microsoft clouds. #Office365 #CASB #CloudSecurity #AzureIP

CipherCloud CipherCloud CASB+ for Office 365 applies the industry’s only zero-trust security model to deliver policy-based protect...

Does your organization do business in European Union and is heavily invested in SaaS & Cloud Applications? Register for the action packed webinar and reduce the exposure to GDPR sanctions. #GDPR #EU #SaaS #CloudSecurity #DataPrivacy

CCPA, the toughest data privacy law in the United States will be in effect from January 1, 2020! Watch the webinar and find out how you can protect your SaaS and Cloud Applications to comply with CCPA. #CCPA #SaaS #CloudSecurity #DataPrivacy

GDPR: An Action Plan for Cloud Readiness | CipherCloud | CASB | Cloud Security

Learn how to prepare your company for GDPR regulations by downloading our ebook. #GDPR #Cybersecurity With months left until the May 2018 deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security and compliance leaders are looking for smart strategies to prepare their organizations and reduce their exposure to GDPR sanctions.

6 Security Concerns with Office 365 - CASB Vendors | Cloud Security Companies | CipherCloud

Learn about our 6 security concerns with Office 365, and how we can help #Office365 #Cloud #Security As more organizations migrate to the cloud, the popular misconception that the cloud is not safe is slowly going away. Business owners understand that cloud providers, such as Microsoft and Google, have more resources dedicated to security, yet over 6 million data records are still lost or stolen ea...

An Integrated Approach to Cloud Security - CASB Vendors | Cloud Security Companies | CipherCloud

As data breaches become more common, exposing information such as social security or home addresses, it's important to invest in a smart cloud security solution. CipherClouds CASB+ can be your zero trust approach to cloud security. #Cybersecurity In January of this year, 24 million banking data records on an unprotected Elasticsearch server were exposed. These data records came from tens of thousands of loans and mortgage documents from some of the largest banks in the United States. The data exposure included sensitive personal information....

How to Secure Your Box - CASB Vendors | Cloud Security Companies | CipherCloud

As companies move towards the cloud, it's more important than ever to protect sensitive information. Learn why your company needs an independent cloud security provider. #Cybersecurity #Cloud #SaaS Are you, too, exposing your company’s confidential content to public? As more work processes move to mobile devices and companies increasingly use more SaaS or cloud applications, cybersecurity becomes a pressing issue in every sizeable organization. Even a decade ago, applications used to be insi...

Cloud Security and Managing Third-Party Risks - CASB Vendors | Cloud Security Companies | CipherCloud

Cloud data breaches are on the rise! Read this blog to understand recent PCM & Wipro data breaches, impact to cloud security, and how to manage third party risks. #cloud #cloudsecurity #databreaches #casb #cybersecuirty #dataprotection #infosec #saas #encryption Recent data breaches, such as those experienced by the U.S. cloud provider, PCM¹, illustrated that cyberattackers were able to access both client email and file-sharing systems by accessing PCM’s administrative credentials. There was extensive coverage of this breach in SCMagazine, Information Se...

CASB+ Stops Data Leaks Via Email for Office 365 and G Suite - CASB Vendors | Cloud Security Companies | CipherCloud

We know that email is the number one most breached surface. That's why our zero trust CASB+ solution has now been extended to protect email on G Suite and Office 365 #Email #CASB #Hackers The head of a US government agency responsible for data privacy regulation recently shared some shocking news. Email, which had been the fourth most-breached surface, surged into first place in 2018. It’s now the locus of more losses than network servers, portable devices, laptops, or physical the...

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CipherCloud CASB+ for Slack
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333 W San Carlos Street, Suite #1100
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