Episcopal Diocese of California

Episcopal Diocese of California


What really motivates people to regularly attend religious services and become members or loosely affiliated with a house of worship? When that question was discussed at a Wednesday night dinner before an adult education lecture at a Los Angeles church to which I have belonged, the consensus was that the core motivator was to escape loneliness. People are, as the current pandemic has underscored, basically social and seek social interaction.
So, while one can posit that newer ways of interaction through online social media has had a direct impact on becoming affiliated with a religious institution, I'd say that such impact is minor. Far greater is the turn off created by rigid beliefs and their accompanying liturgies.
The first thing that needs to be changed is the divide between those believing in (and having a personal relationship with) "God" and those who don't believe or experience that. To do this one must define "God" not as some super power sitting above in judgment and exercising control (even if giving humans free will). "God" can best be understood as the underlying energy behind all we see and experience - focusing on a common humanity with an underlying divine presence. Liturgy should either reflect that or be understood as poetry rather than statements to be understood literally (e.g. the Nicene Creed). Homilies should focus on a religion's ethical teachings, those actions related to building the "kingdom" on earth through compassion, caring and love (not on earning a place in some fictional heavenly afterlife).

Bishop Marc, I'm thinking of you and all the clergy and people of California as we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Hurray for the Earth! And thank you -- THANK YOU -- for all you do in your Creation Care work. Blessings upon you all, Carol
Saturday's Beloved Community Training has been Cancelled.

In light of the new recommendations released from the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco, the Dpartment of Public Health, and the Department of Emergency Management we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s Beloved Community Training as it is a non-essential gathering.

Diocesan leadership will be meeting tomorrow to discuss any further recommendations for gatherings in the days to come. We apologize for the late notice but this is an ever developing situation and we thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

If you pre-paid refunds will be processed this weekend.
Looking forward to Diocesan Convention in San Francisco tomorrow and Saturday, with our delegation from St. Paul's and Contra Costa Deanery.
Christian Witness

The fundamental calling of Christian religious practice (all major religions) is to uplift the social and humane condition in every place we live. That can't be done outside of a political context, yet most clergy are so focused on not offending congregants (or challenging the comfort zone of major donor)that they have reduced their sermons to meh generalities even when preaching on text that requires strong political action. N.B. That doesn't mean mentioning Trump, but it certainly means pointing out the religious basis for opposing populism, nationalism and the cruelly of putting children in cages).
How to read the Bible

His rise is a sign that more L.G.B.T. people are finding spiritual homes in houses of faith.
By Steven Paulikas
Mr. Paulikas is an Episcopal priest.

WinterFaith Shelter Walk to benefit the Interfaith Winter Shelter This Sunday April 7th at 1:30 pm at Lake Merced! Please register and/or donate today! Thank you for your support! https://winterfaithshelterwalk.dojiggy.com/
A Buddhist reflects on Advent.
Reflecting on the fiftieth anniversary of Thomas Merton's death.
Want to go to summer camp? We have space available as well as scholarships & transportation for CampWise, a unique summer camp experience for seniors ages 60+ at St. Dorothy's Episcopal Camp & Retreat.

Some of the delegation for DioCal went to a prayer vigil at the Hutto Detention Center. It was heartwrenching and amazing.

A Christian community of Episcopal congregations and organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The Episcopal Diocese of California seeks to enter a new era of the Church’s life emphasizing mission, diversity and collaboration.

We believe The Episcopal Church has a charism, a gift, to be a generous form of Christianity. The Diocese of California has embraced the vision put forth a hundred years ago by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, later espoused by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that we should manifest “the beloved community” – the living out of our essential interrelatedness in Christ.

Operating as usual


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[03/31/21]   Sharing Bishop Marc's Easter Message for 2021


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The Episcopal Church

Join us as we support our Asian/Pacific Islander brothers and sisters

This is sponsored by the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries (EAM) and will feature, within the context of liturgy, the message from The Most Rev. Michael Curry (Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church)
and testimonies from
- The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin (Suffragan Bishop of New York and first Korean American Bishop);
- The Rev. Debbie Low-Skinner (Chinese American vicar of Christ Church Sei Ko Kai in San Francisco)
- The Rev. Prisca JuYoung Lee-Pae (Korean American Deacon in Diocese of Long Island).
- Ms. Bai Xiong (Hmong lay leader from Holy Apostles church in Minnesota.)

There will be small groups to process the sharing and some appropriate music of lamentation, peace and hope from Asian sources will be included.


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Marc Andrus

Tonight, we hold in prayer the victims of the latest episode of senseless gun violence in our nation, this time in Boulder, Colorado. We pray for those who have died, the injured, their loved ones, and the first responders on the front lines of this tragedy. May God comfort all who mourn, dry the tears of all who weep, and sustain all who feel helpless. In Christ's name, we pray. Amen.


Marc Andrus

A message from Bishop Marc in the wake of yesterday's shootings in Atlanta.

I am stunned and deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of eight people yesterday in Atlanta at the hands of a gunman.
Although the police are still trying to determine the motive, we know that the majority of the victims were Asian. We also know that that violence against people of Asians/Pacific Islander heritage is happening across our country and here in the Bay Area, sparking tremendous fear. This unacceptable, and we as individuals, and as a nation, must do everything in our power to make the violence stop. Please join me in praying for the dead, their families, and all who are touched by gun violence and hate crime.

Almighty and merciful God, whose only Son came to preach peace to the nations: Hear us, we beseech You, and comfort us with Your steady Hand, as we come before You this day in the wake of unspeakable violence. In a world that seems hopeless, help us to remember that our hope rests always in You, and in the resurrection of Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.


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Celebration of Bishop Barbara C. Harris

Bulletin is here:https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f46f13273d5f412244b7b04/t/604d311174f7b32b7d792dd7/1615671569514/Bp+Harris+Evensong+.pdf


Don't miss this beautiful Evensong celebrating Harris’ groundbreaking ministry and her ties to the Diocese of California.


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Today we honor women everywhere! Take time today to send some love to the woman in your life.


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Bishop Marc's statement on the passing of George P. Shultz, former Secretary of State and lifelong Episcopalian:

Secretary George Shultz was, as his wife, Charlotte Shultz, said to me on Sunday morning after his death, 'A person of great faith.'

The world will celebrate and be grateful for his historic work over many decades as a statesman, and I will join in that justly deserved celebration. As a life-long and active Episcopalian, Secretary Shultz will also be remembered for his deep and abiding commitment to the 'Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement,' as Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls the Episcopal Church.

Secretary Shultz shared his wisdom and deep intelligence with me personally, with the Diocese of California's cathedral, Grace, here in San Francisco, and with other Episcopal congregations in the Bay Area. We will all miss his steady, inspirational guidance. George, we trust, is moving deeper into the infinite love of God, and we pray for Charlotte’s comfort in her loss and grief.


Congratulations, Aaron Wright, the new Executive Director of the The Bishop's Ranch!!!

The Board of Directors of The Bishop’s Ranch is pleased to announce that Aaron Wright became the new Executive Director, effective February 1.

Aaron joined the staff of The Ranch three and half years ago, and has worked in varied assignments including as Hospitality Director and Associate Director. In his most recent role as Acting Executive Director, he has capably guided The Ranch through the challenges of wildfires, shutdowns, staff reorganization, and the pandemic. The Board was particularly impressed with his leadership on the constantly shifting financial front. We are confident that his time at The Ranch has given him a broad overview of all the areas he will now be in charge of leading.

Please join us in welcoming Aaron and his family to this new role.

-Hale Foote
President of the Board of Directors

A Message from Bishop Marc

There is a liminal place, right between the long moment when a beautiful chapter comes to an end, and the energy of the new beginning starts to arrive. Poignant and exciting. A holy place, full. It is in this rich place that the Bishop’s Ranch has said a loving farewell to Sean Swift as its Executive Director and now welcomes Aaron Wright, formerly the Acting Executive Director, as its new Executive Director. In close consultation with my office, the Ranch Board carefully considered all we hope will stay the same while identifying new requirements of the position, discerning in a thoughtful process that the person we would search for was already here. I am pleased to announce Aaron’s appointment and look forward to the future with anticipation and excitement as well as gratitude for Sean's long and transforming service.

-The Rt. Rev. Dr. Marc Andrus
Bishop of California
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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Happy Friday!


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Marc Andrus

Thank you, President Joe Biden, for recommitting the United States to the #ParisAgreement. As I prepare to lead this year's Episcopal Church delegation to #COP26 in Glasgow and continue my work as a member of the #WeAreStillIn Leaders Circle, I am grateful for this renewed national mobilization on climate action and clean recovery. http://americaisallin.com/


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Today is MLK day! Take this day to promote equal rights for all Americans regardless of their background.


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Gay Clark Jennings - President of the House of Deputies

Passing along this sad news about Nigel Renton, a beloved member of our diocesan family who served eight times as a deputy to General Convention.

We are sad to share the news that Nigel Renton, an eight-time deputy from the Episcopal Diocese of California, died January 10 from complications of COVID-19. His obituary cites his service in the House of Deputies, noting that, "His ability to end debate during the church’s often fractious discussions won him the nickname 'The Terminator' among Episcopalians."

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord: And let light perpetual shine upon him.


Diocal News & Events: PB Curry Condemns 'coup attempt' at US Capitol, Guidelines for annual meetings, and more - https://mailchi.mp/diocal/01122021


[01/07/21]   Join Bishop Marc in one hour (5 pm Pacific time) here on FB Live for Epiphany Prayers for Peace in our Country.

[01/06/21]   Update: At 5 p.m. PST, Bishop Marc will be going live here on Facebook to gather us together and pray for our nation. Please join us and help spread the word.


Marc Andrus

As we watch the scenes of unrest unfold in our nation's capital today, Bishop Marc sends this message of hope and healing:

Dear friends,

Watching the chaos erupting at the U.S. Capitol we may find our spirits being quelled. Do not be overcome; these are both the death throes of what has been, and the birth pangs of what is struggling to be born. Our democracy will hold, the Beloved Community is being healed, despite the appearance now.

+Marc Andrus


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#adventword #proclaim
"My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord."
Read today's meditation at Adventword.org

#adventword #proclamar
"Proclama mi alma la grandeza del Señor."

Photo: Celebrating 10 Years of Bishop Marc (2016)


#adventword #holy
In our night of pain and grief, Faithful voices rise toward starry skies: In you, O Holy One, we put our trust. - Marty Wheeler Burnett
Read today's meditation at Adventword.org

#adventword #santo
En nuestra noche de dolor y luto, Voces fieles ascienden a los cielo estrellados: En ti, Santo Dios, confiamos. - Marty Wheeler Burnett
Lee la meditacion de hoy en Adventword.org

Photo: St. Clement's Episcopal Church, 2014 Christmas Service

The Episcopal Church in the Bay Area Welcomes You

The Episcopal Diocese of California is a diverse and loving community of congregations and nonprofit organizations located throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We practice a generous form of Christianity that welcomes all.

We invite you to learn more about us by visiting one of our churches or organizations. Find one near you with our search tool: http://diocal.org/asset-map

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