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Great Exchange Covenant Church San Francisco

Hi, please note we are for the moment joining GrX SF ( for Sunday services: 5pm @ 1337 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109. GrX SF is a third culture community meeting in the heart of San Francisco. We meet weekly, Sundays at 4:15pm. Our desire is to pursue the gospel of Jesus Christ deeper, further, and together. Please come join us and see what we're all about! 07/16/2015

ECC | Covenant Kids Congo | Powered by World Vision

Remember Hope Sunday is this Sunday!! In worship we will pray for the people of Congo, and have an opportunity to sponsor a child who lives there. As the Covenant Church we are moved by stories from DR Congo. Although there are stories of war, profound material need and lack of basic infrastructure we are compelled by a different kind of story: we are compelled by a story of hope for a bright future for the people of Equateur. We stand with ou… 06/19/2015

President Walter Responds to the Charleston Tragedy

Let's remember our brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina in prayer. CHICAGO, IL (June 19, 2015) — Gary Walter, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church, responds to the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, with an open letter to AME lea... 04/28/2015

Special Disaster Relief Fund for Nepal Established CHICAGO, IL (April 27, 2015) – Local partners in Nepal already are using funds from Covenant World Relief to provide assistance to survivors of the earthquake that has claimed the lives of nearly 4... 04/06/2015

Thirty-One Truths: Who I Am in Christ | Reading Plans

Bible tribes are starting with

Ephesians 1 and 2 can revolutionize our understanding of who we are in Christ. Why? Because it is the gospel! Spend the following 31 days developing the habit of taking the truths from these chapters to heart and become who you have been called to be—bring the gospel to life! I challenge you to daily take every thought captive and test and see if you are thinking, feeling, and living in light of these 31 truths.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t procrastinate. Remember the power you have been given in Christ and replace any untruths with these truths from Ephesians and be radically transformed by the renewing of your mind. Look forward to living the rest of your days in the truths of who you are in Christ. He died that we might live.

Enjoy His life and His power and His righteousness and walk forward by faith in every spiritual blessing you have been given in Christ and bring glory to His name! Throughout the following weeks, prayerfully meditate upon who you are and thank the Lord. Imagine the lives of those around you who will be impacted as you fully receive every spiritual blessing you have been given. Thank you, Lord, for all we have been given in Christ! A snapshot look at how Ephesians 1-2 portrays our new identity in Christ. This plan from Thistlebend Ministries will spur us on to more fully live out this new identity we have been given in Him. 02/17/2015

We need an American Church Revolution

Something important to consider as we begin the Lenten Season. A strange conversation can be heard in most church parking lots on most Sundays. It goes like this; “Did you get fed this week?” “Yes I did, I loved what the pastor had to say.”Or perhaps; “Did you get fed this week?” “No not really, if it carries on like this we may have to go to another church.”Th…

[12/29/14]   The new year is a perfect time to reflect on what the Lord has been teaching us in 2014, and what He is leading us to in 2015. Take some time this week to ponder this, using the following questions to help guide you:

1. What were your biggest blessings in 2014, -- what are you grateful for this year?
­ What people, insights or experiences have blessed you, learnings have shaped you and helped you grow?
­ What big or little things did God provide? Where and when did you most experience God’s grace?

2. What were your biggest challenges in 2014, --what drew you away from God this year?
­ What kept you from cooperating with or listening to God? What discouraged or hindered your spiritual life?
­ Describe any disappointments, regrets, bad choices, circumstances….and what you learned from them

3. Where were you most fully cooperating with the Lord in 2014 and drawing near to Him?
­ What energized you? When did you sense God’s presence, hear His voice, or see Him working through you?
­ What were the things (e.g. people, experiences, practices) that helped you draw near to God?

4. What longings or desires do you see emerging in your life in 2014?
­ Where are you being called to embrace something new? What is beginning to grow in your life?
­ And, therefore, what is ending? What beliefs, attitudes and patterns must be let go of and released?
­ What do you sense God has been preparing you for and is inviting you into in 2015? 11/25/2014

Our Hope: A Message from Gary Walter on the Ferguson Decision

Let us be in prayer for the family of Michael Brown, for Officer Darren Wilson and his family, and for the raw wound of racism in America. God, have mercy! CHICAGO, IL (November 25, 2014) — Below is a message from ECC president Gary Walter regarding last night’s announcement of the decision from the Ferguson grand jury.


YWAM San Francisco

Here's an update on YWAM and their effort to stay in the Tenderloin. Spread the word!

YWAM San Francisco exists to engage a city with a loving God. Partner with us as we serve, empower, and restore the Tenderloin community. 11/12/2013

CWR Responds to Storm Tragedy

Let's pray for the people in the Philipines!! And, check out the link to see how you can be involved through Covenant World Relief. CHICAGO, IL (November 11, 2013) – World Relief International is using funds from Covenant World Relief (CWR) to provide assistance in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan sliced through the central part of the nation and killed an estimated 10,000 people over the weekend. 09/24/2013

Youth Director Killed While Helping Stranded Motorist

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters at New Hope Covenant in Oakland. OAKLAND, CA (September 24, 2013) — Jose Durante, the youth director of New Hope Covenant Church, was killed Saturday night when another vehicle struck him while he was helping a stranded motorist push his car off the road.

[09/23/13]   Daily Office Journey: Week 3, Day 1
What has your time with the Lord been like?


Daily Office: Week 1, Day 3

Daily Office: Week 1, Day 3

[07/19/13]   How has your week been? Let's consider the following questions:
o Have I been growing a loving heart?
o Have I been developing a pure heart?
o Have I been feeding a hungry heart?

[07/08/13]   Thank God our Thailand Mission Team returned home safely yesterday!! Looking forward to hearing all about their trip.

[06/25/13]   Tonight the Tuesday Village is starting a new study of the book of Habakkuk. Please come join us, even if you only want to check it out: 7pm, Pastor Ralph and Teresa’s, 1735 Sweetwood Drive in Daly City.

[06/19/13]   This Sunday we are commissioning our Thailand Mission Team in worship, and celebrating Harland and Helen's recent marriage at lunch!! It's good to be part of the Lifehouse Family.

[05/06/13]   Our reading assignment this week in “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” is Chapter 8, Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath. What's the Lord teaching you on this journey?

[04/16/13]   Lord, may Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth, as it is in heaven...

Family, let's pray for those touched by the tragedy in Boston today. God have mercy!

[04/13/13]   Join us for prayer tomorrow morning at 9:30am in the Youth Room on the ground floor!! Rumor is that Jesus Himself will be there:)

[03/25/13]   Our assignment this week is to Move with Jesus in Service by ­ giving up some time, energy, serve someone else in their needs at home, work, church, or out and about. Even better is to do it completely anonymously, so that it’s purely for their benefit and not for ours. Let us know how it goes!! 03/18/2013

ECC | Covenant Kids Congo

Our assignment this week is to Move with Jesus in Mercy by caring for the marginalized. One way to do this is to gain some awareness about some of the "invisible people" in the world, e.g. refugees, HIV infected, the Covenant Kids Congo (see below); another way is to physically move with Jesus towards the marginalized by joining with Calvary Street Isaiah 58 Ministries this Saturday to minister to the homeless of the Tenderloin District. We will serve together at YWAM (357 Ellis St.), from 11am to 2pm. Let us know if you need more information! The situation in Congo is both dire and hopeful. As the Covenant church we sense this inescapable call: to stand with our Congolese friends to turn around the most over-looked province in the neediest country of the world. Joining together with World Vision in Equateur, this unprecedented partnershi...

[03/11/13]   Our assignment this week is to Move with Jesus in Discipling. Consider looking for someone who has more experience with Jesus than you do, and asking them a ‘how’ question (e.g. you spend your devotional time with Jesus?) for the purpose of learning from them. And, look for someone who has less experience with Jesus than you do, and ask them a ‘how’ question (e.g. how is your walk with Jesus going?) for the purpose of encouraging them. Let us know how it goes...

[03/09/13]   Remember that we are meeting for prayer at 9:30am tomorrow morning in the Youth Room on the ground floor. Come join us in seeking the Lord before we worship.

In addition, tomorrow is Daylight Saving which means we will spring forward and lose an hour at 2am. Put your clocks ahead before you go to bed so that you don’t miss prayer and worship!

[03/06/13]   Dear Lifehouse Family,

We are inviting the entire Lifehouse Family to join an eight week accountability group to discuss the book "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" by Peter Scazzero. The premise of the book is this: we cannot grow spiritually without growing emotionally. Exploring this material together in small groups will help us grow deep with the Lord and each other, so that God can grow us up.

The Accountability Groups will begin the week after Easter (the first week of April), and continue through Memorial Day weekend. Everyone is encouraged to make an eight week commitment to read the book and participate in a group. During this time Villages will be suspended so that we can all take advantage of this growth opportunity. You will be assigned to a group by the end of March, and each group will decide when and where they will meet.

Have you signed up yet? If not, you can sign up on Sunday after worship, or send an email to Andy Chang ([email protected]) or Ram Fenster ([email protected]) to let them know you are in!! (You can pick your books up at church for $10).

[03/04/13]   This week ­ our assignment is to Move in Healing with Jesus. Consider asking Jesus to heal you of a specific area of brokenness; looking beyond who people appear to be and see them Jesus does, as they really are; and/or offering to pray for someone in need of healing. Tell us about about your experiences...

[02/26/13]   This week our assignment is Moving with Jesus in Prayer, living intimately with Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Tells us about your 30+ minutes in prayer with the Lord...

[02/19/13]   This week our assignment is Moving with Jesus in Mission, bringing the Good News to life through our words and actions. How's your mission trip going so far?

[02/13/13]   Today the Lenten Season begins…By definition a movement moves, and the movement of Christ's disciples at Lifehouse moves with Jesus. This year we begin to move with Jesus in our City and world.

During Lent, the 40 days (minus Sundays) leading up to Easter, let's consider how to create space to move closer to Jesus and move with Jesus by denying ourselves something, by fasting from something that may hinder us. From bad habits to wasted resources; from areas of sin to wasted time, -- how will you create space to move closer to Jesus, and move with Jesus in helping to fulfill His mission?

[02/09/13]   Join us for prayer tomorrow morning, February 10, before worship! We will meet at 9:30 am in the Youth Room on the ground floor for a brief time of seeking the Lord together.

[01/30/13]   Matthew 13:44-46 (NIV)
"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.
"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it."

[01/27/13]   Please plan to join us at 12 noon tomorrow after Worship (and some lunch) for our 2012 Annual Celebration. We will celebrate together what the Lord did at Lifehouse in 2012, and look ahead at what’s in store for 2013. We also invite you to come ready to share how you saw the Lord working among us last year, for the glory of God!!

[01/22/13]   Join us for prayer Wednesday night, January 23, at 7pm in the Sanctuary. Let's stay connected! “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing." -- John 15:5 (NLT)

[01/09/13]   How is your 2013 Prayer Week going? Join us tonight at 7pm in the sanctuary for some prayer together!

[12/20/12]   Hi friends, this Sunday, 12/23, we are having a joint Christmas service with our sister Covenant Churches in San Francisco.

Please see details below in the event.


Lifehouse Covenant Church

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[11/28/12]   Reminder:
- Lifehouse Prayer Gathering -
Tomorrow Wednesday, November 28, at 7pm in the Sanctuary. Join us for this time of seeking God together.


Lifehouse Covenant Church

Latest sermon recordings now available at:


ECC | Find A Church | ECC | Find A Church

Hi Lifehouse family and friends,

Just a friendly reminder, there will be no church service tomorrow, 10/21, since most of us are at the retreat.
Listed below are a few other covenant churches nearby that you can visit tomorrow.

Please visit the church finder if you need to find a church to attend. To play video, click the triangle “play” icon, and to view video full-screen, click the smaller square icon on the right.

[10/09/12]   Please sign up for the retreat if you haven't already done so!!




700 4th Ave
San Francisco, CA

General information

Lifehouse Covenant is a multicultural Christian Church passionately in love with Jesus Christ the Lord! We seek to glorify Christ by committing our lives in building His Body, and following in His steps in teaching believers and reaching non-believers, as we eagerly anticipate His return. For more info contact us at contact
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Lazarus House Healing by Faith Ministry Lazarus House Healing by Faith Ministry
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Rogelio arguelles Rogelio arguelles
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I'm an artist living my final hours of inspiration.