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Star of the Sea Church


Thank you Father for being an Inspiration to us all.. even me, a transplant to Spokane, Washington...
Heard such great things about this parish! Two people referred me to Fr. Faller's homily last week. Astonishing to hear such honesty. Maybe he could get people to stop chatting, applauding and singing Happy Birthday in churches around here.
Interested in children's catechism? We plan to start catechism classes for children aged 3-18 this Fall 2020, and we need both students and volunteer teachers to make it happen! Classes will be on Sundays and we will offer Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to younger children. Please contact Clarisse Siu at [email protected] or (773) 322-2355 if you are interested in either enrolling your children or being a volunteer teacher. No teaching experience is required for volunteer teachers, but you must love Jesus and be committed to teaching the truths of the Catholic Church every Sunday of the school year.
Waiting for the Easter Sunday 9:30AM mass. I looked at YouTube too
Would anyone like to join me in making Green Scapulars for Catholic medical professionals, the way people are making masks? Especially for those dying alone and professionals under great stress. We'd have to respect guidelines, so logistics still need to be worked on. Just wanted to see how many people would be on board?
Father the greeting is great! Can we please have that "level" of sound for all the streaming Masses? Struggling to hear.
For those interested, the young adults group will be gathering via a zoom conference call tonight for a virtual speaker event, Sr. Elizabeth John Wrigley, speaking on Adoration and Prayer. You can join us via the below zoom conference line between 8-8:15 for a 8:15 pm start time: [Recommended] Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: For audio only: Or iPhone one-tap : US: +16699006833,,3020617710# or +16465588656,,3020617710# Or Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 or 877 853 5247 (Toll Free) or 888 788 0099 (Toll Free) Meeting ID: 302 061 7710
Please, if you are waiting for the 5Pm. We are having some technical problems. Thank you!!!!
Hola Mariella could you please add me? Thank you!!!
Anyone interested in moving up our daily mass to 7 am ? If yes please join in signing the petition here: Personally I’d love to be able to go before work on the daily but at the moment timing gets me to work only by 9 am which is just a bit too late.
Kansas City Kicker serves at Latin Mass in Kansas .
Hi everyone! On the first Sunday of every month, the Star of the Sea Mother's Group is hosting brunch and fellowship inside the auditorium after the 9:30am mass. This Sunday will be our official kick off! There will be activities and toys for the children, and plenty of chairs and tables for parents to relax and talk. So whether you're near or far, perhaps you'd enjoy having this sort of down-time with your beloved Star community. This is also a great event for couples/engaged couples to join in on. In fact, it'd be really great to see more young adults in general mingling with the families! We have so much to gain from spending time with one another! P.S. Star of the Sea is extra special for families because our awesome Priests make confession SO accessible! There is ALWAYS confession before and during mass. God Bless you & hope to see you all soon!

We are a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of San Francisco We are a Catholic parish located in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco. We're one of the few Churches open in San Francisco all day.

So come! Make a visit and see how God can work in your life!

Mission: To evangelize God's people beginning with the gift of the Holy Eucharist.

Operating as usual

Rosary and 54 Day Novena Star of the Sea Church SF

Rosary and 54 Day Novena Star of the Sea Church SF

Rosary and 54 Day Novena Star of the Sea Church SF

Rosary and 54 Day Novena Star of the Sea Church SF

Fr. Joseph Illo's Homily, Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Illo's Sunday homily.

August 30, 2020 • Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

Rosary and 54 Day Novena Star of the Sea Church SF

11:30AM Mass - 22nd Sunday Star of the Sea Church SF

9:30AM Mass - 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time Year A Star of the Sea Church SF

Formal installation of Fr. Illo as pastor of Star of the Sea Parish, San Francisco

Today is the second anniversary of the formal installation Mass of Father Illo as pastor of Star of the Sea. We are so blessed to have him be our spiritual leader!

Singin' in the Rain

Father Illo's latest blog post. On Sunday San Francisco saw some spectacular weather. It all began around 3am with pounding rain and thunderous lightning strikes. The rain posed interesting complications to our sixteen Sunday...

What is happening at Star of the Sea?
We are working hard to keep providing our Masses. We are thankful to our dear priests who are celebrating Masses seven days a week, a total of 36 Masses outdoors (we have a limit of 12 people per Mass). We are thankful to the many volunteers (ushers, lectors and altar servers) for their commitment 7 days a week! as well as to our staff for their dedication to serve our parishioners, visitors and people in need, and last but not least THANK YOU! to all of you for your faithfulness and for being part of our community. Star of the Sea is a second home for many. We are a family of families!
Photos © 2020 Mariella Zevallos

A Tale of Two Priests

I recommend you to watch this video!
Please keep all our priests in your prayers and pray for vocations!
Saint John Vianney, Pray for Our Priests!
(St. John Vianney Priest feast August 4).

I’ve had many amazing encounters with priests in my performances, but these two were so powerful. I wanted to share them with you, to inspire you, and to tha...

Let us join in prayer as we honor Our Blessed Mother in her glorious Assumption into heaven [August 15th].
Prayer of Pope Pius XII
"O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and Mother of Men, — we believe with all the fervor of our Faith in your triumphal Assumption, both in body and soul, into heaven where you are acclaimed as Queen of all the choirs of angels and all the legions of the Saints; and we unite with them to praise and bless the Lord Who has exalted you above all other pure creatures, and to offer you the tribute of our devotion and our love." (from the Assumption Prayer of Pope Pius XII)

Raghav and Karen’s Wedding (Latin Mass) Star of the Sea Church SF

Seeing Ed interned at his final resting place

Join us to pray the rosary! Live streamed from our beautiful St. Joseph Chapel from Monday to Friday at 5pm. Follow our Sunday Masses live streamed at 9:30am (English) and 11:30am (Latin) both on Facebook and Youtube.
To learn more about our parish visit our website
Icon of Our Lady Star of the Sea. Image ©2018 Pavel Tikhomorov.

21 outdoor Masses and a new deacon at Star of the Sea

Cal Catholic article about our 21 outdoor Masses last weekend (with video) and our newly ordained Deacon Cameron! Deacon Cameron Pollette, first ordination from parish in 30 years The lockdowns accompanying the Covid-19 epidemic have crippled the ability of churches throughout California to provide the sacraments to their parishioners. Different counties have different restrictions, none more stringent than the...

Deacon Cameron Pollette's Homily for Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deacon Cameron Pollette's homily, August 9, 2020.

August 9, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

The Role of Saints in the Church

Our own Fr. Matthias and parishioner Marcus Quintanilla.

Chris and his co-host Marcus Quintanilla discuss the role of saints in the church with their special guests Father Eliud Kamwaro from St. Augustine Training ...

Fr. Joseph Illo's Homily for Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Illo's homily, July 26, 2020. We wish Father's parents a very blessed 67th anniversary.

July 26, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

Fr. Joseph Illo's Homily for Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Illo's homily today.

July 19, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

Fr. Joseph Illo's Homily for Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Illo's homily for the 15th week in Ordinary Time, 7/12/20

July 12, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco


Dear Friends,
Our apologies for today's delay in live streaming the rosary and Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We had some technical difficulties. We were not able to live stream on our YouTube channel. Please follow us tomorrow at the same time! 5:00pm.
Below is an interior picture of our beautiful church Star of the Sea in San Francisco.

Rosary rally Star of the Sea Church SF

St. Junipero Serra, who was recently canonized as a saint by Pope Francis, has been brought into the lime light in the United States, and particularly in San Francisco, due to a statue in his liking in Golden Gate Park being defaced and removed. This vandalism was committed due to the belief that Junipero Serra enslaved and killed Native American Indians. The evidence is very clear that the opposite is true. Junipero Serra was one of the first pioneers of rights for Native American Indians during a very sad period in history in which many atrocities were committed against Native Americans. Below, you will find a few resources that we hope will help us all understand this great saint.

San Junípero Serra, quien recientemente fue canonizado como santo por el Papa Francisco, he estado en primer plano en los Estados Unidos, y particularmente en San Francisco, debido a que una estatua de su figura en el Golden Gate Park fue desfigurada y eliminada. Este vandalismo se cometió debido a la creencia de que Junípero Serra esclavizó y mató a los indios nativos americanos. La evidencia es muy clara de que lo contrario es cierto. Junipero Serra fue uno de los primeros pioneros de los derechos de los indios nativos americanos durante un período muy triste en la historia en el que se cometieron muchas atrocidades contra los nativos americanos.

Statues of Saint Junípero Serra deserve to stay
Editorial published in the Washington Post by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. / Editorial publicada en el Washington Post por el Arzobispo Salvatore Cordileone.

Prayer to St. Junipero Serra
Merciful Father, we thank you for the exemplary life, for the missionary zeal and for the kindness of your servant, Father Junípero Serra, who entrusted his ministry to the Virgin of Guadalupe and remained firm in the defense of the native villages. Through his intercession, grant us that we can see the face of your Son, Jesus, in all those with whom we meet, especially in the poor, the marginalized and those who suffer.


Oración a San Junípero Serra
Padre misericordioso, te damos gracias por la vida ejemplar, por el celo misionero y por la amable bondad de tu siervo, el Padre Junípero Serra, quien confió su ministerio a la Virgen de Guadalupe y se mantuvo firme en la defensa de los pueblos nativos. Por su intercesión, concédenos que podamos ver el rostro de tu Hijo, Jesus, en todos aquellos con quienes nos encontremos, especialmente en los pobres, los marginados y los que sufren.


Let us keep praying for the ending of the Coronavirus pandemic.
According to the Orders Issued by the San Francisco Health Officer Relevant to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we should all wear a mask!

[07/02/20]   July 1, 2020 - [email protected].

On the evening of Friday, June 19, a bronze statue of St. Junipero Serra, created by Bay Area sculptor Douglas Tilden in 1906, was pulled down from its pedestal in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. On Saturday, June 27, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone led Catholics to the site, and at the base of the empty pedestal recited the Rosary and offered prayers of reparation and healing. Videos of the open-air liturgy are on the archdiocesan website.

On June 30, the Washington Post newspaper published an opinion piece by Archbishop Cordileone headlined "Statues of Saint Junipero Serra Deserve to Stay." The op-ed piece is reproduced in this Special Edition of The Bridge. This article, and the Archbishop's other recent statements, are also on the archdiocesan website.

NEW – Archbishop's Article in the Washington Post.

Statues of Saint Junípero Serra Deserve to Stay

To the protesters who tore down his statue in Los Angeles this month, the priest, friar and saint Junípero Serra represents “hate, bigotry and colonization,” as one activist put it.

Nothing would have made Serra sadder, for the real man was a profound lover of all people and especially of the indigenous peoples he came to serve.

Seen through the lens of the present, many heroes of history may seem unworthy of their pedestals. But some, such as Serra, still deserve our esteem.

Who, then, is Junípero Serra after all?

First and foremost, Serra represents the true spirit of a church identified with the poor and outcast. He left his home, his family, his sinecure as a philosophy professor to offer the very best thing he had to the California people: the news that God Himself loved them enough to send His only Son to die on a cross to redeem them. Saint Junípero Serra is “the Apostle of California.”

Serra repeatedly intervened for mercy on behalf of indigenous rebels against Spanish authorities. He famously walked to Mexico City with a painful ulcerated leg to obtain the authority to discipline the military who were abusing the indigenous people. Then he walked back.

And his legacy lives on. The 21 missions founded by Serra and his brother Franciscans are the state’s oldest structures and among its most visited historic monuments. The churches are a physical sign of the Catholic Church’s respect for local cultures, enriched and transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Mission architecture is widely copied precisely because its innovation speaks so strikingly to Southwestern culture.

There is no denying that Native Americans in California endured grave human rights abuses. They suffered wrongs during all three eras: the Spanish colonization (known as the Mission era), the Mexican secularization and the American era.

But Serra should not bear the weight of all that went wrong and all who did wrong. If we looked at him with clear eyes, we would see Serra as one of the first American champions of the human rights of indigenous peoples, a man who protested abusive police powers by government authorities.

The deaths that occurred during the Mission era were primarily from disease. The greater, more deliberate devastation happened later, when secular governments took control. As UCLA historian Benjamin Madley writes in his book “American Genocide”: “Murders and massacres filled the archives.”

As Santa Clara University historian Robert Senkewicz told the National Catholic Reporter, “We do know what did happen when religious groups were not present to try to protect native peoples.” The genocide of native peoples happened primarily during the gold rush, he points out, “when Americans offered bounties for Indian scalps and the native peoples of Northern California were brutally decimated and oppressed.”

History is often not kind to heroes. George Washington sacrificed to found a great country. He also owned slaves he freed only upon his death. Leland Stanford, founder of a great university, was an abolitionist but also continued genocidal policies against the Indians. Haight-Ashbury, the San Francisco symbol of free love, is named after Henry Haight, who in 1867 called the Chinese a “servile, effeminate and inferior race” that would “pollute and desecrate” Americans’ democratic heritage. He was elected governor of California in a landslide.

We are not yet a nation that lives up to our founding creed of liberty and justice for all. We can and must do better. That is precisely why we ought to look to Serra as an inspiration to heroic virtue and as an emblem of American diversity. His is the path to peace, equality and racial justice.

The first Hispanic American saint, he is also the first saint to be canonized on U.S. soil and by the first pope from the Americas. At the canonization ceremony, Pope Francis said Serra represents a fearless willingness to engage with the other with the love of Christ: “He learned how to bring to birth and nurture God’s life in the faces of everyone he met; he made them his brothers and sisters.”

Father Junípero Serra died a beloved figure, mourned by indigenous people and Spaniards alike: a symbol of reconciliation, of hope and of the profound love he bore toward the people he strove to serve. His life reminds us of a core tenet of the Catholic faith: that the spirit of poverty, service and simplicity is the way to peace.

Golden Gate Star of the Sea Church SF

San Francisco Catholics pray rosary at site of Serra statue

Star of the Sea parishioners! On the night of Friday, June 19, vandals in San Francisco went on a rampage, toppling and defacing statues in the city’s Golden Gate Park. The statues defaced and/or toppled were: President and General of the Army Ulysses S. Grant; Francis Scott Key, composer of the Star Spangled Banner, America.....

Fr. Joseph Illo's Homily for Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Illo's homily for the twelfth week in Ordinary Time (June 21, 2020)

June 21, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

A group of parishioners prayed at the site where protesters pulled down a statue of St. Junipero Serra in Golden Gate Park.

Fr. Cameron Faller's Homily for the Feast of Corpus Christi

Fr. Cameron Faller's fantastic homily for the Feast of Corpus Christi.

June 14, 2020 Mass at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco

A beautiful Corpus Christi procession and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

[06/12/20]   Novena Prayer to the Sacred Heart
I. O my Jesus, you have said: 'Truly I say to you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. 'Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the sanctification and holiness of our Catholic bishops, priests, and seminarians. Our Father... . Hail Mary... . Glory Be to the Father... .

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.
II. O my Jesus, you have said: 'Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. 'Behold, in your name, I ask the Father for the sanctification and holiness of our Catholic bishops, priests, and seminarians. Our Father... Hail Mary... . Glory Be To the Father... . Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

III. O my Jesus, you have said: 'Truly I say to you, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away. 'Encouraged by your infallible words I now ask for the sanctification and holiness of our Catholic bishops, priests, and seminariansOur Father... . Hail Mary... . Glory Be to the Father... Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us miserable sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of you, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tender Mother and ours.

Say the Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, and add: St. Joseph, pray for us.

Star of the Sea Catholic Parish Richmond District, San Francisco

Our parish was founded in 1894, the Mother Church of the Richmond District. As we were the closest parish to the ocean at the time, the bishop named our community for Mary, Star of the Sea. Our Patroness Stella Maris (Latin for Star of the Sea) has had that title since at least the 8th Century, when our parish hymn Ave Maris Stella was composed. Mary is the star who guides our little ships across the turbulent waters of this life to Jesus her Son.

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حسن السيد +نور ابو ايهم

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