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That is the last thing the church ask people to do : send in offering.
God shall supply all of your needs - including the church finance.


A suggestion -

The church was asking people to mail in their offering - personal checks. (even cashier checks are cumbersome).

Problem #1: how the person mail the checks ....
Problem #2: more work for administrative staff
Problem #3: post offices were being robbed / even postal workers kept the mailing (including offering checks) - bad economy
Problem #4: no one wants to expose their account #, Driver license # (if printed on the check ) or their addresses .

Suggestion: Provide a church bank account designated for church offering - with the routing # and the full account # , be sure to indicate - checking or saving accounts.

The church people can ADD the church bank account as their online Payee. Usually the bank will verify the Added account with a small deposit and ask the person to confirm that is the right account.

The Online Pay account is only for directing "offering" to the church (one way only ) .

Side notes:

The church needs to find ways to reduce expenses - including temporary staff pay cut -- many loss of their jobs, take pay cut, even dentists and other professional are facing the financial crisis, but at a lesser level.

Church security - more robberies -- looting stores and group gathering places.
Use online group chat for meetings instead of the church building -- avoid church doors opened at all times.

The economy is not just the Conornavirus - people are not only unable to physically put their offering in the church worship service; but the economy downturn.

Financial crisis -
(loss of jobs, stocks / investment; working parents are forced to care for kids - (school closing down ) ,

Set up Benevolent fund ...
Church members or anyone from the church can contribute $100 to $500 as a group loan (with or without interest) to those who need financial assistance . ($10K to start )

Legal documents / signed forms , procedures can be outlined and set up as Memorandum of Understanding / terms and conditions.

There is no vaccine for Cornovavirus - side effect will be unknown for a long time.

A virus come back again in winter. Summer is better because of the summer heat. (a vicious cycle with us for many years ).

Think "outside of the box"

1) set up "video chat" with the group to participate "fellowship" online. (Many social media sites video are free ).

2) have a "relay" phone calls with multiple people in the group at the same time.

3) record short activities / messages in Youtube and invite people in the group to watch.

4) email the "materials" to the group.... "social-distancing " fellowship (if there is such a term).

5) Have smaller group in "home fellowship"...two or three gathered in Jesus name, He is there.
Please help...

1) What happen when an infant passed away before the infant has a chance to baptize? ; or God's saving grace saved the infant from hell before baptism when life stopped?

2) Does baptism save people? Does the person already saved when he responded when the Holy Spirit conviction of the Laws of God and the needs of the Grace of God (salvation).

For example, at the end of Billy Graham Evangelistic crusade, the person say "Yes" to the gospel is already saved; or he has to get up to walk to the front to say the "sinner prayer". What happened he got into a fatal car accident on his way home after he responded to the gospel. (He didn't have a chance to hear the gospel. Will he still go to heaven? )

I sat through all the classes, sermons at the church for the past 25+ years, but I don't remember it is clearly explained to me. The book of Concord and Lutheran Confession didn't include different situations or any exceptions.
㊗️ 新年快樂 Happy Chinese New Year 🧧

The year of the pig 🐷🐽, began last Tuesday, the 5th, and ends next Tuesday, the 19th.

We were blessed with the opportunity to step in, listen👂, immerse, and experience a culture 🇹🇼🇭🇰🇼🇸 that is rich in traditions.

We spent two days over this past weekend with brothers and sisters from different generations
- learning stories,
- having conversations,
- making Chinese New Year snacks - Tong Yuen,
- making Chinese New Year crafts - 🍊 Mandarin orange,
- worshipping 🙌🙏,
- participating in praise dance & tai chi,
- fellowshipping over meals 🍗🍜🍛🥟🥢🥡🍵,
- and just celebrating life together 🎉🎂

Thank you Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit for sharing your space, stories, ministries, families, and relationships with us, LINC Los Angeles, LINC Bay Area, and many more ministry leaders from the Bay 🌁🌉. You were such a generous and hospitable host 🥰

Pastor Chris, thank you 🙇‍♀️ for your hospitality, generosity, and patience as God used us to partner in this events. It indeed was a blessing to be able to witness this dream turn into a reality - many are already asking for this to be an annual event 🤔🤷‍♀️

#lincCA #linclife #CNY2019 #CrossCulturalimmersion #ListenImmerseNeighborCollaborate
Came across this SFgate article from 2003... amazing fond memories and legacies of our founding church pastor, Ptr. Holt and his wife left with LCHS. Not many may know this history, thought I'd share:

A unique bilingual Chinese English Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in the Sunset District.

Operating as usual


4/18/2021 粵語主日崇拜


4/18/2021 国语主日崇拜




Home | HUG Preschool 04/15/2021

Home | HUG Preschool

Enrolling Preschool Students!
(Pls like and share)

Home | HUG Preschool Help-U-Grow (HUG) Preschool aims to provide a safe, loving, stimulating environment to prepare students for the next stage of learning.

HUL Ministry 04/15/2021

HUL Ministry

HUL Ministry “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in times of need.”                         &

Christ-Shaped & Cross-Framed Friendship (Part 1) — HUL Ministry 04/15/2021

Christ-Shaped & Cross-Framed Friendship (Part 1) — HUL Ministry

Christ-Shaped & Cross-Framed Friendship (Part 1) — HUL Ministry God has blessed us with the community of friends and believers where both hearts and minds are exchanged and shared to face the reality of evil and suffering. God uses friendship to bring healing and reconciliation. A great example is the four friends who brought the paralytic to see Jesus for heali

Refiner's Fire (Acoustic Worship) 04/13/2021

Refiner's Fire (Acoustic Worship)

Song written by Brian Doerksen
Read 1 Samuel 9: 1-2 about how Israel’s first king was chosen and the characteristic/qualities of the king they chose and then read 1 Samuel 16: 6-13 to see how the second king was chosen.

Do you look at a person’s heart? Take a moment to write/journal about your own heart. What would people see if they saw your heart? Also, take a moment to pray that God will give you eyes to see the way He looks at a person’s heart.

Refiner's Fire (Acoustic Worship) Song written by Brian DoerksenDevotional: Read 1 Samuel 9: 1-2 about how Israel’s first king was chosen and the characteristic/qualities of the king they cho...

聖靈的果子 - 忍耐 4部曲 (第1部) PATIENCE (1 of 4) 04/13/2021

聖靈的果子 - 忍耐 4部曲 (第1部) PATIENCE (1 of 4)

聖靈的果子 - 忍耐 4部曲 (第1部) PATIENCE (1 of 4) Parent Bible Study (PBS)by Allan Tong


4/11/2021 粵語主日崇拜

Raise A Hallelujah (LCHS cover) 04/10/2021

Raise A Hallelujah (LCHS cover)

Raise A Hallelujah (LCHS cover) Raise A Hallelujah by Bethel Music


LCHS EM Online Ministry 2020-2021 04/05/2021

LCHS EM Online Ministry 2020-2021

LCHS EM Online Ministry 2020-2021 Praising God for His Providence throughout 2020-2021 LCHS EM Online Ministry


Join us for 10am Easter Sunday English Ministry Livestream worship service with Holy Communion after message time (YouTube LCHS EM). Please prepare your hearts for worship and your bread/crackers and wine/juice.






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Passion Week Worship Medley: There Is None Like You, Goodness of God, How Great Thou Art

1. There Is None Like You by Lenny LeBlanc2. Goodness Of God by Ben Fielding, Brian Johnson, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Jenn Johnson3. How Great Thou Art by Stua... 04/02/2021

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

Topic: English Ministry Good Friday Service
Time: Apr 2, 2021 08:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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He Knows My Name (Cover)

Song Written by Tommy WalkerFilmed by Andy LinReflection: Read Genesis 39 about Joseph’s story with Potiphar’s wife.Take a moment to put yourself in the shoe...


PC Intro to Holy Weekend 2021

English Ministry announcement 04-01-21 Intro to Holy Weekend 2021





Roadmap to Worship at 2400 - PC update 3-30-21

How are we preparing for indoor and outdoor worship at our church building with current health guidelines? 03/30/2021

LCHS EM & CM Sunday Service (March 29, 2020)

LCHS give thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness and providence the past year. Sunday, March 29, 20209:30 AM // English Ministry Service11:00 AM // Cantonese Ministry Service


3/28/2021 粵語主日崇拜 | 棕枝主日 | 王者之尊 | LCHS Cantonese Worship




棕枝主日 – 主後二零二一年三月二十八日崇拜主題: 王者之尊開始詩歌: 古舊十架詩歌: 十架的冠冕; 寶貴恩典; 十架的愛讀經: 撒迦利亞書 9:9-12; 腓立比書 2:5-11; 馬可福音 14:1-9講道: 劉少銘牧師散會詩歌: 主恩真奧妙-------...


3/28/2021 粵語主日崇拜



3/28/2021 粵語主日崇拜


[03/28/21]   路德會聖靈堂


Youtube Live Stream


2021 Holy Week English Ministry Invitation

Join us for English Ministry events for Holy Week 2021

3/27 Saturday - Christ in the Passover 11am live stream
3/28 Sunday - Christ in the OT during 9:30am EM worship service and 11am Zoom Bible class with guest speaker Rich Robinson (Jews for Jesus)
4/2 Good Friday 8pm EM service with Stations of the Cross
4/4 Easter Sunday 10am EM live stream

3/27 11am Christ in the Passover Seder presentation3/28 Christ in the OT during 9:30am EM Worship Service and 11am Zoom Bible class with Rich Robinson (Jews ...


3/21/2021 粵語主日崇拜 | 寫在心上的印記 | LCHS Cantonese Worship

謝謝Vicar Eric Meux在國語崇拜和劉牧師在粵語崇拜帶來的講道。


預苦期第五主日 – 主後二零二一年三月二十一日崇拜主題: 寫在心上的印記開始詩歌: 新生命詩歌: 謝謝袮的愛;神我屬袮;是為了我罪讀經: 耶利米書:31:31-34; 希伯來書 5:1-10; 馬可福音 10:32-45講道: 劉少銘牧師 散會詩歌: .....

Videos (show all)

4/18/2021 粵語主日崇拜
4/18/2021 国语主日崇拜
4/11/2021 粵語主日崇拜
3/28/2021 粵語主日崇拜
3/14/2021 粵語主日崇拜
3/21/2021 国语主日崇拜
3/14/2021 国语主日崇拜
趙永成弟兄的呼籲 Message from Barak Zhao
2/28/2021 粵語主日崇拜
2/28/2021 国语主日崇拜
2/21/2021 粵語主日崇拜
2/14/2021 粵語主日崇拜




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5200 Diamond Heights Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94131 Very Reverend George Baalbaki, Pastor Sunday Morning Orthros/Divine Liturgy - 10AM/11AM All Liturgical Services are available through our YouTube Channel.

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