Language technologies for a connected world. 04/07/2016

Emojis: Are they changing how we communicate with each other?

“The truth is that there are some things you'd be hard pressed to do in a natural way without emojis." More on how emoji are changing our communication, with insights from Tyler Schnoebelen, Idibon chief analyst. Emojis have become an virtual sensation and will even be the subject of a movie in 2017. But are they changing how we communicate with each other? 04/07/2016

Thirteen Companies That Use Deep Learning To Produce Actionable Results

ForbesTech lists 13 companies that use deep learning to produce actionable results: “Idibon provides text analysis using deep learning networks in combination with human analysts.” Deep learning networks are producing actionable results for a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Find out about thirteen companies that are... 04/05/2016

A global newsroom: Understanding data in all of the world's languages -...

Understanding data around the world: find documents relevant to business (not show business!), and get key insights from Russian news without speaking Russian. Who knows what is going on in Russian news? Russians. But how can the rest of the world access this information? In this post we show that just... 03/28/2016

Culture-sensitive customer service - Idibon

Use tú in Spain, Usted in Colombia, and vos in Argentina. Don’t use too much or too little keigo when speaking to Japanese customers. Tips for culture-sensitive customer service, and how text analytics can help train your representatives. Imagine you’re on a call with customer service, and the agent keeps on calling you “honey”, “buddy”, or “dude”. Would your opinion of the company... 03/18/2016

Action in the air: An omni-channel strategy for acting on customer...

An omnichannel customer service strategy for airlines: identifying intent and routing customers through an analysis of IVR transcripts, customer surveys, and social media posts. In 2015, 3.5 billion passengers around the world traveled by airplane. In order to provide the best possible customer service, airlines need a... 03/16/2016

A video intro to UDAAP monitoring with text analytics - Idibon

Video: UDAAP lawsuits can cost companies millions of dollars in fines. Check out this video introduction to learn more about how text analytics can help financial services organizations understand consumer complaints and protect themselves from UDAAP-related issues. The term UDAAP is becoming more and more common in daily conversations in the financial industry. According to the Dodd-Frank Act, “all covered...


Idibon Tableau Chase Demo

Using news and social media to find security breaches and other key events and themes: a video demo analyzing JP Morgan Chase with Tableau and Idibon's text analytics

Visualizing social media data about J.P. Morgan Chase using Idibon text analytics and Tableau. 03/03/2016

A 12-year-old girl is facing criminal charges for using emoji. She's not...

"A 12-year-old from Fairfax, Va., has been charged with threatening her school after police said she posted a message on Instagram in December laden with gun, bomb and knife emojis." Includes insights from Idibon chief analyst Tyler Schnoebelen on emoji and the law.

For a timeline of emoticons and emoji appearance in the courtroom, check out our blog post: As emoji and emoticons have rocketed from web slang to the unofficial language of the Internet age, authorities contend the symbols have been used... 03/03/2016

Training and serving NLP models using Spark MLlib

"Provide thousands of predictions per second for many clients simultaneously”: Michelle Casbon, Idibon senior data science engineer, on how Idibon uses Spark MLib to train and serve NLP models. Article from O'Reilly. Beyond data processing: Utilizing Spark for individual predictions. 03/02/2016

Facebook's "Reactions" is in the 10% most widely spoken languages, still...

Words spoken each day among the Amish people in a small corner of the USA still outnumber the total number of global Facebook likes and emoji reactions. Facebook has just extended the “Like” button with five new reactions: Love, Sad, Angry, Wow, and Haha. If we take the stat that Facebook has about... 03/02/2016

Emojis Are Becoming A Bigger Part Of Conversation ;)

Why has there been an explosion of emoji and emoticons recently? When are emoji appropriate and inappropriate to use? And what are people saying about the new Facebook emoji reactions?
Tyler Schnoebelen, Idibon chief analyst and emoji expert, on NPR’s All Things Considered. With Facebook unveiling additional emoji options, linguist Tyler Schnoebelen talks about how emojis are changing the way we communicate. 02/25/2016

AAAS: Understanding Speakers of 7,000 Languages - Idibon

Potentials of language technology to preserve world’s vanishing languages. Highlights from “Understanding speakers of 7,000 languages" panel at AAAS 2016. February 21 was International Mother Language Day. With the top researchers in language technology last week, we marked this day while running a... 02/19/2016

Idibon AI processes world-scale text data ... on a single computer! -...

Now you can process every transcribed word from YouTube videos, every word on every single WordPress blog, and the entire Twitter Firehose in real-time on one computer!
Introducing idiML, Idibon’s new Machine Learning library. Idibon is announcing the launch of a new Machine Learning library, IdiML, for ultra-low latency text analytics at scale. Artificial Intelligence... 02/18/2016

Idibon at Data Day Texas 2016 - Idibon

Highlights from Data Day Texas 2016: Superheroes, wine, language-independent technologies and more! Plus check out the video interviews with Michelle Casbon, senior data science engineer, and our CEO Robert Munro. Superheroes, the integration of Spark and NLP, and language-independent technologies were only a few of the topics covered by the Idibon team last... 02/12/2016

The voice of the player: Exploring Reddit gaming data using Idibon...

Superhero text analytics! What are fans of Marvel Games Contest of Champions talking about? A video on how to use our web-based tool to analyze Voice of the Player: Text analytics projects often start with a big pile of data and some questions. This poses a challenge: how can I tell if this data is well-suited... 02/12/2016

We've lost that lovin' feelin' - Idibon

In celebration of upcoming Valentine's Day, check out our blog post to learn about the presence of “love” in song titles across time, artists who sing the most about love, and why we’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’. A text analysis of top US song titles from 1890-2012. "Love" isn't what it used to be. 02/12/2016

Session: Understanding Speakers of 7,000 Languages (2016 AAAS Annual...

On any given day, only 5% of the world’s conversations are in English. Come to the AAAS 2016 Global Science Engagement Summit this Sunday, February 14th, to hear a panel led by Robert Munro, Idibon CEO, discuss the challenges of “Understanding Speakers of 7,000 Languages” and how technology can help.


Speech and Language Processing

The full pdf version of the 3rd edition of Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin’s “Speech and Language Processing” is available here:

Also check out our summary of Dan Jurafsky’s Bay Area NLP meetup talk on how computing with affective lexicons can give us deeper insights about everything from speed dating to understanding customer emotions. Speech and Language Processing 02/11/2016

Women in technology: creating change through community - Idibon

Today is Women in STEM day! Here at Idibon, we are celebrating all of our amazing female engineers (our team has a 50/50 gender ratio!). Check out this blog post on the state of women in technology and efforts by the Idibon team to increase diversity in tech. This Sunday marks the 106th observance of International Women’s Day and here at Idibon we are celebrating by announcing two efforts to not only... 02/10/2016

Podcast: Tapping into the power of natural language processing - Idibon

Natural language processing: What it is, what you can do with it, and how your business can tap into the power of NLP technology. Check out this podcast from Idibon CTO Jason Brenier. What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)? What kinds of things can you do with it? And how can your business benefit from NLP technology? In this... 02/04/2016

“Run fast as you can” – #likeagirl advocates and brand campaign ROI -...

In anticipation of this weekend’s Super Bowl ads, take a look at the impact of two of last year’s most popular ad campaigns!

How did #likeagirl advocates beat out sexists?
How did Discover’s screaming goat commercial affect conversations about the brand? Measuring the effectiveness of a brand campaign remains elusive even online. Digital marketers often look at engagement metrics such as likes,... 02/03/2016

Computing with affective lexicons: Dan Jurafsky at the Bay Area NLP...

Summary and slides from the recent Bay Area NLP meetup with Stanford computational linguistics professor Dan Jurafsky on computing with affective lexicons. Featuring examples from the realms of speed dating, restaurant reviews, emotion detection, and more! First things first: Dating advice When you collect the right data and get it labeled, you can find really interesting things. For example, record... 01/28/2016

The Multilingual Falcon - Idibon

The Noir City Film Festival this weekend in SF! How much is lost in translation when we try to process only in English? The beautiful complicated linguistics of French, Hungarian and Turkish using The Maltese Falcon! Natural language processing beyond English: a line from film noir translated and analyzed in three languages (French, Hungarian, Turkish) 01/28/2016

Avoiding customer churn: Text analytics and the Oberweis Dairy call...

Text analytics for call centers: Oberweis Dairy case study. How is text analytics already helping Oberweis reduce customer attrition and how can adaptive learning help even more? Around 13% of Americans are lactose intolerant. And what are Midwesterners intolerant of? Problems with the quality of their dairy products and... 01/26/2016

Apache Spark for NLP: Highlights from the Advanced Apache Spark meetup -...

Highlights from last week's Advanced Apache Spark meetup: applications for Natural Language Processing, how Idibon uses Spark ML...and what Spark tastes like! You’re about to learn two important things about Spark. The first is how to use it for NLP. The second is what it tastes like. Let’s talk about the... 01/20/2016

Challenges and opportunities in video collaboration: Simon Tumansky -...

566 million spoken words, 1 billion video conferencing minutes per year. Simon Tumansky, product manager at Blue Jeans Network, on challenges and opportunities for Natural Language Processing in the realm of video collaboration. Last year there were roughly 566 million words spoken on the Blue Jeans video conferencing network. There’s a lot of value locked up in all that... 01/20/2016

Bay Area NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Join us tomorrow, January 21st, at the Bay Area NLP meetup, featuring a talk from Stanford Linguistics Professor Dan Jurafsky on “Computing with Affective Lexicons”. The talk will feature examples from domains like “analyzing restaurant reviews and menus, predicting stocks,and detecting interpersonal style in dating.”

You can register and learn more here: Doors at 7:00, talk from 7:30-8:30. Venue 870 Market st, Suite 828, San Francisco, CA. The talk will be in the Flood Building at Market and Powell.... 01/15/2016

Who's speaking at Data Day Texas 2016? | Data Day Texas 2016

Come meet the Idibon team at Data Day Texas tomorrow!

Nick Ga***rd, data scientist, will talk about analyzing text data in Idibon Studio, Michelle Casbon, senior data science engineer, will discuss what is under the hood of Idibon's scalable NLP services, and Rob Munro, Idibon CEO, will be giving a keynote presentation on Natural Language Processing and Idibon Public. See you there! is the Founder and CTO of Silicon Valley Data Science. In the business world, John Akred likes to help organizations become more data driven. He... 01/14/2016

10 text, sentiment, and social analytics trends for 2016

Top 10 text analytics trends of 2016:
“Idibon makes a selling point of combining the traditional and the new” — Seth Grimes

For more on adaptive learning: Text, sentiment, and social analytics help you tune in, at scale, to the voice of the customer, patient, public, and market. The technologies are... 01/12/2016

In Germany, robots will teach refugee children the language | News |...

Nao, a robot from the University of Bielefeld in Germany will soon enter classrooms to help teach German and interact with incoming refugee children. Combining artificial intelligence and language acquisition skills, robots will soon teach refugee children the German language. Scientists are... 01/11/2016

Twitter Language Project -- About

Project from Danish researchers Sune Lehmann and Anders Sogaard uses 65 billion tweets to map Twitter distribution of 100,000 keywords across U.S. Try it yourself! 01/11/2016

2015's big leap into machine learning

The “human in the loop” model is the premise from which machine learning will make the next qualitative leap in computing and define machine learning’s accomplishments in the upcoming year.” Machine learning in 2016.

For more check out our guide to adaptive learning! In other words, this is what we can expect humans won't be doing in 2016 01/11/2016

A lethal AI robot will police the Great Barrier Reef for starfish

The crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) is responsible for 42% of the Great Barrier Reef coral decline. COTSbot, a new diving robot, sets out to save the reef, detecting and eliminating dangerous starfish. This mechanical hitman can deliver more than 200 lethal shots and roam for eight hours. 01/08/2016

Sentiment Analysis Can Do More than Prevent Fraud and Turnover

Overview of use cases for sentiment analysis and text analytics, from predicting employee dissatisfaction and engagement to anticipating fraud and fund misappropriation.

Check out our text analytics study of Glassdoor reviews to analyze Walmart employee churn: It can signal ways to boost morale. 01/08/2016

'The Emoji Movie' is a real thing, and it opens in cinemas in August 2017

The Emoji Movie, produced by Sony Pictures, will be opening in movie theaters in August 2017!

While you’re waiting for the movie, check out our video on the who, where, and how of emoji use around the world! Get hype.




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