Starlight Ministries, San Francisco

Starlight Ministries, San Francisco


To love others and being able to coexist starts with matter the circumstances. Wouldn't it be nice if we all truly got along, like being married both parties have to want to stay married...for one can't do it on their own. We're not always going to agree how our neighbors family, friends coworkers do a they may not care how we go about it. With that being said, I have to be open on how we can get it matter what route we take.
Trouble I had fitting in, with the in cost too much. Growing up in the Bayview was fun earlier on, playing touch football in the streets, hide and go seek...then came drugs and alcohol. Nobody put a gun to my head, as a teen it was just part of the fun...I thought. Some kids experimented, didn't like the effects and moved on with their lives...others like myself loved the feeling, and before I knew it...I was caught up. In order for me to continue to fit in, I had to abandoned all spiritual and moral ethics I learned as child. When I came back to the Lord that last time, I was lost, broken and in desperate need of his help...that was over twenty yrs ago, I haven't gone back...God is able to do, just what he said he'll do. I didn't give up on God...cause he never gave up on me...he's able.
It's still amazing to me on how good God is...when I consider how low down I've become. We all want to say or do a thing, that'll make us look or sound better than we are...I'm no different. When you're married to the Lord, and have a sleazy affair with the feel dirty, cheap and unfit to come back to your marriage. That's how I felt for a long time, even after the Lord has forgiven me...I still felt unworthy of his love. God keep on reminding me on how precious I am to him...I been faithful ever since, the world still flirts with me...which brings me closer to my first love.
Remember back in grade school when it was time to pick your team for softball...and you wanted the best players at the time. Some of us lost that good sense of who to pick to be part of our team, who would play fair...and go all out for the team. We've been selected to be part of Jesus team, way before our parents knew each other...and we all have a position to play. Whatever your position is, play it to the best of your've been specifically chosen to be you. With God as the owner...we already won the game.
Because he himself suffered when he was tempted...he is able to help those who are being tempted. Jesus took on the sins of the world, so that we may have salvation...for that I'm eternally grateful. If the Lord has brought me through a's my spiritual duty to offer my help to my brother, God then can navigate us to the solution...we're here to help each other, not to tear each other down.
Couldn't really tell you just when I realized...that it wasn't about me, but I'm clear it never was about me. Realizing that fact help me be a better husband, father and worker at my job...when my every concern isn't about, what's in it for me. Putting God first, then family, then my church...God always take care of the details.
Remember that song "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right". I remember my Mother playing that song back in 1972...she loved this man, despite what she heard about him. By this world's standards, you would think loving God is wrong, or simple minded...given the fact we live in a fallen society, I see how some would think that way. Spiritual matter is beyond some of our greatest thinkers, if it doesn't make sense to's something wrong with that concept. God doesn't have to prove his so sovereignty to no one...our minds can't comprehend the things of God. I love God with all I am, it gets tired trying to prove my love or faithfulness to man...If Loving God Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right 💟
Being a bus for has been a life changing's one of those jobs where folks is looking for you, then ignore you when they get on. Some will say "Morning Bus Driver" and other pleasantries...if wouldn't be fair to give all the credit to those that's having a bad day. I'm employed at Muni, but I work for God...that keeps me focused on my assignment. I'm able to practice love on a daily basis, whether I feel like it or not. I've learned to be patient, tolerant, kind...and gracious, that's how God has treated example, Jesus Chris himself, we learn by example.
It amazing on how some choose to speed up in the if they are the exception to the rules. If it wasn't for the fact that folks could get hurt or killed...we all would give that person a pass, if that person alone would suffer the consequences of bad decision making. We all have choices to do the right thing...let's pray for those, that only think of themselves, in Jesus name.
God Morning,
Distractions is a daily occurrence...keeping my eyes on Jesus, from which all Blessings flow. It's that simple, our adversary has a way of complicating a cup of coffee...keep your eyes on Jesus.
God is able to do, just what he said he will...he's gonna fulfill every promise to. Don't give up on God...cause he won't give up on you...He's Able. Some songs are repeated in church, so that it'll get in your spirit...the Holy Spirit out of the blue will bring that songs and others to your remembrance...don't that reminds us how able God do just what he said, he'll do 💜
I'll Blessed the all times. That sounds good in the song, the work begins as soon as we walk out our front door...afterwhile it becomes a lifestyle. It's not hard when we practice...what we're talking about.

We are a Psalms 37 Ministries. We believe in showing the love of God and helping others. We can change the world but we must first start with ourselves.

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Worship~Word~Witness On Wednesday//Speaker: Min. Marcus Dyson // June 30, 2021

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Starlight Ministries  SF-  “Hour Of Power” LIVE
Starlight Ministries  SF-  “Hour Of Power” LIVE
Starlight Ministries  SF-  “Hour Of Power” LIVE
Starlight Ministries  SF-  “Hour Of Power” LIVE




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