Virgen de los Remedios Northern California Apostolate

Keeping alive the Kapampangan devotion to the Virgen delos Remedios among the Kabalens living in the Bay Area of Northern California. O Indu ming Virgen kekeng patulunan

Since the earliest days of the Church, Mary has always occupied a special place in the hearts and homes of Christians.

The many authenticated Marian apparitions through the ages and throughout the world have further bolstered the tradition of Mary being the mother who would gather her children together to bring them closer to her son, Jesus Christ. In the Philippines, almost all of the major regions have a special title and devotion to Mama Mary. The Kapampangans have found refuge, comfort and consolation in the Virgen de los Remedios, ing Indu ning Kapaldanan. During times of trouble and difficulties, we would usually seek comfort and solace in the home, at the bosom of our mother. Kapampangans have been known to be fiercely independent and often critical of things and others. They would often go against the grain just to be different. Trying to gather them together would be like herding cats. But once Ima calls or beckons, all of them would come together obediently. Thus has been the role of the Virgen de los Remedios among the Kapampangans. Icang minie tula ampon capayapan
king indu ming B***n, kekeng lalawigan
uling calimbun mu, carinig sablang dalan
ding barrios at puruc, caring cabalenan
agad menatili ing catajimican. During the 1950’s, Pampanga was engulfed in an internecine struggle between wealthy landlords and their impoverished tenants. The province became the hotbed of an insurgent socialist, and later communist, rebellion. Burning sugar cane fields and dead bodies killed in ambushes were a common sight in the province, which was headed towards total chaos and anarchy. The then new Bishop of the recently founded Diocese of San Fernando, the Most Reverend Cesar Ma. Guerrero, was once reported to have remarked: “Aqui en Pampanga, hay mucho piedad pero poco de caridad.” In the face of the impending doom facing the province, the good Bishop initiated la Cruzada de Caridad y Buen Voluntad under the patronage (patulunan) of the Virgen de los Remedios. The Virgin, together with her son, Santo Cristo del Perdon, went through the length and breadth of the entire province, visiting every village and barrio, shunning the main highways and instead going through the back roads. From all over the province, the Kapampangan faithful came to join her and her son in processions (limbun), bearing gifts and offerings for the poor and those in need, all the while praying her rosary in repentance for sins and for the renewal of their spiritual lives. She would make her home in the barrio for several days and then move on to the next one until all of the province has been visited by her and her son. In time and in faith, she brought peace, prosperity and comfort (kapaldanan) to the troubled land. Casalpantayanan miunlad, milablab
ing pamicalugud agad linaganap. Then, in the 1991, Pampanga suffered a cataclysm never experienced in recent history anywhere in the world. The Mount Pinatubo eruption almost erased the province from the map, burying it under millions of tons of volcanic debris. The lahar flows that flowed for several years totally changed the face of the Pampanga, obliterating barrios and even whole towns in its wake, changing the course of rivers and fashioning out new ones where there was dry land before. Many in the province, having lost practically everything they owned and in many cases including loved ones, were driven almost to the verge of insanity. The Kapampangans were totally lost and not a few made the decision to leave the province for good. But the Virgen de los Remedios did not abandon her children. Led by the ascetic and saintly Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, the faithful threw themselves at the feet of their powerful and merciful patron. Over desert-like terrain, on the mega d**e built to stem the lahar flows and before rampaging waters and incessant rains, they went in procession singing her hymn and praying her rosary. In time and in faith, the Virgen de los Remedios came to give them comfort, refuge and strength. Looking back now, Pampanga would have been totally lost but for the care of the Indu ning Kapaldanan. Iligtas mu que’t icabus
king sablang tucsu at maroc

Today, many of the sons and daughters of Pampanga are scattered all over the world. Many of the nice homes in the province belong to families of overseas Kapampangans. Many think going abroad is easy and always a guarantee for greener pastures. But these overseas Kapampangans are also undergoing bitter loneliness, being so far from home. Now, through the efforts of Bishop Robert Mallari, the Virgen de los Remedios, reaches out to her children in diaspora and visits them to bring them together and closer to her son once again. And in the process, she brings them comfort and consolation (kapaldanan) and safeguarding them from evil and harm.


St. Augustine Catholic Church


Indung Virgen Delos Remedios at St. Augustine Parish South San Francisco, CA


Now happening. Live streamed Mass


Join us in prayers from November 12-14 every 9:30AM as we prepare for the 10th Canonical Coronation of the Virgen de los Remedios on November 15, 2020 at 2PM.


The 10th Canonical Coronation of the Virgen de los Remedios will be live streamed on November 15, 2020, 2 pm at St. Augustine Parish Church, South San Francisco, CA.


You are invited to watch the FB Live stream of the 10th Canonical Coronation of Virgen de los Remedios on November 15, 2020, 2:00pm hosted by AMBON (Association of Mater Boni Seminarians of Northern California) at St. Augustine Catholic Church South San Francisco, CA. 06/30/2019

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New photo by Verne Quiazon

Kealdawanan na pung Apu Ceto ngening aldo iti, Marso a-9.

With his sunny character, he brings blessings wherever he goes.
In good times and bad times, his holiness always shows.

"Thus says the LORD:
If you remove from your midst oppression,
false accusation and malicious speech;
If you bestow your bread on the hungry
and satisfy the afflicted;
Then light shall rise for you in the darkness,
and the gloom shall become for you like midday."
~ Isaiah

Mayap a oras pu, APU CETO!
Luid kayo. 03/03/2019

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Here is the video for the Seventh Annual Coronation of Virgen de los Remedios in Northern California.



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