King's Cross SF

King's Cross is a new church in San Francisco. Our vision is the flourishing of the city through the gospel of Christ.

[07/10/16]   Like you, King's Cross is heartbroken over the tragic events of last week. Join us tomorrow as we lament and pray for healing. We will also begin a month-long conversation together about race and justice in light of Christ. 1255 Hyde St., 5:15pm 03/30/2016

Ten Desires for Churches in San Francisco

Check it out! A new blog series from Pastor Dave on what he wants for the church in San Francisco. It's been five years since I first felt God's pull to San Francisco. I visited in 2011 for only a few days as a tourist. Little did I know, my heart was captured and my future altered. (Cue Tony Bennett.) Less than three years later, we would say goodbye to Texas and become Californians. Philosophi… 03/22/2016

Easter Week Events

Easter Week is the most important time in the Christian year. Here's a post outlining how we celebrate at King's Cross. Won't you join us?

Maundy Thursday, 6:45pm in our home
Good Friday, 7:00pm at 1255 Hyde St.
Easter Sunday, 4:00pm at 1255 Hyde St., followed by a meal The most important week of the Christian Year is "Holy Week," which begins this Sunday. During the rest of the year, we might fly pretty quickly through the thousands of years covered by the Bible. But every year, Christians are called to slow down to meditate on (and celebrate!) the final days of J… 02/02/2016

Quick Recap: Thankful and Hopeful

Thanks for all your enthusiasm for our first meeting this past Sunday! Here's a quick recap. 01/28/2016

BREAKING NEWS: We Have A New Home!

Exciting News: Our first meeting is this Sunday (1/31) at 5:15pm. Click through to read the story of how it happened! The Short Story King's Cross Church has secured a location for corporate gatherings at First Chinese Southern Baptist Church in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. This is a tremendous gift and we could not be more grateful! Our first meeting there will be this Sunday (1/31) at 5:15pm. Thro…


2016 Update: Constants, Transitions and Beginnings

Check out this update on the blog, written by Pastor Dave. January is proving to be a big month for King's Cross. We can't share everything yet, but here's what we can say: Constants While my time as the Interim Pastor of Redemption Church was an interruption of sorts for King's Cross, our core team continued building our life together as a family of missio… 08/21/2015

An Opportunity to Serve and Sacrifice

Important Update for King's Cross. When Maggie and I first visited San Francisco in 2011, God burdened us for the city. Before our vision for King’s Cross, we had a vision for San Francisco. We wanted to see the gospel shine brightly in every neighborhood. God decided to test us. 06/15/2015

Teaching - King's Cross Church

If you're the podcasting type, subscribe to King's Cross in the iTunes store. Learn what churches in San Francisco need to learn from First Corinthians. Preview and download the podcast Teaching - King's Cross Church on iTunes. Read episode descriptions and customer reviews. 06/15/2015

Teaching Audio

Listen in on King's Cross and our first two weeks in First Corinthians! Updated today! King's Cross is a new church on the west side of San Francisco. Our vision is for the flourishing of the city through the gospel of Christ. Listen in as we talk about what it's like to be Christian in San Francisco. 05/13/2015

Sundays @ 4PM

Preparing to preach on the wild, shocking, wise, gracious, challenging, and important story of Judah and Tamar. This Sunday at 4:00pm, drive across the bay to Grace Alameda. Visit the post for more. 04/07/2015


Updated the events page for April. Join us for dinner, learning, parties, serving! There's plenty to do! Upcoming Events

[04/03/15]   Good Friday reminds us that our primary identity as Christians is forgiven. Everything we have, we have by grace. "For God showed his love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Rom 5:8) 03/24/2015

Preaching: Balboa Baptist Church

It's important that church plants remember that scores of people have been following Christ for decades before we arrived in the city.

To that end, Pastor Dave will be preaching this Sunday morning at Balboa Baptist Church (off Ocean Avenue near the Balboa BART Station). Come join us! Pastor Dave Ainsworth will be preaching at Balboa Baptist Church, located near the Balboa BART Station off Ocean Avenue. Join us as we join a community of Christians who've followed Christ in San Francisco for much longer than we have. 03/17/2015

Forgiven People Pursue Grace

For the next six months, King's Cross will be exploring our six identities in Christ and their virtues. We begin this month with our primary identity: forgiveness. Join us this Sunday at 4:30pm, March 22nd, as we explore what this means for church life. Before a Christian is anything else, he or she is forgiven. 03/13/2015

Sojourn Network

Website Week, Day 5: King's Cross is a Sojourn Network church. Learn why that is such great news! When we were moving to San Francisco, I knew I wanted to partner with the Sojourn Network. There are many networks to join, but in my mind none combines theological vision, gospel culture, with missional and organizational intelligence as SN does. 03/11/2015


Website Week, Day 3: Have you read our vision for King's Cross? King's Cross exists for the flourishing of the city through the gospel of Christ. For everyone -- from that wealthy executive to your homeless neighbor. In every sphere of life -- personally, relationally, professionally, socially, culturally, and spiritually. We believe flourishing is God's desire for San Francisco: namely, that every person in every sphere of life -- personally, relationally, professionally, socially, and culturally -- would live well, for his glory and our good. Flourishing involves the knowledge, experience, and prospering of all that… 03/10/2015

Why Call It King's Cross?

Many people wonder about the name, King's Cross? Here's how it came about. Confession: I didn't move to San Francisco with a name for the church. I needed to spend a few months inhabiting San Francisco's streets, newspapers, and beliefs. Soon after moving to California, though, it became clear. 03/06/2015


After nearly a year of being in the city, while praying and thinking and dreaming about what is and what should be, we're ready for 2015. Check out the new digs, and get excited with us! King's Cross is a new church being planted in San Francisco. We are a growing community passionate about the flourishing of the city through the gospel of Christ.



1255 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA

Opening Hours

Sunday 17:15 - 18:30
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