Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church

Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church


Merry Christmas to faithful from Sister church of Dallas!

We are a church in Sunnyvale hosting a free concert being given by the renowned Russian St. Petersburg Quartet. We would be most grateful if you would make this event known to your members.

The date is June 14th (Thursday) at 7 PM

Items from Russia will also be on display and available for purchase.

The location is:

231 Sunset Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA // Tel: 408-736-4155

We thank you very much for your consideration.

Kind regards,

John Z. Pietrzyk // On Behalf of St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church is a bi-lingual parish of the Western American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. The Church of Our Lady of Kazan is one of the most beautiful representations of Russian Orthodox Christian art and architecture in the region.

One young visitor to our parish stood in awe and said, ‘It’s like being in a jewel box’. Such beauty dedicated to God, draws souls toward Heaven. Our church was established by Russian Émigrés in 1949 and is consecrated in the name of Our Lady of Kazan, a holy icon of the Virgin Mary that was discovered in the town of Kazan, Russian, in the 16th century. Through this icon, God’s grace has been show

Operating as usual

sf.gov 11/11/2020

Reopening guidance for places of worship | San Francisco

Reopening guidance for places of worship
General requirements

Keep holding remote services for older adults or people with chronic conditions. They are more at risk of serious complications if they get COVID-19. You can have up to 12 staff helping with a livestream.

Encourage all worshippers to choose 1 service to attend per week, at most. More gatherings means more risk to all worshippers. Religious services include funerals and wedding ceremonies. They do not include more casual gatherings like receptions, wakes, or remembrances.

Have attendees sign in for each service. If someone tests positive for COVID-19 later, the City can help everyone get tested.

Plan your services to be 2 hours long at most. You should only hold 1 service at a time. Do not have attendees move to another space during the service.

Do not shout, chant, sing, or play wind or brass instruments. Breathing out strongly can spread COVID-19 more readily.

Only 1 person at a time should speak. They must wear a face covering and be 12 feet away from everyone else. Have them use a microphone instead of raising their voice.
Everyone must wear face coverings while attending a religious service

If someone must remove their face covering for a ceremony, they must keep their mouth closed and be 6 feet away from others.

If they must speak without a face covering, they must be behind a solid partition and more than 12 feet away from others.
Limit contact between people

Change rituals to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Prevent people from sharing items, like books, offering plates, and religious objects. If people share items, they must wash or sanitize their hands before and after. Close water vessels, fonts, and fountains, unless you can disinfect them between uses.
Outdoor services are safer than indoor services
You can hold multiple services at the same time, if you keep each group completely separated at all times.

Screen everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter. Send people home if they feel sick.

sf.gov Documents for churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations to reopen indoors.


San Francisco to Move Forward with Reopening More Businesses and Activities on September 30 | Office of the Mayor

Starting on Wednesday, September 30, places of worship can open indoors at 25% capacity, up to 100 people. Outdoor worship services will continue, now with up to 200 people, as long as there is sufficient space to allow for social distancing. Singing or chanting is not allowed indoors since choirs and singing indoors is a known source of COVID-19 spread. The place of worship must conduct a health check of patrons before they enter the facility. Face coverings are required at all times except for brief removal to consume food or drink if it is essential to a ritual or ceremony. Additional requirements and guidelines are available online.

sfmayor.org San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed, Director of Health Dr. Grant Colfax, and Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu, co-Chair of the City’s Economic Recovery Task Force, today announced San Francisco will move forward with indoor dining and places of worship at 25% capacity up to 100 people startin...

[05/27/20]   The beautiful texts from the this evenings Litia. English and Slavonic (we usually alternate languages at our parish)

Stichera at the Litia
Canonarch: In the First Tone: ‘O Lord, Who hast ascended into the heavens …’

Chanters: In Tone I: O Lord, Who hast ascended into the heavens from whence Thou hadst come down, leave us not orphans That Thy Spirit may come, bearing peace unto the world; show the works of Thy power unto the children of men, O Lord Who lovest mankind.
Thou didst ascend unto Thy unoriginate Father, O Christ Who wast never separated from His uncircumscribable bosom, and the powers did not accept any addition to the thrice-holy praise, but acknowledged Thee, O Lord, as the one Son, the Only-begotten of the Father, Who hadst become man in the multitude of Thy compassions. Have mercy on us!
Thine angels said to the apostles, O Lord: ‘Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing at the sky? He Who is upborne from you into heaven is Christ God. He will come again, in the same manner in which ye have seen Him going to heaven. Serve Him in holiness and righteousness!’
In Tone IV: When Thou didst come to the Mount of Olives to do the will of the Father, O Christ, the angels of heaven were amazed, and the nether regions were filled with fear. The disciples stood before Thee, trembling with joy, as Thou didst speak with them, and a waiting cloud was made ready as a throne across from them; and heaven, opening its gates, revealed its beauty, and the earth opened its hidden chambers, that Adam might recognise Thy descent and rising again. But Thy feet were lifted up, as if by hands; Thy mouth uttered blessings aloud, that they might be heard; a cloud bore Thee aloft, and heaven took Thee in. This work, great and all-glorious, didst Thou do, O Lord, for the salvation of our souls.
O God Who in Thyself didst fashion anew the nature of Adam which had gone down into the nether regions of the earth, today Thou hast raised it higher than any principality or authority; for, loving it, Thou hast enthroned it with Thyself; and having mercy on it, Thou hast united it to Thee and glorified it with Thyself. Yet the incorporeal beings said: ‘Who is this beauteous Man?’ Yet Thou art not only man, but God and Man, united and revealed. Wherefore, the angels, astonished, some flying, garbed in radiant garments, and others standing by the disciples, cried: ‘Ye men of Galilee, He Who hath departed from you is Jesus, the God-man. As God and man He will come again, judging the living and the dead, and granting to the faithful forgiveness of sins and great mercy.’
When Thou didst ascend in glory, O Christ God, as the disciples watched, the clouds bore Thee up in the flesh; the gates of heaven were lifted up; the choir of the angels rejoiced with gladness; and the highest hosts cried out, saying: ‘Lift up your gates, ye princes, and the King of Glory shall enter in!’ But the disciples, marvelling, said: ‘Part not from us, O good Shepherd, but send upon us Thine all-holy Spirit, Who guideth, confirmeth, and sanctifieth our souls!’
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
Doxasticon for the feast, in Tone IV —
Having fulfilled the mystery which was hidden from all ages and generations, O Lord, in that Thou art good, Thou didst go with Thy disciples to the Mount of Olives, bringing also her who gave birth to Thee, the Creator and Fashioner of all; for it was fitting that she who, as Thy Mother, was pained more than all others at Thy suffering, also delight with surpassing joy in the glory of Thy flesh. And we also, sharing in Thine ascension into heaven, O Master, glorify Thy great mercy toward us.

28 ма́я 2020 года. Вознесе́ние Госпо́дне.
Возше́ д на небеса́ , отону́ дуже и соше́ л еси́ ,/ не оста́ ви нас си́ рых Го́ споди:/ да прии́дет Твой Дух, нося́ мир ми́рови,/ покажи́ сыно́м челове́ческим дела́ си́ лы Твоея́ ,// Го́ споди Человеколю́ бче.
Возше́ л еси́ Христе́ к Безнача́ льному Отцу́ Твоему́ ,/ неопи́ санных Его́ недр не разлучи́ выйся,/ и прило́ г си́ лы хвале́ ния трисвята́ го не прия́ ша,/ но Еди́наго Сы́на и по вочелове́чении/ позна́ша Тя Го́споди, Единоро́дна От- цу́ :// во мно́ жестве щедро́ т Твои́ х поми́ луй нас.
А� нгели Твои́ Го́ споди, апо́ столом глаго́ лаху:/ му́ жие галиле́ йстии, что стоите́ , зря́ ще на не́ бо?/ Сей есть Христо́ с Бог, вознесы́ йся от вас на не́ бо,/ Той прии́ дет па́ ки,/ и́ мже о́ бразом ви́ десте Его́ иду́ ща на не́ бо:// послужи́ те Ему́ в
преподо́ бии и пра́ вде.
Глас 4:
Егда́ прише́ л еси́ на го́ ру Христе́ Елео́ нскую,/ О� тчее соверши́ ти благово- ле́ние,/ ужасо́шася небе́снии а́нгели,/ и устраши́шася преиспо́днии./ Пред- ста́ ша же ученицы́ с ра́ достию тре́ петни,/ я́ ко глаго́ лал еси́ им,/ я́ ко престо́ л же готовля́шеся проти́в о́блак жду́щий:/ врата́ же не́бо отве́рзшее добро́ту явля́ ше,/ и земля́ сокро́ вища открыва́ ет,/ Ада́ мову схожде́ нию я́ ко по- зна́тися, и па́ки восхожде́нию./ Но стопы́ у́бо возвыша́хуся, я́коже ру́це,/ ус- та́ же вельми́ благословля́ху, я́коже слы́ шашеся,/ о́блак подъе́мляше, и не́бо внутрь Тебе́ прия́т./ Де́ло сие́ Го́споди соде́лал еси́ вели́кое и пресла́вное,// во спасе́ние душ на́ших.
posledovanie.ru 7 последование.рф

Диа́ кон:
Низше́ дшее естество́ Ада́ мово,/ в до́ льнейшия страны́ земли́ , Бо́ же/ но- восотвори́ вый Собо́ ю превы́ ше вся́ каго нача́ ла и вла́ сти, возве́ л еси́ днесь:/ я́ко бо возлюби́в спосади́л еси́,/ я́коже поми́ловав соедини́л еси́ Себе́,/ я́ко соедини́ вый спострада́ л еси́ ,/ я́ ко безстра́ стен пострада́ в, и спросла́ вил еси́ ./ Но безпло́тнии, кто есть Сей, глаго́лаху кра́сный Муж?/ Но не челове́к то́ чию, Бог же и Челове́ к,/ совокупле́ нно и явля́ емо./ Те́ мже удивле́ ни а́ нгели,/ во оде́ ждах лета́ юще о́ крест ученико́ в,/ друзи́ и же стоя́ ще во- пия́ху:/ му́жие галиле́йстии, И�же от вас оты́де,/ Сей есть Иису́с Челове́к Бог./ Бог Челове́ к па́ ки прии́ дет,/ Судия́ живы́ х и ме́ ртвых,/ ве́ рным же да́ руяй// грехо́ в проще́ ние и ве́ лию ми́ лость.
Егда́ возне́ слся еси́ во сла́ ве Христе́ Бо́ же,/ ученико́ м зря́ щим,/ о́ блацы подыма́ ху Тя с пло́ тию,/ врата́ взя́ шася небе́ сная,/ лик а́ нгельский ра́ довашеся с весе́ лием,/ го́ рнейшия си́ лы зовя́ ху глаго́ люще:/ возми́ те вра- та́кня́зива́ша,/ивни́детЦарьсла́вы./Ученицы́ жедивя́щесяглаго́лаху:/не разлучи́ ся нас Па́ стырю до́ брый,/ но посли́ нам Ду́ ха Твоего́ Пресвята́ го,/ наставля́ юща, и утвержда́ юща, и просвеща́ юща,// и освяща́ юща ду́ ши на́ ша.
Сла́ваОтцу́ иСы́ нуиСвято́муДу́хуины́ неипри́сноивове́кивеко́в.Ами́нь.
Го́споди, та́инство е́же от веко́в сокрове́нное и от родо́в,/ испо́лнив я́ко Благ,/ прише́л еси́ со ученики́ Твои́ми на го́ру Елео́нскую,/ име́я Ро́ждшую Тя Творца́ и всех Соде́теля:/ Той бо в стра́сти Твое́й ма́терски па́че всех бо- ле́зновавшей,/ подоба́ше и сла́вою пло́ти Твоея́,/ премно́гия наслади́тися ра́дости./ Ея́же и мы причаща́ющеся,/ е́же на небеса́ восхо́дом Твои́м Вла- ды́ко,//вели́куюТвою́ ми́лостьнанасбы́вшуюсла́вим.

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The Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Fort Ross is Cancelled


wadiocese.org It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the cancellation of our the annual diocesan pilgrimage to Fort Ross on Memorial Day. It is always a joyous day with the concelebration of the Divine Liturgy led by our hieararchs and surrounded by many the faithful. The procession to the cemetery across t...

wadiocese.org 05/24/2020

Response to the Latest News about Opening Churches

wadiocese.org On Friday May 22, 2020, the opening of churches within the United States, after  their closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was announced by President Donald Trump; the opening of houses of worship beginning this weekend. The President’s statement is welcome as the faithful look forward....

[05/23/20]   Dear Kazan Parish Family and Friends, There is growing optimism that parish life may soon cautiously start a return to normal. We all prayerfully await that happy return. That said, please be aware that services will not be held this coming weekend for the Sunday of the Blind Man. Please be safe and watch for further updates via the Western American Diocese media feeds and our parish page. XB!

wadiocese.org 05/23/2020

Quarantine is a Commandment of God


wadiocese.org Below are listed several thoughts and quotes from the Holy Scriptures: “Christianity is not a religion of a church-made-by-hands (like the Jews have). We are able to serve all Sacraments outside of a church building. During the first four centuries Christians existed without material temples.....

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“On the Same Day I Received Two Gifts from Saint Nicholas!”

blog.obitel-minsk.com My whole life has been connected with the name of St. Nicholas: I remember how,

goodguyswearblack.org 05/18/2020


goodguyswearblack.org The Deacon is the first step of the major orders of clergy in the Orthodox Church, following the bishop and the presbyter. The word deacon (in Greek διάκονος) means server and originally it referre…

orthodox-europe.org 05/15/2020

Chancellery Announces Schedule of Live Spiritual Talks with Bishop Irenei Over the Coming Weeks | ROCOR Europe

orthodox-europe.org In light of ongoing restrictions on movements and public gatherings due to the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, the Diocese announces a full programme of live on-line spiritual talks with Bishop Irene…


Healing Fear, Saint Luke the Surgeon

Luka / Healing Fear / Saint Luke the Surgeon (Излечить страх) ENGLISH subtitles (Saint Luke, Archbishop of Crimea, 1877-1961) NOTE: If English subtitles are ...




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