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I'm looking to find out the well being or demise of Carol (Purna) Goodpasture of Jennings Avenue, Santa Rosa. Should you have any info please be in touch. Sai Rams and best wishes Roland Pargeter (UK)

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Jai Sai Ram!
I am a single mom originally from andhra for 24yrs. I lost my job and place and I have a software engineer QA resume . I worked for 20yrs and as I have 3yrs gap I am on the brink of homelessness and loosing my child for the system. My number 6502846001.
I am s single mom with a 4yr old. Living here for 24years . I lost my job and place. Looking for someone to help me market my resume in QA manual test around SF as my son's school is on pleasant hill ca and kind of situated. I am NOT LOOKING TO RELOCATE. I HOPE SOMEONE WILL HELP ME BEGORE I FALL INTO SYREETS AND LOOSE MY SON TO THE SYSTEM. THANK YOU. SAIRAM. MY NUMBER 6502846001. PLEASE TEXT
JULY 30, 2019.

🍅Mission of SAI Trinity🍅
Sinless Life of Every Community

Remove these 7 sins from your life. If
you have....

-Business without Morality
-Politics without Principle
-Education without Character
-Worship without Sacrifice
-Wealth without Hard Work
-Devotion without Austerity
-Human existence without regard for
☘️Develop Devotion and Spirituality.☘️
"This fellow is a fraud! He has developed a small amount of power from ta***ic practices and now he is misusing it. There are many, many like him in India.. . Don't go near him. Don't go to meet him. Don't think about him. Don't have anything to do with him." -Mata Amritanandamayi
OM SRI SAI RAM. Así es como deberíamos de dominar y derrotar al gran enemigo interno que día a día destruye la vida que DIOS nos ha prestado. Pero sólo con la práctica es posible y no hay ninguna otra forma.
Analysis of the pathological personality of the medium of Muddenahalli and his accomplices' opportunists who have built an imposture suitable for recruiting the weakest people.
Article by Dr. Giancarlo Rosati, a multi-specialist doctor, former president of the Italian Sai Organization and author of over fifty
books on the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and Master Sathya Sai Baba.

Sai Ram! This is the page for the Sathya Sai Baba Center of San Francisco. Our goal is to share announcements, updates, and promote positive discussion with the community so that people of all faiths can work together to "LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL"!

Operating as usual


Guru Purnima Celebrations 2021

Guru Purnima celebration

Rudram chanting, followed by bhajans.

Timeline Photos 04/20/2021

Sairam - this week, we will be celebrating Ram Navami at the center as part of our special Bhajans on Thursday (04/22) at 7 pm.


[03/28/21]   Sairam! 🙏🏽

Spring is here and the pandemic situation in the city has improved, the center is now Open for Bhajans on Thursdays at 7 pm and Seva on Saturdays at 9 am. We follow social distancing at the center.

Please feel free to come over if you are interested, being vaccinated helps.


Happy Mother's Day!
Let us all strive to be as good a child as Swami was for his mother! Excerpted from Baba's discourse in 2006:

"One day, I found mother Easwaramma in a rather pensive mood and asked her the reason. She said, “Swami, I am pained to see small children ofour village walking all the way to Bukkapatnam to attend school. Please construct a small school in our village.”

Fulfilling her wish, I established a small school in Puttaparthi. After some time, she said, “Swami, people of our village are very poor. They cannot pay for the medical expenses to doctors in Bukkapatnam, where they are forced to go even for a minor ailment. Therefore, please build a small hospital in our village.”

Accordingly, I got a small hospital built.

Her third wish was to provide drinking water to the village. She pointed out that the women had to undergo great hardship to get water from the Chitravathi river which had almost dried up. To fulfil her desire, I provided drinking water not only to Puttaparthi but to other surrounding villages also.

The small school that I established is now a big university. The small hospital that I constructed has become a super speciality hospital.

Mother Easwaramma shed tears of joy when she saw that her desires had been fulfilled in a grand manner.

She led a life of happiness and contentment and breathed her last peacefully. It is the foremost duty of children to fulfil the wishes of their mother and make her happy.

Serve others to the extent possible. You need not take up any service activity beyond your means and capacity. If you find your neighbours suffering, give them solace. Help them to the extent possible and make them happy." - Baba 05/08/2020

Two Sikh doctor brothers shaved their beards so they can safely treat coronavirus patients

"Sacrifice is an offering, a giving up to the Lord, a dedication to the Lord. What is to be sacrificed to the Lord is the sense of ego, of 'mine'. Once all sense of ego is sacrificed to the Lord, given up to the Lord, heart and mind are purified of ego-attributes and Divinity can then be realised." - Baba They made a deep spiritual sacrifice and deserve our gratitude and respect.


Keep singing, chanting, and channelling your inner joy. It has an impact.


We had a cute SSE graduation this past weekend :)


1969 Article in Newsweek about Swami!


ABC 7 News - WJLA

Doing God's work.

This immigrant-owned restaurant in Washington, D.C. just blocks from the White House feeds the homeless and poor every single day as if they were full paying customers, no questions asked.

Wow. Blown away. >> 02/05/2019

1.5 Million Volunteers Plant 66 Million Trees In 12 Hours, Breaking Guinness World Record

Beautiful. By Lorraine Chow via Eco Watch The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh set a new Guinness World Record after 1.5 million volunteers planted more …


Our SSE (Sai Spiritual Education) classes happen every other Sunday. Contact us for details.


Meet the woman who rented hotel rooms for homeless in Chicago during dangerous polar vortex

"Love all serve all" in action!

Candice Payne impulsively charged 20 hotel rooms on her credit card, and it snowballed into a lifesaving effort by a group of strangers

[01/24/19]   A reminder from Swami about death - "Should we confine our entire life to birth and death only? In fact, both birth and death are unreal. Where there is birth, there is death surely. The twin stages of life, i.e., birth and death are only for the body, not for the Atma (Soul/Consciousness). We have to direct our love towards the Eternal Atma Tattwa, not the body which is subject to birth and death. I often address you as "Bangaru! [Gold]" What is the underlying meaning in addressing you in that manner? Gold as a metal does not perish. Its shape changes when it is melted and made into different types of ornaments. You, as gold may take different forms, but your Atma Tattwa does not undergo any change. You have to strive to attain the changeless principle of Atma Tattwa, but not the changing forms. I address you as "Bangaru!", reminding you of your real nature, i.e., the changeless Atma Tattwa. Gold is always gold. It is Truth. It is eternal. You have to always crave for attaining such an eternal reality." - Baba, in 2003



A loving tribute to Barbara Bozzani, a great devotee of Swami who passed away last year. You are missed, but not forgotten! 🧡

Barbara Bozzani was first attracted to Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, India back in the early seventies. Her husband Bob joined her on their first visit to India to…


An Important Talk by Sri Chakravarthi on the facts relating to the Muddenahalli Issue.

Om Sri Sai Ram, please be aware of ongoing fraud happening. The Sai Organization does not ask for funds and solicit donations. If people are sending emails and posting online for money donations they are not from the Sai Organization.

Sri K Chakravathi gave a factual account of the events leading to the Muddenahalli Issue and the facts regarding the subtle form. Sri K Chakravarthi who is c...

[01/15/19]   Sai Ram !
We are celebrating Sankranti/Pongal/Boghi festival on 17th January 2019 starting with Bhajans followed by a speaker talk - Sarah Watkins. Please join us.

Date : 17th January ,2019
Bhajans : 6:45 pm - 7:40 pm
Speaker Talk
(Sarah Watkins):7:45 - 8:15pm

Study circle continues as usual....

Vegetarian Potluck Dinner : 8:30 pm onwards
(Please feel free to offer flower,Fruits and food to Swamy ( vegetarian dishes, no eggs,no meat or no sea food).


[12/30/18]   Sairam!!

We will be having the center open on December 31st night celebrating the welcome of New Year 2019 with bhajans @ Sanfrancisco Sai center starting from 10:45 pm.

Details :
Bhajans :10:45pm till 11:45pm
Aarathi,Meditation & closing prayers : 11:45pm to 12:00am

Please feel free to get some fruits ( Dry fruits / fruits) and flowers to offer to beloved Bhagawan.
Pass this message to all the devotees and friends .

Thank you,

SF Sai Center

[12/26/18]   With all the gifts, remember Jesus and work on sacrificing one desire!

"Jesus taught simple practical lessons in spiritual advancement for the good of mankind; He manifested divine powers to instill faith in the validity of His teachings; He marked out the path that confers sweet nectar of bliss (Ananda) on humanity. He exhorted people by precept to cultivate the virtues of charity, compassion, forbearance, love and faith. We must pay attention to the sacrifice that Jesus made while free, out of His own volition. He sacrificed His happiness, prosperity, position, comfort, and safety, and braved the enmity of the powerful. He refused to yield or compromise. He renounced the ego, which is the toughest thing to get rid of. Honour Him for these. He willingly gave up the desires with which the body torments man; this is a great sacrifice. The celebration of His birthday has to be marked by your sacrificing at least a desire or two, and conquering at least the more disastrous urges of the ego."

- Baba, *Divine Discourse, Dec, 24, 1972*


Merry Christmas!

[12/20/18]   Sairam Dear Devotees,

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas wishes to all the loving family members!!

Today (12/20), We are celebrating Christmas at SF Sai center with Special Christmas songs/bhajans followed by vegetarian potluck and study circle.

Sorry for the last minute update, as most of the devotees are not in town next week we planned to celebrate Christmas today.

Date : 20th Dec 2018
Special Bhajans : 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Vegetarian Potluck Dinner : 8:20 pm
(Feel free to bring a vegetarian dish to share , no meat , no eggs, no sea food)

Please feel free to bring flowers & fruits to offer to Bhagawan.

We will have the study circle continued as usual.

Thank you

SF Sai Center

[12/20/18]   Come Celebrate Christmas with us, Thursday 12/20, 7pm at the Center 12/18/2018

Health Department 'rescues' 22 tons of food from trash in program that feeds the hungry

So much food gets thrown away, but this county in California figured out a way to save food and give it to those in need. “I love this job,” Vokki Davenport said as she drove a refrigerated truck filled with fresh food through the streets of Bakersfield. “This is meaningful. It inspires me to keep 12/18/2018

Former East Bay gang member launches completely green company, hires ex-felons

Great local news. Homeless and in gangs at age 13, now an entrepreneur who helps those who were in his position! Vericool is a local company that is not only completely green, but it was founded by a former East Bay gang member who now hires ex-felons who are getting out of jail. 12/15/2018

Teen who grew up in homeless shelters earns full ride to Harvard University

An inspiring story. This potential is here in so many people, we can't give up and must continue reaching out to love and serve. The high school valedictorian split his time between homeless shelters, the hospital and motel rooms. 12/14/2018

Power of Gayatri Mantra - Good Morning with Gayathri Mantra!

Wow. What a message here, of unshakeable faith and transformation! Heart 2 Heart E-journal is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of society through informative and inspirational content related to the Sri Sathya Sai Organization, an international service foundation dedicated to the spiritual upliftment of humanity. This site is dedi... 12/04/2018

Understand the Spirit of Service - Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse on 11th April 2005

"Unfortunately, these days mere bookish knowledge is considered as true knowledge and a lot of time is spent in acquiring it. Real knowledge should emerge from the Mastaka (head and heart). One should, therefore, cleanse his head and heart and remove the impurities therein. Then only, is it possible to understand things in the right perspective and acquire wisdom.

Exult not on your erudition oh man, without humble prayer and devotion to your indwelling god, all your learning is just a load in your head." Understand the Spirit of Service - Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse on 11th April 2005


Our Sai Spiritual Education classes happen regularly for kids. Please visit our website for more details:


Happy 93rd birthday dear Swami!


Sai Young Adults

Beautiful message by young adults worldwide for Swami's birthday

#ThankYouSwami #Sai93 #93YearsofLove

#SathyaSai #SaiYoungAdults

[09/08/18]   Sairam Dear Devotees,

Advance Lord Ganesha festival wishes to all the family members.

Next Thursday we are celebrating Lord Ganesha Chaturthi (Ganesha's birthday) on 13th September 2018 at SF Sai center with Special Lord Ganesha's bhajans followed by a speaker talk by Bob ( Long time Swami devotee) .

Date : 13th September 2018
Special Bhajans : 6:45 pm - 8:00 pm
Speaker Talk : 8:15 pm - 9:00 pm (Beloved Speaker
(Bob) talk on Lord Ganesha on this
auspicious day
Vegetarian Potluck Dinner : 9:00 pm

All are Welcome.

[07/22/18]   Sairam,

Please plan to attend Guru Purnima celebrations followed by bhajans this Thursday, July 26 beginning at 6:45 PM.

The devotional session will be followed with a speaker talk by Bob.

Following the speaker talk we will have a potluck with a Meditation video play.

Please feel free to bring a vegetarian dish if you are able to get.

(no eggs or no Meat or no Seafood please).

Thank you

SF Sai Center

[06/12/18]   (2/2). What is Baba's advice for depression? Even a slight awareness will enable us to seek the solution within:

"Krishna did not remove the delusion of Arjuna by His resolve, in a trice, as He doubtless could
have done; He made him go through all the steps of hearing, reflection and concentration
himself. The patient must take the medicine, not the doctor; the doctor only prescribes and
persuades. One thing too must be said. The aspiring disciple must have an inkling already of the
Truth; or else, he cannot master the secret. The telegram is sent in the Morse Code; so the man
who sends as well as the man who receives must be aware of the code."

[06/12/18]   (1/2): With recent suicides of celebrities, there has been a lot of talk about depression. As Baba says, it affects us all:

A man in great distress clamoured for a ticket at the booking office of the railway station, but the
clerk within was helpless, because the man did not know where he wanted to go. He was anxious
only to get away; he had had enough of the place. All men, sooner or later, behave like this; even
if one lives a hundred years, he has no desire to continue, for he finds all his kith and kin, his
near and dear, have dropped on the roadside and he has been deserted, by death. Life is no
unmixed good. No one is happy if he is immersed in worldly life. Man is tossed about on the
waves of joy and grief, he is buffeted by fortune, good or bad; he is the target of brickbats or
bouquets; the evil around him affects his peace; anxiety robs him of sleep and quiet. It is as if
one attempted to sleep on a bug-infested cot. Therefore, man tries to escape from all this, into
some thing, some where; he is not sure, which or where!


Nice message on a building in San Francisco. Sai Ram!

[11/19/17]   SaiRam !

We are celebrating beloved Swamy's 92nd Birthday on 23rd November 2017 in San Francisco Sai center with Nama Sankeerthanam and Bhajans in the center.

Bhajans : 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Vegetarian Potluck Dinner : 11:30am onwards (Feel free to bring a vegetarian ( No Turkey, Egg, Meat or sea food) food to share).

Please forward this message to your known friends and Sai family

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Guru Purnima Celebrations 2021




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