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Ministry for Hurts, Habits, and Hangups Monday Nights @ 7 - 9 pm
6:45 - 7:00 pm - Fellowship
7:00 - 7:30 pm - Worship
7:30 - 8:00 pm- Lesson/Testimony
8:00 - 8:05 pm- Break
8:05 - 9:00 pm- Open share Small groups
9:00- 9:30 pm - Fellowship

[06/19/17]   We just got back from Brazil! Come tonight @ 7PM to hear about the amazing things God did on this last missions trip. We will have fellowship and a great lesson. See you then!

[05/08/17]   Hello! Everyone join us tonight @ 7PM for Lesson 7: Moral; taught by our very own Tom Peterson! Hope to see you there!

[11/14/13]   This past Monday Training Coach Ivonne taught the lesson on Gratitude. She's such a great teacher. Being grateful is a daily habit that can be cultivated. It's perfect that the lesson on Gratitude coincides with Principle 7. I've learned the best way to have a good day, regardless of circumstances, is to be grateful for all that God has given to and done for me. And this happens for me at the start of the day in my prayer life/devo time with God. We had a great time of fellowship as it was a potluck night. Thanks to all who contributed. And the worship time, led by Matt Swisshelm, was Holy Spirit led and anointed. Awesome night!

[10/07/13]   Here's what's up. Last week I spoke on the lesson Crossroads. We're already on Principle 7! The week prior Michael Morrison from GT spoke on Grace. He did an excellent job, as usual. He shared of where he, personally, needs to offer grace in his relationships. Of course I was stellar, jk. But today we have a treat in Testimony night. Cushla, a CR leader from Church of the Highlands, will be giving her testimony. Come tonight and bring a friend! The testimony, besides the Blood of Jesus, is one of our most powerful weapons we have in life. And we can always be encouraged and learn something from some else's testimony.

[08/24/13]   This past Monday we covered Amends. I think Principles 4-6 are like working out. They are tough; they really push you; you'll grow immensely doing them; you'll probably feel sore/pain going though them (but it's a good pain like working out); you'll want to quit when doing them; and like really wanting to grow when working out they shouldn't be done without having a personal trainer/sponsor when doing them. Principle 6 was the step I experienced the biggest roadblock in my recovery. Because of my approval addiction/codependency I never wanted to confront my loved ones that failed me. And because I didn't my healing became stunted as opposed to total. My freedom wasn't lasting until I went beyond my comfort zone and pressed through. As a result I am much more free today than I was yesterday. Jesus doesn't want us stuck in the past. We won't be able to fully embrace what He has for us today if we won't let Him free us from our yesterdays. Yesterdays fears, hurts, deceptions, sins, misconceptions, etc... I was trying to address my issues and make amends in my own strength and that was where I got it all wrong. It's through Christ's strength that we're able to accomplish all things. And that is where our breakthrough lies, in His power.

[08/05/13]   Tonight at CR we are having guest speaker Pastor Catherine Avenal of Glad Tidings give a message entitled "The Burma Road". The message helps us to understand that healing many times is a PROCESS that we walk through with the Lord. That's not how we want it but God, in His infinite wisdom, chooses to walk with us through this process. Please come tonight and bring a friend, especially one who you think would benefit from tonight's message! May His Grace and Peace envelop you today.

[04/12/13]   Just giving a heads up that this Monday, April 15, Pastor Christina Beiser will be speaking at our Celebrate Recovery. She'll be touching on living a deeper and more surrendered life with Christ. She is an amazing communicator & mentor of countless women, of whom my wife's life has been greatly influenced by. THIS IS A CAN'T MISS ENGAGEMENT! Derek Dauchan & Teen Challenge will lead us in worship. Snacks, coffee and childcare will be provided!

[04/03/13]   This past Monday night was testimony night with yours truly as the testimony giver! The testimony I gave was centered around Codependency. I am being delivered from approval addiction by Jesus Christ. It has an influence into so many areas of struggle in my life. From sex to service to relationships (with people & God), and even when I was bound by drugs and alcohol. So much of what I did or didn't do was fed by the source of my approval addiction & codependency. I am soooo much more free today than I was before CR. I can say that I am much more free today than I was before I wrote my testimony two years ago!! That's only due to the Holy Spirit's work in my life & my willingness to cooperate with Him. God wants soooo much to bring us to a place of rest IN HIM. We're all longing for rest in some way. Rest from our work, rest from our addictions, rest from our compulsions, rest from our failures, rest from the negative tapes that play in our heads, rest from our hurts & the haunts of those we've hurt. We can only find that rest in God. No person, no program & no pursuit can deliver on the promise of rest for our souls like our God. Your testimony or issue might not be codependency or approval addiction based but GOD still wants to give you rest for your soul, NOW IN THIS LIFE.






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Monday 19:00 - 20:30
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