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Operating as usual 08/23/2016

The America I miss

Come join us at church ... Life is good if you have your health and not all bad even if you don’t, which is sometimes forgotten in an election year, what with the high-pitched oratory on behalf of the embittered rich and people with ingrown toenails and what not.


Rufus Wainwright

Singing Hallelujah with 1,500 CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR members was pretty unreal. #TBT



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The Daily Show

Pretty clear and convincing argument ... A contemporary prophet in action? ....

Trevor responds to the recent spate of police killings.

►Full episode:


Love Harder Project

Now is the time to change. Do something. Anything. We need to show hate is not the answer. Blame is not the answer. Segregation is not the answer. Change. Acceptance. Love is the answer. We ALL matter. Change. #LoveHarder #LoveHarderProject #BeKind #BeTheChange #TheTimeIsNow



x soulseeds


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

A statement from the PC(USA) on the Orlando nightclub tragedy.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Colbert, preaching love ...

Stephen opens The Late Show with his thoughts on the heartbreaking events in Orlando.

[04/02/16]   Come share some joy tomorrow as we celebrate the ancient Christian tradition of Holy Humor Sunday, the Sunday following Easter when we remember the great joke God played on death by resurrecting Christ. Smiles guaranteed and our joy will only be complete with you among us!

[03/27/16]   Join us for Easter Sunday service at 10:00 am ... Heaven-sent music, floral cross and two baptisms!! Christ is risen (and you'll be uplifted too)!


Join us this Saturday, March 19th for our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. 10 a.m. at the Lincoln Park Playground (33rd Avenue and Clement). Great fun for young and old!!


Presbyterian leaders lift up prayers for San Bernardino Presbyterian leaders lift up prayers for San Bernardino 12/03/2015

#GivingTuesday 2015 - Give the Gift of Dance

A fabulous program for bringing healing through dance ... I'm participating in #givingtuesday on Razoo! Join the movement! #RazooGT15


Giving a shout out to all the runners in the Nike Women's Half Marathon today ... if you need a breather as you run just 5 blocks away from us, stop in ... we've got water, bandages, Vaseline, ... and we'll shower you with the love of Christ! 09/22/2015

Heeding Pope Francis on environment

Pastor Lisa's great seminary friend, Rev. Scott Hardin Nieri, on heeding Pope Francis' message and the need for care of our environment. A renewal is called for

[09/13/15]   A few days late, nonetheless this is a lovely articulation of the miracles and tragedies of 9/11 written by a dear faith sister ... thank you Cyndi!

14 years ago as the dust settled, and the scenery was changed, lives altered, toll taken, I learned about some miracles.... My brother was in Manhattan that morning returning his rental car, heading to the airport in NY. His Sept 11 meeting had been changed to the 10th, it was held in one of the towers. A nephew, in the Coast Guard, assigned to the Port Authority's building #7, left his post an hour before the collapse. A co-worker talked about a phone call she had before she came to work. Her daughter had called to say she was fine, she had been working from home that morning. Her desk was in the Pentagon, where the damage had been done. Several days later I helped a woman choose a wedding gift, a gift her mom should have picked out. Her mom was a passenger on United 93. So when you say Never Forget, I think, I Will Always Remember... all the miracles, all the blessings, all the prayers, all of the loss.

Do I think of this on 9/11 only? No. Daily, I remember all of this daily and thank God for bringing this into my heart, so I can continue to pray for the living and the lost, the emergency personnel, the brave, the frightened, the helpers, guardian angels, the hand holders, tear wipers, shoulder hugging men, women and children of that day. What is my take away from this, ... be more compassionate, more understanding, more curious, less afraid, but mostly - more loving. ...and with that, if you read this far and even if you didn't ...I love you. Peace, may we find it...


Vice President Joe Biden Interview, Part 1

For anyone in grief ... "Faith sees best in the dark." -- Kierkegaard, via Vice President Joe Bidden. And if this statement scares you, because you've lost some or all of your faith in a current chapter of darkness ... not to worry, losing your faith is part of the faith journey.

Part one of Vice President Joe Biden's full interview with Stephen Colbert.


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

O God,
your love cares for us in life
and watches over us in death.
We bless you for our Savior's joy in little children
and for the assurance that of such is the kingdom of heaven.
In our sorrow,
make us strong to commit ourselves, and those we love,
to your unfailing care.
In our perplexity,
help us to trust where we cannot understand.
In our loneliness,
may we remember those who have died in love,
trusting them to your keeping
until the eternal morning breaks;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

#September11 - Photo by Sara Otoum 09/11/2015

A Prayer for the Anniversary of 9/11 Good and gracious God, today we come before you with heavy hearts as we remember the events of 9/11. 09/10/2015

WATCH: Stephen Colbert on Why He's a Christian In a sneak peek at an upcoming interview, Stephen Colbert discusses his faith with surprising frankness. The new host of Late Night sat down with Father Thomas Rosica, media attaché to the Holy See Press Office and CEO of Salt and Light Television. The Daily Beast, which got a preview, calls the ext… 09/10/2015

Why I Cry in Church

Lovely ... Throughout the service tears welled in my eyes, as if I had been holding back grief for weeks, waiting for this opening, this invitation. 09/10/2015

Jimmy Carter’s faith

In faith, terrorists kill the innocent. In faith, televangelists swindle the gullible. In faith, so many of us hate, exclude, hurt, curse and destroy. And in faith, last week, Jimmy Carter told the world he has cancer in his brain.

And smiled as he spoke. In faith, a baker refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. In faith, a minister prays for the president to die. In faith, terrorists plant bombs at the finish line of a marathon. In faith, mosques are vandalized, shot at and burned. In faith, a televangelist asks his followers to buy him a…


Janaki Sooriyarachchi - Author

The stories we carry ... let's tread lightly with each other!

(A beautiful, touching video)

Please WATCH and SHARE with others... 09/05/2015

5 practical ways you can help refugees, starting today A new report from the United Nations refugee agency says that more than 2,500 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing this year while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. 09/05/2015

The Art of Daily Ritual: Keeping Sane in an Insane World

Wonderful ideas for living with greater peace and celebrating daily joys ... Ritual doesn't have to be religious, or even spiritual in nature. Daily tasks can ground and center us, clearing our minds and helping us focus on the profundity in the seemingly mundane of this world. 09/05/2015

PC(USA) Louisville national offices hosts first same-gender wedding

In other news from Kentucky ... PC(USA) Louisville national offices hosts first same-gender wedding

[09/04/15]   Join us this Sunday as we study Mark 7:24-30. Jesus being exclusionary?! It sure sounds like it in this gospel story. What are we to make of that, and how will we respond? Fittingly, we’ll consider the city/county’s incarcerated population, as we welcome SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and his Religious Services Coordinator, Yolanda Robinson to share some news from their department and worship with us!



Heavenly Father, we come to You today to ask for Your healing touch for former President Jimmy Carter whose cancer has now spread to his brain. We pray that Your ministering angels would surround him in hope and the peace that surpasses all understanding. We ask in the name of Jesus for renewed strength and complete restoration. In Your Holy name we pray. Amen. #JimmyCarter #PrayersforHealing 08/22/2015

The Duggars, The Jenners, And The Growing Exodus From Christianity

Come join us tomorrow for worship at 10:00 am ... We refuse to be so narrow-minded as our louder, media-covered Christians called out here! Sometimes revelation comes in just 140 characters. Tonight I had another Christian tell me on social media that he was okay with Josh Duggar fondling young girls "because he repented", but has a bi... 08/20/2015

Photo: Lands End labyrinth vandalized | Richmond District Blog

So sad ... A photo from @StefStar showing the outlines of what was the Lands End labyrinth We've heard some sad news from two readers this week that the rock


Sunset over Donaldson Amphitheater, Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center, Lake Tahoe.


Natalie Grant - Held (with lyrics)

Lovely ...

These are the lyrics to "Held" as performed and copyrighted by Natalie Grant in 2005. I do not own the rights to this music, but am simply posting a lyric vi... 08/15/2015

Share This With All the Schools, Please

Lovely, lovely, lovely ... A good model for schools, churches, businesses ... Thank God for amazing teachers like this! A few weeks ago, I went into Chase’s class for tutoring. I’d emailed Chase’s teacher one evening and said, “Chase keeps telling me that this stuff you’re sending home is math – but I’m not sure I believe him. Help, please.” She emailed right back and said, “No problem! I can tutor Chase after... 08/11/2015

When They Brought These Wolves Into The Park, They Had No Idea This Would Happen

Wow. God's wisdom at work ... Share with your friends... 08/11/2015

Pope Francis: Protestant?

Wow ... No wonder we like him so much! Someone has said that Pope Francis is really a Protestant. He is, if Protestant is defined as someone who protests. His recent encyclical Laudato si' is a protest against the often irresponsible industries as they pollute the environment.




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