First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco

A Reformed & Presbyterian Church proclaiming and teaching God's Word. Grace to you and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ:

To the wounded and troubled spirit;
To the broken hearted;
To those pressed under a heavy burden.

To those who grieve;
To those confused wanting understanding;
To those trapped and powerless in themselves;
To those tortured with guilt;
To those in need of mercy and pardon;
To those laboring under the dread of death;
To those hungering and thirsting for something

Such were we;
but, we found good news about life and hope and joy,
and extend welcome in the Name of our Savior,
the Lord Jesus Christ, as part of His Church! Join us this Sunday for singing of the wonders and works of God, bringing our concerns and needs to Him, hearing Him speak in His Word read and proclaimed, and encouraging each other toward surprises better than we dare to think or ask. Stay for a meal, meet new friends, and join us in conversation as we learn and grow together. We’re not perfect people, nor a perfect church; but by God’s mercy and grace, we’re better than we deserve.

Operating as usual 01/04/2021

First OPC SF - YouTube

May I suggest you check out our YouTube channel. We would appreciate it, if you would subscribe to the channel, by clicking the subscribe button. One hundred subscribers gives us additional capacity with the channel. Thank you for your help. Worship service video stream from First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco. 12/31/2020

J. Glenn Ferrell Sermons

Sermons on John 17. The largest and most trusted library of over 1,884,000 free sermons from conservative Christian churches and ministries worldwide. 11/03/2020

November 1, 2020, Worship at First OPC in San Francisco

Finished Work, John 17:4-5. Finished Work John 17:4-5

[10/31/20]   Saturday, October 31, at 11 AM, Pastor Ferrell will be lecturing as part of the Ripon United Reformed Church's virtual conference. The topic of his lecture will be: Worship in Scottish Reformation Presbyterianism. This may be viewed as a livestream on our church's YouTube channel: First OPC SF. 10/28/2020

October 25th, 11 AM Worship at First OPC in San Francisco

[10/25/20]   A few are confused concerning our current Internet presence. We are video-casting our 9 AM Worship, and 10 AM Sunday School via Zoom and on our more private Prayer and Fellowship at First OPC page. Our 11 AM Worship is live video-cast on our Youtube channel: First OPC SF. Though there seems to be a delay after each live cast, eventually, these 11 AM services are available for later viewing on Youtube.

[09/30/20]   From CBSN, September 29th:

Mayor London Breed announced the city will allow local restaurants to offer indoor dining with social distancing for the first time since mid-March on Wednesday.

She also said places of worship can reopen at 25% capacity up to 100 people. While the announcement was not as relaxed as what Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone wanted, it may ease the rising tensions between the church and City Hall.

Under the health order, singing or chanting will not be allowed indoors since choirs and singing are a known source of COVID-19 spread. The place of worship must also conduct a health check of patrons before they enter the facility. Face coverings will be required at all times except for brief removal to consume food or drink if it is essential to a ritual or ceremony. 08/20/2020

First OPC SF

We've set up a Youtube channel for First OPC in San Francisco. Please consider going to that channel -

and subscribing. If we reach 100 subscribers, we have some additional capability Worship service video stream from First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco.


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Those desiring to join our worship at First OPC in San Francisco via Zoom may do so at

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By phone, dial:
and enter the Meeting ID: 962 062 856

AM service at 11 AM Pacific Time
PM service at 5 PM Pacific Time Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer... 05/12/2020

On the Ordinances, Order & Policy of the Church

Whether public worship ordinances take place at all is also according to the discretionary power of the Church unto its well-being. The Church might purpose a church-plant in one area, though not in another, though both areas have need of it. Such positive ordinances of the Church, even of public worship, give way unto moral necessity, so taught Hosea (Hos. 6:6) and Jesus (Mt. 12:2-7), and Rutherford, Durham, Turretin and Rivet. In a time of danger, public worship services, when not for the well-being of the Church, might be wholly omitted altogether; so taught the puritans.

Westminster, Durham and other puritans made the distinction that God’s positive commands bind always, though not unto all circumstances (WLC99.5). Hence, where a command cannot be done, though the command binds in the general, yet if there is a spiritual disposition in the heart to it, this is ethically sufficient.

How does this consist with Heb. 10:25, which speaks of ‘not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together’? As William Gouge pointed out in his commentary (in location), the Greek word for ‘forsake’ means to utterly forsake, in principle. The context of the passage, both in the chapter and in Hebrews as a whole, is that of apostasy, not simply of natural danger. Christians that flee in natural danger will return when that danger is over, unlike those who apostatize.

It might be objected that persecution, also involving a natural danger, was also present in the context of the letter to the Hebrews. While this is true, nonetheless, given the qualifications above, to interpret Heb. 10:25 as binding all Christians to every regular opportunity for public worship without fail, irrespective of all imminent threats of danger from persecution, was contrary to even the view of the sensible puritans, Bownd, Rutherford and Willard (see the webpages above). “Now I praise you, brethren, that ye remember me in all things, and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you.” 1 Cor. 11:2 “For this cause left I [Paul] thee [Titus] in Cre… 04/13/2020

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain! Roman Catholic History and the Emerald City Protocol Property field_summary

[04/12/20]   Psalm 61

1 O God, give ear unto my cry;
unto my pray'r attend.
2 From th' utmost corner of the land
my cry to thee I'll send.

What time my heart is overwhelm'd,
and in perplexity,
Do thou me lead unto the Rock
that higher is than I.

3 For thou hast for my refuge been
a shelter by thy pow'r;
And for defence against my foes
thou hast been a strong tow'r.

4 Within thy tabernacle I
for ever will abide;
And under covert of thy wings
with confidence me hide.

5 For thou the vows that I did make,
O Lord my God, didst hear:
Thou hast giv'n me the heritage
of those thy name that fear.

6 A life prolong'd for many days
thou to the king shalt give;
Like many generations be
the years which he shall live.

7 He in God's presence his abode
for evermore shall have:
O do thou truth and mercy both
prepare, that may him save.

8 And so will I perpetually
sing praise unto thy name;
That having made my vows, I may
each day perform the same. 03/26/2020

Services during COVID-19? During the recent COVID-19 crisis, many Christian churches have closed their doors, cancelling regular public worships services, though often utilizing telecommunications to facilitate God’s …


Live Webcast | Greenville Presbyterian Church | Greenville, SC

If they are still able to meet, I commend the video-cast worship services of Greenville Presbyterian Church. Sundays their worship is at 11 AM and 2 PM Eastern Time. That means 8 AM and 11 AM Pacific Time. They even put the words to sung Psalms on the screen for viewers to sing along. Join us live on Sunday morning at 10 and Sunday afternoon at 1:30 (EST) for live broadcasts of our services in Downtown Greenville, SC. 03/16/2020

Bay Area authorities place strictest order in country: 'Shelter in place,' only essential businesses open in 6 counties The orders fall just short of a full lockdown, and it wasn’t immediately clear how, or to what degree, they would be enforced. People will still be able to go shopping for essential items such as food and household supplies, and seek medical care.



The LORD’s Greeting
Psalm 93 (93A) Rialto SM
Scripture Reading: Genesis 50:15-26
Psalm 18:1-6 (18A) Uxbridge LM
Scripture Reading: John 12:20-26
Psalm 40:11-17 (40D) Green Hill CM
Offering of the First-fruits of Our Labor
Sermon: We Would See Jesus [John 12:20-26]
Psalm 40:1-4 (40A) Arlington CM

[03/15/20]   Tomorrow morning, 11 AM Pacific Time, March 15th, our plan is to video-cast the morning service here on this page.

Order of Worship:


*The LORD’s Greeting
*Psalm 93 (93A) Rialto SM

Scripture Reading: Genesis 50:15-26

Psalm 18:1-6 (18A) Uxbridge LM

Scripture Reading: John 12:20-26

Psalm 40:11-17 (40D) Green Hill CM

Offering of the First-fruits of Our Labor

Sermon: We Would See Jesus
[John 12:20-26]

*Psalm 40:1-4 (40A) Arlington CM


Outline of Sermon:

We Would See Jesus
John 12:20-26

I. The Desire of the Nations 20-22

II. The Hour of Glory 23-24

III. The Honor of His Servant 25-26

And I will shake all nations,
and the desire of all nations shall come:
and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts.
– Haggai 2:7

[03/14/20]   Due to the Coronavirus, the the FOPC Session is implementing temporary measures for the remainder of March.

1) Sunday school will be canceled.

2) There will be no evening service.

3) There will be no congregational meal after service.

We will video-cast the morning service on this page.

We encourage older adults and those with compromised health issues to stay home and watch on FB if possible.

We may still observe the Sabbath as a day of prayer, study and rest in our homes. 03/13/2020

7 Coronavirus Lessons from Singapore’s Churches Advice from Christians in the “Antioch of Asia” on how your congregation can survive—and thrive—amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


March 8, 2020 Evening Service

Order of Worship

The Lord’s Greeting
Psalm 146A
Reading: Revelation 8
Psalm 99C
Reading: Genesis 18:16-33
Psalm 25C
Psalm 20A


March 8, 2020 Morning Service

Worship Order:

The Lord’s Greeting
Psalm 92C
Reading: Genesis 49:25-50:14
Psalm 17C
Reading: John 12:12-19
Psalm 118C
Sermon Text: John 12:12-19
Psalm 72A

[03/08/20]   Lord willing, we'll post tomorrow's (3/8) services here.

[10/05/19]   I didn't want to publicize this until I had solid confirmation. Tomorrow afternoon, at 3:30, we will have Charles Jackson, OPC missionary to Uganda, and teacher at Knox Theological College, doing a mission presentation of their work. Charles and his wife Connie both will be here. It is not a good Sunday to do this, given the HSB event going on in GG Park; but this happened to be the time Charles is traveling in the area. 08/29/2019

Thomas Boston – West Port Experiment

Christ, the Savior of the world Posts about Thomas Boston written by westportexperiment

[08/11/19]   Remember, the Outside Lands concert is going on this weekend in the GG Park; and parking will be difficult in the Sunset later in the day on Sunday. Should be alright before noon; but will get bad in the afternoon and evening.


Our most recent after morning service photo of our congregation, in front of the manse. 05/01/2019

Orthodox Presbyterian Church On April 27, in an act of vicious and deplorable hatred and violence, a gunman entered a synagogue in southern California and proceeded to open fire on the gathered worshipers, killing one and wounding three others before he was driven from the building. Sadly, the 19-year-old shooter, John Earnest,...

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Sunday Worship at 11:00 AM & 5:00 PM.
Fellowship meal after Sunday services.
Sunday School at 10:00 AM
Catechism Class at 2:00 PM, every week except 2nd & 5th Sunday.
Fifth Sunday Lecture at 2 PM on 5th Sunday.
Mid-week gathering for Bible study & Prayer at 7:30 PM Wednesdays.
Mid week Bible study in Castro Valley, East Bay, 7 PM. Email for directions.



1350 Lawton St
San Francisco, CA
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