Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies

An institute for higher-level study of Orthodox Christian theology, history, thought and practice in western North America. The Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute is a new institution, currently in development, that will serve and support the Orthodox Church by fostering theological education, scholarship, worship and prayer. 03/25/2017

New ‘Church and Society’ module to be offered in Summer 2017!

Great news! Our brand-new module on the Church's role in society will be offered in the Institute's summer term (June-August 2017), with an in-depth approach to Orthodox Christian engagement with the most pressing social issues. Open to new students, by highly interactive distance learning. This Summer the Institute will offer its newly-revamped module "The Church and Society" to new & returning students on its Certificate Program in Orthodox by Distance Learning... 03/25/2017

Save the date: August symposium on ‘Simplicity of Heart’

We're pleased to give advance notice for a symposium in August in Southern California! Mark your calendars now! The Institute will once again host a symposium in Riverside, California from 11th – 13th August 2017 on the theme: “A Simple Heart: Simplicity, Stillness and Or… 11/30/2016

Orthodox Commemorations for your Calendar

A new (and free) subscribable calendar that allows you to add the Orthodox commemorations, feasts and fasts to your personal calendar, right alongside your personal schedule and planning. Works on iOS, Android, macOS, Google, Windows, and others platforms. Add Orthodox daily commemorations, feasts and fasts directly to your personal calendar app. 10/01/2016

Film ‘The Island’ now available on-line, with themes relating to studies in spirituality and repentance

In this tenth anniversary year since its release, the film 'Ostrov' ('The Island') can now be viewed on-line with English subtitles. A powerful, challenging film about repentance. Some have loved it, some have not; but all should see it. Ten years on from its initial 2006 release, the Russian film ‘Ostrov’ (‘The Island’) is this year available in full on-line with English subtitles. A challenging, moving fil… 07/12/2016

‘Their proclamation has gone out into all the earth...’ The Feast Sts Peter & Paul

An article on the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, by the Director of the Institute, Archimandrite Irenei (from 2010). Wishing all a joyous feast! 07/12/2016

«Во всю землю изыде вещание их...» День Памяти святых Первоверховных Апостолов Петра и Павла

Текст, написанный директором института, архимандрит Ириней, в 2010 году. Русская Православная Церковь Заграницей - Официальная Страница

Symposium on St John of San Francisco 07/07/2016

Photos from our special symposium, "St John the Wonderworker: A Living Legacy", for the 50th Anniversary of the repose of St John. Photos by Irene Hanlon and the Institute.

Photos from our special symposium, "St John the Wonderworker: A Living Legacy", for the 50th Anniversary of the repose of St John. Photos by Irene Hanlon and the Institute.


A few photographs from the opening session of our symposium on St John of San Francisco. We continue with a full day of talks today, culminating in the Vigil of the Saint's Feast day. 06/26/2016

Last chanco pre-register for our symposium this coming week, featuring speakers who knew St John of San Francisco. Only two places left! (We will attempt to make some standing-room-only spaces available until the hall's occupancy is reached; but these last two places will include seating, welcome materials, and lunch.) 06/25/2016

There are only four more advance-reservation places available for our special symposium on "St John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy" to take place next week! Act fast if you'd like to sn**ch one 06/22/2016

Our special symposium on St John of San Francisco is only a week away. There are still a few places left. Will you be joining us? 06/18/2016

Symposium on the Legacy of St. John

Quite delighted to say that we're very near to capacity for our forthcoming 50th Anniversary Symposium on St. John, featuring speakers who knew him in this life — with two weeks to go before it convenes. This has to be a record for an Orthodox event. If you're interested in coming, you'd be wise to register now!

[06/06/16]   We're profoundly grateful to all our speakers and over 150 participants at our recently-concluded symposium on "Orthodoxy & Family Life" in Riverside, CA. A wonderful two days filled with enlightening talks, prayerful services, and very engaging panels and discussion sessions. May God strengthen our families and bless our participants!


Mother Melania (Salem), currently delivering her talk at day 2 of our symposium on Orthodoxy and the family.

[06/04/16]   We're all set up for the start of our symposium on ORTHODOXY AND THE FAMILY, which begins Saturday morning in Riverside, CA. A large crowd registered to attend — we're looking forward to seeing you all in the morning! 05/31/2016

Our symposium on Orthodoxy and the family is this coming weekend in Riverside. So close one can taste it... Are you joining us? 05/27/2016

2016 Riverside Symposium: The Family as the Temple of Prayer - Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute

Have you seen the final program for this wonderful event - just a week away? A full weekend of talks on family life in Orthodoxy, from priests, matushki, mothers, monastics, counsellors, abbesses, and ... you. Click to read more and register to be there! One of the central themes of our age, addressed in talks, divine services, panels, prayers — with an extraordinary line-up of speakers. Full details and on-line registration. 05/20/2016

Symposium on Orthodoxy and the Family - Just Two Weeks Away!

Our symposium in Riverside, California, "Orthodoxy and Family Life", is less than two-and-a-half weeks away. Will you be joining us? An extraordinary line-up of speakers will address themes ranging from rearing Orthodox children, the relationship of monasticism and marriage, incorporating youth into Church life, the typikon of the domestic Church, and other related themes - all of immense relevance to every Orthodox Christian. Click the link for full details and to register on-line! View our full program, see the speakers, and register to join us for an important weekend on the place of the Family in Orthodox Life. 05/19/2016

2016 Symposium on St John of San Francisco - Register soon!

Places are filling up quickly for our special symposium on "St John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy" - an extraordinary event to take place in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the saint's repose, from 30th June to 2nd July. Would you like to hear from those who knew St John personally? Register soon to ensure you don't miss out on a place! Full details, with program and on-line registration form, for our symposium on the 50th anniversary of the saint's repose. 05/19/2016

2016 Riverside Symposium: The Family as the Temple of Prayer

Have you seen our full line-up of speakers for our forthcoming symposium on "Orthodoxy and Family Life"? It includes: Archimandrite Irenei (Steenberg), Archpriest Josiah Trenham, Priest Timothy Pavalatos, Mother Melania (Superior of Holy Assumption Convent in Calistoga, CA), and Matushka Natalia Kotar from St Nicholas Cathedral in Seattle. An extraordinary collection of speakers for what promises to be an extraordinary weekend on a pivotal topic relevant to everyone. See the full program and register now to join us! Full details, with program and on-line registration form, for symposium on Orthodoxy and Family Life. Register to join us! 05/11/2016

"St. John: A Living Legacy" - A Special Symposium for the 50th Anniversary of the Saint's Repose

What is it like to live with a saint? To witness miracles? From 30th June to 1st July 2016 we are hosting a symposium, "St. John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy," with speakers and panelists including individuals raised by St. John in Shanghai and the USA, those who lived and served with him in Europe, and many others touched by his ongoing legacy. Join us for this rare opportunity to hear from those who knew the saint in his earthly life, as well as the chance to see a unique collection of his personal effects and correspondence, specially curated by the Archives of the Western American Diocese. Visit our web site for full details on the symposium (with additional speakers still being added and confirmed), and to register on-line now for this unforgettable opportunity. Listen to speakers who knew St. John personally, learn of his legacy, pray at his relics. Join us for a memorable event in San Francisco. 05/11/2016

The Family as the Temple of Prayer - An Orthodox Symposium in Riverside, CA

We are very pleased to announce Fr Timothy Pavlatos as a keynote speaker at our 4th-5th June Riverside symposium on Orthodoxy and the Family. Fr Timothy is an active parish priest as well as a marriage and family therapist and scholar of the family and Orthodox spirituality. He joins a line-up of speakers at the symposium that includes Archimandrite Irenei (Steenberg), Archpriest Josiah Trenham and Matushka Natalia Kotar. Visit our web site for full details and to register on-line. A two-day retreat symposium on 'the domestic church': the home and the family in Orthodox Christian life. Find out full details and register now! 05/10/2016

Symposium on St John of San Francisco - On the 50th Anniversary of His Repose

A joyous Radonitsa! This morning details have gone up on our 30 June - 1 July symposium on 'St John the Wonderworker: A Living Legacy', as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the saint's repose. See details on the extraordinary program, and register now! Full details, with program and on-line registration form, for a special symposium featuring those who knew St John, on his ongoing legacy.

[05/10/16]   One of our speakers at the Symposium "St John of San Francisco: A Living Legacy" will be Matushka Maria Potapov, who knew St. John closely in her childhood and reflects on her time with him eloquently — also exposing the faithful of the USA to stories of St John's life and work in Europe with which they are often less familiar than his time in Shanghai and California.

[05/09/16]   To whet appetites for the symposium on St. John, speakers will include individuals who knew and lived with St. John, those who served with him; and there will be a special display of his letters, personal effects and other items drawn from the Diocesan archives, which are rarely ever displayed.

[05/09/16]   Pleased to announce that our symposium on the Family & Orthodox Life in Riverside will include as speakers Archimandrite Irenei (Steenberg), Matushka Natalia Kotar from Seattle, Archpriest Josiah Trenham — and another rather big name, to be confirmed shortly!


We have another symposium coming up as well, at the end of June, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the repose of St John of San Francisco! More details in short order.


We are hosting our fourth symposium in Riverside, CA this 4th-5th June on "THE FAMILY AND ORTHODOX LIFE," to address a host of important themes in the life of Orthodoxy in the Family. Care to join us? 05/07/2016

2016 Riverside Symposium: The Family as the Temple of Prayer - Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Institute...

Registration is now open (at a hearty discount) for our 4th-5th June symposium in Riverside, California on "THE FAMILY AND ORTHODOX LIFE," which promises to be an edifying and encouraging weekend, bringing together speakers on the rearing of children, the place of the family in Church life, and other related topics. Read full information and register on-line in just a few clicks! Full details on our June 2016 symposium on the family in Orthodox life - prayer, the rearing of children, liturgical life, and more. Read more and register now!

[12/05/15]   Some good news: details are being put together on the itinerary for our September 2016 pilgrimage to Orthodox Sites of the UK and Ireland. We hope to be able to share details with you soon — as well as open up registration for participations in this 'sequel' to our highly successful first educational pilgrimage in 2014.


A term of Orthodox studies advances; admissions open for mid-year enrolment via Distance Learning

And things advance apace! As students near the conclusion of our present term, the Institute looks towards the advent of our Hilary term in January 2016: our mid-year opportunity for new enrolment and the opportunity for new students to take up studies from home. 09/22/2015

New Academic Year Begins with Record Numbers at Sts. Cyril & Athanasius Orthodox Institute

A new academic term begins this Tuesday — a welcome to our new students, and a welcome back to those returning! A new term starts this week, with record enrolment numbers for every Orthodox jurisdiction in the USA - and students as far afield as Romania. 08/31/2015

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Our summer students enjoyed a wonderful live on-line video class yesterday evening with Archpriest James Baglien, on "Life with the Saints", examining the way that Christians are drawn into a living relationship with the living saints of God.

[08/17/15]   A new week and our summer students are continuing on their "Life with the Saints" module. Currently, an ongoing assignment on 'avoiding prelest in reading the Lives of the saints' is giving way to a parish-based assignment in which students are interacting with laymen and clerics in their home parishes on the centrality of prayer with the saints to Orthodox life.




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