Family Rosary Crusade - San Francisco

The Family Rosary Crusade will be held on October 10, 2015, at 12 noon, in San Francisco's UN Plaza. The San Francisco Legion of Mary invites all Catholics from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and beyond to join us for the San Francisco Family Rosary Crusade.

Join us as we pray the Rosary, listen to inspirational speakers, and ask the blessings of God for ourselves and our community. The Family Rosary Crusade commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Patrick Peyton’s October, 1961 Rosary Rally, which drew more than 550,000 people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, to Golden Gate Park.

•We remember the 1961 Family Rosary Crusade in San Francisco led
by Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C.
•We honor and thank Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother for the
many blessings we have received.
•We ask Mary's help for our families, for the protection of children and
for peace in the world.
•We respond to Mary's request and promise to pray the Rosary and to
do penance. 11/29/2020

Sayo Family Fundraiser, organized by Lisa Hamrick

Please share with your family and friends as we have started a fundraiser for the Sayo family, who are a part of the Walk for Life family. The Sayo Family, originally from the SF Bay Area, were living in their lovely home in Kentucky. U… Lisa Hamrick needs your support for Sayo Family Fundraiser


Kolbe Academy

Please join us in praying for Ambrose, the 3-year-old son of one of our Kolbe families. He fell into a pool and is currently in the hospital in critical condition. The family has asked for prayers through the intercession of Venerable Augustus Tolton, as he requires one more miracle for canonization 🙏 #fraugustustolton #orapronobis


Gospel of Life Disciples

Please join with us in praying for Kyle Joseph Smeenge's full healing and recovery through the intercession of Blessed Stanley Rother. Prayer to Blessed Stanley and the updates are below.

September 17, 2020 Update from Kyle's Aunt Lisa:
Thank you everyone for all of the prayers for Kyle and his family! I'm sorry for the delay in updating this.

It has been one month exactly since Kyle's accident on August 17th. Since that time he has made very rapid progress -- it has not been the normal healing progression. After the accident, the Doctors expected him to be unconscious for 2-3 weeks -- Kyle woke up on Day 3! They were going to keep him at the Hospital complex for 6 weeks -- Kyle had a Pizza on Day 12 and was HOME on Day 16. Since he has been home, he doesn't take pain meds anymore as he wants "to feel what is important about the injury." He is trying deeply to understand everything that has happened to him over this last month.

He will have another CT Scan next week, and the second Craniotomy in about 2 weeks. Kyle is totally amazed and overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind wishes and prayers that have been offered for him from all over the world!

He would like everyone to know that the prayers help him mentally especially to keep positive thoughts. "I would love it if you told the people that the prayers for me have allowed me to recover faster than anybody expected. It also normalized my brain and behavior in order to think about what's happened and truly understand it without having pain and medicine to block my thinking. They have all helped me greatly."

Let us pray and ask Blessed Stanley Rother that Kyle's CT Scan will come back totally normal and that Kyle will be totally healed without any brain damage.

O faithful shepherd, Blessed Stanley Rother,
as priest and missionary, you tilled the soil with your hands
and invited Christ Jesus to till the soil of your soul.
You became a sign of love of Christ the Good Shepherd for your
people, and blessed their lives by your ministry.
You stood firm and did not run from danger,
bringing glory to God and His Church in your martyrdom.
Blessed Stanley, obtain from the heart of Jesus
(the complete healing and no brain damage for Kyle Joseph) and pray for me, that I too may be a sign of Christ's love among His people. Teach me to faithfully till the soil of this life in the reality given to me by your Father, unafraid to stay with those God has given me, no matter the cost. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
August 28th Update from Kyle’s Aunt Lisa:
Another milestone — Kyle was transferred this evening to a separate rehab facility. It’s part of the hospital campus but not considered the hospital.
August 27th Update from Kyle's Aunt Lisa:

My family and I are deeply humbled by the tremendous outpouring of world-wide prayerful support that we have received in the last 10 days following the very serious accident that my nephew, Kyle Joseph, was in which required emergency brain surgery. His doctors were grim at the beginning. The first three days were of critical importance to whether Kyle would survive or not, or if he would ever be able to recover.

During those first three days, I especially asked many times for Blessed Stanley Rother to go and be with my dear nephew wherever his spirit and soul was between Heaven and Earth, between life and death as we were waiting for a sign of life.

Kyle's life was spared through the grace of God, His love and mercy and the countless prayers world-wide that have been offered for him since his accident last Monday night, August 17.

On Thursday, August 20, 2020 -- DAY THREE -- a day that represents so very much in Christian theological terms, Kyle Joseph woke up and was aware of his parent’s presence in the ICU. As he looked at them being on a ventilator and hooked up to every imaginable medical apparatus, he smiled at his parents. His mother asked him “are you trying to smile at us?” He nodded and smiled at them again!

The progression since he woke up last Thursday, has been extraordinarily rapid. Out of discretion and privacy, I am not able to reveal most of the incredible things that have happened during these days!

On DAY EIGHT (August 25) -- Kyle's medical team discussed the "AMAZING" progress that he has made. They have been using the terms "Amazing" and "Fantastic" since he woke up! There was one other Huge milestone -- Kyle was moved in the evening out of the ICU and is now in very stable condition. He is getting better and better each day!

I will leave you with this testimony to the tremendous power of prayer -- especially the world-wide prayers that we have been offering for Kyle Joseph Smeenge's healing. Let us continue to pray through the intercession of Blessed Stanley, for the full restoration of health for Kyle!

THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU who are united with us in this global prayer!


August 23rd Update from Kyle’s Aunt Lisa:
Your prayers are being heard, so please keep them going!!!!! 🙏❤️🙏
Will post a full progress report / update this week. Please know that we are so deeply grateful and overwhelmed by all of the beautiful outpouring of support, love, and prayers that has been showered upon Kyle and his family from all over the world!

I was also very deeply moved to tears to learn that relatives of Bl. Stanley Rother’s own family have now united themselves to us — and join with us in this prayer of intercession to their very own relative. What tremendous suffering and very deep pain they must have endured those many years ago. We are very humbled and honored that they would unite with us now in these universal and collective prayers as we ask for Kyle’s miraculous healing through the intercession of Bl. Stanley Rother.

Literally, tens of thousands of people are now aware of and praying for Kyle. Just from what I can track solely from posts on Social Media alone, Kyle’s story and the prayer request for his miraculous healing has potentially reached 150 to 200,000+ people around the world already. Praise God and know of our family’s very deep gratitude!
New update from Kyle's Aunt Lisa on Aug. 20th:
Kyle remains in critical condition in the ICU and his brain injury is severe. However he held steady throughout last night. The Doctors said his "numbers" are good. They briefly brought him out of sedation yesterday afternoon to test him and he responded well, so the Doctors were very pleased.

The hospital is not allowing a Priest to come and Anoint Kyle which is bad on one level -- they said he would have to be actively dying. So on the flip side, that is good news that the Hospital considers him to be "recovering."

Tuesday was a painful and very dark day -- an "IF he recovers" day. Now, we remain more hopeful for his full recovery! There are literally thousands now praying throughout the world for Kyle's healing, including many Religious Orders, Parishes, and 3 Bishops!

People are praying that Kyle IS the miracle needed for Bl. Stanley Rother's canonization. We join and unite ourselves to that prayer!

Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Stanley Rother

O faithful shepherd, Blessed Stanley Rother,
as priest and missionary, you tilled the soil with your hands
and invited Christ Jesus to till the soil of your soul.
You became a sign of love of Christ the Good Shepherd for your
people, and blessed their lives by your ministry.
You stood firm and did not run from danger,
bringing glory to God and His Church in your martyrdom.
Blessed Stanley, obtain from the heart of Jesus
(the complete and total healing for Kyle Joseph Smeenge)
and pray for me, that I too may be
a sign of Christ's love among His people.
Teach me to faithfully till the soil of this life in the reality
given to me by your Father,
unafraid to stay with those God has given me,
no matter the cost.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Further update from Kyle’s Aunt Lisa:
Kyle’s parents met with the trauma Doctor this afternoon. The Doctor was grim. The next 2 days are critical for Kyle’s survival from this traumatic brain injury. Kyle just turned 22 years old last month.
Blessed Stanley, we ask your intercession for Kyle’s total healing, if it be God’s will!
Please pray for a recent GOLD volunteer, Kyle Joseph Smeenge. He had volunteered at GOLD in OKC for the last 2 weeks of July and was planning to come back and volunteer for the Fall while he took his online college courses.

He was in a terrible skateboarding accident last night — we don’t know all of the details nor if a car was involved or not. He is at a San Diego hospital and had emergency surgery last night for brain bleed and survived. He is currently sedated in the ICU in critical condition. His family were told the next 5 days were critical to his survival. He has a shearing brain injury. It’s a significant injury like a high speed auto accident. He also has a broken clavicle. His family is meeting with the trauma team this afternoon and will be allowed to see him for a minute.

Since Kyle loved his time in OKC and felt that GOLD had become his other family, we are asking the intercession of Bl. Stanley Rother for Kyle’s total healing.

Thank you for keeping him in your good prayers!


Fans of the Sisters of Life

Join us in praying the Rosary for our nation.

Dear Friends,

As we approach August 15, the Sisters of Life, Dominican Friars, Servants of the Lord and the Virgin Matara, Archdiocesan seminarians, and the international Aleteia community again invite you to join us in praying the 4 sets of mysteries of the Rosary on behalf of our nation.

The Rosary video will be available at the links below on Aug. 15. Feel free to pray with the video, or on your own, anytime during the day!



VICTORY for Little Sisters of the Poor - United States! The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the Little Sisters are exempt from the contraceptive mandate and can continue serving the elderly poor without violating their conscience. #LetThemServe


Let us join with the Little Sisters around the world to pray these 1 million rosaries to end this pandemic!

Please join this campaign launched by our Mother General and ask others to do likewise! Sign up at


Come join with us tomorrow! Kathy Taylor Folan's son Nathan will be sharing his testimony, and Kathy will be speaking the next day at the WFL Rally! :)

Prayer is the foundation of all our efforts to protect the sanctity of human life. On the eve of the Walk for Life West Coast, come pray with us at St. Dominic's Catholic Church, San Francisco: Vespers, Mass, and Holy Hour with confessions offered by the Dominicans, CFRs, Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, and Fr. Joseph Illo. For more info, visit #walkforlife #WFLWC #chooselife


Please join with us! :)

Please invite your family and friends and various groups to join with us for this important event as we Walk for Life! Attached are the various Walk for Life flyers to help you advertise, as well as the Facebook event link:


Walk for Life West Coast

Ready to Walk the Walk? All the info you need is right here. Share! - 10/10/2019

Rosary Rally brings Catholic witness to downtown San Francisco Traffic came to a stop in San Francisco as hundreds walked in a eucharistic procession down McAllister Street toward U.N. Plaza during the Rosary Rally on Oct. 5, part of an increased emphasis on public witness to faith.


May eternal reward and blessings be granted unto Cardinal Levada.

ARCHBISHOP CORDILEONE: I share the sad news that Cardinal Levada died peacefully in his sleep last night in his apartment in Italy. He was 83 years of age.

As you know, the Cardinal was Archbishop of San Francisco from December 1995 until the spring of 2005 when Pope Benedict XVI asked him to serve as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He served in that capacity in Rome from 2005 until 2012, and was the highest ranking American in the Roman Curia. I’ve known him ever since he was my seminar moderator in my first year of theology. I always appreciated his guidance and to his commitment to the integrity of the Church’s Faith.

Funeral Services at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco are pending. Please join me in praying for the repose of Cardinal Levada’s soul.


Archdiocese of San Francisco

ARCHBISHOP CORDILEONE: "I was deeply saddened to learn this morning of the passing of Bishop Christian. The Archdiocese was greatly blessed to have his wisdom and leadership even if for so brief a time as auxiliary bishop and even briefer time as rector of the Seminary. We join with the Dominican community in praying for the repose of his soul and for peace and comfort for his wonderful family in their time of mourning." Archdiocesan services will take place Monday, 7/22 at St. Dominic's Church (Vigil) and Tuesday, 7/23 at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption (Funeral Mass). Our website will be updated as further details are known.


So sad to hear of Bishop Christian's untimely death this morning. May Heaven reward him for all of the good that he did for the Church as a Dominican Priest and Bishop! May his Dominican brothers, his family, and friends all be consoled and comforted in their loss!

This morning, the Dominican friars of the Western Province learned of the passing of our brother, the Most Rev. Robert Francis Christian, OP, Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco.

Bishop Christian has tirelessly served the Church and faithful for nearly 50 years. We are deeply saddened to hear of his death and entrust his soul to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

We ask for your prayers for the repose of his soul, as well as for his grieving family, friends and Dominican brothers around the world.

Requiescat in pace.

More information regarding funeral services will come later.


I support Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

Tomorrow is Archbishop Cordileone's Birthday. Let us remember him in our prayers that this new year of his life will be filled with many joys, graces and blessings! :)


Walk for Life West Coast

Kathy gave her testimony at the WFL Prayer Vigil in 2018. What a powerful Pro-Life witness she is for the world -- we are so proud of her!

What an amazing story about one of our valued Walk for Life volunteers. This story needs to spread far and wide to show that adoption as a valid and life-affirming option.


Walter Hoye: Issues4Life Foundation

Very fine interview on EWTN with our Walter Hoye!

Pastors: Here Raymond Arroyo intervies Robert Artigo, Author of the book Black and Pro-Life in America: The Incarceration and Exoneration of Walter B. Hoye and yourstruly to discuss the book, my experiences in jail and the personal events that led me to become an advocate for life. I want to thank the EWTN's "The World Over" for a great interview. #BrothersWeNeedToTalk.


Walk for Life West Coast

Tiny Heartbeats: Babies Saving Babies! At the 15th Annual Walk for Life West Coast on January 26, 2019 12/18/2018

Guess Who's Joining Us at the Walk for Life?

Latest update from Walk for Life - Season’s Greetings to our Walk for Life family. It’s less than two months until the 15th annual Walk! JOIN THE WALK FOR LIFE WEST COAST TEAM! We invite YOU to join the tens of thousands of people celebrating life and proclaiming that women deserve better than abortion. Register here to let u...


God bless our dear Archbishop! :)

ARCHBISHOP CORDILEONE has released a letter to the faithful regarding the Testimony of Archbishop Vigano:

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