Chabad of Cole Valley

Chabad of Cole Valley


I hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

Due to the unfortunate pandemic plaguing the world at large, and for the benefit and safety of our community, we have canceled all in person programming at Chabad of Cole Valley until further notice.

Though it will be a very difficult adjustment for all of us as we are so used to congregating, learning, laughing and having such a wonderful time together we strongly believe that this is the right thing to do at this time. It will minimize the spread of the virus that can literally save lives! That being said, please G-d, we will continue to act as a full-fledged virtual community and at this time we must be stronger together. We will be here for everyone individually for moral and spiritual support.

Our collective mood remains upbeat and positive and despite the limitations and restrictions we are ready to face the challenge and live life Jewishly and joyously with uncompromising optimism and positivity.

For Shabbat we encourage you to sing and pray in your living room and connect with your loved ones and the millions of Jews around the world who will be doing the same!

During the week we will be having classes online through our Chabad Cole Valley zoom room and on Facebook live (Cole Valley Gan & Shabbat Club are also meeting online). We plan to host a virtual Challah bake and an online Havdala as well. Stay tuned for more details

I would also like to encourage you to check in on friends and community members and maintain the beautiful mishpacha feeling we have.

We are aware of many people right now, especially elderly, who could use our help, whether it be to pick up groceries or medicine and daily calls for assistance are increasing. We are in need of volunteers to join our Chabad task force to increase our community outreach efforts. If you are asymptomatic and available to help, please contact us at [email protected].

As always - and especially now - I am available for you and your family in whatever way you need 415.786.5642. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

May G-d grant our world healing real soon, and especially the ultimate healing — the coming of Moshiach!

Much love and blessings,

Rabbi Nosson & Chaya Potash

P.S. If you know anyone, especially the elderly, that may need any assistance whatsoever during this trying time or a Jew who needs matzah for the Seder, please email [email protected]

Below, please find an array of resources and practical guidance, as well as your ‘ quarantine distance learning center’ where you can select from a variety of online courses and classes to advance your Jewish knowledge.

We also assembled select prayers as well as other resources, including a free quarantine Kaddish service, for those that cannot make it to synagogue.

Please visit our ever expanding section on our website at
Chaya birth update?
Poway Rabbi asked us to attend a service next weekend. Are you open to neighbors on Friday night?
what a wonderful community
Cole Valley Chabad has created!
Look out for the new CJS website!
FREE ISRAEL WINTER TRIP for Young Professionals age 22-32 with LAJ.
Click on link below or PM for details¬if_id=1509132756434919¬if_t=feed_comment&hc_location=ufi
Groups from L.A and the Bay Area now!
Click on link below or PM for details

Chabad of Cole Valley is a non profit community-based organization located in Cole Valley. Our mission is to make Judaism’s rich heritage and values available to those in Cole Valley and beyond through community events and educational programs, while simultaneously caring for those in need.

Operating as usual

[03/03/21]   Can breaking the Tablets be greater than receiving them?
When the Torah eulogizes Moshe, it mentions the breaking of the Tablets as one of his greatest virtues. Doesn't that seem strange. Delve into the inner meaning of this week's Torah portion during our online ZOOM class at 7:30 PM tonight, March 2nd.
PM me to receive the Zoom link. 02/25/2021

Purim - Chabad of Cole Valley

A few spots still available for reading the megillah tonight and tomorrow.
Rsvp required Celebrate Purim safely in person in the Chabad Parklet Thursday night, Feb 25, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Friday Feb 26, 12 PM - 1 PM Friday, Feb 26, 4 PM - 5 PM RSVP Required. RSVP FORM: If you have any issues completing this form, please call 415.786.5642 or email [email protected] Purim Party Magillah Re...


This Wednesday! Cole Valley Gan Virtual tour

The Cole Valley Gan is a small group play based preschool in the heart of Cole Valley.

Join a virtual tour with the Director, Chaya Potash to find out more about the program.


If you need help purchasing a mezuzah. email [email protected]

What Is a Mezuzah?


Starting at 7:30pm
PM for link to zoom room.


Preschool Open House.
The Cole Valley Gan is a play based small group Jewish Preschool in the heart of Cole Valley.
Join Chaya for an open house and find out more about the Cole Valley Gan.
Wed Feb 10 8pm
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions: [email protected]


Join Chaya for an open house and find out more about the Cole Valley Gan.
Wed Feb 10 8pm


Chabad of Cole Valley


The Cole Valley Gan - a small group home based preschool and will be hosting a VIRTUAL open house on Wed. Feb. 3 at 8 PM. Simply log on to . No need for prior sign up. Learn more about the program and meet the Director. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


PM for the zoom room link


Class tonight at 7:30pm.

PM for the link


Join us TONIGHT this Sunday at 8PM as Rabbi Zippel shares his story about years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his family babysitter. Hear his story and his important belief in mental health as an abuse survivor and mental health advocate! Register @


Join Rabbi Nosson Potash for an interesting class tonight!
Tonight Tuesday at 7:30PM
PM or email [email protected] for zoom link

[01/01/21]   Wow!! Thank you! Thank you! to the 151 donors who came together to bring more light, community connection and kindness in Cole Valley and beyond. Your support means so much to us and will fuel so much more goodness in the world.
Thank you so much to the generous matchers who have matched dollar for dollar all of your contributions.
Thank you:
Roger Low
Anne Germanacos
Katherine Roberts
Dani Rabin & Orli Danieli
Menachem & Aureile Hickson
Michael and Chanah Piotrkowski
May you all be blessed with an abundance of good 12/23/2020

Chabad of Cole Valley

Dear Friends,

Wow! What an incredible outpouring of support!!

Together, creating: Community, Connection, Kindness, Education and Light.

Thank you so much to each and every one of the 104 donors who have generously donated to this incredible matching campaign. Raising a record $36,450!!!

May you and yours be blessed with an abundance of good in your life.

:|: NEW Challenge

A generous donor has stepped forward and offered a $1000 grant to Chabad of Cole Valley if a total of 150 donors donate to this campaign before the end of the year. So if you have not had a chance to donate to this campaign, here is your chance to make a difference!

With much gratitude.

Rabbi Nosson & Chaya Potash Dear Friends,The feeling of hope when an isolated senior receives a holiday gift package, the feeling of connection when celebrating Shabbat with community, the joy on a child's face rejoining the Cole Valley Gan, the light in a student's eyes playing dreidel in the Chabad Parklet. These moments of.... 12/20/2020

Chabad of Cole Valley

The last several months have brought challanges to all of us.

Throughout this time, we at Chabad of Cole Valley have found creative ways to serve the community (Holiday Packages, Outdoor Services, Cafe Chabad in the Parklet, Gift bags for Seniors, Socially Distanced Shabbat Club, Zooms etc...) because we know that the services we provide are essential to the wellbeing of our community.

But now we need your help to continue to Create: light, community, connection and kindness.

As you know, we are funded solely by generous donors and beneficiaries of our programs - namely - YOU.

Some generous donors have stepped forward and are offering to match any dollar donated towards our efforts. But only for the next 36 hours! Our goal is to raise $50,000 for Chabad of Cole Valley and CJS, Community for Jewish Seniors.

PLEASE visit to join this important fundraiser. Every amount goes a long way towards us reaching our goal!

May Hashem bless you with only happiness and success,
Rabbi Nosson Dear Friends,The feeling of hope when an isolated senior receives a holiday gift package, the feeling of connection when celebrating Shabbat with community, the joy on a child's face rejoining the Cole Valley Gan, the light in a student's eyes playing dreidel in the Chabad Parklet. These moments of....


Here's your chance to make a huge difference in the community.
Visit and support the essential work at Chabad of Cole Valley. Your donation has double impact for 36 hours.


Menorah lighting night no 8


The Cole Valley Gan is now open for enrollment for the 2021-22 school year.
Please pass this on to any families you know who may be interested.
For more information check our website
Thank you!


Chabad NorCal

A really nice event planned that is sure to bring more light to your home and

Join thousands of Northern California families for an unprecedented interactive Menorah lighting live online Macabeats concert
With greetings from Sam Liccardo, Omri Casspi - עומרי כספי, George Zimmer, Shlomi Kofman, Larry Baer, London Breed 倫敦.布里德 and Sunny Schwartz. 12/09/2020

NorCal Virtual Chanukah Promo

[12/09/20]   Are able to deliver Chanukah gift bags to seniors?
We still need 2 more volunteers.


Frena will be in the neighborhood Sunday, 12/13: 3:00 – 3:30pm: 1300 Shrader St., San Francisco (outside Chabad Cole Valley).

:: Pre-order Required ::

New Holiday Van Schedule !!!

Frena is coming to you .... You Pick we Deliver !!!!

1: Choose your location:
2: Preorder :
3: Come pickup your FRESH baked good and enjoy

Thank you for all your Support , Frena Bakery and Cafe
(628) 444 - 3666


CJS - Community for Jewish Seniors

What better way to get into the Chanukah spirit!

Who's in for bringing Chanukah joy to seniors?
Please RSVP here and know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of people who are feeling most alone during this time.
Reach out if you have any questions.
Can't volunteer in person? You can support this effort by donating on the form below.
Wishing you a joyous Chanukah!

Ps, for in person volunteering, all Covid19 regulations are strictly followed.


Powerful message of brotherhood/sisterhood and friendship.
Be the friend you'd want to have!
Shabbat shalom!


Well, this is interesting.

Last week was supposed to be the annual conference of Shluchim (Chabad rabbis) in New York. Since that couldn't happen, the conference moved online. Workshops, break-out sessions, presentations - everything virtual.

For Motzai Shabbat (Saturday night) the organizers arranged for a Farbrengen on Zoom that would begin in Australia where Shabbat ends earliest. As Shabbat gradually ended in other time zones, more regions joined the Farbrengen. It was a beautiful way to spend Saturday night.

But then a funny thing happened - it didn't end Saturday night. In fact, as of Thursday evening, it still hadn't ended. Since Saturday night, over 120 hours ago, this Farbrengen has rolled along, orbiting the globe and bringing good cheer, great stories and plenty of Lchaims as it goes. (Without intending to, it has set the record for longest Zoom meeting, easily bringing down the previous record of 24 hours.) As the Shluchim in one part of the world start falling asleep, another group wakes up and the Fabrengen is seamlessly handed over to them.

It's completely informal. At one point, the Shliach in Norway acted the MC role; then Minnesota took over; then New Mexico; then Liverpool. People from Ashdod to South Korea to Montevideo are sharing cherished memories of the Rebbe. Others are telling tales from their Chabad House life. Others are toasting everyone with Lchaims and good wishes. Smiles are aplenty, jokes too; it's like a giant, endless, virtual class reunion. Due to Zoom limitations, maximum participation is 1,000 people, and it's too small to accommodate everyone, G-d bless them all.

One of the speakers, Rabbi Yudi Dukes, spoke from his hospital bed, where he is recovering from coronavirus. He mentioned this idea:

"Everyone knows that on Sukkot, when we gather up the Lulav, Etrog, Hadas and Aravot, it symbolizes the unity of our People. Though the species are each unique, they come together in friendship in G-d's service. But what many people do not realize is that each species on it's own is a symbol of unity. For example, the Lulav is a branch with numerous leaves that are all stuck together, like diverse people uniting together, and the Etrog is a fruit that flourishes in every season, finding the blessings in every condition, like a person who finds the beauty in everyone. And it is only because they contain unity in themselves that they are able to spread unity around them and bring people together."

This point brought home the true greatness of this endless, global Farbrengen. The secret of Chabad's contribution to the Jewish world - the unprecedented Jewish unity and camaraderie generated by all the Chabad Houses - is not Chabad's efficiancy. It is not Chabad's marketing. It is not Chabad's non-judgmentalism. Rather, the reason Chabad creates friendship and brotherhood between others is because Chabad's personnel - the Shluchim - is a large, jolly group of friends.

If the Shluchim were "colleagues," they would create colleagues. If they were "members" of an elite club, they would create "members." If they were "outreach professionals," they would create "professional Jews."

But because the Shluchim of the world are a huge group of friends, they create friends. Because they feel like brothers, they make Jews feel like family.

One thousand rabbis, in one thousand locations, separated by oceans and joined by computer screens, joked and shmoozed and sang and laughed and cried together; an intimate handful of one thousand buddies.

Lead by a Rebbe who was utterly at one within himself, with his G-d and his People, Chabad contracted the Rebbe's fever of friendship and thank G-d, it has spread like a pandemic to every corner of the Jewish world, and beyond.

This friendship and this brotherhood was palpable every year at the conference in New York. But this year, during this thrilling, exciting, week-long Farbrengen, the closeness was more palpable than ever.

Sure we Jews are a Nation, a People, a religion. But more than anything, we are an intimate handful of friends, brothers and sisters, part of the global Jewish family bringing friendship and camaraderie to the whole, wide world. May G-d grant that every Jew in the world catch this fever of friendship, and feel a part of this family.

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Eli Friedman
Chabad of Calabasas

P.S. A real friendship is a lifeline not only for the friends, but for everyone they know, and everyone who knows them. During these times, friendships may falter; let this mass Zoom Farbrengen inspire everyone to realize that friendships are possible, palpable, and can still serve as a warm blessing to everyone around. Spread the friendship fever and bring your friends back together!

[11/19/20]   SAVE THE DATE: Chanukah car menorah parade followed by a Rooftop Menorah lighting on Dec 15th!!! As covid safe and as appropriately joyous as it gets. Stay tuned for more info....


Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

Class tonight at 7:30pm
Reflections on the life of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z"L Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer... 10/30/2020

Does Judaism Believe in an Afterlife? Does Judaism believe in an afterlife? From what I’ve read of the Torah, it seems that there is no mention of life after death. 10/29/2020

Online ZOOM Classes | Cole Valley Gan

Are you looking to add in Jewish educational experiences for your little ones in the comfort of your home?

Join an interactive zoom class especially geared for children ages 3-6 on Sunday mornings led by experienced educator @Chaya Potash of Cole Valley Gan. Not your regular zoom, this class is full of humor, interactive activities, songs and stories!

Please email Chaya at [email protected] or check out our website for more information! Join the Interactive Judaic ZOOM Classes for preschool age children (2.5-4 yrs old), but parents and older siblings invited to join as well!


Frena will be in the neighborhood today at 1pm-2pm. outside 1300 Shrader Street.

Come and enjoy your Frena treats in the beautiful Sukkah Parklet.

Social Distancing required.

Weekly Van Schedule !!!

Frena Bakery and Cafe & Hummus Bodega are coming to you…
We are bringing FRESH baked goods & FRESH food items all the way to you guys...

Please NOTE as of next week we will only take Pre-orders
To pre-order please visit:

Here’s where you can find us this coming week:
New Location this week: El Cerrito

Tuesday 10.06: SF, El Cerrito, Berkeley & Albany

Cole Valley: 1pm – 2pm: 1300 Shrader St., San Francisco (outside Chabad Cole Valley)

El Cerrito 3:00pm - 4:00pm: 704 Midcrest Way., (outside Chabad of El Cerrito)

Berkeley: 4:30pm – 5:30pm: 1630 Bancroft Way., Berkeley (outside Congregation Beth Israel)

Albany: 6:00pm – 7:00pm: 1102 6th St., Berkeley (outside Covenant Winery)

Wednesday 10.07: San Mateo, Menlo Park & Palo Alto
Please Note time change for San Mateo

San Mateo: 1:30pm – 2:30pm:
(outside North Peninsula Chabad - Please PM us for address)

Menlo Park: 3:00pm - 3:30pm 3704 Fair Oaks Ave Menlo Park.

Palo Alto: 4pm – 4:45pm: 1650 Channing Ave., Palo Alto (outside Chabad Israeli - Silicon Valley)

Palo Alto: 5pm – 5:45pm: 3070 Louis Rd., Palo Alto (outside Chabad of Greater South Bay)

Thursday 10.08: San Jose, Sunnyvale & Fremont

San Jose: 3pm – 4:00pm: 1532 Willowbrae Ave., (outside Sinai Nursery School - down the street from previous location)

Sunnyvale: 4:30pm – 5:30pm: 1030 Astoria Dr., Sunnyvale (outside Bar Yohai Synagogue)

Fremont: 6:30pm – 7:00pm: 220 Yerba Buena Pl.,
(outside Chabad of Fremont)

Friday 10.09: Oakland, Pleasanton & Walnut Creek

Oakland: 11am – 12pm: 3778 Park Blvd., Oakland (outside Congregation Beth Jacob)

Walnut Creek: 12:30pm – 1:45pm: 1671 Newell Ave., Walnut Creek (outside Chabad of Contra Costa)

Pleasanton: 2:30pm – 3:30pm: 3370 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton (outside Chabad of Tri Valley)

All our products are made fresh the very same morning and pre-packaged in our kitchen before leaving our facility, where the strictest standards of hygiene are maintained. In order to be safe, please maintain social distancing rules and do not get too close to the van. We will serve each customer personally on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thank you for all your Support Frena Bakery and Cafe 09/22/2020

Lulav and Etrog

Order your Lulav and Etrog today!
Pick up on Tuesday 9/29 or Wednesday 9/30
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. “You shall take for you on the first day (of Sukkos) the fruit of goodly trees (Etrog), branches of palm trees (Lulav), boughs of thick trees (myrtle), and willows...” Click to read more and to order your own set!

[09/18/20]   Shanah tova umetukah!

Shofar on Sunday, 3 locations.
Location: Carl/Cole Dog Park @ 10:00 AM
Location: Outside Potash Home @ 10:30 AM
Location: Stanyan & Haight/Entrance to GG Park @ 3:00 PM

- Shofar blowing will take 15 minutes
- Masks & social distancing required
- No RSVP necessary, just come by!


Follow this link for a wonderful Handbook for celebrating the high holidays.

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Rosh Hashanah Cooking Class with Chabad of Cole Valley
Shabbat Cooking Show
Torah Study Parshat Vayikra
Incredible to have broad community support for this amazing project!#letsbuildit #buildforthefutureBe a partner in this ...




1300 Shrader St
San Francisco, CA
Other Religious Organizations in San Francisco (show all)
Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc
789 10th Ave
San Francisco, 94118

The Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc. Is an association to teach Buddhism and propagate the Dharma for the Burmese Chinese community.

CHYA (Cameron.House.Young.Adults) CHYA (Cameron.House.Young.Adults)
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Cameron House is proud to present a new and improved program for Young Adults 18-35 years of age!

MLIFE Foundation MLIFE Foundation
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We are a multigenerational and multicultural faith-based organization centering the spirituality and stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) while providing a welcoming and affirming space for LGBTQ+ persons.

Redeemer Community Church Redeemer Community Church
1224 Fairfax Avenue
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Redeemer Community Church is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

MCC San Francisco MCC San Francisco
1300 Polk Street
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We are a House of Prayer for All People and a Home for Q***r Spirituality. We see a transformed world, where every life matters and every person belongs. You are welcomed here! You are wanted here! You are celebrated here!

S.F. Mandarin Baptist Church S.F. Mandarin Baptist Church
2332 Judah St
San Francisco, 94122

Chinese Southern Baptist Church with English ministry. English Worship Service: 9:30am; Mandarin Worship Service: 11:00am; Also Sunday School classes.

San Francisco Hosanna Ministries San Francisco Hosanna Ministries
19 Bay View St
San Francisco, 94124

Sunday Sevice 2 pm to 4 pm. Bible Study Wednesday 7 pm to 9 pm. Located at 19 Bayview, San Francisco 94124. Pastor Larry Scurry Elder John Smith

Russian Orthodox St Nicholas Cathedral SF Russian Orthodox St Nicholas Cathedral SF
2005 15th St
San Francisco, 94114

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate was founded in San Francisco on March 12, 1934 with the blessing of Metropolitan Veniamin and Bishop Antonin of Alaska and Washington.

Sjømannskirken i San Francisco Sjømannskirken i San Francisco
2454 Hyde St
San Francisco, 94109

Sjømannskirken i San Francisco ligger flott til i Hyde Street i bakken opp fra Fisherman's Wharf. Velkommen innom til en prat og en vaffel. Link til Huldra i San Francisco:

19th Avenue Japanese Baptist Church 19th Avenue Japanese Baptist Church
1386 19th Ave
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Rev. Tony Kuriyama 1386 19th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122 415-566-5344 [services in Japanese] With English translation avaliable

First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of San Francisco
1350 Lawton St
San Francisco, 94122

A Reformed & Presbyterian Church proclaiming and teaching God's Word.

Los Carnival Los Carnival
2250 Mariposa St
San Francisco, 94110

We didn't start the fire...