City Crossroads

City Crossroads is a high-impact non-profit corporation with an intentional ministry to multi-ethnic youth and low-income families. Building relationships with youth and children introducing them to Christ has been our mission since 1984.

Our holistic approach to urban missions meets the real spiritual, physical, social, educational, emotional and relational needs of the city's children and their families.

Christian Recreation center
Javier Reyes, Director

[01/23/20]   Crossroads is going through some changes.We are seeking help from those who live in the neighborhood or those connected to the ministry. What are the biggest needs for children and families in the community? Please share in the comments below. We want to move forward with our neighbors. Pleasetell us what you would like to see happen on 6th Street. Share this with your neighbors so we can plan with you. Maria Lupe Juan Brenda Froy


Urban Youth Workers Institute

We hope this Brightens your holidays

"BLACK BOY JOY," featuring urban youth leader, Javier Reyes. Watch the full film right here!

“BLACK BOY JOY” looks into the life and work of urban youth leader, Javier Reyes and the struggles and triumphs of reaching his community’s youth as he sojourns through the teeth of gentrification and San Francisco’s housing crisis. ⁣⁣⁣


DayDay -Ovi - Moms (Clip from summertime Schemin' Film)

An Amazing short film about our Fallen student Day Day by Brandon Clay #daydayworld 09/13/2019

City Crossroads Newsletter, September 2019

Check out our Monthly Newsletter. Click the link and subscribe! God bless you and long live Day Day! DAY DAY WORLD It’s with great sadness and sorrow that we announce that a standout student of CityCrossroad’s, Day’von Hann, was shot and killed in the Mission District in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019.  The Crossroads community is beyond devastated, including Executive Director Ja... 07/19/2019

15-year-old boy gunned down in San Francisco worked with anti-violence program

He wasn’t a Thug. He wasn’t gang banging. But he was anointed. He was just a kid who everyone loved and today we had to say goodbye😞 A San Francisco mother is preparing for the funeral of her 15-year-old son on Friday, and she’s trying to come to terms with the tragic end to her baby’s life. 07/11/2019

Day'von Hann's friends and loved ones gather to remember 15-year-old boy slain in the Mission - Mission Local

❤️ On Wednesday evening at golden hour, dozens of the people who loved and missed Day’von Hann formed a tight circle. Holding hands, they bowed their heads 07/10/2019

Teen shot in Mission District remembered as ‘rising star’ of youth gun violence prevention group - The San Francisco Examiner

We are going to miss him💔 In a last text message to the daughter of United Playaz program coordinator Krystal Morales, Day’von Hann said he would stop by the youth violence prevention organization on Tuesday. 03/09/2019

City Crossroads Newsletter, March 2019

Sign Up for our City Crossroads Newsletters through "Mail Chimp." Check out our latest edition hot off the press! We took 14 kids and 6 volunteers to San Francisco Christian Center Leadership Camp. We can’t overestimate the importance of camp time for our youth; where we can take them away from the noise of The City and into the tranquil presence of God. During the camp, youth were able to attend workshops th...

[12/17/18]   Showing the beauty, diversity and gift sets that are present here at City Crossroads in San Francisco, California

[12/15/18]   A Tale of the SOMA

When the earth shook on that fateful day in 1906
It was this place that saw
This place that fell first
Buildings holding generations of people looking for new life
fell to their knees as the earth buckled below
Plummeting brick upon brick to the streets
Entombing the inhabitants and shrouding their dreams
Soon after came the fires
And like little matchbooks lined in a row
South of Market burned and the immigrant workers who labored long to build the city watched it all burn away
Or else burned away themselves
From this pile of ash amidst the ruined streets one might think that hope died that day too
But it is not so
Four days later when the fire subsided they began to rebuild.
Another boat came with more dreamers ready to work at their chance
To make things different for their children
And things were different
For awhile
Streets packed with lodging houses and tiny apartments families’ getting by by living in close quarters
Stickball in the street and old men on the corners
Talking about the way things were before the Golden Gate opened up wide and let them in
The people south of Market are hard working folks, living paycheck to paycheck to support their families
But they are in the way
They are in the way of Ben Swig and his real estate boys
Cause big ben had big plans to make SOMA the biggest airportballparkparkinglot conglomeration to transport tourists into union square to buy buy buy
and bypass all the people who called this place home.
But he couldn’t get paid if these people were around
so he mounted a plan to call SOMA worthless and vile and crude
to label the people, buildings and streets as things in need
of redevelopment
and that’s just what he did
with fear and hate people began to regard this place as dangerous
and the people here like animals waiting to attack
They say a bad reputation is hard to shake
And it must be true because for the next sixty years Big Ben’s shouting about who we are has stuck
So much so that some of us have come to believe it ourselves
We play the part of drug addict, prostitute, and pimp or even better yet
Street corner entrepreneur
Justifying the violence and struggle—its all in the name of getting paid
But then we become just like old Ben
Railroading our neighbors so we can line our own pockets with cash
Nevermind whose caskets we line along the way
But I say No.
We are not this straight jacket of identity they have confined us to
We are more than crime statistics of the nightly news
We are greater than our income
And we are far more powerful than we may see
There is a love in the struggle of these streets that cannot always be understood or put into words
Walking in the morning to see merchants cleaning sidewalks
stopping to say hello to the neighbors that you meet
talking about the weather and last nights game, and the haircut you got just up the street
Exchanging gossip while clothes tumble in the dryer or sharing secrets waiting for a slice.
It is the very humanity of this place-
the interwoven connections of one human being to another
that makes this place home
A mighty phoenix rising from the ashes
Hope lives here
In the faces of children and old men, of single fathers, and mothers working two-jobs to pay the rent.
In veterans, parolees, poets, and peacemakers.
It is this hope that says we are not yet finished
We have rebuilt before and we will do it again
The future is ours to write 11/26/2018

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Exciting times here! We would like to spotlight one of our youth, Tia, for speaking to over 300 people at a City Academy fundraiser on Saturday October 13th, 2018.
Quite a few of our children and youth have had the opportunity to go to school at this amazing school. Tia is an emerging youth leader in the city and has attended City Crossroads since she was young. Tia is also joined the new girls group “Queens Rising” on Thursday at 6pm. We are so proud of Tia and her family and we believe that this kind of speaking engagement will be a regular occurrence for her. We salute you Tia. You make all of us proud!

We want to give a shout out one of our parents Tinisch Hollins, Keith’s mom, for throwing the Crossroads youth a BBQ. Tinisch, a SF native and community advocate hosted an amazing get together full of food, love and games. As much as Tinisch says she’s grateful to Crossroads for the impact we’ve had on her son, we are that much more grateful to have parents like her who are not only invested in there children but their friends as well. Salute to the amazing family we have here at Crossroads

Kimberly Marie Oliver of Lighthouse Church held a fundraiser and was able to purchase 56 tickets for youth in San Francisco go see LECRAE and ANDY MINEO’s show “Better Late Than Never”. Lecrae and Andy are the biggest Christian Hip Hop Artists in the world. It meant so much for our kids to see them live and in person. And for our youth who didn’t know them they want to find out more about them and the Christian Rap genre in general after seeing them perform. A big win for us

Javier was able to open up the 9th Annual San Francisco Black Student Union Summit with prayer and spoken word to over 200 youth. He was also able to do two workshops with over 100 students. Many students were interested in Crossroads and the programs that we offer. We were able to schedule four high school visits from the workshops. We also ran into a former Crossroads Alumni, Jeremiah, who is now teaching at June Jordan High School and spoke highly of Crossroads and what it did for him as a youth. Check out Crossroads FB page to see more of the conversations from youth that attended in the 80’s and 90’s. 06/08/2018

Click here to support Katrina VictIm organized by Ann Moberg

Gary is always willing to help during all the workdays at Crossroads. Please pray for him Early in the morning on August 29, 2005 hurricane Katrina unleashed her fury on the gulf coast. What became a category five quickly overwhelmed the levees in New Orleans that were built to withstand a category three. With 175 M.P.H. sustained winds and a storm surge 22 ft. high the city was ill...

Our Story

In the fall of 1984 City Crossroads was born out of necessity. Pastor Tim Doramus had a passion to see a safe and loving place for children and teens to escape the turmoil of sixth street and meet Jesus. The programs then and now reflect the same simple goals, providing a place to hold onto childhood amongst a myriad of adult issues, providing for immediate needs, and pointing toward the ultimate source of hope, Jesus Christ.

Our programs are designed to meet the most immediate needs of the community. Our neighborhood has changed a lot in the last three decades and our programs have changed with them. Currently we are working in close partnership with other neighborhood services to provide wrap-around care. Our non-traditional program hours mean that children recieve a healthy dinner and enrichment services well into the evening hours when some caregivers are still at work and when some children simply have no other place to go.

City Crossroads works directly with residents in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood, where our center is located. We provide after-school programming, enrichment services, and a safe haven for multi-ethnic, low-income families. For 30 years our organization has helped children and teens reach their full potential. Our dedicated staff of volunteers works in partnership with the local church to provide a consistent and stable message of love and hope.





160 6th St
San Francisco, CA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 15:00 - 20:00
Thursday 15:00 - 20:00
Friday 15:00 - 20:00
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