Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship

Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship


What was your reference to Allentown NJ in the list of places Mass of the Americas will have been heard?
The artist Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs with chocolate bars featuring artwork she donated to support Walk for Life West Coast
Come with me!
Would anyone like to go with me? Its an amazing Basilica and has so much beautiful art, not to mention the music. Well I have to poss Baltimore on the ay so 4 can join Please RSVP ASAP.
Thanks for all you posts, and the great work you are doing. God bless.
I would like to post a link to your website onto my Parish website - - and would like permission to do so. How would I obtain that permission?
I happily discovered that I can access Rosetta Stone for free through my library's website. And yes, Latin is on there!
Prayers for your beautiful new mass today! Thank you and God bless! So excited!
I missed you on EWTN. I will catch you on Sun. morn. I want to raise up the level of music in the Church.
Please update us on Facebook about the initiative smentioned on EWTN last night. I found it very informative!
Call for Artists “Rather than a problem to be solved, the world is a joyful mystery to be contemplated with gladness and praise.” Pope Francis's Encyclical, paragraph 12 Can you think of a great painting or artwork from this? This is paragraph 115 from Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Global Warming and Care for our Common Home. This or any thinking in the Encyclical is welcome for art ideas in the show. The Elisabeth Jones Art Center is hosting a show of 25 people, ten people will receive $500 honorariums. We are also willing to pay up to $1500.00 for a community interactive installation piece. In Portland, Oregon. Any ideas? more info:

With Archbishop Cordileone, the Benedict XVI Institute seeks to elevate the sacred. Our activities include a May Festival of Marian Hymns, a Nov. Solemn Requiem Mass, Arts lectures, children's chant camp, a teaching choir, and

Mission: The Benedict XVI Institute's mission is to open the door of beauty to God through two great strategies: providing practical resources for more beautiful and reverent liturgies, and by energizing a Catholic Culture of the Arts.

Graffiti Artists Take Icons From The Church To The Street

Beautiful In Moscow, large-scale Orthodox icons rendered in spray paint decorate bridges and underpasses. They're the work of artist Aleksandr Tsypkov and fellow creators who believe that everyone, not just church-goers, should be able to see religious art.

Messe solennelle de Requiem pour Louis XVI - REQUIEM ÆTERNAM

21 janvier 2020 à 19h (18h GMT) Le livret pour suivre cette messe : pl...

Roger Scruton: Burkean and Bohemian | John Haldane

Roger Scruton: A Philosopher's Eulogy

The distinguished philosopher and theologian Prof. John Haldane pays tribute to Sir Roger Scruton in #FirstThings. (Save the Date! Prof. Haldane is coming to San Francisco March 7, details to follow!):

"The death of Sir Roger Scruton has deprived academic aesthetics of one of its most creative, insightful, and wide-ranging practitioners. Roger was one of a kind: poetic, courageous, and funny....Before Roger came on the scene in 1974 with Art and Imagination, philosophical aesthetics was a marginal and rather dreary academic backwater. Philosophers...Roger was a leader in a new generation of philosophers who tried to change all that."

A brilliant mind who took Beauty seriously. Take a moment and pray for his soul

#ThingstodoinSF #ArchSF #JohnHaldane #RogerScruton #Theology #Philosophy #Catholic #Aesthetics #Beauty #Theologians #PopeBenedictXVI #Intellectuals #CatholicIntellectuals #SanFrancisco #SirRogerScruton #Imagination #HankCenter #SheenCenter #Philosophers #ThomasAquinas #Truth #Goodness #TBGProject #ArchbishopCordileone Roger’s passing leaves a large gap in our lives that we know can never be filled.

New photo by Maggie Gallagher

The altar to Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Snapped this the day before the #MOTA

#VirginMary #BasilicaNationalShrine #ImmaculateConception #Guadalupe #OurLady #OurLadyofGuadalupe #PopeBenedictXVI #Liturgy #LatinMass #Catholic

James Matthew Wilson - Catholic Arts Today

Introducing James Matthew Wilson

We will be proudly publishing the poems in "The River of the Immaculate Conception" commemorating the Mass of the Americas in In his #FirstThings essay he said this song cycle is inspired by his recollection as a child of America as a Catholic country. (Which is not of course to disposses anyone else.) The Jesuits consecrated the Mississippi River to #OurLady.

So take a minute and meet the poet and intellectual #DanaGioia calls "the future of Catholic letters in America"

If you don't know him, you should. The River of the Immaculate Conception can be purchased at

#Poets #Poetry #CatholicArtists #ImmaculateConception #Guadalupe #SpiritJuiice #Villanova #CatholicArtsToday #B16
#JamesMatthewWilson #WBYeats #Catholic #Beauty #SacredBeauty #Wiseblood #JoshuaHren #WisebloodBooks

Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship's cover photo

The Merry Beggars

Catholic Theater Storms Manhattan!

I got this note for Melissa Maricich in New York City. I love this program. It includes teacher training and a playwright residency to develop new talent. This is a group to watch!

"Think you’re alone in connecting your Catholic faith with your artistic work? The Merry Beggars is building that bridge by helping Catholic artists create raw, powerful, and adventurous theater capable of transforming lives. Join the mission in helping artists like you do what God has made them for. "

#MerryBeggars #Catholic #Theater #Manhattan #ThingstodoinNYC #NYC #Playwrights #CatholicPlaywrights #MelissaMaricich #PeterAtkinson #SheenCenter #CatholicArtistsSociety #CatholicArtsToday

[01/16/20]   New cover photo on the page is a detail from a painting by Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs

Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship's cover photo

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs: The Catholic Arts Today Interview - Benedict XVI Institute

On being a Catholic Artist:

Gwynteth Thompson-Briggs + Mark Nowakowski on

Mark Nowakowski: So your own experience seems to mirror my own as a composer: One must become a businessman and entrepreneur and voracious networker to find way to even start to get one’s art out into the general public. I can’t help but feel that God has called and equipped a veritable small army of talent, and that this army of Beauty is just waiting for fertile soil (and appropriate support) to start a new Renaissance. What is your experience surveying and now representing the broader field of Catholic art, music, architecture, and related disciplines?

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs: Yes! There is a small army of talent that is standing at the ready. It is really exciting to get to know my other comrades-at-arms and the patrons who are helping us. I used to think that patrons were, for the most part, older, affluent, and part of a disappearing population of individuals with good taste. It has been a happy surprise that new patrons are coming forward who are in their thirties. They are not particularly affluent, but are willing to sacrifice in the name of beauty.

#GwynethThompsonBriggs #MarkNowakowski #Catholic #Beauty #Arts #Crowdfunding #Painters #Painting #Artists #CatholicArtists Two artists talk: Sacred composer Mark Nowakowski interview sacred painter Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs about making it, making art glorifying God, and her new Catholic Artists Directory %

The Universal Call to Artistic Creativity — Carl Schmitt Foundation

Jan 25: Meet the Artist Andrew de Sa in Leesburg

"Join us Saturday, January 25, for a talk and exhibit hosted by the Carl Schmitt Foundation and artist Andrew de Sa ( Andrew will be discussing artistic vocation, his own career and the life of American painter Carl Schmitt (1889-1989)."

#AndrewDeSa #OpusDei #Creativity #Leesburg #CarlSchmitt #CatholicArtists #CatholicArtsToday #ThingstoDoDC What role does creativity play in our day to day life? In what sense are we all called to be artists? Join us Saturday, January 25, for a talk and exhibit hosted by the Carl Schmitt Foundation ( and artist Andrew de Sa ( Andrew will be discussing artistic vocat

There Is No Secular Culture - The Catholic Thing

Can Secular Culture Survive?

From #JamesMatthewWilson author among many other great works of "The River of the Immaculate Conception" at #WisebloodBooks, discussing a new piece by #SimonDuring at the Chronicle of Higher Education--and implicitly the need for #ArchbishopCordileone's Truth, Beauty and Goodness project:

"The demotion of religion led to a promotion of culture. Culture in the modern age became a new god-term to give coherence to civilization and society – a kind of immanent substitute for the transcendence of Christian faith. As Matthew Arnold contended, culture would save us from anarchy.

This substitution is now being undone, During argues, by a second secularization. Just as the authority of the Church was eroded by various events that converged on a secular political order, so now, a series of events, from neoliberalism to feminism to identity politics, has led to a rejection of the canons of culture.

You don’t need any longer to have a certain appreciation for Bach’s St. Matthew Passion or Virgil’s Aeneid in order to be thought a decently civilized human being; such knowledge might actually be counted against you. Better to spend your time studying risk analysis or cybersecurity, say the neoliberal technocrats. Or postcolonial criticism of Virgil or, better still, leave that dead man behind for the lyrical stylings of some feminine vicar of a non-Western people, or an advocate of the “pedagogy of the oppressed.”

#Catholic #Secular #Culture #DanaGioia #Bach #Virgil #Aeneid #Civilization #Christ #Jesus #TBG #ClassicalLiberal #TBG #ArchSF #CatholicArtsToday #CatholicArts #CatholicArtists James Matthew Wilson: To encounter Christ and to abide with him is not just the Good News, it is the only news that stays news, forever.

Kerouac’s Beatific Visions | Joshua Hren

Jack Kerouac's Catholic Vision

He's known as the novelist of the Beat Generation but the man borns Jean-Louis Kerouac grew up in a tight-knit French-Canadian community in Lowell, Massachusetts (not unlike that which produce Robert Cormier's The Chocolate Wars).

He never formally returned to his boyhood faith, but as #JoshuaHren of #WisebloodBooks points out in #FirstThings, at the end of his final novel Vanity of Duluoz, Kerouac writes:

“I saw the cross just then when I closed my eyes after writing this. I can’t escape its mysterious penetration into all this brutality.” Earlier in his life, he had had a similar vision. Hidden in a cabin at California’s Big Sur, he fought advanced alcoholism and addiction and percolated paranoia. “Suddenly as clear as anything I ever saw in my life, I see the Cross,” he writes:

'I SEE THE CROSS, it’s silent, it stays a long time, my heart goes out to it, my whole body fades away to it, I hold out my arms to be taken away to it, by God I am being taken away my body starts dying and swooning out to the cross standing in a luminous area in the darkness, I start to scream . . . let myself go into death and the Cross: as soon as that happens I slowly sink back to life—Therefore the devils are back, commissioners are sending out orders in my ear to think anew, babbling secrets that are hissed, suddenly I see the Cross again, this time smaller and far away but just as clear and I say through all the noise of the voices "I’m with you, Jesus, for always, thank you.”'

#JackKerouac #Catholics #Catholic #Novels #CatholicWriters #BeatGeneration #BigSur #Crucifix #RobertCormier #TheChocolateWars #FrenchCanadian #FrenchCatholic #AndyWarhol Jack Kerouac’s Vanity of Duluoz is devoted to the cross. 

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

A mosaic from Ravenna:

#Baptism #JesusChrist #StJohntheBaptist #HolySpirit #Ravenna #Catholic #Sunday

The Catholic Writer Today, by Dana Gioia

Rave review from World Literature Today re Dana Gioia's "The Catholic Writer Today and Other Essays"

The first review in a secular literary journal. And it's a rave:

"It's difficult to convey the rewarding nature of these essays and interviews. Gioia's mind is teeming with original insight and pertinent but arcane details....Readers find themselves in the presence of a deeply original and capacious intellect that is unpretentious and direct yet simultaneously concerned with shades of perspectives and nuances of thought.

Here is another vital book by one of our finest and most original authors." Fred Dings, University of South Carolina

Purchase it from #WisebloodBooks

#DanaGioia #JamesMatthewWilson #Catholic #CatholicWriters #CatholicArtsToday #Tolkien #CSLewis #Narnia #JoshuaHren #FredDings #CatholicArtsToday Wiseblood Books Editing and Publishing Editor

Presenting The Mass of the Americas to the Holy Father!

#ArchbishopCordileone will be giving a presentation copy of the score of the Mass of the Americas to the #PopeFrancis during his Ad Limina visit in late January.

#Altarworthy, which designed the vestments for the #MOTA, agreed to design a gorgeous bag to house the book, from the same cloth as the #Vestments.

I just got my first sneak peek at photos.

#ArchSF #Liturgy #Sacred #Beauty #Guadalupe #VirginMary #OurLadyofGuadalupe #FrankLaRocca #LatinMass #TLM

UNESCO Recognizes Byzantine Chant as Part of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity |

UNESCO Acknowledge Byzantine chant as part of the "intangible cultural heritage of humanity."

Can Gregorian chant be far behind? Perhaps UNESCO has already recognized it? I know it has recognized a Dutch men's choir that chants it!

"UNESCO notes that 'As a living art that has existed 2000 years, Byzantine chant is a significant cultural tradition and comprehensive music system.'

Byzantine chant, the UNESCO statement explains, 'forms part of the common musical traditions that developed in the Byzantine Empire. Highlighting and musically enhancing the liturgical texts of the Greek Orthodox Church, it is inextricably linked with spiritual life and religious worship.'

#Chant #gregorianChant #TLM #LatinMass #Liturgy #Byzantine #ByzantineChant #Catholic #Orthodox #GreekOrthodox #UNESCO UNESCO made a special reference as to how this tradition has managed to survive throughout the centuries against all odds and remain at the center of the Greek Orthodox Christian faith even today.

Pontifical Mass with Card. Zen in New York City, February 15

Wow. The third annual Lepanto Conference will take place in New York City on Saturday, February 15, beginning with a Pontifical Mass in the trad...

Sara Cortez: Cop, Poet, Catholic - Benedict XVI Institute

Award-winning poet, cop, catholic Sarah Cortez in

"I fell in love [policing] like you fall in love with a man. Being faced with unmitigated insanity—because the streets are insane. These TV shows don’t even begin to get it right. The insanity doesn’t even have to be dangerous, although it oftentimes is. It’s just a different world. It’s not the world of plush couches in offices. A crazy person knifes you, and you have a knife wound. Or a sane person knifes you, and you still have a knife wound.

But I also fell in love with the mission, which is public safety, the public good, the common good. It’s no longer fashionable to believe in the common good or what’s good for society as a whole among certain people, but to be an effective public servant you must completely identify with the mission, which is being willing to die for people that you don’t even know."

#SarahCortez #DanaGioia #Poetry #Police #Cop #Catholic #CatholicWriters #CatholicArtsToday #Latino #Latina #Hispanic #Houston #LarryMassey Charlotte Allen talks to police officer and poet Sarah Cortez about being a cop, poetry, returning to the faith, and being a Catholic writer.

Christ: Life, Death and Resurrection | University of San Diego

Christ: Life, Death and Resurrection Exhibit!

The Hoehn Gallery at University of San Diego has a great exhibit drawing on Renaissance and Baroque drawings.

#USD #BobHoehn #Renaissance #Baroque #JesusChrist #SanDiego #USD #Putti #VirginMary #StJoseph #Nativity #Christmas #Cordileone #CatholicArtsToday #Painting #CatholicPainters #Chiaroscuro #ChristChild #Christ

Feast of Mary, Mother of God!

O Sanctissima!

#VirginMary #HappyNewYear #Catholic #Mother #HolyDay

Mass of the Americas Promo Video

Just a Few More Hours to Donate:

We would love to acquire 5 new donors. To keep this momentum going.

Would you be one? Donate here:

#PopeBenedictXVI #Catholic #CatholicArtsToday #LatinMass #Liturgy #FrankLaRocca #SirJamesMacMillan #Sacred #Chant #ArchSF #Cordileone #MOTA

On November 16, 2019, The Mass of the Americas, a Solemn Pontifical High Mass will be celebrated at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Con...

A Play About Catholic Conservatism Earns Praise From Both Sides Of The Aisle

NPR interviews Will Arberry on "Heroes of the Fourth Turning"

Read this. See it if you can.

H/T #MartinFord

#NPR #WillArberry #WyomingCollege #SteveBannon #Catholic #Playwrights #CatholicPlaywrights #CatholicArtsToday #DanaGioia #JohnPaulII #RodDreher Conservative Catholic intellectuals arguing about God and President Trump. It’s the inspiration for Will Arbery's new play "Heroes of the Fourth Turning."

St John The Apostle Life & Spirituality/Biography

The Third Day of Christmas: The Feast of Saint John the Beloved

(aka The Apostle, The Evangelizer to distinguish him from St. John the Baptist).

St. John, who took Jesus' earthly place as son to care for Mary in her old age, pray for us:

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