EFCA Western District

The Mission Statement of the Western District is "We Multiply". We multiply...to the fourth generation...truly devoted followers of Jesus. We are authentic, gracious lovers of people longing to bring perspective and hope to people yet to find Him.

We believe in a Creator of all, and that this calls for surrender to Him. In surrender we find peace. In peace we find hope. And apart from Him these values are a v***r. A life well-lived for any and every follower of Jesus is to be self-feeding in the nurture of God's truth as offered in Scripture, and to be reproductive as a way of life, to the fourth generation (2 Timothy 2:2). Thus our logo: wd4.

Operating as usual

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Still room for you

Still room for you -


[07/28/18]   Josh Thompsons last update (50minutes ago: so, 11:00am) was that West Redding is a ghost town, but still no reports of loss. Keep praying!

[07/25/18]   If Jesus said, "I will build up those whom I've called out," and we accept his invitation to resist reading back into that intention, our current day iteration of "church," might we be taking one step closer to what our post-christian neighbor's heart longs for?


ONE Week out - 2018 DLD - "Fleshing Out the Gospel"

ONE Week out - 2018 DLD - "Fleshing Out the Gospel" -

mailchi.mp tDistrictLeadershipDevelopment2018Annual Conference of the Western District of the Evangelical Free Church of America March 5, 2018, Vacaville, CA


ONE MONTH AWAY - 2018 DLD - "Fleshing Out the Gospel" - Hugh Halter

ONE MONTH AWAY - 2018 DLD - "Fleshing Out the Gospel" - Hugh Halter -

eepurl.com tDistrictLeadershipDevelopment2018Annual Conference of the Western District of the Evangelical Free Church of America March 5, 2018, Vacaville, CA

[01/23/18]   Sign up NOW for 2018 DLD - "Fleshing Out the Gospel" - Hugh Halter

[07/12/17]   Today, at the campus of Vintage Grace, El Dorado, Hills, CA, the pastors and friends of The Western District will spend three hours with EFCA President, Kevin Kompelien!

mailchi.mp 06/14/2017

July 12, 11am - 2pm at Vintage Grace facility

President Kevin Kompelien to meet with all Western District Pastors July 12th


[04/11/17]   The SAINTS will gather all over the world this week. We will demonstrate our "holy ones" status in services with unique remembrances on Thursday, Friday, even Saturday, and, of course, Sunday.
Those SET APART will reverently convene, not because we feel the pull of tradition to OBSERVE, but for a better, higher, deeper reason. The transformative reason.
We will gather on days others have offered to us on calendars, and we've received as helpful, though inexact, because we know it isn't about the day of remembrance, but the substance of that remembered.
History records that Jesus bar Joseph lived, ate one last meal with his friends and followers, was tried, executed, buried, and rose alive from that grave. And we have days when the religious OBSERVE these important historical moments. But that is not the transformative reason. There will be little, if anything, life-giving about ceremonial observations of historical events. We gather, we observe, we remember, we practice because...
This is the line of demarkation.
This is the birth of transformation.
This is the clarity of commission.
Dutifully observe?
Or transformatively BELIEVE?

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Keep Austin Weird...attend our biannual national conference!

Go to http://www.efcaone.com to register TODAY



DLD 2017

Here's the link to the video from Monday's DLD on "Work Matters" with Tom Nelson

"Work Matters: Connecting Sunday to Monday" with guest speaker Tom Nelson

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Work Matters DLD

Work Matters DLD

us14.campaign-archive1.com , will offer biblical insight and helpful Q&A concerning "work as worship." The practicality of this day cannot be overstated. Here is the biblical potential for releasing the believer-priesthood into the marketplace!

[02/07/17]   "Christian, meditate much on heaven, it will help thee to press on, and to forget the toil of the way. This vale of tears is but the pathway to the better country: this world of woe is but the stepping-stone to a world of bliss." - Charles Spurgeon

[02/03/17]   "Never do the flowers of grace grow more, than after a shower of repentant tears." - Thomas Watson

[01/29/17]   If you haven't signed up for our e-mail list, you can do so at this link: http://eepurl.com/czzMej



Church Planting Update


[01/25/17]   "Passion for missions demands a commitment to Reformation. How much the gospel makes an impact abroad depends significantly upon the health of churches at home. Churches need to exemplify that which they would commend to others." - Tom Ascol

[01/24/17]   "Be merciful to yourselves. Seek the Lord early, and so you will be spared many a bitter tear." - J.C. Ryle

[01/15/17]   "Prayer must not be our chance work, but our daily business, our habit and vocation. As artists give themselves to their models, and poets to their classical pursuits, so must we addict ourselves to prayer." - Charles Spurgeon

[01/12/17]   "In Christ's finished work I see an ocean of merit; my plummet finds no bottom, my eye discovers no shore." - Charles Spurgeon

[01/11/17]   "The reason the stone was rolled away on Jesus's tomb was not so that Jesus could get out, but so that we could get in." - Tim Keller

[01/09/17]   "Take this year's mercies as earnests of next year's blessings. The God who has kept you so long, you may rest assured will never leave you. If He had not meant to do good continually to you, He would not have done it at all." - Charles Spurgeon

[01/07/17]   "Suffering is not an obstacle to God’s purpose but a means to achieving it." - Sinclair Ferguson


From Thanksgiving to Thank-focusing

Here's a special Thanksgiving Post from Neal

brokenbridges.us There is nothing more traditional than giving thanks. And that’s above and outside of the day we’ve designated for it. This year, I’m aiming to discipline myself to be thankful for the truly best things, the things that cannot be…


Let Not Your Soul Be Stolen

Here's the link to Neal's latest blog post on Broken Bridges

brokenbridges.us “It doesn’t shape character, as much as reveal it.” What used to be the apt description for the game of golf has a better home now. Two homes, in fact: This election cycle Television We’re all feeling it. Those for…

[10/12/16]   Financial Seminar
Sunday, October 16th 7:00pm - 9:00pm at NorthCeek Church Chapel
Discover the importance of a
budget. Learn the secrets that
credit card companies don’t
want you to know. Find out
Jim’s exciting way to buy a car
without suffering owner’s
remorse. You’re guaranteed to
take away several practical,
financial “nuggets” that will
be beneficial!

9marks.org 09/08/2016

The Privilege and Power of a Praying Pastor’s Wife

This is a tremendously encouraging article for the wives of our pastors: https://9marks.org/article/the-privilege-and-power-of-a-praying-pastors-wife/

9marks.org We might say we believe prayer is important, but are we praying regularly, specifically, and expectantly?


The Crushing Burden of Any Missionary

The Crushing Burden of Any Missionary

shepherdsnotes.com This is a quote from What it Means to be Free, which is a history of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). In chapter 16 the author is recording some of the early missionary endeavors of the EFCA when he says this: Conveying the gospel effectively to those of such diverse... #missions


"Discover the Life" by Neal & Judy Brower

Judy and I wanted to let you know that we've published a third, revised edition of Discover the Life, our tool for leadership development, disciplemaking, small groups, and personal spiritual investigation of biblical faith. Check out the following link to order:

createspace.com 6 core truths of biblical faith are examined, inviting our hearts toward deepening intimacy with the King and passion for His kingdom. Discover what's worth living for! The Bible offers living in community with authentic people practicing, rather than performing, where growth is inside-out, and love...

[05/20/16]   Those who have left the deepest impression on this sin-cursed earth have been men and women of prayer. —D.L. Moody




1527A McAllister St
San Francisco, CA
Other Religious Organizations in San Francisco (show all)
Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc
789 10th Ave
San Francisco, 94118

The Sino Burmese Buddhist Association of America, Inc. Is an association to teach Buddhism and propagate the Dharma for the Burmese Chinese community.

Pilgrim Community Church, United Church of Christ Pilgrim Community Church, United Church of Christ
400 Randolph St
San Francisco, 94132-3122

St Luke's Episcopal Church San Francisco St Luke's Episcopal Church San Francisco
1755 Clay St
San Francisco, 94109

SERVICES: Sunday • 8:00 am Holy Eucharist • 10:00 am Choral Holy Eucharist with choir and organ Wednesday: • 7:30 am Holy Eucharist and Healing

Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church
1329 7th Ave
San Francisco, 94122

Located in the Inner Sunset District of San Francisco, we welcome people of all ages and families of all configurations and we passionately live the truth that all people of God are welcome.

Interfaith Center at the Presidio Interfaith Center at the Presidio
130 Fisher Loop
San Francisco, 94129

Interfaith Center at the Presidio welcomes, serves, and celebrates the diverse spiritual wisdom and faith traditions of the Bay Area

Noe Valley Ministry Noe Valley Ministry
1021 Sanchez St
San Francisco, 94114-3312

Presbyterian Church

Calvary Hill Community Church Calvary Hill Community Church
141 Industrial St
San Francisco, 94124-1915

Calvary Hill is a Spirit-Led, Bible Fed, Purpose Driven Church that exists to see Souls Saved and Lives Changed

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
1750 29th Ave
San Francisco, 94122

Incarnation Episcopal Church welcomes all seekers wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We are a welcoming, inclusive community in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Services: Sunday at 10 am, Tuesday at 10 am, 2nd Friday (Healing) at 7:30 pm.

Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church
480 Teresita Blvd
San Francisco, 94127

Engrafted Word Fellowship Engrafted Word Fellowship
San Francisco

God's heart for you is full with love and with hope. Our heart is to encourage you in your own relationship with God. We are no longer on Facebook

Jesus Christ Son of God Christian Church Jesus Christ Son of God Christian Church
953 Mission St Suite 40 Lower Level
San Francisco, 94103

Jesus Christ Son of God, was founded by Pastor Frank Hidalgo in 2001, then as Jesus First Christian Ministry, serving the LORD in San Francisco and Vallejo cities.

First Baptist Church of San Francisco First Baptist Church of San Francisco
22 Waller St
San Francisco, 94102

A gospel-centered church rooted in San Francisco since 1849. Worship services every Sunday at 10:30am