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Photos from New Life Church of the Nazarene SF's post 10/06/2021

Our first church picnic during the pandemic! Some of us we hadn’t seen since April of last year. Just to reconnect in-person rekindled the sweetness of fellowship. Shout out to Jimmy Lim and the team for pulling this off!

Photos from New Life Church of the Nazarene SF's post 04/07/2021

Easter Sunday was our first in-person worship gathering in over a year. Jesus is alive and making all things new!


This impromptu choir led us in worship in Pastor Jeff’s return from sabbatical last Sunday. Good singing, everybody!


The New Life family gifted us with Hamilton tickets for Pastor Appreciation last October and we finally cashed in. Worth the wait! Thanks, family!


What a privilege to watch the movie, Emanuel, together and witness the power of forgiveness in the aftermath of the church shootings in Charlotte in 2015.


Egg hunters


As the sun rose, we went up to the foot of the cross at Mt Davidson to sing and declare: Christ is risen! 04/08/2019

Why We Love Jesus in a Secular Age

This conversation on our cultural context and some entry points for sharing the gospel is helpful. It’s not comprehensive, but is thought provoking. Stream or download this breakout panel titled “Why We Love Jesus in a Secular Age” with Collin Hansen, Tim Keller, Brett McCracken and Jen Michel from TGC19.


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With the cross before them and a supportive church beside them, six women and two men were ordained for ministry at the annual NorCal Assembly last week. Gotta go at least once to ordination service for a powerful reminder that the Lord calls all of us.


We heard Ruben & Monica Fernandez share about the gospel work in Costa Rica at New Life. Hear more next Thursday at NMI Convention...


How to Write a Sermon - New Life Church 3.05.2017

Here are the notes for today's message if you want to follow along "live!" How to Write a Sermon - New Life Church 3.05.2017 Luke 6:12-20 12 One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. 13 When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles: 14 Simon (whom he na...


New Life Church of the Nazarene SF's cover photo


New Life Church of the Nazarene SF's cover photo


Great time out with friends, and a great ballgame. What a blessing to run into Madeline and Ellie too!


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A few of the ravens God sent to care for Elijah...


We celebrated Sev's bday at our Children's Min Appreciation dinner last night. You're a blessing!


Good times Friday night watching A's v Royals.


See you for Easter Sunrise at the Mt Davidson Cross at 7 am!


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It was a joy to sing Christmas carols around the West Portal neighborhood (including Starbucks) along with Bay Church.


Carols, communion, candlelight, and Word...Help your friends and family have a worshipful Christmas by bringing them with you this Christmas Eve.


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Hangin' Out in DC


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New Life at 08/12/2014

Good times rootin' the A's on to a win over the Twins.

Good times rootin' the A's on to a win over the Twins.

[06/20/14]   Happy Birthday to Pastor Jeff Mammen today - June 20!!!

New Life Easter Potluck 2014 04/21/2014

New Life Easter Potluck 2014

New Life Easter Potluck 2014

[04/21/14]   EASTER SUNDAY'S PASSION DEVOTION - Luke 24:13-35
Hope Rises Out of Chaos - Pira Tritasavit

They were two men on a seven-mile walk trying to make sense of all they’d witnessed.

The crowds. The crying. The crucifixion. The craziness.

Way too much for them to handle. On top of that, a few women said Jesus’ body was gone. The tomb was empty. It left them bewildered.

So they walked away. Away from the scene of the crime. Away from the confusion.

As they walked, a stranger snuck up behind them and asked. “What are you guys talking about? Tell me what happened.”

He actually wasn’t a stranger, but they didn’t recognize Him. How could they? The last time they saw Him, He was screaming in pain, beaten to a bloody pulp on a tree of torture.

He was dead and gone. No coming back. No way. No how.

So they told Him about Jesus, how they hoped He was going to be Israel’s next big leader. The chosen one. The powerful prophet. But He was executed. And with his death, so died all of their hopes.

The stranger spoke up. He pointed out Scriptures about how Messiah was to suffer. Maybe, just maybe, Jesus of Nazareth was the One whom Moses and the Prophets had talked about.

They urged the stranger to stay a little longer, grab a bite to eat and talk a little more. So He did.

He broke bread, gave thanks --- and right then, they saw with their very own eyes. This stranger was no stranger after all. He was the risen Lord, the defeater of death, the Living Savior and God’s Heroic Redeemer.

PRAYER: Open our eyes, Lord, to see You for who you really are, even if it means sneaking up and surprising us in broad daylight. Confront our assumptions and confirm our hopes that You are, in fact, the resurrected Redeemer who lives and reigns forever.

Resurrection Worship Celebration & Kathy Kong's Baptism 04/21/2014

Resurrection Worship Celebration & @Kathy Kong's Baptism

Resurrection Worship Celebration & @Kathy Kong's Baptism

New Life Resurrection Eggs Hunt 2014 04/21/2014

New Life Resurrection Eggs Hunt 2014 - April 20, 2014

New Life Resurrection Eggs Hunt 2014 - April 20, 2014

[04/19/14]   SATURDAY'S PASSION DEVOTION – Luke 23:55-56
Waiting for the Weighty - Trisha M

Probably no Sabbath day of rest had ever felt more inconvenient and burdensome than this one. The man they’d dared to believe was the Messiah, the man who had changed their lives with the hope of salvation, seemingly lay alone in a cold grave with the finality of death condemning them all.

These women who loved Jesus scrambled that afternoon to prepare the burial spices before sundown. After the sun had set, the Sabbath brought their preparations to a halt. Their hands were stilled even as their hearts and minds surely raced to make sense of their unspeakable loss. I imagine them being overwhelmed with a choking anxiety at being forced to do nothing, except wait.

Though I wish it weren’t so, God often seems to impose times of quiet, gut-wrenching waiting in order to produce fruit and faith in his people. On a day when they felt abandoned and defeated, these women still managed to obey God’s command to be still. Without the benefit and distraction of busyness, the trauma of having watched the deadly torture of their Lord must have been unbearable. And surely, they pondered what life without a Savior now meant.

Why do I so easily let busyness keep me from being still and quiet enough to let the weight of what happened on the cross settle onto my soul? I’ve gone through many Easter seasons without ever really spending time encountering what Christ’s death and resurrection means. Yet, we are called to stop. To let the burden of our sin and hopelessness apart from Him nearly crush us. Because it isn’t until we recognize our devastating desperation that the coming triumph of our Savior’s resurrection means anything at all.

PRAYER: Father, still our hearts as we consider who we are if You are not exactly who You say You are. Let the truth of our condition grieve our souls so deeply that we can truly come before You and confess how much we need your salvation. May we know that we are dead in our sins unless Your victory brings us into life in Your Son.


Sunday morning details. Be there!

[04/17/14]   WEDNESDAY PASSION DEVOTIONAL– Luke 22:1-6; 47-53
"Let Jesus Steal Your Heart" - Jeff M

It wouldn’t be the first time Judas betrayed Jesus. He had been betraying Jesus all along.

In fact, Judas “was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it” (Jn 12:6). He routinely decided to steal from the funds used for the earthly ministry of the Son of God.

When the deed was done, remorse filled Judas’ heart. “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood” (Matt. 27:4).

One grand betrayal usually isn’t the result of one bad decision. It’s usually preceded by a series of little decisions to let lesser things steal our affections for the greatest thing: our Lord Jesus. Judas stole money because money stole his heart.

How could Jesus allow this kind of character anywhere near Him let alone as one of the Twelve? Did He not know what Judas was doing?

He knew all along. During His last evening meal with His disciples before the crucifixion, Jesus finally told them, “Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me” (Matt. 26:21). And as Judas dipped his hand into the bowl at the same time as Jesus, the culprit was found out.

Jesus knows when we value money, power, material things, prestige, or comfort more than Him. What lesser things are stealing your heart from Jesus?

Lord Jesus, as I contemplate Your sufferings and resurrection, I want the power of Your love to steal my heart away for You. Thank You for striving for me when I’m prone to wander. Capture me today by Your love.




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