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Have you seen this article on the Cardinal Zen and the woman who puller the Pope? What are your thoughts, please? Curiously, no journalist worked to track down the Chinese woman and ask her reason for her gesture; better not to go deeper, you never know. Moreover, even the Pope's subsequent apologies were for the gesture itself they were not personally addressed to the slapped lady. Finally, they have decoded the words shouted by the aggressive Chinese woman pulling on the Pope, before having her hand slapped and yelled at. It was a heartfelt appeal to rethink the Holy See's disastrous agreement with Beijing, which is sacrificing hundreds of thousands of Chinese Catholics. A gesture that goes hand in hand with Cardinal Zen's unanswered duia and his letter to his confreres. These are signs of an intolerable situation that requires our solidarity. Eric Mader, an American working in Taiwan on a movie project, decoded what the poor pilgrim was trying to say,.with all the explanations, is published on his blog, Clay Testament , It has been translated into Italian by Vik van Brantegem, who for many years was an assistant to the Holy See Press Office and who now directs the site . So what did the Chinese woman say? In Italian it would sound like this: «Why destroy their faith? Why destroy the Chinese? Try to understand how the Chinese feel. Talk to me". "Why destroy their faith? Why destroy the Chinese? [Look for] the Chinese [feelings]. [Talk] to me! »(In brackets the words with a small margin of uncertainty). The clear reference is to the situation of Catholics in China after the signing of the secret agreement between the government of Beijing and the Holy See. Why does the scenario change? Because it is clear that it was not the rude gesture of a faithful who sought a handshake with the Pope as a trophy for a visit to Rome. It was rather the desperate voice of the Chinese Catholics persecuted by the regime and abandoned by the Holy See in this policy of reconciliation with Beijing, which every day more turns out to be instead an unconditional surrender to communist power. It was no coincidence that the woman made the sign of the cross and prayed just before the Pope came within range. When he turned away, she yelled at the pope that heartfelt appeal to listen to the voice of a Church persecuted. She begged him to listen and would not let go. Words that the Pope probably did not understand, and who knows if - in an attempt to free himself - he has at least become aware of the pain and passion from which that gesture and those words were born. Hopefully he wil rethink the case. Certainly he will not have been helped by his collaborators and by the many court Vaticanists who competed to insult the poor Chinese woman and reroute everything to a rude gesture and a lack of respect for the Pope. Curiously, no colleague on the spot worked to track down the Chinese woman and ask her reason for her gesture; better not to go deeper, you never know. Moreover, even the Pope's subsequent apologies were for the gesture itself they were not personally addressed to the slapped lady. In any case, the gesture of the Chinese woman goes hand in hand with the letter that Cardinal Joseph Zen Ke-kiun wrote to his confreres of the Sacred College last September and that was made known just in recent days . An appeal not to remain insensitive in the face of what is happening to Chinese Catholics, victim first of the aforementioned agreement and then of the pastoral guidelines that further aggravate the situation. Even that of Zen appears as an extreme gesture, that of a shepherd who sees his flock being killed. The emeritus archbishop of Hong Kong also tried make himself heard in the Vatican, he wrote three detailed letters to the Pope, he came to Rome to give them in his hand, not trusting any mediators, he tried to push on the Secretariat of State, he made appeals publicly denouncing the ignoble policy of the Vatican Secretariat of State. In the end, he addressed all the cardinals with a letter that accompanied the gift of his latest book which well explains the situation of the Church in China, in the hope that at least a rethinking movement could come from them that reaches the Secretariat of State and to the Pope. Moreover, the facts continually confirm the increase in religious persecution against Catholics: just on January 8, a new report by the Executive Commission of the US Congress on China documented that after the China-Holy See agreement of September 2018 "local authorities Chinese have increased the persecution of the Catholic faithful, destroying churches, removing crosses, continuing to arrest the clandestine clergy. National Catholic organizations led by the Communist Party have also published a plan to "sinicise" Catholicism in China. " However ,Vatican diplomacy , which seems willing to sacrifice the truth in the hope of a diplomatic success, is deaf . The gesture of the Chinese woman in St. Peter's Square and the letter from Cardinal Zen to her confreres are the sign of an intolerable situation, which requires maximum attention and solidarity from Catholics. Remember McCarrick helped negotiate the deal while he was under sanctions by Pope Benedict XVI. Translated by google
Message from Deacon Christoph Sandoval, Whole Person Care (WPC) Coordinator for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: From Voluntary to Involuntary While promoted in the name of personal autonomy, physician-assisted suicide (providing lethal drugs so patients can take their own lives) and euthanasia (direct killing of patients by doctors) do not remain limited to cases in which the victim gave his or her voluntary consent. This agenda ultimately embraces coercion and the death of unwilling victims. The Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Report: California insurers have also begun exerting this economic pressure on patients. California cancer patient Stephanie Packer says her insurance company initially indicated it would cover a new chemotherapy drug, but after the state’s assisted suicide law passed it rejected her claim,confirming that it would cover assisted suicide and “you would only have to pay $1.20 for the medication.” And Nevada physician Dr. Brian Callister testifies that when he tried to transfer patients to Oregon and California for treatments not available in his state, insurers in both states rejected his effort and instead volunteered, “would you consider assisted suicide?” Dr. Callister says both patients had good chances for a cure with treatment but will be terminal without it. B. Richardson, “Assisted-suicide law prompts insurance company to deny coverage to terminally ill California woman,” The Washington Times, Oct. 20, 2016, at…/assisted-suicide-law-prom…/; Id.,
“Are you suffering a lot? Do not worry. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” The historic, world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be visiting Mission Dolores on August 16, 2017 and the National Shrine of Saint Francis on August 17, 2017 as part of the Fatima Centennial US Tour for Peace, honoring the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima. Please join us for an extraordinary day of graces, healing and prayer to Our Lady, for our country and our families. All are welcome! Say “Yes” to Our Lady!

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天主的羔羊: 若翰看到耶穌向他走來,就認出耶穌的真實身分,並稱耶穌為“天主的羔羊,除免世罪者”。 在舊約時代,每當提到 “天主的羔羊” ,以色列子民就會想起天主如何將他們從埃及的奴役中拯救出來。 當時,是天主吩咐以色列子民將羔羊的血塗在他們自己的門框上,他們的首生子才得已保全。羔羊的血是拯救的血。 同時,羔羊也是祭獻與天主的犧牲;藉著祭獻羔羊,象徵以色列子民得以罪過的赦免。 因此,耶穌就是來拯救世人生命的主,通過祂的犧牲,世人的罪將得到赦免。若翰也看到聖神如果鴿子一樣停在耶穌身上。 聖神是天主的神,降到耶穌身上,為世人指出耶穌就是天主之子,就是救主。 是的,聖神為世人所帶來的就是真理、認識真理的智慧、宣講真理的勇氣與力量。 因著聖神降到耶穌身上,聖神也來到若翰與我們生命中,就如若翰一樣,讓我們也宣認,「我看見了,我便作證:他就是天主子。」 天主的羔羊: 若翰看到耶穌向他走來,就認出耶穌的真實身分,並稱耶穌為“天主的羔羊,除免世罪者”。 在舊約時代,每當提到 “天主的羔羊” ,以色列子民就會想起天主如何將他們從埃及的奴役中拯救出來。 當時,是天....

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屬於天主 在耶穌開始公開傳教生活前, 若翰就開始為默西亞耶穌的到來做準備; 他開始召叫以色列子民悔改, 並在約旦河為他們施以水的洗禮。 當時, 若翰的洗禮,是悔改的洗禮; 民眾們前來懺悔,若翰用水為他們洗身,象徵洗淨他們內心、靈魂。 藉著這種悔改的洗禮,天主啟示以色列子民,他們屬於光明、屬於天主, 而不是屬於黑暗、罪惡。悔改的洗禮就是回歸天主、屬於天主。 如果從這個角度講,我們就可以理解為什麽耶穌接受若翰的洗禮了。 耶穌無罪, 當然祂來讓若翰施洗不是為了悔改。 耶穌是天主子, 祂取了人性降生成人,成為我們當中的一個。 耶穌來到約旦河與其他人一樣受洗就是告訴我們祂屬於我們人類,祂來到世界就是要與罪人同行。 耶穌的受洗是隨從天主的旨意, 也將愛人的天主的本性顯示再次出來: “天主與我們同在”。 承行天主旨意的耶穌當然更屬於天主聖父;故此,當耶穌受洗後,天主父從天上宣告說,“你是我的愛子, 我因你而喜悅。” 我們的洗禮也是信仰的宣布: 我們不屬於罪惡、死亡, 我們屬於天主,屬於耶穌基督, 屬於永生。 當我們以天主聖三的名受洗時, 聖父的話語, “你是我的愛子,我因你而喜悅” 也同樣迴盪於天地之間。(翟林湧神父) 屬於天主 在耶穌開始公開傳教生活前, 若翰就開始為默西亞耶穌的到來做準備; 他開始召叫以色列子民悔改, 並在約旦河為他們施以水的洗禮。 當時, 若翰的洗禮,是悔改的洗禮; 民眾們前來懺悔,若翰用水為他們洗身,.....

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主顯節,傳統稱“三王來朝”節,是紀念及慶祝東方賢士來朝拜新生嬰兒-耶穌的故事。 這看似簡單故事卻打開了人類嚮往、追求信仰真理的無窮想像力。 賢士的道路是上主啟示的路,是我們追求真理、追求信仰、追求救主的道路。 主耶穌的誕生是天主將自己完全的顯示出來; 耶穌的到來就是要與我們相遇。耶穌已經來到人間,我們要踏出我們的步伐與祂相遇。 賢士們是看到主的星星出現在天空,而跟隨這星星去尋找祂。 其實,如果我們仔細留心觀察, 我們也會在我們的生活中找到帶我們到達耶穌那里的“星星”。 賢士為了找到新生的君王,離開自己的熟悉的家鄉,他們勇敢的排除旅途中的艱難來到異國他鄉,不恥下問。他們的謙卑、忠信、執著是追尋耶穌應有的態度。 而當他們看到耶穌時, 他們俯伏朝拜祂,並將最寶貴的禮物獻給了新生的君王耶穌。 找耶穌目的就是朝拜與奉獻, 因為在朝拜與奉獻中,我們不僅認識、表達耶穌是誰,也認識到我們自己在天主救恩計畫中的無限尊嚴。 與耶穌相遇之後,賢士改變路線返回自己的家鄉。因為他們已與主相遇,他們生命已經得到轉變。 讓我們在我們的生命中,不斷走賢士的追尋之路,與耶穌相遇。 主顯節,傳統稱“三王來朝”節,是紀念及慶祝東方賢士來朝拜新生嬰兒-耶穌的故事。 這看似簡單故事卻打開了人類嚮往、追求信仰真理的無窮想像力。 賢士的道路是上主啟示的路,是我們追求真理、追求信仰、追求救主的道...

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天主創造了人類、組成了家庭。 家庭是天主的意願, 人應該出生於家庭, 成長於家庭。愛是家庭本質,沒有愛的家也很難成為家。 天主聖子耶穌的降生成人,和瑪利亞、若瑟組成了一個人世的家庭。 耶穌在三十年的生命中與聖母及聖若瑟度著日出而作、日落而歸的生活。雖然聖經中沒有太多耶穌的童年的故事, 但聖經告訴我們在三十年中 “耶穌在智慧和身量上, 在天主和人前的恩愛上,漸漸增長。”(路,二:52)。 當耶穌成人後,他走出了自己的小家庭以建設天主的大家庭。 家庭是我們出生、成長的搖籃,家庭有我們愛的溫床。但聖經中的故事啟示我們每一個家庭的組成、天主給予每個家庭的恩惠都是為造福於整個人類。 家庭是為了成就天主旨意而創立的。 聖家中的瑪利亞、若瑟和耶穌就是我們的每個家庭的榜樣。 從他們家庭的組成,兒子的誕生、耶穌誕生後的逃亡、耶穌的丟失、耶穌離家宣道, 聖母和若瑟承受了多少迷惑不解、心靈上受了多少煎熬與憂慮;到最後聖母承受親眼目睹耶穌被釘在十字架上而死痛苦過程。 但這一切中,聖家尋求的成行天主的旨意。 這也是我們稱聖母瑪利亞、若瑟、耶穌組成的家庭為聖家的原因。 所以, 只有尋求天主的旨意才能造就家庭的聖德。 天主創造了人類、組成了家庭。 家庭是天主的意願, 人應該出生於家庭, 成長於家庭。愛是家庭本質,沒有愛的家也很難成為家。 天主聖子耶穌的降生成人,和瑪利亞、若瑟組成了一個人世的家庭。 耶穌在三十年的生命中與....


恭祝聖誕快樂 -

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天主與我們同在:為了實現祂與我們同在諾言,天主父派遣祂的聖子耶穌基督降生成人。耶穌來了, 但“天主與我們同在”也取決於人類與祂的配合。我們都知道聖母瑪利亞如何完全配合天主的旨意,聽從了天主的召叫而成為天主子、耶穌的母親。這個主日的福音中記載聖若瑟如何配合天主的旨意而成為耶穌的養父。 當若瑟得知他的未婚妻瑪利亞未婚而懷孕時,如果他以常人的態度對待他的未婚妻,瑪麗亞就可能遭受按照法律的嚴重懲罰。但若瑟以天主的正義對待瑪利亞,想暗中休退她。若瑟對瑪利亞的善良之心是“天主與他同在”實踐。 然後,他在夢中聽到上主的天使的啟示,聖母瑪利亞是因聖神而懷孕,孩子將成為世界的救主,並要他娶瑪利亞為妻。就這樣,若瑟完全放棄了自己的意願,答應了天主的召叫,與瑪利亞組成了家庭迎接耶穌的誕生。從那時起,若瑟的生活不再是為自己而活,而是為了天主的旨意、為耶穌而生活。 所以,因著若瑟的正義,因著若瑟對天主的服從,實踐了“天主與他同在”;但與此同時,藉著他的服從,“天主與我們同在”也成為現實。這就是聖誕對我們每個人的召叫,願我們迎合主的旨意,使“天主與我們每個人同在”的事實成為普世的現實。 天主與我們同在:為了實現祂與我們同在諾言,天主父派遣祂的聖子耶穌基督降生成人。耶穌來了, 但“天主與我們同在”也取決於人類與祂的配合。我們都知道聖母瑪利亞如何完全配合天主的旨意,聽從了天主的召叫而成為.....

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喜樂的相遇:將臨期第三主日又稱「喜樂主日」,將臨期花環上的第三枝蠟燭是玫瑰色,用來象徵喜樂,因為耶穌基督來臨的聖誕節近了。還記得聖母領報、懷孕耶穌之後,她起身去拜訪表姐依撒伯爾,向她請安。 依撒伯爾一聽到瑪利亞請安,胎兒就在她的腹中歡躍。依撒伯爾懷中的胎兒就是若翰。 還在懷中的胎兒若翰,聽到救世主母親的問候,就在母親的腹中歡躍。若翰開始宣講悔改時, 他是出現在曠野中。 若翰的信息是讓人們悔改,因為天主的國臨近了。這是人們期待的喜訊。 並且當耶穌受了他的洗時,若翰也見證了來自天上的喜樂。 當時有聲音從天上說:「你是我的愛子,我因你喜悅。」在今天的福音中, 若翰出現在監獄, 若翰知道的他的死期已近了, 就打發他的門徒詢問耶穌是不是天主派遣來的那一位, 耶穌告訴他們說,「你們去,把你們所見所聞的,報告給若翰:瞎子看見,跛子行走,痲瘋病人得到潔淨,聾子聽見,死人復活,窮苦的人得聞喜訊。凡不因我而絆倒的,是有福的!」耶穌確實就是人類所期盼的默西亞、救世主。 福音中沒有記載若翰聽到門徒們報告後的反應。 但我們可以想像他再次在獄中歡躍,因為耶穌真是要來的那一位。 若翰的生命告訴我們,耶穌的到來就是我們生命的喜訊。我們無論在哪、處於什麽境界都要因為主耶穌的到來而歡喜雀躍, 而這種喜悅是世界無法給予我們的,也是世界無法奪去的。 喜樂的相遇:將臨期第三主日又稱「喜樂主日」,將臨期花環上的第三枝蠟燭是玫瑰色,用來象徵喜樂,因為耶穌基督來臨的聖誕節近了。還記得聖母領報、懷孕耶穌之後,她起身去拜訪表姐依撒伯爾,向她請安。 依撒伯爾一.....

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“你們悔改吧,因為天主的國臨近了”。 在這先知若翰的聲音出現之前, 猶太人已有四百多年的歷史中沒有先知聲音的出現。 以色列子民一直盼望著天主的聲音,一直期待著天主許諾的出現。 若翰出現了, 天主的聲音也再次迴盪在曠野中。聲音帶來了熟悉的“悔改”的召叫,但也同時有了新的訊息“天主的國臨近了”。 這是被侵略、被壓迫的以色列子民夢寐以求的期許,他們期待天主國的來臨。所以他們爭相告知,都來接受若翰的洗禮以表懺悔之心,因而得以天主的赦免。 這是耶穌來以前,若翰的呼聲, 這也是耶穌開始選講福音時訊息。“你們悔改吧,天主的國已經臨近了。” (瑪四:17)這也是耶穌生命對世人的呼喚。 因為天主的國是純淨、正義、真理、神聖的國度。 在天主的國內沒有罪惡的存在。故此悔改是進入、繼承天主產業的條件。 直到耶穌救恩的完美的到來, 悔改永遠是天主對人類的呼喚。 “你們悔改吧,因為天主的國臨近了”。 在這先知若翰的聲音出現之前, 猶太人已有四百多年的歷史中沒有先知聲音的出現。 以色列子民一直盼望著天主的聲音,一直期待著天主許諾的出現。 若翰出現了, 天主的聲音也再次....

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時常醒悟: 將臨期已到, 每年將臨期的福音都提醒我們要醒悟,準備自己迎接主耶穌的來臨。 耶穌在福音中不斷提醒人們要醒悟祈禱, 不要沈迷於現世的世俗之中,免得當那日子到來時,我們無法面對發生的事情。是的,醒悟祈禱是我們為面對未知的將來可做的最好的準備。 耶穌講,到時將有災難發生, 只有醒悟時,我們才知道如何應對災難。 就像福音中,耶穌說講的,天主在洪水中解救了諾厄一家人,因為諾厄是驚醒的人。其實我們人生哪個人可幸免災禍?但有信仰的人卻知道,如何在災難中依靠天主,尋求天主的臨在與救恩。這樣,我們就是災難不可毀滅的人。 同時,驚醒祈禱也可讓我們意識的天主的臨在、迎接主耶穌的救恩。 是的,耶穌圓滿的救恩在末日要到來; 我們也知耶穌的救恩天天陪伴著我們。 如果我們沒有醒悟祈禱,耶穌的恩寵會從我們的生命中悄悄滑過、我們會與耶穌的救恩失之交臂。 然而,醒悟祈禱的人都會時刻準備好自己,從而在一切的境遇中體驗到天主的臨在與救恩。 時常醒悟: 將臨期已到, 每年將臨期的福音都提醒我們要醒悟,準備自己迎接主耶穌的來臨。 耶穌在福音中不斷提醒人們要醒悟祈禱, 不要沈迷於現世的世俗之中,免得當那日子到來時,我們無法面對發生的事情。是的,醒.....

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和平、仁愛的君王:從耶穌的誕生到耶穌的死亡, 祂從來沒有以世界上君王的姿態出現在人們的中間。耶穌誕生於馬槽中、祂行走於貧窮可憐的人群中, 祂與罪人一起吃飯,祂為門徒洗腳;這何以稱為君王。 即使是,當人們因看到耶穌的顯示奇蹟大能事,要推舉祂為王, 祂也默默的從人群中離開, 因為耶穌知道祂來到人世間不是做人世間的君王。當面對彼拉多審判時的問題, “你是猶太人的君王嗎?” 耶穌也沒有自己承認祂是君王, 祂只是回答說,“這是你說的。” 到最後耶穌還是以“祂要做君王”的罪名被釘在十字架上;並且人們在十字架掛上「這是猶太人的君王。」的罪狀牌侮辱耶穌。可見,耶穌來並不想做人間的君王。但我們教會,我們自己為何非要稱耶穌為王呢? 就是因為祂與人間君王不同; 祂以慈愛、寬恕、和平與無暴力說服了我們、征服了世界。 如果我們要耶穌為王,我們就應以“耶穌不做世間的君王的態度” 面對世界,就是以慈愛、寬恕、和平與無暴力來對待世界、對待我們周邊的每個人。 和平、仁愛的君王:從耶穌的誕生到耶穌的死亡, 祂從來沒有以世界上君王的姿態出現在人們的中間。耶穌誕生於馬槽中、祂行走於貧窮可憐的人群中, 祂與罪人一起吃飯,祂為門徒洗腳;這何以稱為君王。 即使是,當人們因...

SF Chinese Ministry

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1 Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA
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