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This post is about the Unshaken Women's Personal and virtual Bible studies via zoom or FB messenger for women of all ages! Let's get rooted in God's word.
I grew up religious but struggled for the longest time on how to have a personal relationship with God. I was able to do some pretty simple, helpful, and even challenging Bible studies with women who reached out to me and my life changed forever

Please reach out if you are serious about studying the Bible ladies!
Glad to see the page up and running again

Progressive - Inclusive -Safe Space - @SFSU - All College Students Welcome

United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ

Campus Pastor Rev. Hannah Elyse Cornthwaite

In 1961 six different denominations came together to purchase a house across the street from San Francisco State University. In the early days each denomination had their own campus pastor who used the house as their office and meeting space to work with students. In 1968 campus relations were contentious between the campus administration and students r

Operating as usual

listen — soul care hub 06/08/2021

listen — soul care hub

we've gathered some tunes of our favorite q***r bands and musicians!
who are your favorites??

listen — soul care hub


Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Statement in Time of Waiting for Chauvin Trial Verdict

listen — soul care hub 03/30/2021

listen — soul care hub

playlists to help you walk through this Holy Week.

listen — soul care hub


Save the date and join us on Palm Sunday afternoon for BEYONCÉ MASS (What's that? check out )

[03/18/21]   Dear Friends in Christ,

Like all of you, we are angry and heartbroken about the cold hearted murder of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian women. Furthermore, we are angry and heartbroken about the multiple acts of violence, targeted toward Asians, in our city and Bay Area and the lack of response from our city.

This crisis reflects the deep wounds of racism that has existed for far too long. From Chinese Exclusion Act,Japanese internment camps, 92' Los Angeles riots in Koreatown, to how our COVID rhetoric has fueled Asian bias. The murders in Atlanta were not an isolated incident, the violence toward Asian Americans on the streets of SF are not isolated incidents.

We commit again to the work of racial reconciliation and justice. The work that needs to be done is ongoing, the work of repentance and reconciliation is work that we will need to do our whole lives.

To begin, we invite you to:
- call your local officials to demand justice
- if you're able donate to these organizations: Red Canary Song, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta, Chinese Progressive Association in SF, Stop AAPI Hate, AAPI Community Fund
- if you're a white person, we invite you to find ways to amplify the voices of those who are not being heard. Educate yourself, join groups doing anti-racism work. If you need help to find a place to start, let me know!
- attend bystander intervention trainings (check out the work of hollaback!)

There is nothing easy about all that is unfolding around us. I pray that we, as followers of Jesus, walk the way of love and join the work being done to change this world we live in.

chaplain hannah


Celebration of Bishop Barbara C. Harris

Holy Vessels Ash Wednesday 2021 02/18/2021

Holy Vessels Ash Wednesday 2021

Ash Wednesday with Temple United Methodist Church

Holy Vessels Ash Wednesday 2021 Temple United Methodist Church65 Beverly StreetSan Francisco, CA 94132sftempleumc.orgEmerge SF @ churchtogether.todaySongs:Holy VesselsWritten by Marcia McFe...

Timeline Photos 02/05/2021

Timeline Photos


Join CalEpiscopal tonight for a Candlemas service, streamed live on their FB page. 🔥

Antidotes to White Fragility 02/03/2021

Antidotes to White Fragility

Antidotes to White Fragility: SURJ Bay Area Workshop
When: Sunday, February 21 • 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Participation: Online (registration below)

Join SURJ Bay Area and the White Noise Collective to learn how to actively dismantle racism in daily life and how systemic racism is a system of advantage rooted in white supremacy beliefs.

Antidotes to White Fragility Attend Events ​ Join a Committee ​Wear a T-Shirt ​Donate


The Fight for Ethnic Studies with Special Guest Angela Davis

PBS | The Black Church - Sneak Peek and Discussion 02/01/2021

PBS | The Black Church - Sneak Peek and Discussion

PBS | The Black Church - Sneak Peek and Discussion Join host LaNiece Jones as she discusses the history of the Black Church in the Bay Area and the effects of gentrification. 01/20/2021

Read 22-Year-Old Amanda Gorman's Breathtaking Inauguration Poem

"Let the globe, if nothing else say, this is true.
That even as we grieved, we grew.
That even as we hurt, we hoped.
That even as we tired, we tried that will forever be tied together victorious."
Read the full text of Amanda Gorman's Inauguration Poem, "The Hill We Climb": "We close the divide because we know to put our future first, we must first put our differences aside." 01/20/2021

Good Courage Farm

Good Courage Farm is hiring for the 2021 growing season (May 15-Oct 15). Please put us in touch with anyone you know who is looking for meaningful, challenging work in a COVID-prudent setting. Positions are paid and on-farm housing is available. Perks include boundless organic fruit, sunshine, fresh eggs, swimming hole, wood-fired pizza and amusing supervisors. This is a great transition opportunity for young adults whose plans have been up-ended by the pandemic. Good Courage Organic Fruit Farm is a hope-filled, faith-filled venture of farmer-scholar, Dr. Jen Blecha, and farmer-priest, Rev. Kerri Meyer. We produce delicious, healthful fruit for neighbors and restaurants. We grow community on our beautiful farm.


Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry

Join Presiding Bishop Curry now on all TEC Facebook channels for a call to prayer for our nation. Follow along using prayer number 4 on page 815 from the Book of Common Prayer.


Join us for a virtual diy crafting, register here:

[11/04/20]   …We wait; we may wait in despair, or at least in deep disappointment.
But we may also wait differently;
we wait in confident faith;
we wait in eager longing,
we wait on the Lord.
We wait for the future and against despair,
because we know that you, the God of life, will defeat the force of death.
We know that the Friday ex*****on could not defeat the life lived by Jesus
nor the life lived by his faithful people.
As we wait, we practice our next moves for the coming dance;
it is only a little while…”yet a little while”;
we will walk the long march of obedience;
we will run the race of discipleship;
we will soar like eagles into God’s good future of neighborliness.
We know that you will overcome the silence
because the silence….no more than the darkness….
can overcome the Lord of Life. Amen. (Brueggemann, Virus as a Summons to Faith, 34)


We open our hearts anew to you this morning,
O Lord, that the love of [our Creator]
and the life of Christ
and breath of the Spirit
would quicken within us
a greater affection for your ways.
Work your will in us, Lord Christ. [Daybreak: Every Moment Holy] 09/18/2020

TRICIA HERSEY on Rest as Resistance /185 — FOR THE WILD With a historical analysis of slavery and plantation labor, Tricia’s work prompts us to consider what is stolen from those among us who cannot rest under capitalism, laying the groundwork for deep inquiry into the emergent possibilities of “DreamSpace.”


our lives will never return to the way they were, and they shouldn't. this pandemic continues to push us and has forced us to see things we won't be able to unsee. this time is changing us, may it be changing us for the better.


Prayer for morning coffee. #dogoodworks #yourmugmatters


[08/20/20]   EcHouse has some open rooms, if you hear of some YA or college students who are in need of housing/being displaced by these fires, please put them in touch with our chaplain Hannah ([email protected]). Or if there are other resources we can help with, we are eager to help.


Good day, beloveds. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted anything. EcHouse has faced a whirlwind as we took things online and still tried to make sure our students were being fed in body and soul. You’re chaplain also really sucks at social media but I’m commuting to doing better. For now, just wanted to send some love and let you know we’ve got some really exciting new things coming.

And here’s just a friendly reminder that you all are f^ 06/21/2020

Hearing the Q***r Roots of Black Lives Matter By David B. Green, Jr.


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.

June is Pride month, but this year we're having a "Black Q***r Pride Month" here on our page! Today we feature the iconic singer, supermodel, muse, actress, and ultimate gay diva Grace Jones!
Openly bisexual, Grace had her first contact with the gay scene through her brother Chris - they both had a tough time growing up in a rigorous religious family in Jamaica, one of the most homophobic places in the world.
After living between the US and Jamaica during her teen years, she moved to Paris in 1970 to work as a model. The Paris high fashion scene went crazy with Jones's unusual and androgynous look, and she became a muse to several important designers.
Jones recorded her first album in 1977. "Portfolio" had a few disco hits such as "Sorry," "That's the Trouble," and "I Need A Man," but also made the world aware of her powerful voice with her amazing seven-minutes rendition of the classic "La Vie En Rose." She performed regularly at Studio 54, and her shows were highly sexualized and flamboyant. They featured from muscular men in jockstraps being whipped by her (wearing nothing but lingerie) to even Grace as a caged tiger! She soon gained the reputation of "Queen of the Gay Discos."
In the 80s, Grace helped shaped the gender bender attitude of the New Wave/New Romantics scene, with her breaking the boundaries between masculine and feminine - creating a perfect contrast with another pop star from the era, Boy George. During that time, she released some highly acclaimed albums such as "Warm Leatherette" and "Nightclubbing," and reached the peak of her popularity with the anthem "Slave To The Rhythm." At the same time, she pursued an acting career and was featured in some great movies such as "Conan The Destroyer," "A View to a Kill," and the super campy classic "Vamp."
At 72 years old, Grace is still going strong and performing sold-out concerts and tours, and plans to release a new album soon. We can't hardly wait! As Andy Warhol once said... "Grace is perfect!" 06/19/2020

So You Want to Learn About Juneteenth? On June 19, 1865, enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas, were told they were free. Now, 155 years later, people in cities and towns across the U.S. continue to mark the occasion with celebrations. 06/15/2020

College Students Are Facing Increased Homelessness and Food Insecurity Since the Coronavirus Closed Campuses Nearly 3 in 5 students reported dealing with some kind of basic needs insecurity. 06/04/2020

Stated Clerk remembers recent victims of racial violence The recent deaths of three African Americans have once again raised concern about racial injustice across the country, including the cities where the deaths occurred.


Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry's sermon given at Washington National Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020. 05/31/2020

Presiding Bishop Curry’s Word to the Church: When the Cameras are Gone, We Will Still Be Here Presiding Bishop Curry’s Word to the Church: When the Cameras are Gone, We Will Still Be Here May 30, 2020 A word to the Church from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: “Our long-term commitment to racial justice and reconciliation is embedded in our identity as baptized followers of Jesus. We will ...


Episcopal Young Adult and Campus Ministries

God, whose heart is love and justice, deepen our commitment...


Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries

Where am I to find hope?
By Rev. Lenny Duncan

Dear Beloved, I write you a day late and a dollar short turning in this blog post for this community, my community, on a day where white supremacy has been allowed to once again feed black bodies to the machine that is the so-called American Dream. I write this to you in deep and sincere love, but I have to beg the question, where are you? As I am losing my breath. As the corners from my eyes start to fill with darkness. As I take my last gasping breath of life and the imago dei fades out of my eyes over and over again on social media your silence is perhaps the loudest.

I’m supposed to be writing about where I see q***r leadership rising up in this time of crisis. But other than q***r boots on the ground who are now forced to mop up the blood of my people, leaders who are now chaplains to the revolution whether they wanted it or not, what are we doing? Where is our organizing? Why aren’t we raising funds for bail money? Why aren’t we supplying leaders we know on the ground, right now, with everything organizers say they need? How many times have you called Minneapolis mayor or the chief of police and demand murder charges for all four officers? And if you are doing all this and more and find yourself indignant ask yourself as a white person why me asking you this upsets you? What have you done historically or literally to earn my trust?

What is this community willing to sacrifice to end white supremacy? Our calls? Our livelihoods? Our reputations?

Q***r theology, frameworks of mutual trust, love, boundaries, joy, compersion, and accountability, waging peace in the face of war and death. These are the things that we can bring to this important struggle.

I’m telling you as a q***r black man in America that I don’t think this community is committed to dismantling white supremacy within it or in the world. You don’t believe me? Ask other black q***r members of this community if they feel you got their back when the tear gas starts flying. So, where do I see q***r leadership rising up in this time where a global pandemic has laid bare what some of us have lived with since day one?

Where am I to find hope?

In you. Still in you beloved. Because I also know this community. This community is full of hope and proof the Kin-dom of God has come near. Because I see some of you also trying. We have a Bishop who responded to a lynching on his territory. He doesn’t know that I was almost killed in that same area at 14 years old by men who dragged me in a car and took me to the woods. He doesn’t know I barely escaped with my young life.

I have seen members of this community from the Twin Cities push through eight weeks of decision fatigue, and the malaise of existential loneliness, and jump right into action. Some of them have been doing this work since the Ferguson uprising and some are taking their first halting steps into direct action work. I see hope because I love your q***r bodies so much even on a day where all I can do is look at the news and weep deep and mournful sobs and swallow trauma the way most of you gulp air after a good cry. Yet I still wrote you this evening. Because it is in this love and the frameworks of relationship and community that only q***r souls can create, can we find a way to awaken this church and maybe even this country to the great task ahead of us. I love you even though you keep killing me and I’m a fool for that. I hope to see you on the front lines in the weeks and days ahead. A lot of folks are always asking me after I say something like this, what can I do? Start in your own backyard. Do the research to discover the history and current manifestation of systemic racism and white supremacy in your context. A great curriculum to start with is called White Homework. Click the link, do the work, and support the author!

Also, support our siblings on the ground in the Twin Cities who are providing Lutheran witness. Don’t second guess them, you aren’t there. Send them money and supplies for folks on the ground. Pray for them.

In the Name of the Parent, the Rebel, and the Spirit
The Rev. Lenny Duncan

(Link for White Homework:


No New SF Jail Coalition

Today we celebrate a long awaited victory as the Board of Supervisor's vote 10-1 to close 850 Bryant! This is a movement built by so many people.

For the past seven years, you’ve stood with us against jailing and criminalization. You’ve taken a stand for a better, more sustainable and more healthy San Francisco for all residents and communities.

You’ve shown solidarity with caged & criminalized people throughout San Francisco. You’ve gotten your organizations to sign-on to our letters and to mobilize to City Hall numerous times. You even risked arrest in order to demand our city refuses to build a new jail.

For the past 18 months, you’ve demanded City Hall take action to close 850 permanently, without out-of-county transfers or jail expansion. And you’ve called for the immediate release of people from SF’s jails in order to prevent the spread of COVID19.

You’ve stormed social media, posting status updates, tweets, selfies to #ShutDown850. You’ve submitted public comment and testimony to countless public hearings and committee meetings. You’ve lobbied City Supervisors, tirelessly.

And, it worked.

Together, we are making history. Today, the Board of Supervisors passed Fewer’s ordinance to close 850 Bryant by November 1st, 2020, with a 10 to 1 vote. Right now, SF has a record low number of people locked up inside jail, at around 700, the lowest it’s been since the 1950’s.

Just as you helped us defeat plans for a new jail in 2015, you’ve helped us chip away even further at SF’s oppressive jailing system. Because of you and your bold actions and commitment, we successfully passed this legislation to close a dangerous jail, to ensure that the cages at 850 Bryant are not refilled with people in months to come. If we can prove that no city needs a jail like 850 Bryant -- not during the COVID crisis and not ever -- then we have shown the world that we do not need cages of any kind for any reason.

From everyone at the No New SF Jail Coalition, and each community targeted by SF jailing and criminalization: Thank You. Thank you for your advocacy, for standing on the right side of history alongside us, for amplifying and empowering people who have been suffocated by oppression, imprisonment, and criminalization.

The struggle continues!

#IBelieveThatWeWillWin #AbolitionNOW

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San Francisco, CA
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