Oasis California

A center of spirituality for LGBT people and their allies in the Bay Area. Check back for news. We offer a list of LGBT welcoming congregations (@ oasisca.org) as well as gatherings on most Mondays at the Twin Peaks Tavern in the Castro (Sacred Cockatils @ http://on.fb.me/NvfARt) and in conjunction with the San Francisco NightMinistrty we offer Open Cathedral in the Castro (@ http://bitly.com/oc-Castro).

nbcnews.com 01/05/2019

Posing as gay men on Twitter, a troll goes viral with attempts to falsely tie the LGBTQ community to pe******ia

nbcnews.com Various efforts to tie the LGBTQ community to pe******ia have been linked back to fringe internet message board 4chan.

g**starnews.com 01/04/2019

Christian pastor: 'Dear Evangelicals, leave LGBTQ people alone'

g**starnews.com An open letter from Christian pastor John Pavlovitz to evangelicals intent on changing or lecturing gay, bisexual and trans communities

talkingpointsmemo.com 01/04/2019

Appeals Court Sides With Trump Admin On Its Transgender Troops Ban

talkingpointsmemo.com WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal appeals court is siding with the Trump administration in a case about the Pentagon’s policy...

thehill.com 01/03/2019

Brazil’s new president removes LGBT concerns from human rights ministry

thehill.com Brazil’s new right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro removed concerns regarding the LGBT community from being considered by a new human rights ministry hours after his inauguration, part of a sweeping set of executive orders targeting some

unadulteratedlove.net 01/01/2019

Unconditional Love – a New Year Resolution for 2019

unadulteratedlove.net We can become too easily (and understandably) trapped in the binary, good and evil, us and them, loving God and punitive God dynamic on which the dualistic faith of conservative traditionalist Christians is founded. It’s New Year Resolution time: and for me it’s renewed decision time. Do I – d...


'Our Anglican Christmas has been tarnished by the church's role as an enabler of LGBT hate'

The criminalisation of homosexuality and the global Anglican Communion go hand-in-hand

pinknews.co.uk 12/31/2018

Paris is Burning star Hector Xtravaganza dies aged 60

pinknews.co.uk He was a pioneering figure in New York City's ball culture world.

cnn.com 12/31/2018

Germany's third gender law is celebrated as a revolution. But some say it's just the first step

cnn.com Germany will soon become the first country in the European Union to offer a "third gender" option on birth certificates. As some hail the step as a "small revolution," others say it does not go far enough.

theguardian.com 12/30/2018

Marielle and Monica: the LGBT activists resisting Bolsonaro's Brazil

theguardian.com Marielle Franco, a Brazilian LGBT and human rights activist, was killed in March 2018. Her widow, Monica Benicio, continued her fight for better treatment of the poor, the LGBT community and black Brazilians. The case of her murder has still not been solved and, as the police investigation drifts, M...

theguardian.com 12/27/2018

Thai government backs same-sex civil partnership bill

theguardian.com If bill is passed, Thailand would be first Asian country to recognise same-sex civil unions

boomcalifornia.com 12/26/2018

Military Industrial Sexuality

boomcalifornia.com Urban California, Gay Liberation, and the Military Industrial Complex

theatlantic.com 12/25/2018

Gay Life in Berlin Is Starting to Echo a Darker Era

The right-wing resurgence in Germany recalls prewar Berlin. It may signal an ominous turn for the country’s gay community. Since the AfD’s arrival, the LGBT community has experienced “unbearable incitement of hatred,” says Micha Schulze, the managing editor of the LGBT news site queer.de. He cites AfD politicians calling same-sex marriage a “national death” and posting an obituary on their website mourning “the German family.” Reported hate crimes against LGBT individuals in Germany rose by roughly 27 percent in 2017, according to the German Interior Ministry—a figure that Schulze and other LGBT groups claim is “the tip of the iceberg.”

In October, the AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland, who has vowed to repeal same-sex marriage, was accused of paraphrasing a 1933 speech by Adolf Hi**er. The same month, the party launched websites to recruit child informants to spy on teachers expressing political opinions, including those in favor of LGBT rights, in the classroom. The party pushed the youths to then “denounce” the teachers anonymously online. Christian Piwarz, the culture minister in the state of Saxony, called the move a “despicable mind

theatlantic.com The right-wing resurgence in Germany recalls prewar Berlin. It may signal an ominous turn for the country’s gay community.

newnownext.com 12/25/2018

Surviving the Holidays in Trump’s America: A Q***r Mental Health Guide

newnownext.com This time of year can be triggering for many LGBTQ people, but it's essential you maintain a strong sense of self.




hindustantimes.com 12/23/2018

Photos: LGBT parents challenge notions of ‘family’ in China

hindustantimes.com The issue of le***an and gay couples having access to medically-assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF has stirred political debate in several countries, including more recently in France and Israel. In China, the government has not stated a clear position on the country's LGBT community, choo...

slate.com 12/21/2018

Terrace House Is a Worldwide Phenomenon, but the Show Only Just Added Its First LGBTQ Character

slate.com According to one study, only 5 percent of Japanese people personally know someone who identifies as LGBT.


Tribune News Service | Preview | Theft of suburban family's gay pride flag leads to heartening outcome — a neighborhood of rainbows

mctdirect.com News and features content service for newspapers, broadcasters and Web sites from sources such as Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.


It’s Time to Drop the ‘LGBT’ From ‘LGBTQ’

The case for a new term that describes all sexual minorities

impactmagazine.us 12/14/2018

God Loves Everyone but the Unicorns: Finding Hope in Drag Culture | IMPACT Magazine

Two individuals born as females who are in the process of gender reassignment find a loving and accepting community in the drag culture in Fayetteville, Ark. in a way neither ever did in the church. An interview by Megan Koontz.

impactmagazine.us Two individuals born as females who are in the process of gender reassignment find a loving and accepting community in the drag culture in Fayetteville, Ark. in a way neither ever did in the church. An interview by Megan Koontz. Club Kids Indy music, typical of coffee shops, filtered through the spe...


The Global Justice Institute

A recent part of the Global Justice Institute's work. Pray for Tanzania.

theguardian.com 12/13/2018

Brazil: same-sex couples rush to the altar ahead of Bolsonaro inauguration

theguardian.com Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right politician who will be Brazil’s next president, has called himself a ‘proud homophobe’

thedailybeast.com 12/12/2018

San Francisco Creates World’s First Ever Transgender Cultural District

thedailybeast.com The creation of Compton’s Transgender Cultural District is to stop the displacement of trans people from a place they were traditionally welcomed in, and to teach trans history.

lgbtqnation.com 12/11/2018

Trump quietly shuts down HIV cure research to appease the religious right

lgbtqnation.com “This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV,” one researcher says, after Trump "paused" his experiments in a nod to anti-abortion activists.

kron4.com 12/10/2018

"The Golden Girls Live!" returns for the holidays

kron4.com There's still time for you to get out and enjoy the Golden Girls Live!


Dignity/San Francisco: LGBT Catholics and Allies

"Is this the kind of junk science that Francis, the bishops, seminary rectors, and members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are relying on to support the barring of gay men from ordained ministry and g**s and le***ans from consecrated life?"

#Catholic #Pope #Gay #Le***an #Priests #Science #Pseudoscience #DignitySanFrancisco

patheos.com 12/09/2018

The Word “Homosexual” Does Not Appear In The Bible [Pre-1946]

patheos.com As I prepare for an online debate on the topic "Is It A Sin To Be Gay?" I realized something profound: No Christians could have possibly debated this topic previous to 1946 because their Bibles didn't contain the word "Homosexual" before that. It's true. Go look at 1 Corinthians 6:9 in your King Jam...


The Global Justice Institute

We cannot be silent. God bless the children.

huffingtonpost.com 12/06/2018

Q***r Catholics Condemn Pope's Claim That Being Gay Is Now 'Fashionable'

huffingtonpost.com Pope Francis claimed in an interview that homosexuality has become a "fashionable" lifestyle in some societies.

nbcnews.com 12/05/2018

‘I fear loss of community’: Tumblr’s new ‘adult content’ rules worry LGBTQ users

nbcnews.com Some of Tumblr’s LGBTQ users fear the platform’s new “adult content” guidelines will unjustly censor their content.





St. Cyprian's Church, 2097 Turk Blvd.
San Francisco, CA

General information

We work collaboratively with other glbt and social advocacy organizations in the Episcopal Church. For example... Oasis/California is an "Integrity Partner" and we encourage our constituents to become members of Integrity. We share bonds of affection (and a name) with such diocesan organizations as The Oasis (Newark) and Oasis/Missouri. We share commonalities in mission with Beyond Inclusion, a glbt ministry of All Saints', Pasadena. Oasis/California is part of Claiming the Blessing, a collaborative effort to obtain, at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, authorization for the development of a rite for the blessing of couples in committed relationships. We support the work of the Consultation, a coalition of independent peace and justice organizations within the Episcopal Church.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10:15am - 3pm
Sunday 9:15am - 12pm
Other Episcopal Churches in San Francisco (show all)
Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys
1100 California St
San Francisco, 94108

Check back for regular updates about upcoming repertoire and special performances by the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys!

St. Francis' Episcopal Church St. Francis' Episcopal Church
399 San Fernando Way
San Francisco, 94127

Come join us this Sunday! All are welcome. Learn more at http://www.stfrancisepiscopal.org/

St. Aidan's Episcopal Church, San Francisco St. Aidan's Episcopal Church, San Francisco
101 Gold Mine Dr
San Francisco, 94131

A Joyful Community of the Spirit located in Diamond Heights Neighborhood of San Francisco Sunday Services 8 & 10 AM, Wed 6:30PM, M,W,F 7:30 AM; Tue, Th, Sat at 9 AM. All services currently on Zoom. For access, please reach out at [email protected]

Commission for Creation Care - Diocese of California Commission for Creation Care - Diocese of California
1055 Taylor Street
San Francisco, 94108

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
1750 29th Ave
San Francisco, 94122

Incarnation Episcopal Church welcomes all seekers wherever you are on your spiritual journey. We are a welcoming, inclusive community in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Services: Sunday at 10 am, Tuesday at 10 am, 2nd Friday (Healing) at 7:30 pm.

Grace Cathedral Camerata Choir Grace Cathedral Camerata Choir
1100 California Street
San Francisco, 94108

We sing Choral Evensong at Grace Cathedral on Sundays at 3 PM during the academic year. Come and join us for a short service of beautiful music.

Episcopal Diocese of California Episcopal Diocese of California
1055 Taylor St
San Francisco, 94108

A Christian community of Episcopal congregations and organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, San Francisco St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, San Francisco
2097 Turk St
San Francisco, 94115

In the center of the city, on the edge of the neighborhood. "a San Francisco kind of Jesus joint." Creating a community where everyone matters.

Bell Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Bell Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
1397 Palou Ave
San Francisco, 94124

Sunday School 9:15 am Morning Worship 11:00 am Wednesday Bible Study 12 Noon and 7 pm

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
1100 California Street
San Francisco, 94108

Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church in the heart of San Francisco. To support the health of our community the cathedral is closed, but love, peace, hope and the arts live on at Grace. *Join us online and stay connected* www.gracecathedral.org

Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church
500 De Haro St
San Francisco, 94107

St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church invites people to see God's image in all humankind, to sing and dance to Jesus' lead, and to become God's friend.

Dean Malcolm Clemens Young Dean Malcolm Clemens Young
1100 California Street
San Francisco, 94108

As dean, The Very Rev. Malcolm Young leads the cathedral in its mission to reimagine church with courage, joy, and wonder. He oversees the spiritual life of the cathedral and ministers to the cathedral’s congregation and the wider community.