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Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross & St. John Bosco assisting the economically disadvantaged, poor and homeless in the San Francisco Bay Area

Operating as usual 12/11/2018

Merry Christmas Blessings! That at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow in heaven and on earth...and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father -Philippians 2:10-11 Image Courtesy: Sister Mary Clark Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say rejoice. Let all men know your forbearance..... 12/11/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Pope Saint Damasus I Pope Saint Damasus I --Image: Pinterest ([email protected]) All lovers of scripture have reason to celebrate this date. Damasus was the Pope that commissioned Saint Jerome to translate the scriptures into Latin, the Vulgate version of the Bible. To his Secretary St. Jerome, Damasus was "an inc... 12/08/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (Franciscan Media) A feast called the 'Conception of Mary' arose in the Eastern Church during the 7th Century and came to the West in the 8th Century. In the 11th century it received its present name--the 'Immaculate Conception' and during the 18th century it became a feast of the universal Church a...


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In a season where we routinely sing about “good will toward men”, we tend to get wrapped up in ourselves and our own issues. Instead of turning inward, this December let us go outside of ourselves in three ways: generosity, community involvement and caring. Read more on our blog about how you can make this a season of "good will toward all"!


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All Saint's Day is more about these (lesser) unknown Saint's -- The people who have been declared a Saint by the Catholic Church have their own date on the calendar when they are recognized for the ways they stayed true to Christ and lived heroic virtue...

A blessed All Hallows Eve! That means tomorrow is the Feast of All Saints, a Holy Day of Obligation. Find a church near you at We will livestream the 12:10 Mass from St. Mary's Cathedral. Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria is the principal celebrant. Watch at #BeHoly #AllSaints 10/31/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Wolfgang, Patron Saint of Stroke Patients St. Wolfgang (924-994) Image Courtesy: St. Paul Street Evangelization (Franciscan Media) Born in Swabia what is now SW Germany and receiving an ecclesiastic by a tutor at home according to EWTN by a Tutor, later Wolfgang attended the celebrated monastic school on the Reichenau, here he would form a....


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We create a culture of life by partnering year-round with community partners. Today we applaud the work of one partner, 40 Days For Life, in their mission to peacefully and continuously pray and advocate for an end to abortion. Learn more about 40 Days for Life and our other community partners on our new website 10/25/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony of Saint Anne Galvao St. Anthony of Saint Anne Galvao Image: Catholic Thoughts (Franciscan Media) God's plan in an individuals life takes unexpected turns which become life-giving through cooperation with God's grace. Anthony was born in Brazil Guaratingueta near Sao Paulo to a deeply religious family of high social sta... 10/24/2018

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today Keep Awake - for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming...Be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour. -Matthew 24:42A-44 (NRSVCE) Thanksgiving & Praise I will give Thanks to you O Lord -- Surely God is My Salvation, I will trust and will not be afraid,… 10/24/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. John of Capistrano, Patron Saint of Lawyers & Judges St. John of Capistrano (1386-1456) Image: St Paul Street Evangelization (Franciscan Media) Its been said that Saint's are the worlds greatest optimists. Not blind to the existence and consequence of evil, they based their confidence on the power of Christ's redemption. The power of conversion throug... 10/20/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross St. Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) Image: St. Paul Street Evangelization (FranciscanMedia) Born in Italy, Paul was the son of a merchant according to SQPN and a religious devout youth, living at a time (similar to today) that many regarded Jesus as a good moral teacher but not much more. After a brie... 10/19/2018

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord -Psalm 33:12A (NRSVCE) The Greatness and Goodness of God Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous. Praise befits the upright. Praise the Lord with the lyre, make melody to Him with the harp of ten strings. Sing to Him a new song, play skillfully on the… 10/19/2018

Today Christians Honor St. Isaac Jogues, St. John de Brebeuf & Companions, Martyrs for Christ St Issac Jogues (1607-1646) and Companions (1593-1649) Image Courtesy: St. Paul Street Evangelization (EWTN) The labors of the Jesuit and Franciscan Missionaries in the New World (North America) form an important chapter of the Church and the Western Hemisphere. These Missionaries were for the most.... 10/17/2018

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today Happy are those who do not follow the advice of the wicked or take the path that sinners tread or sit in the seat of scoffers but their delight is in the Law of the Lord and on His Law they mediate day and night. -Psalm 1:1-2 (NRSVCE) The Works of the Flesh Live by… 10/17/2018

Today Christians Memorialize St. Ignatius of Antioch, Martyr for Christ St. Ignatius of Antioch --Image Courtesy: Archbishop Jose Gomez (CNA) Born around the year 50 in Syria, Saint Ignatius is said to have been personally instructed together with another future Martyr for Christ Saint Polycarp (Feast Day: 23 February) by the Apostle St. John. When Ignatius became the B... 10/17/2018

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing until it divides soul from spirit, joints from marrow; it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. - Hebrews 4:12 (NRSVCE) Related: For Today's Bible Readings and More Visit -USCCB 10/15/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Teresa of Avila, Patron Saint of People in Religious Orders St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) Image Courtesy: Fr. Brad Sweet (CNA) Born in Spain at Avila Castile City, Teresa Sanchez Capeda, was the third in a Jewish family who converted to Christianity during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella -- Teresa's father Alphonsus became a very religious C... 10/13/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England St. Edward King of England (1003-1066) Image: Aidan Hart (CNA) Son of Ethelred II and Emma, daughter of Duke Richard of Normandy according to EWTN when hardly 10 yrs old, Edward was sent with his brother Alfred into Normandy to be brought up by the Court of the Duke, when the Danes seized control of... 10/12/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar "The 'Church of Our Lady of the Pillar' in Spain Zaragoza, in the very first Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in history and is standing to this day..." 10/11/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of Pope Saint John XXIII Pope Saint John XXIII (1881-1963) Image Courtesy: Pinterest (CNA) Born Angelo Giusppo Roncalli in Italy Sotto il Monte, Angelo was the 4th child of 14 of a peasant but deeply religious family--Angelo's Christian education was entrusted to his Godfather, who instilled into young Angelo a deep love an... 10/10/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Borgia St. Francis Borgia (1510-1572) Image Courtesy: Catholic Online (Franciscan Media) Born in Spain Valencia, Francis grew up in an important 16th century family, serving early in the Imperial Court and quickly advancing in his career but a series of events--including the death of his beloved wife, made... 10/10/2018

Today Christians Memorialize St. Denis and Companions, Martyrs for Christ Saint Denis Pray For Us --Image Courtesy: Pinterest (Franciscan Media) Martyr for Christ and Patron Saint of France. Saint Denis is regarded as the first Bishop of Paris, his popularity is in part due to legends, especially those connecting him with the great Basilica of St. Denis in France Paris. S... 10/08/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Saint John Leonardi Saint John Leonardi (1541-1609) Image Courtesy: 365 Rosaries (Franciscan Media) "I am only one person. Why should I do anything? What good would it do?" -- Today, as in any age, people seemed plagued by the dilemma of getting involved. In his own way, Saint John Leonardi answered these questions for... 10/08/2018

Happy Columbus Day! Happy Columbus Day --Image Courtesy: Seton Catholic Central (KOFC) What You May Not Know About Christopher Columbus... When the Knights of Columbus was founded in New Haven, CT in 1882 by Fr. Michael J. McGivney, its namesake 'Christopher Columbus' was a symbol of the idea that there is no contradic... 10/07/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Image: Archbishop Jose Gomez (CNA) On this date the Church celebrates the annual Feast of 'Our Lady of the Holy Rosary' in honor of the 16th century naval victory which secured Europe against a militant Islamic invasion -- Pope Saint Pius V attributed t... 10/07/2018

Life Is Short, Would You Be Ready to Meet Your Maker Today? "For the wages of sin is death but the FREE GIFT of God is ETERNAL LIFE in Christ Jesus Our Lord." --Romans 6:23 10/06/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Bruno, Founder of The Carthusian Order Saint Bruno (1030-1101) Image Courtesy: Catholic Online (EWTN) Born in Germany Cologne, Bruno is believed to have belonged to a prominent family, while little is known of his youthful days, one does know that he studied Theology in the present day French City of Rheims before returning to Germany wh... 10/05/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, Patron Saint of World Youth Day Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) Image Courtesy: Archbishop Jose Gomez (Franciscan Media) St. Faustina name is forever linked to the annual Feast of Divine Mercy (celebrated on the Second Sunday of Easter) the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Divine Mercy Prayer, recited each day at 3:00 PM by....


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For God will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11 (NRSVCE)

"The Feast of Our Guardian Angels (02 Oct) should remind Christians of our Guardian Angels and spur us on to greater devotion and use of our Angel's great guidance and protection..." 10/03/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Theodore Guerin, First Saint of Indiana St. Theodore Geurin (1798-1856) Image Courtesy: Guerin Catholic High School, Noblesville, Indiana (CNA) Born in France Brittany, Anne Therese (birth name) grew up at a time that the French government was shutting down Seminaries and Churches--Anne's life was shattered when her father was murdered wh... 10/01/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux — Pray For Us St. Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) Image: Archbishop Jose Gomez (Franciscan Media) "I prefer the monotony of obscure sacrifice to all ecstasies. To pick-up a pin for love can covert a soul," said Therese of the Child Jesus' who was born in France Normandy and daughter of Saint's Louis & Zelie Martin... 10/01/2018

A Prayer From an Unborn Child "The Child in the Womb has the Right to Life Directly from God, Not From any Society or Human Authority." --Pope Pius XII The Power of the Rosary - Pray To End Abortion "A great prayer of life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world." Pope Saint John Paul II… 09/30/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Jerome, Patron Saint of Bible Scholars & Librarians St. Jerome once said: "I interpret as I should, following the command of Christ: 'Search the Scriptures,' and 'Seek and you shall find.' -- The man who does not know Scripture does not know the power and wisdom of God..." 09/29/2018

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of Saint’s Michael, Gabriel and Raphael — Archangels From God Saint's Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Archangels from God Image Courtesy: Archbishop Jose Gomez (Franciscan Media) Angels -- Messengers from God, appear frequently in Scripture but only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are named. St. Michael appears in Daniel's vision as 'The Great Prince' --Daniel 12:1.... 09/28/2018

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of “Good King” Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr for Christ Saint Wenceslaus (907-929) Image: Pinterest (EWTN) Born in Prague Bohemia what is today the Czech Republic, Wenceslaus was the son of Duke Wratislaw a Christian and Dragomir a wicked heathen according to Catholic Encyclopedia -- Wenceslaus received a good Christian education from his Grandmother Sai...