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Nancy Pelosi and other Catholics who believe in woman's right for abortion. I can remember, when I was young, that someone would be removed from the church for this kind of believe. Not sure why this is allowed. Let them go to a church that believe in abortion. If it is dangerous for the mother or child, incest or rape, then I feel that is okay. If you do not want to take the chance of having children, then don't have sex. Then you would not need an abortion.
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Thank you for your acceptance. Excerpt: “We are losing a sense of task-oriented young people with the ability to discern and reason their next move,” he said, and the ability to ask themselves independently what they are going to do next. “We see none of that today.” Chess helps cultivate internal motivation, among other things. “If I can get children to sit down like the third graders you see here and play a 40-minute game of chess, those kids are going to be able to sit down on their own and do their homework, review their homework and correct their homework,” he said. He said that when “you start that engine early with a child,” you develop a self-starter, a self-learner, a person who is goal-oriented and has his own visions and “doesn’t need someone else to dictate what his or her next move will be.” Still, chess is not just about winning for oneself. “The language of chess is one of sacrifice,” Major said. “It’s one of being a part of a team for the goal of checkmating the other king but you can’t do that by yourself. You need the other pieces on the board to help.”
La NUOVA cappella di San Francesco a Collestrada in Perugia Saint Francis of Assisi – (The new) Chapel of Saint Francis in Collestrada …................................... Prologo …................................... There are different locations related to the life of a saint like Francis. In addition there are locations of which have been lost historical memory: Actually is on one of these that we would like operating recovery from the mists of time. ….................................... Historical context ….................................... The event that binds the forgotten place to the life of Francis, occurred in the year 1200 (approximately), when a combative military of Assisi, was sent to avenge the wrongdoings of the expelled compatriots and refugees under protection of Perugia. The foot soldiers of Assisi, protected by the cavalry with Francis (John of Bernardone, so called Francis), blessed by the Bishop, came down from Col Subasio playing the drums, welcoming military of other towns. The municipality of Perugia had an interest in protecting the exiles of Assisi, nobles, rich, they had invested riches in his territory. With this policy Perugia favored the weakening of Assisi, rebel and hard to submit. The area to wich they were directed, was that of Collestrada, with the Tevere plain, the Forest of Farnetto and agricultural activities. Here were expected by the mercenary armies of Assisi and soldiers of Perugia, that they were positioned reinforcements just across the river, just to prevent escapes and flows towards Perugia. In this Plane there were a lot of towers, used as a warehouse or shelter: Alessandro Piceller restored one of these, an aedicula who remembered the battle. …........................................ The artifact …........................................ The tower has a rectangular shape. Is an example of medieval Umbrian construction. It has been renovated, elevated and moved to where it is now, cause the construction of the road (in the 1988) . The interior is empty and it is walled because vandalized. …........................................... Goals and targets …........................................... The tower and the landscape must be valued in order to stimulate the birth of interest by citizens, public entities, private enterprises and than anyone else might be envolved positively. The study of feasibility will have to turn the interior in a chapel, commemorative of the battle of Collestrada, place of prayer and spirituality, usable by the community. Tree-lined paths will be realized with benches and historical information. The Chapel will be inserted in the franciscans paths because in Perugia was great the presence of Francis. We must remember that Francis, after Collestrada, was imprisoned for a year in the center of Perugia. Visita il sito www.fondoambiente.it
MESSAGE FROM The Ministry to the Sick & Homebound and the Spiritual Care Ministries of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption On-Line Masses & Spiritual Resources links during the Coronavirus Pandemic: THE VATICAN: Daily Mass with His Holiness Pope Francis https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope-francis/mass-casa-santa-marta.html Scroll down to view the mass United States Conference of Catholic Bishops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-KF_ZxbkD4 California Catholic Conference: https://www.cacatholic.org/covid-spiritual-resources Archdiocese of San Francisco https://sfarchdiocese.org Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption http://smcsf.org/event/concerns-about-coronavirus/

The Office of Human Life & Dignity of the Archdiocese of San Francisco collaborates with parishes, ministries, and social justice organizations to nurture human dignity by respecting all human life and striving to obtain justice for all.

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“A Step Forward in the Protection of Basic Rights”
Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone
February 6, 2021

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone 's statement this morning re U.S. Supreme Court's injunction issued late last night striking down California's blanket ban on indoor worship:

“This is a very significant step forward for basic rights. This decision makes clear we can now return to worshiping safely indoors without risk of harassment from government officials."

Read the statement here.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court has struck down California's blanket ban on indoor worship. Masses can take place indoors at the same level of retail, currently 25%. Archbishop Cordileone responded, “The Supreme Court has now made it very clear to California government that permitting this is a fundamental right and the law of the land. I trust and hope our state officials will appreciate the care we’ve taken all throughout this crisis to protect the public health with masks, social distancing and other reasonable measures...This is a breath of fresh air in dark times. I’m grateful to God and to the Founders who gave us the shining light of the Constitution of the United States. May God bless America.” Read his full statement below.

The US Supreme Court late last night lifted California's ban on indoor worship!!!! California was the only state that completely banned indoor worship and recent Ninth Circuit Court panel rulings had upheld the state's severe restrictions.

In November, the court by a 5-4 vote set aside New York state regulations limiting attendance at religious services. But the Ninth Circuit panels said the two cases brought by Southern California Protestant churches were not subject to that Supreme Court ruling and the churches appealed to the Supreme Court with an amicus brief by Becket Law.
Read Becket's news release here:
This New York Times article explains the opinion and provides clear facts about what led to the ruling.

Coming to the end of Catholic Schools Week!

So much to celebrate this #catholicschoolsweek - and in the midst of it all the kindergarteners got to enjoy their 100th day of school.. now we dance! The countdown is on.. See you on the livestream at 10:00am! #olmcpadres


Pope Francis and Benedict XVI receive second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

catholicnewsagency.com Pope Francis and Pope emeritus Benedict XVI have both received their second and final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a Vatican source confirmed to CNA.


Catholic hospitals launch health equity initiative to fight systemic racism

The Catholic Health Association pledges to tackle racial inequities in an announcement on Thursday. A leading voice is Lloyd Dean of CommonSpirit/Dignity Health.


americamagazine.org The plan places a particular emphasis on ensuring equal access to Covid-19 testing, treatment and vaccination.


A Priest-Scientist Responds to Concerns Raised by the Ramping Up of Vaccination Campaigns

Catholics in general plan to receive the vaccine, following the guidance of Pope Francis, the US Bishops Conference and in California, the California Catholic Conference. Nevertheless, there is controversy and concern among a significant minority regarding the vaccine. Two articles address most facets of the issue. Today in the Pillar Catholic, an indepth analysis at pillarcatholic.com addresses most facets with a link to a letter from San Francisco native and Spokane Bishop Thomas Daly about the morality of receiving the vaccine as well an extensive discussion of Tyler, Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland's opposition. For a thoughtful explanation of what is involved that addresses all aspects, Dominican ethicist Father Nicanor Austriaco writes here at the Notre Dame University McGrath Institute for Church Life Journal. #catholic #covid19vaccineupdate #prolifemovement McGrath Institute for Church Life - University of Notre Dame Bishop Thomas A. Daly

churchlifejournal.nd.edu Fr. Nicanor Austriaco OP on the details of what went into the vaccines.

President Biden said he raised the refugee cap to 125,00 for fiscal 2021 (ending Oct.1) up from the historically low figure of 15,000 imposed in the last year of President Trump's administration.
Biden made the announcement of the executive order in a foreign policy address televised from the US State Department on Feb. 4. "It's going to take time to rebuild what is so badly damaged, but that's precisely what we're going to do," Biden said. Biden had promised at a Jesuit Refugee Service event in November that he would raise the cap.(Catholic News Service photo)
#refugees #Catholic

Feminists for Life

"At the dawn of the suffrage movement, no known African-American women attended the famous Seneca Falls Convention, despite the abolitionist sentiments that gave birth to the campaign for women's rights.

"White women, who were still powerless in many ways, needed to influence men to attain the vote. Susan B. Anthony had signed a declaration for universal suffrage, but when her dear friend Frederick Douglass — who shared the vision for women's suffrage — determined men should go first, she felt utterly betrayed. Others like Elizabeth Cady Stanton felt women superior to men because of women's life giving capacity. 'It was sex v. race, and black women were caught in a double bind. Today, we have women's groups who support abortion as if our own children were the enemy. Who is hurt most? Women and children of color,' said FFL President Serrin Foster. 'One day people will look back at this generation and grimace when considering this form of discrimination and violence. We wished they had all refused to choose.'"

FFL was proud to celebrate the often overlooked contributions of Black American suffragists in "Remembering Black Suffragists," from our Spring/Summer 2020 issue of The American Feminist, "Pedaling Toward Freedom." As we kick off Black History Month, we renew our focus on the women and men who came before us, with the hope that no human being will ever again be left behind, regardless of her or his race, sex, age, size, or location. You can read the rest of this article, for free, here:


First row: Fannie Barrier Williams, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Sojourner Truth
Second row: Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Frederick Douglass, Dr. Anna Julia Cooper
Third row: Angelina Weld Grimké, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Harriet Tubman


A Message for President Biden: The Unified Voices of Africa

Reversing the Mexico City policy will bring increased pressure on developing nations and peoples to kill their unborn children. That was the reaction from Culture of Life Africa to President Biden's action today that will return federal tax dollars to funding international organizations that offer and promote abortion.
#chooselife #racism #prolife


youtube.com President Biden has taken a most unfortunate step to repeal the Mexico City Policy, a policy that protected Africa’s most innocent unborn babies by withholdi...


Why We March for Life

Archbishop Cordileone today in the National Catholic Register on the eve of the March for Life in Washington, D.C.
#respectlife #chooselife #MarchForLife2021 #WalkForLifeWC 40 Days for Life

ncregister.com Before God, differences in rank, race, beauty, intelligence, humor, talent, health, and everything else the world values fade in comparison to the equal dignity inherent in each human being.

The California Catholic Conference (CCC) invites you to attend a free Restorative Justice Certificate Series.

This is part of the kick off to the Catholic Restorative Justice Network - the official source for formation and leadership in restorative justice ministry in California.

Requirements: Interest in learning more
Cost: Free

Register at: www.restorejustice.com

A partnership of the CCC Office of Restorative Justice, Santa Clara University Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries, and the (Arch)Diocesan #RestorativeJustice Directors.


Conversations That Matter: The Intersection of Racial Justice and Life Issues // McGrath Institute for Church Life // University of Notre Dame

Hear from Gloria Purvis in a special conversation hosted by the McGrath Institute of Church Life at Notre Dame. Conversations that Matter: The Intersection of Racial Justice and Life Issues.

mcgrath.nd.edu Tap into Notre Dame's intellectual resources and join other Catholic leaders in addressing today's pastoral challenges.

[01/27/21]   New! Our human trafficking prevention seminars begin

Welcome to the Jan. 27, 2021 edition of Just 3 Things, the weekly social action newsletter of the Office of Human Life & Dignity. If this email was forwarded to you, and you'd like to receive it each week, please click here. This week our topics are immigration, abortion and a new effort in the Archdiocese to combat and prevent human trafficking.
Valerie Schmalz
Office of Human Life & Dignity
Archdiocese of San Francisco ____________________________________________

Tonight begins our series on Human Trafficking -- the first step to creating an education and outreach campaign led by the Respect Life Ministry. Tonight's seminar topic is "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference.” The speaker is Susan Patterson, Prevention Advocate with Through God's Grace Ministry . January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. There is still time to sign up!

President Joe Biden introduced a sweeping immigration package that would offer a path to citizenship to the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Much of the immigration package tracks what the U.S. bishops recommend , although they have not taken a position on the legislation. And U.S. bishops praised President Biden's order preserving the DACA program as well as lifting the "Muslim ban" in executive orders on the day he was inaugurated. (Photo shows asylum-seekers praying during Mass at a tent camp along the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico, Jan. 9, 2021. The asylum-seekers are in a program where they must remain in Mexico while their cases are heard in U.S. courts. CNS photo/David Agren)


S.F. Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone last week publicly rebuked San Francisco's Rep. Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House speaker, saying "To begin with the obvious: Nancy Pelosi does not speak for the Catholic Church...she also speaks in direct contradiction to a fundamental human right that Catholic teaching has consistently championed for 2,000 years." For more on the events of the past few days and what to expect going forward, go to the blog linked below. To hear the Archbishop in conversation with two of the most influential pro-life leaders in this time, please watch the webinar linked above.

Follow us on Social Media:

What's coming up:
Jan. 27 6:30 p.m. Webinar. "An Overview of Human Trafficking." First of a series. Info here .



Archbishop: Villainizing 74 million voters does not unify the country

SF Archbishop Cordileone on Speaker Pelosi's comments on abortion and President Biden's support of abortion. "My concern that she is misleading Catholics ... let's face it abortion is just blatantly evil. ...we're talking about dismembering babies in their mother's womb." #RespectLife #prolife #catholic #archbishopcordileone

video.foxnews.com Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone joins 'Fox News @ Night' to discuss Democrats' calls for 'unity.'

A new guidebook is available to help us bring care for creation into our parishes in concrete ways. #LaudatoSi #CareForOurCommonHome

Along with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers, we have published a new Ecumenical and Interreligious Guidebook: CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME. The new guidebook offers diocesan ecumenical and interreligious officers, pastors, parish groups and the faithful at large a number of theological and practical resources to put the ecological and creation care counsels of Pope Francis and Catholic magisterial voices, along with selected interfaith voices, into practical action. “This guidebook has been prepared with a sense of urgency about the health of planet Earth and the wellbeing of its people, particularly the most vulnerable.” https://catholicclimatecovenant.org/resource/ecumenical-and-interreligious-guidebook-care-our-common-home


Group of US Catholic bishops urges support for LGBT youth

Archbishop Cordileone praises statement by several bishops and cardinal and of course agrees!!! God loves LGBTQ youth and they must not be bullied!
“I am appreciative of this reaffirmation of the Church’s care for those who are struggling with sexual identity issues, especially when they are targets of bullying and suffer rejection even from the very ones who should love and support them," he said via email. “The Church stands in solidarity with them, and all of her children, to help them live a life of virtue.”


starexponent.com NEW YORK (AP) — Declaring “God is on your side,” a Roman Catholic cardinal, an archbishop and six other U.S. bishops issued a statement Monday expressing support for LGBT youth


San Francisco archbishop: Pelosi singling out pro-life voters 'not language of unity'

SF Archbishop Cordileone interviewed this morning about why he called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her statements vilifying voters who vote pro-life. #chooselife #ArchbishopCordileone


video.foxnews.com Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Joseph Cordileone comments on Speaker Pelosi's criticism of Trump-backers against abortion.

While many pro-life walks and marches went virtual this year, the Walk for Life West Coast decided to maintain an in-person presence but did not widely publicize itself and no buses brought participants from outside the area. The organizers held an informal rally from the back of Walk organizer Dolores Meehan's truck on Jan. 23 at San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza. Walk stalwart and speaker Rev. Clenard Childress traveled from the East Coast to join the Walk. Walk organizers estimated more than a thousand joined the walk which traveled along Market Street with police protection. The Walk photos reflect the various opinions of the pro-life participants, some of whom believe in wearing masks and others who do not. (Photos by Dennis Callahan/Archdiocese of San Francisco) #respectlife #chooselife #WalkForLifeWC Archdiocese of San Francisco

Some photos from the 10:30 a.m. Jan. 23 Walk for Life West Coast Mass at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption offered by SF Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone. The cathedral followed COVID-19 social distancing norms and required masks and temperature taking. More than 400 people were inside and some 200 were outside. The Mass was moved indoors at the last minute because of security concerns about right and left wing groups expected to congregate at the Chinese Embassy next door. (Photos by Dennis Callahan/Archdiocese of San Francisco) #chooselife #WalkForLifeWC #prolife #archbishopcordileone Archdiocese of San Francisco Catholic News Agency


SF Archbishop says 'security threat' prompted moving worship service indoors, despite COVID-19 rules

Local media covered the Walk for Life Mass Saturday which at the last minute was moved indoors at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, rather than being held outdoors on the plaza as planned. As Archbishop Cordileone explains in this news story from ABC News, the plan was to hold the Mass outdoors -- but security threats flagged by law enforcement from both left and right wing groups (including one involved in the capitol riots) at the Chinese Embassy next door prompted the decision to move the Mass indoors. The Mass was celebrated using all safety protocols including requiring masks, sanitation of hands coming in, social distancing and temperature taking of all those who came into the cathedral. #WalkForLifeWC #masks #COVID19 #chooselife #prolife #respectlife Archdiocese of San Francisco Catholic San Francisco

abc7news.com "It was a trade-off": San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone says a security threat prompted him to move the worship service inside, possible violence due to a rumored protest and counter-protest next door at the Chinese Consulate.


Learn more here: https://sfarchdiocese.org/hld

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Veteran's Day at Holy Cross Cemetery
Praying after desecration of St. Junipero Serra statue at Mission San Raphael
SF Archbishop Cordileone's 'Free the Mass' homily protesting City treatment of Catholics
Drone View of Today's Masses at Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption
Men's Retreat for Healing after Abortion
Archbishop's Homily on August 22, 2020
Outdoor Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral on August 16, 2020





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