Third Baptist Church San Francisco

Third Baptist Church San Francisco


Many have called the song Higher Power the National Anthem of recovery. Higher Power was recently named the inspirational song and video of the year by a national contest sponsored by Tyler Perry, B.E.T, Lions Gate Films and Pastor Marvin Winans. Pastor Winans proclaimed that HIGHER POWER “was the winner by far!”. The song & video was produced by BAJAZZS Executive Director drummer / songwriter Paul Tillman Smith, Michael Bolton Bassist Nelson Braxton and longtime Prince sideman guitarist Levi Seacer Jr.

One hundred percent of profits from the “Higher Power Project” go into a special fund to help Musicians and Artists of all ages and who have also been impacted by the Corona Virus. Consequently, we are seeking partnerships or funding for this important project in order to help carry its message across the country with hopes of reaching those individuals who will benefit from hearing the music’s message. email: [email protected]
Hello Pastor Brown, believe it or not i was your drummer for about a month. I think i must have replaced someone who was extremely popular. My band"The Gumbo Band" performed on the flatbed truck riding through the city for the "Get Out To Vote" effort with you and the Mayor in October 2020. The Higher Power project is a complete 100 percent non profit effort via the Bay Area Jazz Society created to help fund our struggling musicians. I was able to give you a copy on that day and i just hope you found the time to listen. Thank U, Paul Tillman Smith
This appears to be the church Kamala Harris belongs to in San Francisco. It was interesting to read its "Constitution" of the church. Seems she does belong to a Christian based church. You can read more about this church by googling "Third Baptist Church of San Francisco/philosophy"
Harris is a lying scheming unethical unrepentant monster. U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., supports the ability to carry out abortions up until the time a woman gives birth. Harris has advocated for policies that allow for late-term abortions. During the debate this monster told (at least) 33 lies Kamala without being contradicted.
Her Lie: 210,000 dead people in our country in just the last several months (due to COVID-19).
Truth: CDC admitted numbers are being padded and that actually only 9,210 have died due to COVID-19 alone.
Harris Lie: Frontline workers that have been treated like sacrificial workers
Truth: After seeing what was happening to frontline emergency workers in Italy, the Trump administration took early action to work to ensure that kind of problem did not happen in the U.S.
Harris Lie: Over 30 million people filed for unemployment during the last month.
Truth: Department of Labor reports about between 837,000 and 879,000 new initial claims each of the weeks September, which adds up to less than 4 million new claims for the month. The report further explains the total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending September 12 was 26,529,810, an increase of 484,856 from the previous week. It is also likely that a considerable amount of those who are on unemployment are more likely as a result of shut-down orders by Democrat Governors in Blue States than any action taken by the Trump administration.
Harris Lie: The President said it [the coronavirus] was a hoax.
Truth: Even the Associated Press indicated that the Biden Camp claiming Trump said the coronavirus was a hoax was not true. He was calling their politicization of it their “latest hoax.”

Harris Lie: “You know this administration took the word ‘science’ off the website?”
Truth: The word “science” was not scrubbed from U.S. government websites by the Trump Administration, and that fact was even confirmed as not true by liberal left NBC News.

Harris Lie: They still don’t have a plan.
Truth: Trump administration’s plans regarding coronavirus began out the gate at a time the Democrats were claiming the alleged virus was nothing to worry about.
With all due respect Pastor, If a person ,any person,(black,white brown,yellow,man,women, LGBTQ,celibate ,poor ,rich,conservative,liberal,Democrat or Republican) and does not only approve of abortion but pushes killing babies at and during birth is as far as I am concerned(as well as according to my Bible) is a MURDERER and a MONSTER
does the third Baptist church of San Francisco believe in abortion?
Hi I am Naomi Hawkins I am reaching out today because I have a message of love that I want to share I have two songs Come together and American People the first song I want to give to the family's that has lost a loved one this year due to the violence the second song I want to give the officers that were gunned down YouTube video called (America a gift to you ) share this message and help me to accomplish what god has put in my heart
Christians (all Christians) its time to take a stand for Christ. If your Priest, Minister or Rabbi fails to warn his or her congregation that voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is voting for killing unborn babies by dismembering them alive and Marxism you need to stand up, speak up and walk out. I personally know several clergy that are so cowardly they refuse to upset liberals in their congregation even to the point of leading their flock, especially the children within it, away from God. Knowingly supporting murder described in the bible is a mortal sin against the soul. This year, get a spine and speak the truth even to the men and women that are too cowardly to do so. And walk out as Jesus did when he instructed his followers to shake off the dirt of their sandals and move on when people did not accept his teaching. And Black Americans, Dr. King if alive today would be appalled by the number of Black baby girls and boys are being butchered while we remain silent and comfortable in the pews not wanting to offend “cafeteria Catholics”. Its time to speak up and walk out.
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you,
I have a simple question:
Does the Third Baptist Church condone abortion?
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May eternal blessing and rewards be yours!

Third Baptist Church of San Francisco
Serving the Community in Christ Since 1852

Amos C. Brown, B.A., M.Div., Pastor

Operating as usual


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1399 McAllister St
San Francisco, CA

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Third Baptist Church of San Francisco Serving the Community in Christ Since 1852 Amos C. Brown, B.A., M.Div., Pastor

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
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