The Freedom Center

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. The Freedom Center is bringing truth to the world so that we can gain true, lasting, freedom.


Pastor Quintin Cooper Preaches Growing Pains/Turbulence


[09/30/16]   ***ANNOUNCEMENT***
The Freedom Center PRESENTS...

The Frontline of Freedom International Prayer Line will begin its Worldwide, Life-Changing prayers Around The Clock at 5am! The Official Launch will take place in 3 HOURS!!

Join us from around the world!

The Freedom Center-United States
Access Code: 922138

The Freedom Center-Kenya
+254 20 5293254
Access Code: 922138

The Freedom Center-Nigeria
+234 1440 5254
Access Code: 922138

The Freedom Center-India
+91 172 519 9042
Access Code: 922138

South Africa
+27 87 825 0131
Access Code: 922138

+55 11 4230-1803
Access Code: 922138

We will be on the lines at 5am-CST (3am Pacific -4am Mountain -6am Eastern) each morning.
We will add an hour to the Prayer Line each week until we are 24 hours around the clock! Let's Move!

Be fearless. Be faithful. Be free.


Pastor Quintin Cooper

Be sober. Be vigilant. Forget, not that you have an adversary! Be productive and be determined. Let nothing detour you. Stay focused and stay alert.

Be faithful. Be fearless. Be free.

[04/14/16]   Sometimes it's perfectly okay to not be okay. You have justifiable reason to not feel good; good reason to not speak by faith; and every excusable excuse to feel discouraged. It is imperative, at this point, that you take a moment and acknowledge your source of pain and discouragement. Look at it. Then, you have to remember that adversity is the very thing that strengthens you, if it's handled correctly. Weights bring strength and growth when they're handled with proper form. An object in a sling shot makes a greater impact when it's pulled in the opposite direction that it's supposed to be going. And, in order to achieve the maximum height potential when jumping, you HAVE to bend at the knee and go down first. Understand that acknowledging your problem is not improper. Let it know that you see it and understand it, but you will NEVER allow it to overtake you. Instead, you will use the down momentum of it as the launch of your next move to greatness. You've gotta be strong on the other side of your weakness. Move!

[04/05/16]   O' unfaithful husband! Dismantle the double-standard by which thou hast sworn, and live! 01/27/2016

All Things MUST Become New!

All Things MUST Become New!

"Excuse me, Sir? ...Do not allow yourself to remain "stuck" in the place that kept you from excelling last year. Last year is now considered your "past"...treat it as such... Pastor Quintin Cooper

[01/21/16]   In Hebrews 12:1, Paul reminds us that "...we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses..." He therefore reasons that we "...lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us..." he goes on to suggest that we " with patience the race that is set before us..."

Before I became a firefighter, I had to train vigorously. I had to run a predesigned course with weights attached to me and still make a specific time goal. It was a design to test my endurance and my tenacity. It was presumed that if I could accomplish this feat with weights attached to me, then my progress and performance without the weights would become easier.

Paul states that we should lay aside every weight and the sin... It is important to note and understand that weight slows you down, thereby, delaying your inevitable arrival. While sin, itself, will deny your arrival altogether. There is another component, and that is Adversity. Adversity will cause you to become more conscious of your ability to run. The way you run. It will make you alert as you run.

Conclusively, in the race that is set before us, we can't afford to be delayed nor denied. Therefore, let us run with patience, embracing the idea of adversity, for not only is adversity inevitable, it's necessary.


Run for your life. Pastor Quintin Cooper


I can do better. Pastor Quintin Cooper

[01/20/16]   I am persuaded that if God never does another thing FOR me, that he's done enough IN me for me to be alright. Strengthen that which remain. In other words, take what you have left... However small it may be; however tired; however wounded; however depressed; however abused, confused, bitter, broken, old, unfruitful, unorganized, or feeble it may be. Strengthen it. Fortify it! Build it! Use it! WAKE UP!! ...for there's MORE to DO! #Godspeoplearewaiting #Revelation3:2

[01/07/16]   Once again, the widely acclaimed countdown to a new year has arrived. Across the world, countless cultures and races, alike, will gather to celebrate this highly anticipated time of the year. Overwhelmed with ambition and new vows, they will share their newfound tenacity and the resulted Resolution for the next phase of their lives, which they will adamantly declare will be different than before. In this process, let us not forget that upholding our New Year Resolutions will require restraint. Restraint of self. Restraint eliminates freedom. Self restraint eliminates the freedom to indulge in destructive behavior. So, then we see that Resolution without Restraint may cause us to never reach our goals for this new year.


Role Reversal

One Last Try.

-Role Reversal A husband has a wife. A father has a child. A Pastor has sheep, as he is a shepherd; and a son has a mother. A Role Reversal in any of these positions can cause grave confusion and a...

[12/14/15]   ARE YOU THE W***E OR THE BRIDE?

The church is in a place where we are constantly stimulated, and never impregnated. As a natural woman is stimulated by her natural husband, at some point the sexual act between the two of them will need to happen, or she will become over stimulated -which is NOT a good thing. Ask her. When the two of them become sexually intimate, there is a process of conception that is usually (in the days of old) anticipated. There is anticipation behind the sexual act. It is expected that she will lie with her husband long enough to receive something of value from him. Something that she will one day give birth to. In the same manner, if we are the Bride of Christ, we should become intimate with Him with the expectation of receiving something from Him that we can give birth to. Let me be clear. Instead of being satisfied with stimulation, alone, we should lay down long enough to allow Him to put something in us! The psalmist said "As the hart (deer) panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." This is the longing of intimacy that we should have. Some of us are spiritual wh**es... We are in a place of having several sexual "experiences" with NO VALUE and no "results" on our spiritual pregnancy tests! ...and the only interest that we really have is being "turned on," "getting off" and going home with no conception and no expectation. You w***e! As the Bride of Christ, you need something IN YOU! Something that will GROW and be birthed OUT! You need to be impregnated, not just stimulated! Look at the intimacy that David had with God in Psalm 63: 1-11.

-Pastor Quintin Cooper

[12/14/15]   Being a Pastor doesn't automatically assure me a better life, as one may consider "better." It doesn't rid me of struggle and heartache. Instead, it holds me accountable FOR the struggle, and makes me a risk to the Kingdom if I fail.

-Pastor Cooper

[12/11/15]   The Freedom Center is excited to announce the Launch of a new around the clock Prayer Line (The Front Line of Freedom)! More details to come. Stay tuned. PRAISE OUR GOD!

[12/11/15]   There are times in your life when the anointing that is upon you will become weak. It can be restored. David requested; "Restore unto me the joy of my Salvation, and uphold me with thy free Spirit." (Psalm 51:12-14) It is also a fact that if you do not eat (natural food) --over time, that your appetite to eat will decrease. In the same manner, if you do not stay in the face of an Almighty God, your appetite for Him will decrease, putting a limit on your anointing. And then there are times in which you will find yourself around people who will never understand your assignment. Opposition. This is why Jesus could only perform few miracles in Nazareth. People who do not understand your assignment will limit your anointing. In any situation, guard your anointing. It's the reason you are set apart.


Pay attention to those who love you. There are people who love you enough to believe they can't live without you. If you ever show them they can, you will empower them to.


The Freedom Center A N I N T E R N A T I O N A L M I N I S T R Y


Don't get comfortable where you are.… You will have days where you have no idea of the direction that you should take. What is best, what is practical and what your options are, will all be in question. In the moment that you are unsure...

[12/02/15]   There's no room for an Eagle to soar at 5 feet above ground. Reposition yourself.

-Pastor Cooper




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