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A poem for these times:
Our Little Lives
By Howard Thurman

“Our little lives, our big problems—these we place upon Thy altar!
The quietness in Thy Temple of Silence again and again rebuffs us:
For some there is no discipline to hold them steady in the waiting
And the minds reject the noiseless invasion of Thy Spirit.
For some there is no will to offer what is central in the thoughts—
The confusion is so manifest, there is no starting place to take hold.
For some the evils of the world tear down all concentrations
And scatter the focus of the high resolves.
War and the threat of war has covered us with heavy shadows,
Making the days big with forebodings—
The nights crowded with frenzied dreams and restless churnings.
We do not know how to do what we know to do.
We do not know how to be what we know to be.
Our little lives, our big problems—these we place upon Thy altar!
Brood over our spirits, Our Father,
Blow upon whatever dream Thou hast for us
That there may glow once again upon our hearths
The light from Thy altar.
Pour out upon us whatever our spirits need of shock, of lift,
of release
That we may find strength for these days—
Courage and hope for tomorrow.
In confidence we rest in Thy sustaining grace
Which makes possible triumph in defeat, gain in loss, and
love in hate.
We rejoice this day to say:
Our little lives, our big problems—these we place upon Thy altar!”
New Year's Feast of Friends, Thursday, December 31st, 6-7:30p

Many of us will be unable to gather with friends and family as usual for New Year's evening. Leslie Nipps is offering to Zoom host a gathering so those who want company can eat and pray together. She will be leading a simple Feast of Friends to provide a context for the meal. Prepare your meal, and then we’ll eat, chat, sing and pray together! If there are enough people, we may go into small break out groups for part of the time so we have a real chance to talk and connect. There will be some readings and song, so we’ll need a few people to help lead. Children’s participation encouraged and welcome! To RSVP, to offer help, and to ask any questions, contact Leslie at [email protected].
Dear SGN friends,
Some of you may remember a woman named M.R. Ritley, who was an Epsicopal minister many years ago who also had a Sufi background. She preached at SGN on occasion. She spoke of a beautiful Sufi poem called "Crossing the Sands" and I am in search of this poem. On the surface it seems to be a simple set of instructions for safely crossing the desert. But each line has much deeper meaning to it. I have a dear friend who is "crossing the sands" in her own way right now, and I want to give her a copy of this beautiful poem. Does anyone know of it or have a copy? As I recall, the first line was, "If you must cross the sands, do not go alone....". If you know where I can find a copy of the poem please contact me, I would be most grateful. Love, Diane
The Bishop is outraged!
Where is the Easter VIgil?
Blessings to you all! Is there a link for the Easter Vigil?
Here's the video from the end of service today if anyone wants a second look!
Where is the link to the Livestream?
there will be a service tomorrow at 10am pacific, right?
Confronting the injustice, inequality, and suffering that racial terror and violence creates is "a necessary conversation" says Just Mercy author and Equal Justice Initiative's Bryan Stevenson. "The narrative of racial difference that lynching dramatized continues to haunt us. Avoiding honest conversation about this history has undermined our ability to build a nation where racial justice can be achieved,” says Stevenson.

On Sunday April 7, Josephine McCall author of Penalty For Success: My Father Was Lynched in Lowndes County, Alabama will speak Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church at 12:30 pm.
Please come bear witness to her story.

For all of us who reject racial inequality in the United States, Mrs. McCall's visit is a chance to come together for this "necessary conversation".

She will also be speaking at other venues in Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, and Santa Clara. April 3 to 9.

All events are free and don't require reservations, except The Commonwealth Club, which requires tickets (link in tour website).
Hi Folks, Blessing to you and yours. I'm excited to join the Aids Walk community this Sunday to support the cause and their message of compassion and inclusiveness. If you're interested in supporting us, feel free to make a donation or comment here.

St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church invites people to see God's image in all humankind, to sing and dance to Jesus' lead, and to become God's friend.

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Story of a Saint - Lady Godiva presented by Claire Dodds - May 9, 2021


Story of a Saint - Barnabas presented by Peter Levenstrong - May 2, 2021


Story of a Saint - Martha Graham presented by Mark Pritchard - May 23, 2021


Story of a Saint - Morihei Ueshiba presented by Donald Schell - May 16, 2021


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Liturgy, July 11, 2021

The 16 Most Unusual Churches in North America 07/09/2021

The 16 Most Unusual Churches in North America

Looks who's church building is on Fodor's Travel:

The 16 Most Unusual Churches in North America Worship in unexpected style.


Liturgy, July 4, 2021


Liturgy for the Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, June 27, 2021


Liturgy for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, June 20, 2021


Liturgy for the Third Sunday After Pentecost, June 13, 2021


Liturgy for the 2nd Sunday After Pentecost, June 6, 2021


Liturgy - Pentecost Sunday 2021


Streaming Liturgy - May 2, 2021

Streaming Liturgy - May 2, 2021


Streaming Liturgy - April 25, 2021


Streaming Liturgy - April 18, 2021


Streaming Liturgy, April 4, 2021


At the conclusion of the Sacred Ground program, members of St. Teresa's of Avila Catholic Church and our own parish led our two communities in a prayer service on Wednesday of Holy Week, reflecting on the experience of going through Sacred Ground and what it means for our two congregations moving forward.


Easter Vigil 2021


Good Friday 2021


Story of a Saint - Julian of Norwich presented by Susanna Singer - March 28 2021

Susanna Singer shares the story of Julian of Norwich, a beloved saint who lived her life as an anchorite in her cell.


Story of a Saint - Charles Darwin presented by Katherine Krebs - March 21 2021

Katherine shares the story of world-renowned Charles Darwin, and how he came to be one of our Dancing Saints.


Palm Sunday Streaming Liturgy - March 28, 2021


Story of a Saint - Gregory of Nyssa presented by Paul Fromberg - March 14 2021

Paul Fromberg shares the story of Saint Gregory of Nyssa, our church's patron saint, to mark his feast day.


Story of a Saint - Eleanor Roosevelt presented by Claire Dodds - March 7 2021

Claire Dodds shares the story of Eleanor's fight lift up the lives and work of others, through advocacy and using her position of prominence.


Streaming Liturgy - March 7, 2021


Story of a Saint - Caspar David Friedrich presented by Olivia Kuser - February 28 2021

Olivia shares with us the story of Caspar's life and work, and how it has inspired her own work and that of others in our congregation.


Streaming Liturgy - Febraury 28, 2021

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St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church invites people to see God's image in all humankind, to sing and dance to Jesus' lead, and to become God's friend. The Church is made up of children and elders, families and singles, straight and gay people, lifelong Christians, interfaith couples, converts and seekers. We join in worship and service, creating a community that shares the unconditional welcome offered at Jesus' Table. Join us weekdays for Morning Prayer from 8:30-9AM; on Sunday for two liturgies at 8:30AM & 10:45AM; Second Sunday Supper service at 5PM Get free produce at The Food Pantry,, Fridays from 12:30-3PM View the sanctuary, Tuesday-Friday by appointment.

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Monday 8am - 9am
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Sunday 8am - 1pm
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