Translating Diversity with Cultural Agility

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Our definitions of Cultural Agility: “Every encounter is a cultural encounter requiring reflection and understanding of the nuances and complexities that make up every individual. Translating Diversity with Cultural Agility ™ means to effectively engage and interact with a multitude of factors across cultures, faiths and other dimensions of diversity. Only then will you reach the full potential for bridge-building and business-making that leads to success." Luby Ismail, Connecting Cultures "Each person’s culture and cultural awareness is based upon the amount of time they’ve spent on the planet, where they’ve lived, and traveled – and what they’ve experienced, during that time. Traditional Diversity and Inclusion and Cultural Competency models are wonderful tools, and indeed they are the building blocks we all depend on. Translating Diversity with Cultural Agility ™ builds upon this essential foundation by responding to the continually changing technological, urban and global landscapes. Like a mosaic with different colors, stones and patterns, each of us brings a nuanced range of experiences, identities and needs to the workplace. Translating Diversity with Cultural Agility ™ practices allow the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves fuller expression in our modern workplaces. " Tasnim McCormick Benhalim, DiversityWealth

Mission: Intentions are often lofty - but perceptions create our lived realities. A candid look at our abilities to interact across cultures and perspectives. Looking to find those bringing their whole selves to the messy, awkward - sometimes noble - absolutely imperative, work of building equity and inclusion in our modern world.

Quote Card | Brené Brown

As many of you know, last June I completed a 3-day workshop with Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator (CDTLF).
Conducting workshops. Leading. Listening. Learning.
This quote opens some courage up for me.
How are the lanes balancing on both sides of the equation:
giving receiving? Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.

Doubling Down on Love | Brené Brown

Re-read this. Wanted to post before the year closes out. Yes, and yes. I’ve been offline and in struggle since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. At first I thought it was a combination of physical and spiritual exhaustion, or maybe low grade cultural despair with a side of burnout. I tried to combat the strange sense of emptiness with more work and more grind.

Google celebrates legendary Cherokee woodcarver Amanda Crowe in latest Doodle

Love the legacy here of generosity, patience, spirit to grow. Crowe was a prolific artist known for her expressive animal figures.

Barack Obama

It's been too long since we posted here. Food, after long fast...

I’m often asked what I’m reading, watching, and listening to, so I thought I might share a short list from time to time. There’s so much good writing and art and variety of thought out there these days that this is by no means comprehensive – like many of you, I’ll miss “The Americans” – but here’s what I’ve been reading lately. It’s admittedly a slightly heavier list than what I’ll be reading over the summer:

Futureface: A Family Mystery, an Epic Quest, and the Secret to Belonging, by Alex Wagner
I once wrote a book on my own search for identity, so I was curious to see what Alex, daughter of a Burmese mother and Iowan Irish-Catholic father – and a friend of mine – discovered during her own. What she came up with is a thoughtful, beautiful meditation on what makes us who we are – the search for harmony between our own individual identities and the values and ideals that bind us together as Americans.

The New Geography of Jobs, by Enrico Moretti
It’s six years old now, but still a timely and smart discussion of how different cities and regions have made a changing economy work for them – and how policymakers can learn from that to lift the circumstances of working Americans everywhere.

Why Liberalism Failed, by Patrick Deneen
In a time of growing inequality, accelerating change, and increasing disillusionment with the liberal democratic order we’ve known for the past few centuries, I found this book thought-provoking. I don’t agree with most of the author’s conclusions, but the book offers cogent insights into the loss of meaning and community that many in the West feel, issues that liberal democracies ignore at their own peril.

“The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy,” by Matthew Stewart, The Atlantic
Another thought-provoking analysis, this one about how economic inequality in America isn’t just growing, but self-reinforcing – and what that means for education, health, happiness, even the strength of our democracy.

In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History, by Mitch Landrieu
A few years ago, I eulogized the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was slain by a white supremacist in his church in Charleston, South Carolina. And I’ll never forget something Clem said while he was alive: “Across the South, we have a deep appreciation of history. We haven’t always had a deep appreciation of each other’s history.” That’s something Mitch takes to heart in this book, while grappling with some of the most painful parts of our history and how they still live in the present. It’s an ultimately optimistic take from someone who believes the South will rise again not by reasserting the past, but by transcending it.

“Truth Decay: An Initial Exploration of the Diminishing Role of Facts and Analysis in American Public Life,” by Jennifer Kavanagh and Michael D. Rich, RAND Corporation
The title is self-explanatory, but the findings are very interesting. A look at how a selective sorting of facts and evidence isn’t just dishonest, but self-defeating to a society that has always worked best when reasoned debate and practical problem-solving thrive.

Nixon was right about women

Yep. When he designated Women's Equality Day in 1973, Nixon noted that "much remains to be done," writes Stephanie Coontz. Despite advances since then, recent shifts on reproductive rights and social attitudes show he remains correct.

How Hiding Your True Self At Work Can Hurt Your Career

How safe do you feel bringing your fuller self to work? The majority of employees cover up parts of their identity at workand it impacts both their careers and their companies.

The Echoes Of Ahmed Mohamed's Clock In Muslim History Among the technologies that emerged from all of this scholarship in the Muslim world is a series of remarkable clocks.

Why Latinos — and Other Americans — Are Fearful of Donald Trump's Crazy Talk

"There are real issues to be discussed–including illegal immigration–but they are crushed by Trumpery....So this really isn’t much fun. I’m with mi hija latina: Tengo miedo también. I’m scared of Trump too." His coarse talk is empowering his supporters to speak their minds

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Kim Davis Is Not a Patriot

"...the most important ideals that are the foundation of the country: to not establish a state religion by letting government actions be determined by one religion." People who don't agree with constitutional rights shouldn't have government jobs

Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A Very White Africa

Important, succinct commentary - The video for her new song, "Wildest Dreams," conjures up a colonial-era Africa of magnificent landscapes, beautiful animals — and virtually no black Africans.

Can we say ‘all lives matter’ and mean it? The Dallas Police Department hopes body cameras will help restore public trust in police officers. Both sides need it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Cornrows and Cultural Appropriation

"Whether we call it cultural appropriation, assimilation, exploitation, homage, plundering or honoring, it will continue to happen unabated or affected by complaints and protests." - Thoughts? There’s a difference between honoring a culture and stealing from it

The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science

Diverse networks, inputs, thought groups.... It has been over three years since Steve Jobs died. Since then, books have been written and movies have been made. Each has celebrated his legacy and aimed to share the secrets he used to build the largest company in the world; things like attention to detail, attracting world-class talent and holdi…

Human Media: Room to Read

Literacy, access and the creation of first language books. 5 min. intro: After John Wood trekked through Nepal and saw under-educated children, he quit his job as a Microsoft executive and founded Room to Read, a nonprofit that has now established more than 9,000 libraries aimed at spreading literacy in developing nations worldwide. Public radio program about inspiring p…

Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States

Aren't we beautiful! One for every state from Alabama to Wisconsin, Florida to Alaska, Maine to California

Listening to shame

Shame and vulnerability - Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.

When The 'Heritage' In 'Heritage Not Hate' Is More Skynyrd Than Stonewall Jackson

A good read: ".....we're probably doomed to keep talking past each other until we find a way to at least acknowledge that messiness.” - in our discourse with one another. There's no handbook for what to do with cherished personal memories that are all wrapped up in racist icons — like the Confederate flag and the name of Washington's football team.

Sexist Reactions To An Ad Spark #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign After being surprised by online responses to her appearance in a recruiting ad, engineer Isis Wenger wanted to see if anyone else felt like they didn't fit a "cookie-cutter mold."

SC Rep. Joseph Neal Breaks Through Empty Talk

SC Rep. Joseph Neal from Richmond County shares a different perspective on the Confederate Battle Flag.

South Carolina State Rep. Jenny Horne on Removing Confederate Flag (C-SPAN)

"I’m sorry. I have heard enough about heritage. I have a heritage. I am a lifelong South Carolinian. I am a descendant of Jefferson Davis, okay, but that doe...

Native American artist brings 900 horses back to life in Spokane | Al Jazeera America Horses slaughtered by U.S. Army to break spirit of Washington territory tribes now commemorated in mural

CBF participants want more than talk about racial reconciliation

"Let Justice Roll Down: Learning from the African-American Experience" The time for merely praying about racial injustice is past, a roomful of participants at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship general assembly agreed. They called for action.

Read Jon Stewart’s blistering monologue about race, terrorism and gun violence after Charleston...

Jon Stewart on point - Emmanual Church - South Carolina The departing 'Daily Show' host was in no mood for jokes after Wednesday's tragedy.

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?

How does color drive our narrative? This racist media narrative around mass violence falls apart with the Charleston church shooting.

AUDIO: Slain Charleston Reverend Preaches About America & Freedom

“America is about freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness," he told churchgoers in 2013. "And that’s what church is all about."

“America is about freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness," he told churchgoers in 2013. "And that’s what church is all about."

Iraq's Artists Defy Extremists With Bows, Brushes And A Low Profile

Speaking with music... The musicians and artists of Baghdad work under a government that prefers religious festivals to classical concerts. But with a little cunning, they're finding ways to keep the arts alive.

Bury This Book In The Ground And It Will Magically Come Back As A Tree This children's book not only teaches about ecology, it practices it.

1 HEART 1 TREE Co-create a phenomenal artwork to transform the EIFFEL TOWER into a virtual 3D forest and reforest the planet! ACT WITH ART

Congrats, you have an all male panel! - Documenting all male panels, seminars, events, and various other things featuring all male experts....

Infographic: The Literal Meaning Of Every State Name In The U.S.

New Navel of the Moon.... a favorite destination.... Washington translates to "Marsh Farm Land," Missouri to "Land of the People with Dugout Canoes." What does your state or city name...

Not guilty: A letter to my assaulter

... demonstrated the solidarity of humanity. I cannot address this letter to you, because I do not know your name. I only know that you have just been charged with serious sexual assault and prolonged attack of a violent nature. And I have one question.

John Urschel, Ravens Offensive Lineman, Publishes Math Paper

Cultural Agility - and nuanced identities. "A Cascadic Multigrid Algorithm for Computing the Fiedler Vector of Graph Laplacians" was published in the Journal of Computational Mathematics. It's not Urschel's first paper.

Google Doodle Emmy Noether: 5 Things To Know About One Of The Earliest Women In Mathematics

Loved this comment from her contemporary: "Emmy Noether—her courage, her frankness, her unconcern about her own fate, her conciliatory spirit—was in the midst of all the hatred and meanness, despair and sorrow surrounding us, a moral solace." Noether, who lived from 1882 to 1935, was a pioneer for women at a time when education was largely reserved for men.

50 Reasons to #LoveTheWorld

It's always been a window seat for me.... How about you? We asked a range of people, from writers and chefs to musicians and photographers, to share one experience from the last year that truly inspired them – something that, in no uncertain terms, reminded them why they love the world. Madly. Here's what they told us.

Read the Full Text of Obama's Speech in Selma

I was 12 years old. I remember. So grateful for those who stood up and keep rising. The President spoke on Saturday on the 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'

Mr. Spock, Mixed-Race Pioneer

Shining light on being the "other" As Mr. Spock on Star Trek, the late Leonard Nimoy embodied the conflicts faced by many biracial and other people of color. Even on the diverse crew of the Enterprise, he stood out.

Young Louisville Percussionists Love Led Zeppelin — And Jimmy Page Loves Them Diane Downs teaches music to the Louisville Leopard Percussionists in Kentucky. She says she hopes the kids feel like rock stars now that a video of their Led Zeppelin medley went viral on YouTube.

[02/26/15]   Waiting to exhale: Granting immunity in the workplace

The Alchemy Of Storytelling

In times of Terror, Wage Beauty.

Mark Gonzales & Aerosol Ali -- The Alchemy of Storytelling -- a story of medicine for all you who have ever felt abused by discourses so damaging & boring, w...

Hansen Unplugged: Signs of change

Lived Reality That basketball game in Flower Mound a week or so ago with Plano East has changed some of the rules now, but it hasn't changed nearly enough.

The surprising decline in violence

Violence: NO myth to the people experiencing it - But here, a broader perspective and a reason for hope… Steven Pinker charts the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present, and argues that, though it may seem illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species' existence.

Farewell, Dori J. Maynard. And thank you.

Her calling in life was to help people understand one other. This is not an obituary. This is a series of memories that in some way, have to explain depth of the loss . A noted activist, journalist, and president of the Robert C.

#1438 – Allies What does it mean to be a good ally? Latino USA asks black leaders from Miami, trying to prevent a crisis similar to that of Ferguson, Missouri’s. We hear about former inmates returning to the Bronx to prevent violence. A rabbi teams up with Latino food...

Kirsten Gillibrand's good call on 'fat' comments

Class act. Your thoughts? Pepper Schwartz says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand doesn't need to reveal which members of Congress called her fat.

50 Things You Can Control Right Now

Flexibility - Cultural Agility. You can expel all your energy on things you can't control or use it to create positive change in your life. Here are 50 ways to start right now.

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