Town North Presbyterian Church

Senior Pastor: David Rogers

What We Believe: It is important to know what one believes, and the doctrines of our church are simply a statement of what we believe. We feel it is important to organize our beliefs so we may be honest with inquirers and maintain the propositions we hold to be true. The Bible The solid foundation of all our beliefs is the Bible. We are firmly convinced that the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are God's Word, revealed to man through human authors. Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error and the ultimate authority for faith and life. We preach and teach God's Word in its simplicity, beauty, and power because it is the eternal truth for God's people in a lost and confused world. Jesus Christ We believe that Jesus of Nazareth was and is truly God and truly man. We believe He lived a sinless life, died an undeserved death on the cross in the place of sinners and rose again from the dead on the third day, according to the Scriptures. We believe that Jesus Christ will one day visibly return to the earth in power to rule over all His creatures. God, Man, and Salvation We believe that God is entirely sovereign over the world because this is His world. He created it and He sustains it. Because man is "dead in sin," we believe he can never come to Christ unless God first makes him spiritually alive. Such a "born-again" person will then receive Christ, turn from his sin and receive eternal life. There is nothing anyone can do to earn this salvation - it is a gift, not earned by works, but given by God alone. We believe that all people from all times who have believed in God and His salvation are saved by faith and are members of the church, the body of Christ. Salvation has been and will be only by grace through faith. We believe that God has entered into a special relationship with His people and their children, promising to bless them as they live in obedience to His Word. This is not our entire theology. It is a brief overview of beliefs which may distinguish us from other denominations. All of our teachings are based on hundreds of years of detailed study of the entire Bible by great Christian scholars. A more thorough statement of our doctrine may be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith; however our ultimate commitment is to the Bible and to God, to whom we give all glory.

Mission: Mission: Town North is community of disciples of Jesus making disciples Vision: Town North is committed to making and growing disiples who are amazed by God and zealously desire to please Him through selfless acts of love as they are equipped and empowered to make disciples in the church, the community, and the world.

[04/10/20]   Join us at 6pm Friday for the livestream of our Good Friday service.

[04/01/20]   How are you spending your isolation day? Gardening? Baking? Medical-mask-making? Are you going to work like normal? Or are you checking in with people you'd lost touch with?

As we get ready for our second week of online worship, show us what your "Livestream Worship" looks like at home!

Town North – Presbyterian Church

Join us for Livestream Worship this Sunday at 10:30 am!

Q: Where is the new worship guide?
A: On Sunday morning, you can find the worship guide and sermon text on the church website (

Q: I'm going just a little stir-crazy sheltering in place! How can I stay in touch with my church family?
A: Of course, you can always make a post here to get a conversation started. But your elder may reach out to you via Zoom or phone. Feel free to contact them first - the more we communicate right now, the better.

Q: Can my Disciple Group/Bible Study/Small Group/Life on Life Group still meet?
A: The session has provided a Zoom account so that you can still meet "face to face".

Today and every day, please reach out and stay connected with your brothers and sisters in Christ. None of us individually can know about every need, so communicate! If you are struggling, or if you know others who are, please contact us.

Finally, a reminder from Psalm 112 in this time of frightening news and far-reaching crises:
"He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the LORD.
His heart is steady;
he will not be afraid,
until he looks in triumph on his adversaries."

As Christ's people we are not afraid of bad news, because our trust is in the Lord Jesus to supply our need in difficult times (and ALL times!). He is our Shepherd who has promised to bring us through the storms until one day He will eventually triumph over all of our enemies. He will even triumph over the last enemy....death. Even death will not have the final say for Christ's people! (1 Corinthians 15:26)

Town North Presbyterian Church Worship 3/22/2020

Join our first livestream worship this morning on YouTube See you online at 10:30 am. Remember to hit subscribe!

Last week we welcomed a big group of new members. Today we fellowship over our monthly potluck lunch. Come join our family of believers to learn about and praise Jesus, make friends and have fun.

Congratulations to J and E for learning ALL 13 of their memory verses this quarter! Make sure you get a copy of your student's new memory work from their Sunday school teacher! (Pictures posted with permission from parents)

Pastor Imad preaching at True Vine Baptist Church on Zahle. Imad preached on Christ and the rich man in Mark 10:17-31 - explaining that Christ did for us what the rich man failed to do. Christ - who was rich - gave up all to become poor for us that we (through His poverty) might become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9).

[06/11/18]   So sorry to hear about David Hopkins! Imad and I asked the Lord to bring successful surgery and quick healing. We know this is a painful time for David & Becky already - so asked the Lord to use this in a powerful way for their good and sanctification as He promises (Romans 8:28).

Ruins of an ancient fortress in Tyre.

Two explorers of Roman ruins in Tyre! How do you like Pastor Imad's hat?

Pastor Rogers teaching a Bible study group led by Pastor Imad.

Pastor Imad and friend Hasan - who traveled with us today. Christ saved Hasan, and Hasan can no longer go back to his family in Syria because they would seek to kill him for following Christ. Hasan has counted the cost of following Christ and considers it a greater value than ever being able to see his family again (Luke 14:26).

Pastor Rogers at an ancient ruins in the city of Tyre - where Christ traveled and cast out a demon from the daughter of the Syro-phoenician woman (Luke 7:24-30).

Pastor Imad sharing Christ with a Muslim man at an ancient Roman ruins. The man is Muslim, but says he reads the Bible.

Pastor Imad preaching on the church as the true garden of Eden.

Pastor Imad and Pastor Rogers with Pastor Abdou Issa of Imanuel Baptist Church - where Pastor Imad preached.

Pastor Imad and Pastor Rogers at the Cedars of Lebanon - which Pastor Imad believes is the area of the Garden of Eden.

The back of the Temple of Baachus. You can get an idea of the size by looking at the people walking near the temple in the lower left.

The Temple of Baachus in Baalbek, Lebanon. It is larger than the Pantheon in Athens - and one of the best preserved monuments of antiquity.

Pastor Imad at the Roman ruins of a temple in Baalbek, Lebanon.

Pastor Imad at the Cedars if Lebanon. They say this tree is 6,000 years old.

Pastor Imad and David at Biblos, Lebanon - where the alphabet invented!

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. More than 2 million Syrian refugees are now in Lebanon.

Pastor Rogers with Pastor Jihad if True Vine Baptist Church in Lebanon. True Vine Baptist brings the gospel to and educates and feeds 600 Syrian Muslim refugee children a day. They also provide 1500-2000 food care packages to Syrian refugees each month.

Imad with his first Pastor in Lebanon...who told Imad he must be born again...

Imad and his sister Aline outside the home where he grew up.

Imad with men from his hometown of Zahli...just down the street from the house where he was born.

George Houssney with Horizons International - a ministry to bring the gospel to Muslims. Very good teaching on missiology. Check out their web site at

On our way back to Zahli after Imad's teaching.

Imad teaching at a conference for Horizons International - Monday morning

Morning in Zahle - Imad's hometown in Lebanon.

Arrived in Beruit, Lebanon. Imad is teaching at a conference tomorrow.

Today we celebrate Jesus defeating death and paying for our sins, freeing us from guilt and judgement and fear. Come join our community every Sunday, and throughout the week, as we learn, worship and celebrate the good news. You are loved more than you know.

Hosanna! The kids getting ready to help us worship our King. May he reign forever (spoiler - he will)!

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