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Shhh. (I'm not suppose to be here). But you know it's the BEST place for sunrise!
Hi, everyone, Pastor Cathy here! One of my Holy Week traditions is to watch the movie, "The Gospel of John," (2003) which is available on Amazon Prime. It's rated PG-13 for the crucifixion scenes, so careful with the young ones and sensitive children. Watch it with me, this week, and post your thoughts - I hope you will decide to make this a tradition with me!
Today is the birthday of Carolyn Langlotz. She passed several years ago but she was the first person I met at the church. She welcomed me and always made sure to visit with me each time I came to church. A great example of the difference one person can make. RIP Carolyn.
I wished I lived there so I could be a part of your Church!! A 3 hour drive from De Kalb, TX is a bit far!!
Austin Street Crew
How we do it
What differentiates Arapaho UMC is the manner in which Pastor Blair Thompson-White makes scripture come alive each week. Pastor B., points out the synchronicity of how God’s love surrounds us everyday, in everything we do. Then AUMC Music Director Amanda Rogers Hollis, artistically scoops up the message, and blends it with music to fill our souls. This is indeed the best of both worlds! This month we have been doing our own “Off Broadway” (OK...1500 miles Off Broadway!) versions of Les Miserable, The Lion King and Rent. Next Sunday we finish the series with selections from “The Sound of Music”. The original quote from Saint Augustine of Hippo, has been abridged over the centuries to “He who sings praise to God, prays twice.” Our Sanctuary resonates with Love each time the congregation and choir join together in song. Come worship with us. Sing, or simply sit back and be filled with the Spirit. See you soon!
AUMC Choir Retreat at Briarwood Retreat Center in Argyle, TX August 18-19,2018

We are an inclusive Christian community where all are welcome. Nobody is perfect here, but being a part of this place brings out the best of us.

We are an inclusive Christian community where all are welcome. We are intentional about our faith development: we ask questions, develop deep and lasting friendships, and work together to make a positive difference in our community. Nobody is perfect here, but being a part of this place brings out the best of us. Here we are learning to love with our whole hearts. We give and receive forgiveness and experience God's grace through bread and cup, study and service, prayer and people. Our hope is that we reflect God's love and care for all. May you be filled with peace and the knowledge that you are loved, accepted, and a part of something bigger than yourself.

April 26 Worship

For Mother's Day on May 10th, we are creating a video montage of well wishes to our moms. Send in your very brief (5 seconds) video recording of you saying "Happy Mother's Day, Mom" or "Love you, Mom!" or "Miss you and love you, Mom!" or a sentence honoring a woman who has been like a mother to you; whatever short sentence you feel led to say to Pastor Maggie ([email protected]). The deadline to send in your videos is Friday, May 1st. Did we mention to keep it short?

Pastor Blair Interviews Rabbi Elana Zelony

Don’t miss this short and engaging interview with Rabbi Elana from Congregation Beth Torah! You’ll hear her share lessons from the Torah, what we can learn from the practice of Sabbath, her advice for parents, and Pastor Blair asks for help with her sermons for the wilderness sermon series!

Pastor Blair and Pastor Cathy invite you to read "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene Brown and join them for a Zoom book club on Tuesday, May 12 at 7:00 pm! Sign up at

"Breakfast with Blair" used to be only for visitors interested in learning more about our congregation. Now it is open to anyone who wants to connect with Pastor Blair and others in our congregation!

This is an informal time to catch up and hear about all the good things God is doing in and through our congregation. Our next Breakfast with Blair is this Sunday, April 26th from 10:00 am to 10:30 am, right before our 11:00 am service on Zoom.

Learn more here:

Praised be my Lord God with all creatures;
and especially our brother the sun,
which brings us the day, and the light;
fair is he, and shining with a very great splendor:
O Lord, he signifies you to us!

Praised be my Lord for our sister the moon,
and for the stars,
which God has set clear and lovely in heaven.

Praised be my Lord for our brother the wind,
and for air and cloud, calms and all weather,
by which you uphold in life all creatures.

Praised be my Lord for our sister water,
which is very serviceable to us,
and humble, and precious, and clean.

Praised be my Lord for brother fire,
through which you give us light in the darkness:
and he is bright, and pleasant, and very mighty,
and strong.

Praised be my Lord for our mother the Earth,
which sustains us and keeps us,
and yields divers fruits, and flowers of
many colors, and grass.

- St. Francis

#earthday #earth #nature


Thanks for sending us a picture of your "We belong to each other" sign, Kasey Cummings! This one makes us smile big! If you haven't ordered a sign yet, we have 25 left! We are delivering this week:

Arapaho UMC Worship Service | April 19, 2020

An Important Letter from Pastor Blair—A Time of Transition

Dear Congregation,

As our new blue yard signs say: We belong to each other. We are all connected by the Spirit, all held by the power of love and the promise of new life in Christ. This will always be true. No matter where we go or what we face in life, we are never alone and never without purpose: we are all part of the body of Christ.

One of the things that I love about being United Methodist is how we live out this tenant of our faith in how we are organized. We are a connectional church. We work together to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world. Clergy are sent into the mission field based on the gifts they have to serve the needs of a community for a particular season.

This is also one of the most difficult things about being a United Methodist clergy because it means there are times of transition in which we have to say goodbye to the people and communities we have loved and served with our whole hearts. (And oh how I love you and love serving as your pastor!)

But now is a time of transition for us. I have been appointed by Bishop McKee to serve as the Director of Leadership Ministry for the Texas Methodist Foundation, effective July 1. I will be working with conferences, congregations, and clergy to address critical missional needs of the church, offering programs, resources, research, experiments, and strategic conversations to help communities discern and discover new ways to fulfil God’s purposes.

When I became your pastor four years ago, you welcomed me with such authentic openness—as you do for everyone who comes to Arapaho. What a gift of grace to be embraced so genuinely! You have created space for me to lead out of my true self and for that I am beyond grateful. My faith has deepened because of the Spirit I have experienced through this community.

What I have seen in Arapaho is a glimpse of the Beloved Community and that is something I will cherish and carry with me as I move into this new role to help other faith communities in our connection find their purpose and live it out fully.

You probably have more than a few questions—and so, as you know I like to do—I have created a FAQ section at the bottom of this email.

The bottom line is: we belong to each other and to a connectional church that pairs the needs of the congregation with the clergy best gifted to meet those needs and lead the church into a bright future. The Bishop and Cabinet are already prayerfully discerning who your next pastor will be and I have full confidence that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit and bring the right person to Arapaho for this new season of ministry—as happened when I was sent to you.

I am praying with you and for you and for this new season that is here for both of us—and I am doing a lot of giving thanks.

For the ways you have worked through our time together, O Lord, thank you. For the ways you will continue to work in all the days to come, thank you. For this community of faith that is so steadfast in sharing your love and embrace, thank you. For the love you show us through one another, thank you. For your grace, for the peace we have in you, for the love of your son Jesus.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pastor Blair

Read the FAQ's here:

The wilderness has long been a metaphor used to describe a time of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and disorientation. Needless to say, we are in a wilderness time. The Bible tells story after story of people going through the wilderness, teaching us that while the wilderness can be scary and frightening, it can also be a place of deep learning and connection with God. Over the next five weeks, our sermon series "Braving the Wilderness" will draw on the Biblical lessons from the wilderness to give us insight, hope, and courage for facing these difficult days.

Pastor Blair begins a new series, "Braving The Wilderness" this Sunday at 11:00 am.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to provide 40 dinners to Baylor ER staff this week! This is a small way for us to show our love and appreciation for the work of medical personnel on the front lines of this crisis. We continue to hold them in our daily prayers. Thanks to Rhonda Sweet from Sweetmoses Brands for providing such a wonderful meal for our friends at Baylor!

We are asking that you reach out to three people in the congregation every week by phone or email. Maybe you need three names to reach out to this week? Contact Judy at [email protected]. Authentic relationships are a key part of who we are and what we are about. Help us to share the light of Christ with everyone who is a part of our community.

Join Arapaho pastors in prayer on Mondays via Zoom at 12:30 pm for a 10-12 minute prayer time. We will work through a simple mid-day liturgy and invite you to share your prayers. Part of what it means to 'brave the wilderness' is to come together in an authentic community in prayer. Plan to take this short break from the start to your week to center yourself in the Spirit and in spiritual friends. Sign up at

Arapaho UMC Hymn | He Walks With Me

Amanda Hollis and Kyungrae Cho perform "He Walks With Me" for Eastertide.

If you are graduating or have a student (child) graduating from college in May, please let us know! We would love to recognize them and celebrate their accomplishment! Please email Pastor Maggie at [email protected] by April 30th with the graduate's name, school they are graduating from, their degree, and a picture.

Volunteering During COVID-19 Outbreaks

We have had a great turnout of volunteers to help with grocery delivery for our seniors. Thank you! Network now needs help with packing boxes of food, especially in the coming weeks. Use the link below to sign up to help. Network will send you volunteer forms to complete if you haven't already. Contact their volunteer coordinator Ashley Edling for more information: [email protected]

Sign up here: Thank you for signing up to Volunteer for Network! When you arrive at Network for your volunteer shift, knock on the front door and a volunteer will let you in. There you can fill out our Volunteer Application and jump right in to help.  Thank you for helping us serve our community. 

Stop by the north doors and place a flower in the cross today!

We are ready for worship in our Easter best! Post your pictures in the comments below!

Easter Sunday

Christ is risen! Easter Sunday April 12, 2020

Come celebrate the risen Christ at Arapaho United Methodist Church on Easter Sunday at 11:00 am. Our Easter worship service will include liturgy, prayer, hymns, and a message from Pastor Blair. Watch on Facebook or at

Good Friday

Welcome to our Good Friday service

What loving our neighbors looks like on this Good Friday. #stayhomestaysafe

Here is today's picture from our group's trip to the Holy Land. Just inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the Stone of Anointing which tradition holds is the place where Jesus’ body was prepared for burial by Joseph of Arimathea.

On Good Friday, we lament Jesus’ death while living in hope that death does not have the last word. We hope you will join us tonight at 6pm for our Facebook Live worship.

On Good Friday, April 10, you are invited to join us right here for Facebook Live worship at 6:00 pm for a powerful liturgy and visual experience. Make plans to join us and experience the story of the final days of Christ's life as we walk to Jerusalem together.

Today’s picture from our group’s trip to the Holy Land is of the courtyard of The Church of St. Peter. This is the place according to tradition where Peter denied Jesus, just outside the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was being held the night before his trial and crucifixion. The old and gated-off steps you can see near the center of the picture are the steps Jesus walked on his way to the cross.

The Church is dedicated to Peter’s mistake. As author Danielle Shroyer puts it in her book Where Jesus Prayed: “Maybe the strangest thing about Christians is that we have the audacity to remember with a church building how big a mistake all of us can make, do make, will make. Maybe that’s strange only on the outside of grace. Because when you walk inside the doors of grace you realize you can face your mistakes because you’ve been forgiven, because you’re loved in spite of them.”

May we face our mistakes and remember we are forgiven.

Holy Week Hymn | Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

Arapaho UMC's own Amanda Hollis and Kungrae Cho perform "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord"

Today's picture from our group's trip to the Holy Land. Pilgrims have been walking the Via Dolorosa that follows the footsteps of Jesus from where he was condemned to death to his crucifixion since the mid 4th century. Nine of the fourteen stations are found along the busy streets of the Jerusalem Cardo.

The path is rather hard to follow due to the hustle and bustle of the vendors and crowds. If it was not for our guide we might have lost our way. It is hard to keep focused on the "Way of Sorrows" while being surrounding by booths filled with pastries and scarves and handbags and just so much stuff. May we maintain our focus on Jesus as we journey with him to cross.

On Maundy Thursday, April 9th, you are invited to join your AUMC family for dinner and communion at 6pm via Zoom. There is an online form on our website: where you can sign up!

We have designed blue yard signs that say “We belong to each other” complete with our Arapaho logo. We will deliver it to your yard in the next two weeks. This is a great way to share a meaningful message with neighbors. Order today at

Another picture from our Holy Land group trip this past February: This is an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives. The olive grove has been well preserved over the years. Many of the trees in the garden are between 2,000 and 3,000 years old. You read that right. These trees were here when Jesus prayed: “Remove this cup from me, yet not what I want but what you want.” Jesus also asked his friends to stay with him but they fell asleep. May we not fall asleep on Jesus but stay awake to the suffering, needs, and heartbreak in our world. Let us not skip to Easter but stop in the garden and pray with Jesus and walk with him the way of the cross.

We are counting on you to continue to give generously so that we can continue to be a means of grace for our community. Please mail in your check, give online ( or text the word "give" to 972-483-2862.

Thank you for your generosity, thank you for your prayers, thank you for being the hands and heart of Jesus for our neighbors!

As we experience Holy Week, we will post pictures from the Holy Land, taken by members of our congregation who traveled there in early February.

Today's picture is from the Mount of Olives, taken as our pilgrims walked the Palm Sunday trail Jesus walked to the Garden of Gethsemane. You can see Jerusalem in the distance. The text from Luke 19 tells of Jesus' experience: "As he came near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, "If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that made for peace!"

We pray for peace in the Holy Land and peace in every part of our world today. Lord, help us to recognize the things that make for peace and make us instruments of your peace.

New sermon "Jesus Never Said God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle" is available on Spotify, via your podcast app or streaming at

Empty churches on Easter will show that love wins over death

Pastor Blair Thompson-White's reflection on preaching to an empty room in today's Dallas Morning News.

"Empty churches in this time of crisis mean that people who claim to follow Jesus are actually doing so. Passing the offering plate down the pews is not the church’s priority. Our priority is representing Christ in the world. We refuse to be physically present in a pandemic to protect the most vulnerable from the possibility of infection and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed."

Read the full article here: This column is part of our ongoing opinion commentary on faith, called Living Our Faith. Find this week’s reader question and get weekly roundups of the...


Join our Palm Sunday worship service!

[04/04/20]   Arapaho United Methodist Church is a creative, constructive, Christian community committed to becoming more like Christ. We envision a Christian community of transformed people who embody God’s love and work together in the Spirit to transform the world.

Worship online at 11:00 am on Sundays by going to or you can watch and interact on our page.

Even though we won’t be able to gather together for our annual egg hunt, we still want to create a fun Easter egg hunt for our AUMC kiddos! The AUMC staff will be coming to your houses to deliver and hide Easter eggs for your kids to find in your front yard! If you want to make sure that your kids are on our list, email Pastor Maggie ([email protected]) with your name, address, and number of kids by April 8. Make sure to take pictures of your kids and use the hashtag #AUMCeggs. We are looking forward to seeing all of the Easter fun!

On Maundy Thursday, April 9, you are invited to join your AUMC family for dinner and communion at 6:00 pm via Zoom. Let's gather around our dinner tables as we share in this supper during Holy Week together.

Sign up at

A forward-leaning, affirming Christian Community in Richardson, TX.

Arapaho United Methodist Church is a creative, constructive, Christian community committed to becoming more like Christ. We envision a Christian community of transformed people who embody God’s love and work together in the Spirit to transform the world, and a place where all are welcome.

Creative: We pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the life of our community, and the world and we respond by partnering with God in the work to make all things new. We make space for trying new things: new ideas, new ministries, new expressions of faith.

Constructive: We ask questions, question assumptions, and engage in conversation and contemplation to construct a faith that aligns with our experiences of God’s presence in the world. God’s grace makes it possible for us to grow and change; we are always open to learning and becoming deeper disciples.

Christian: We believe in Jesus Christ, put our whole trust in his grace, and by his grace we are actively seeking to become more like him: more loving, more compassionate, more generous.

Community: We open the door wide and have an open communion table for all to come and experience God’s grace. Through our authentic relationships, we are learning to love one another, celebrate our differences, and embrace one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Committed: We commit to becoming more like Christ and hold ourselves accountable through our Rule of Life, which helps guide us in our daily practices of faith.

Our core areas of focus are:

  • Cultivating Deeper Relationships

  • Helping Our Refugee and Immigrant Friends To Thrive

  • Engaging In Ministry With The Poor

  • Intentionally Developing Our Faith

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    Pastor Blair Interviews Rabbi Elana Zelony
    Arapaho UMC Worship Service | April 19, 2020
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    Holy Week Hymn | Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
    Pastor Blair Interviews Dr. Jack Levison
    Pastor Blair Talks With Mary Jane Smith
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